Mad and silly idea on the origin of theory of GR

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Mad and silly idea on the origin of theory of GR

Unread post by folaht » Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:10 am

You know, I'm not a smart person, so perhaps I'm all completely off track about this.
Anyway, I was wondering how Einstein could be wrong about his theory of general relativity and then thought of how I would solve the problem of
planets not making perfect circles contradicting Newton's equations.

The first solution I came up with myself was planets following marble tracks and it immediately hit me that this looked a lot like
what I saw on television once explaining Einstein's theory of gravity.

Back to my idea,
the planets in our solar system..because that's what the main problem was right?..
The easiest way of solving the planets movement in our solar system would just be putting the planets in gigantic tubes so they wouldn't fly away.
Now of course gigantic tubes don't exist, otherwise we would have seen them.. and here comes the mistake


now these gigantic tubes in which the planets travel in could not have been made of matter, it has to be something invisible, not even detectable, which leaves...
space itself?
Okay, let's choose space.
So now we have planets traveling in gigantic spacetubes.
Of course this begs the question how did they get there?
What could have possibly caused these invisible spacetubes?
Since the only thing we know are in those tubes are planets, it must be planets themselves that is bending spacetime creating those tubes (As time is also a dimension there's no reason it would not get bended as well).
So.... wait if a planet itself is bending spacetime itself, then the bending wouldn't look like a tube at all,
it should look a ball on a bedsheet....
ah no, that would never follow a circle :cry:..
there goes my tube idea...
wait..wait a second....
the sun is a lot bigger.
if I would put a skippyball on a bedsheet and roll a pingpongball next to it...
hmmmm....this might just work. 8-)

and voila.. if I had lived in the early early 20th century, was recognized as a respected scientist and had mathematician friends, I could have walked up to one of my friends
and asked me to work out an idea I have that spacetime is curved due to mass and never mentioning I got it from modifying my idea from planets traveling in real marble tracks.

So in other words, I'm suggesting we've been fooled for years by someone who was wondering how planets could stay in orbit despite not following Newton's laws
and was thinking "hmmm.... marble tracks would be nice." :mrgreen:

Well, what do you think of this?
Could it be he could have gotten the idea this way?
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