Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Re: Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft

Unread postby lizzie » Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:07 am

Is anyone really looking for a “renegade sun”, planet or asteroid? ;)

Anubis and the Rise of the Dragon
http://thefreemanperspective.blogspot.c ... ragon.html

Who mourns Adonis when Mars is the Apollonian' s Holy Grail? The Hand of God has set its sights on Fear and Panic. Ares has succumbed to the Dragon and Atlantis will not rise again but, still they give space to HERMES.

Phantom Robotic Falcons circle the earth seeking prey and Atlas orbits the sun. Anubis prepares the funerary rites of Akhenaten, that Renegade Sun, and Apophis sets to strike. Is it WISE to seek the invisible sun? Forbidden stars appear with the Ark and gods begin to rise from the deep.

ISiS bears the True Cross awaiting the Threshold to bring LUCIFER's command. IKAROS hopes to harness the Sun bringing the ultimate light to create dark forces in nature.
ATLAS and ALICE seek god's pieces and a way to get through. Souls transmitted as the PHENIX and STAR to another time perhaps to be Apollo 2.


A magnetically weak but inhabited alien planet, over twice the size of Earth, had wandered into our solar system and attached itself to the force field between the sun and Earth. By the year 2,000 this oncoming intruder could possibly regress the climate where a third of the world's people are located towards another ice age.

In brief, collective evidence indicated they were from planet Nagirth. Nagirth is described by NASA and two observatory officials as being a "wandering planet" which has been under intensified observation by various world astronomers during the mid 1970's.

The planet is two and a half times the size of earth; it turns on its axis every 26 days; is hollow but its specific gravity, notwithstanding its larger size, is at least 2.5 times weaker than that of planet earth.

Nagirth came into Earth's orbit about 20 years ago for the eighth recorded time in the last million years. The random planet immediately began interfering with the Earth and Sun force field. The magnetic line running between Earth and Sun became broken at times by Nagirth's intrusion with predictable interference.

Huge Nagirth's weak negative force pull has drawn it into smaller Earth's strong magnetic force field with Nagirth thus attaching itself to the pull of the strong Earth. Scientists refer to the condition as "dipping into Earth's orbit,” moving from a reflective interference to a deeper penetration, (about 3 days in every 30) causing at those critical times a partial eclipse of the Sun, and other Disturbances

According to an unidentified physicist at Goddard Center, their instruments charting the flow of natural electric waves through Earth's north and south magnetic lines since the arrival of Nagirth indicate a terrific power drain as if power was being drained from the entire Earth.

The world of science says Nagirth has interrupted Earth's weather seven times already in the last million years. This wandering planet last appeared over Europe in 1456, in a brief by-pass orbit, and was called "Haley's Comet" and described as having a tail 60 miles long. The "comet" was excommunicated by Pope Calixtus the Third and according to Roman history co-incidentally disappeared, leaving a terrified populace in its wake.

But in this century the Nagirth menace has become more serious in its blockade of the Sun/Earth force field. America's sister nation Canada has an orbiting Space Probe called COSP watching Nagirth. The Japanese and Russia's Academy of Sciences in 1980 is working closely with the U.S.A. Goddard.

Center and its Canadian counterpart watch Nagirth 24 hours daily and exchange information hourly.

Thus, as power crazed egomaniacs create religious and political strife throughout the world the real issue in the coming 80's has become the deflection of an inhabited alien planet named Nagirth.

How are we harnessing our scientific brain power to prevent a lumbering giant of a weak planet from destroying much of Earth by the mere presence of its shadow or eclipse of the Sun? Primarily, the U.S. has a telescopic eye in the sky name OSO, (Orbiting Solar Observatory), relaying electronic messages to the Goddard Center. In addition there are other special function satellites monitoring Nagirth, the major one of which is Skylab, put up into orbit in 1965. It was conceived by the late Robert Goddard after a discussion with Jonathon E. Caldwell in 1958. There is also a combined Canadian/American manned planetarium and data center located on the moon since 1974 studying Nagirth closely.

