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Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Linear and Non Linear Conceptual Framework EU Forum

Unread post by junglelord » Sun May 04, 2008 3:42 pm

This entire thread is born out of a attempt to present wholistic ideas in concise form and to address the human conditon and reductions views and the state of modern cosmology and the standard model. To address Structure and Function and Linear and Non Linear concepts. It grew out of necessity due to the APM thread and the human condition which is still suffering presently with a discussion of reductionism. I believe I have a solution everyone will apprciate. The Structure and Function approach I am about to weave will clean up everything for everyone. It will incorporate wholistic and reductionist information and allow for the human condition and lower internet storage limits as goals while still allowing debate. I have done that with this on line library approach vs online chatline approach that encumbers so many forums because they lack direction and clear and concise framework. Our framework is clear division. The function will be fast and effecient and non confrentational because of the clear divisions which allow for the wholistic vs reductionist information and the human condition that is both linear and non linear.

One thing is for sure the linear way information is stored can be slow going depending on the direction of the thread and the forum and the way the individual learns and where they are on the journey is not always linear. That got me to thinking that we are discussing serious and complex matters. Everything is related (wholistic/non linear) but it does help to break it down into parts (reductionism/linear).

Everyone however learns in a different way, some more linear, some more eureka non linear, but all with varying combinations of these two. Some use their heart, some more their brain, some more their gut. We need to recognize these facts about the human condition and the way knowledge is learned is not universal, it is infact quite individual. We can set up limits to these different approaches to the sharing of knowledge or lack of knowledge in a better way if we seperate and isolate both the basics and wholistics frameworks while we consider the human condition is individual.

I think one primary effort of any vision in cosmology is a workable TOE in the end if the vision is broad enough and comprehensive enough. I believe the EU steers us in that direction. That is wholistic and non linear.

Certainly we need to have full and complete basics to achieve a wholistic theory of non linear presentation.

That is why I have made percise threads to address basics linear thinking (reductionism). Maxwell and Faraday and Tesla and Electric Theory is a good example. The basics begin much before that however. It serves everyones purpose if we have threads that serve as vehicles for the basics and linear thinking. The current state of affairs in modern cosmology and the standard model would seem to deserve a through re examination of everything.

Very little seems fact except the existance of EM Radiation and the Weak Force of W Z Bosons.

We have not isolated gluons (strong force), gravitons (gravity) and therefore dispite all the evidence we still have only articles of faith on these two forces. Even angular momentum is questionable especially if QM is not correct. What about Relativity?

I think a search for complete TOE models would serve everyone well if they could just be presented as such (wholistic) especially because of the human condition. You can learn a TOE in a lifetime, you may learn it in a day. It is never the same for anyone, it is individual because we are human. It is non linear in both presentation and acceptance.

I think the basics reduction threads that make these TOE Fabrics are very much open to debate in their respective threads(reductionism) because of the state of cosmology and the standard model and the human condition.

TOEs can be difficult to understand or very easy, but I think they should stand alone for everyones learning curve in that direction (wholistic). Then the reader can decide for themself if it has weaved the threads of reductionsim into a fabric of realtiy (wholistic). This would allow for the human condition to be individual and that is most important with wholistic information that is non linear in both approach and acceptance. Certainly what linear threads one chooses and the linear threads available and what makes the linear threads is all up for debate in the world of reductionism. That would be where we would hash out the basics threads of reductionism. Not in wholistic packages. Linear in linear, non linear stands alone.

Certainly the ability to search the forum for insightful and effecient new and possibly correct TOE paradigms would be facilitaed by such an approach. Thats why I am very specific when I have a question about the standard model or accepted theory (reductionism). How can a TOE model work unless one can reference it to the basic threads? Somehow we must be both teachers and students to each other. I like to have places for people to visit my threads. I also like to share my TOEs, but I like to keep each seperate for linear sake and storage space and time effecieny while being worth the visit.

You very quickly muddy the fabric if you rehash some foregone linear assumptions with the TOE non linear models (wholeistic) and they should stand on their own merit because they are non linear. That merit may or may not appeal to different individuals depending on their specific human conditon, but the linear threads they dislike deserve debate in the linear reduction thread only.

Therefore wholistic has so many different things to bear under a new weave that only people at that journey may accept the cloth, no matter how right anything may be, we are human and we must not forget that. Non linear stands alone.

We can collect specimens as it were that allow quick yet effecient linear information files for a reductionism library. As well we can have nice and flowing TOEs (wholistic) non linear Library that stand on their own merit by the way they weave the threads into the reality fabric (reductions into wholism) linear into non linear.

Certainly that would save a lot of heated debate over wholistic ideas that bother reductionst viewpoints. Leave the specific reductionism for good direct threads that do seperate these complex issues. I even made a thread devoted to commonalites in TOES, so TOE threads have a reference souce where they may be debated and built up or torn down. This allows for the human condition and time and space effecieny again. I think I have all the bases covered to run the linen factory.....LOL, seperate threads by colour, seperate fabrics by material, just like laundry. ... f=10&t=500

What do you all think? Should I be hung out to dry?
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Re: Linear and Non Linear Conceptual Framework EU Forum

Unread post by heretic5 » Sun May 04, 2008 4:23 pm

Hung out to dry? Ha! We all need that from time to time. Seriously, your outline seems reasonable, and promises benefit to one and all. Thanks for your time and talent to bring it into being.


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