But of greatest interest to this book is a telescopic eye which is a 40 inch electronic telescopic mirror suspended from a double bag space balloon 15 miles in the stratosphere. Because of the position above Earth clouds and atmospheric impurities, this 40 inch telescope has the power of the 200 inch one at Mount Palomar. The 24 foot long, suspended telescope continuously travels with the sun, circling the earth every 24 hours. The intricate scope is operated by remote control from Goddard Center where viewing screens are monitored continuously. Also thousands of radio signals are beamed down to eight receiver stations set up around the globe, with these computerized readouts discussed and forwarded to the Goddard Center for action.

The big telescopes in California, including the 200-inch Hale telescope at Mount Palomar and the 100-inch mirror on top of Mount Wilson (both built under the direction of Dr. George Ellery Hale, astrophysicist who first mapped the Milky Way in the 20's) also operate in conjunction with Goddard.

It was through the Hale telescope at Mt. Palomar under Dr. Babcock when six hours each day were spent studying Nagirth as it approached Earth, and it was this cataloguing of the intruder that first brought the phenomenon to world attention. Mount Palomar has its own electric space probe which takes X-ray photos of Nagirth and transmits the finished pictures onto the Hale telescope and into data computers.

The Mount Palomar telescope has detected life on the blue planet Nagirth as have Russian telescopic sightings. While Earth viewed from outer space is pale blue with a mixture of pinks, Nagirth is a dark blue with no change in color, which color density makes it difficult to view well except by the 200 inch Hale telescope at Mount Palomar that yields amazingly close-up pictures and slight color variations even within the dark blue.

A manned rocket fired from Cape Kennedy was turned back by either a man-made or natural force when it neared the blue planet, making astronomers believe that a civilization on or in Nagirth is closely monitoring Earth by telescopic methods as well as by manned probes. Unconfirmed reports say Earth space craft (American) have flown around Nagirth and verified its Earth watching activity.

To prove that Nagirth is occupied by highly intelligent beings, a strange space ship 90 feet in diameter was seen hovering over Mount Palomar in 1976. It had sent a telepathic message down saying, "We mean no harm." The big scope watched the ship and even observed a face and form peering out of a port hole, when suddenly it took off at incalculable speed. A few days later Mount Palomar astronomers believe they saw the same ship in the Nagirth environs.

With the alien blue planet causing climatic interference, scientists at Princeton, Harvard and other centers connected with the research state unofficially that unless earth prevents further interference and dislodges Nagirth from the earth's magnetic field, another full ice age lasting from 20 to 100 years is in store for the northern hemisphere, which in North America would stretch down to about the 35th parallel where the northern state line of North Carolina meets Virginia. Meanwhile, winters will become increasingly severe-with greater amounts of snowfall in those areas above the future ice line.

Historically, Nagirth has already come into the Venus orbit in this century causing much alarm to the citizens of that planet. Techniques which the Venusians developed along with help from Pluto succeeded in creating a reverse magnetic force which shoved the blue planet out of the Venus orbital attraction. Nagirth, because of its low center of gravity, has been roaming around the Milky Way for untold eons of time unable to attach itself to any particular constellation and remain there permanently, as did earth's moon in times past.

A special government "Committee for future planning" is now developing plans to protect and even cover, with plastic domes, those cities to be most severely affected. Rail lines will also be covered. The Russians already have made plans to cover Leningrad and Moscow. Although the northern weather patterns will become more severe, regardless, a gigantic scientific effort is already in progress to reverse the new freeze trend. A technique has been developed by American research with the aid of advisers from Venus and Pluto to prevent Nagirth from getting closer as did the Venusians. Authorities are confident of success.

Three methods to move the planet Nagirth from further endangering Earth's solar orbit are now being used which proved effective when Venus experienced a Nagirth intrusion. These projects are located at Earth's polar regions; a similar one is functioning on the moon and the third method will involve 12 antigravity orbital reactors sent sunward to the proximity of Nagirth to stop it from creating an eclipse between earth and the sun. Four of these anti-gravity orbital reactors are already in space. The function of all three methods, whether space orbital reactors or static stations on the moon and earth, is to create in specific areas powerful reverse magnetic forces to repulse Nagirth, keeping in mind that earth's own rotation and orbit must remain unaffected.

General Electric International (Geo Physics Division of California) is building the stations with help from Stanford University scientists.

Harvard and Princeton Universities and Carleton, a Canadian one, are working with the Baffin Island anti-gravity station and another site located on the tip of southern Argentina. As work proceeds in building the new installations to repel Nagirth, the existing Arctic glacial regions are being watched and sampled down to bed rock by Dr. George C. Martin and his meteorology department. And ice insulation (industrial soot) is being dropped in wide areas of the north to retard further buildup of ice.

Officially, no one in a "responsible" position will admit (or to be explicit, is not allowed to admit) that Nagirth exists or is a threat to Earth's temperate zone climate. Such a commentator is Richard E. Hallgreen, Director of National Weather Services, who in the December 2, 1979 issue of the Family Weekly insert section of the St. Petersburg Times was asked the question "What is the reason for our last two bitterly cold winters?" Hallgreen's reply as it appeared in that newspaper was: "Two consecutive cold winters are not an indication that we are on the threshold of a modern ice age -- only that the weather is variable. Then the Director of the National Weather Service added, "An Ice age is brought about by a gradual cooling over a period of thousands of years.”

This is double talk with no mention of the real cause – Nagirth.

But is there a survival reality which ordinary people should be told? And at what time or period should word be released of an unforeseen planetary change because of which all the science and technology of modern man is being harnessed to prevent? Dr. Babcock had this to say about the world's future weather concerns. "It's only a matter of time before everyone knows the problems and how we are attempting to keep the status quo of our present climate relatively unchanged. But the mysteries of the universe are so great that what happens to Earth must be part of God's master plan for a better world. The Supreme Creator is still in control, even if it seems a planetary accident has taken place.”

How many inhabitants live on Nagirth is unknown. We know little about them except they are desperate beings whose planet (because of its weak gravity force) has been at the captive mercy of one solar system after another for perhaps millions of years. Its people, therefore, may be cunning as they endeavor to locate in scattered hideouts throughout earth.

To date no one is sure what they are trying to do on earth, i.e., whether random Nagirthians are trying to establish advance colonies on earth, with or without their own planet's approval, or whether the cavern outposts already discovered were intended to be spy pockets in case of a coming war.

Re: Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft

Unread postby neilwilkes » Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:45 pm

lizzie wrote:[
We shouldn’t have to go anywhere; Mother Earth has provided us with everything we need.

But we do have to, or else one fine day we will go extinct.
Sooner or later, one or more of the following events - all extinction level incidents - will happen.
It's just a question of when.....

1 - Supervolcanic eruption. There are at least 5 known, with maybe more we don't know about
2 - Superflare from the Sun, straight at us. No way to stop this, and a "Harrington Event" today would wip[e out all electrical machinery & the grids (due to massive transformer damage, and these take 10 (ten) years each to replace.
No electricity, no refrigeration, no food distribution (all is computerised) and 2 weeks without oil deliveries & food deliveries would see full scale rioting and the fall of civilization as we know it.
3 - Asteroid or Comet impact. We won't see the one that hits us coming.

Our survival as a species depends on working out interstellar transportation.
You will never get a man to understand something his salary depends on him not understanding.
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Re: Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft

Unread postby lizzie » Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:06 pm

We Should Regard Space More as an Ocean ... ocean.html

An insider to the ultra-elite appeared in a fascinating interview with Bill Ryan of Project Avalon and said that we should "regard space more as an ocean" with living creatures, large and small, swimming about. He also confirmed that extraterrestrials do in fact exist, in addition to crafts and technology produced by our human elite. He claims that they have unimaginable technology hundreds of years ahead of mainstream knowledge. He also revealed that a false flag alien invasion is not only on the table, but already underway. Below is a compilation of NASA videos that shows space to be like an ocean...

Re: Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft

Unread postby lizzie » Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:47 pm

neilwilkes said: But we do have to, or else one fine day we will go extinct.
Sooner or later, one or more of the following events - all extinction level incidents - will happen.

I believe that humans are natural “Earth capacitors”; Mother Nature provided us with everything we need; we don’t need most of this artificial high technology because it destroys our natural "electrical connection" to the Earth. Tesla, Keely, Reich, and Schauberger have shown us that there is a “natural way.”

Do we need to worry more about the threat from outer space or the threat from a power crazed “human” elites who have “planet destroying” weapons?

Who is to say that it would be any safer anywhere else in the Universe? Look at what happened to Mars.

Maybe we need to turn Earth into a traveling "starship" ;)

Much of the “ET lore” seems to indicate that many of them came to Earth to escape from dying star systems.

If we don’t take care of our own planet, who is to say that we would be welcomed anywhere else in the Universe?

Many of the myths indicate that there was a “war in the heavens” and that the “chief god” caused "The Flood". How do we know that there wasn’t a real “war in the heavens” or that the “gods” didn’t use weather weapons like HAARP?

The ancient Atlanteans apparently had the “fire crystal”; it would appear that this crystal functioned as a solar powered gravity wave generator; it is speculated that misuse of this technology caused the destruction of Atlantis, or that Atlantis was destroyed by nuclear warfare.

Do we need rockets and “flying saucers” to visit other solar systems or do we travel through stargates?

HAARP is supposed to be both a Tesla shield and a scalar interferometer. Couldn't this imply that it's ultimate goal is to be able to destroy and/or deflect any incoming asteroids/comets, etc.?

Are these "earth/solar changes" all cyclical in nature or are some produced by weather weapons? There are even rumors that HAARP targets the Sun.

Of course I would imagine that if an "extra solar" body entered our solar system, then it, too, could influence climate changes on Earth and solar flares.

Re: Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft

Unread postby GaryN » Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:03 pm

Our survival as a species depends on working out interstellar transportation.

Our survival as a species depends on us learning to behave ourselves, stop
killing each other for money and power, stop lying and cheating, end all wars,
look after the Earth, look after each other. And stop believing in black holes.;-)

Otherwise, I think our Creators will say "Time's up, this lot are a dead loss.
Pull the plug, and we'll try again".
In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. -Buckminster Fuller
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Re: Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft

Unread postby lizzie » Tue Jan 11, 2011 7:52 am

GaryN said: Our survival as a species depends on us learning to behave ourselves, stop killing each other for money and power, stop lying and cheating, end all wars, look after the Earth, and look after each other.

Logical Frank? And loving the Irish... ;)

In this 63 day release language fest (began on 11-14-2010), we have seen the emergence of the forecast [wild colleen] (ed note: so far in 9/nine different women with Francis Black of recent Dublin protests being the latest to appear), and now, both temporally related as well as linguistically and culturally, the [logical frank] meme has manifest its latest expansion within the mainstream media/propaganda channels with the appearance of the little red book and its success at all levels. The logical construct of the book as well as its declarative structure have presented a very high 'fill' rate of the forecast linguistics. This fulfillment itself is our next temporal marker within the release language 'flood' of these 63/sixty three days which end in late January.

So, to return momentarily to the [logical Frank] meme, we note that the impact on the rest of the global populace is just now beginning but has almost NO visibility at this time. This 'little red book' is the fulfillment of that part of the Shape report forecast wherein the [logical Frank] would have a [direct] and [leading] role relative to the [great global awakening] a2bka (also to be known as) from the point of view of the ThePowersThatWere, the 'great revolution'. The appearance of the [logical Frank] as temporal marker is pre-saying that the next item in that forecast, i.e. the [great global awakening] is but months from beginning. This is one of those forecasts where the aware observer can watch it mature over these next few months in near real time, and likely (soon enough) in their local environment.

It is the [great global awakening] that will define the underlying emotional 'tone' of this year, 2011. From our work, the data seems to be forecasting 2011 as a year of some significance, that is to say, a year of recognized, and fundamental, change. The nature of the language forecasting fundamental change comes from old sub sets that emerged in the data some years back under the archetype of [monumental]. Now note that this word, 'monumental' is always representing a past-looking other words, the view from the point of view of those humans in the future who will look back and be so damned amazed by what will manifest, that they will build 'monuments' to us poor bastards about to 'live through' those events. Make sense? Clear as dark roast at the bottom of a cuppa? So for us poor bastards, we will look at the times, while living through them, as being [epic] rather than [monumental]. Descriptors aside, it is just the same linguistic tone, viewed from differing perspectives in the ever present now.

This also brings us to the next data structures in the same temporal sub set that are forecasting that universe will manifest not only a [global presence] for the [logical Frank], but also a [testing] at a planetary populace level, of [the irish]. It should be noted that the actual descriptors includes 'the' as part of the set. An unusual occurrence in our work that is the appearance of modifiers or articles in the descriptive labels. Sooo....looks like the data sets are suggesting that the [testing], by it nature, will [highlight or separate (by shining a light upon)], 'the' Irish as a sub set of terran humanity. While it would not do to 'leak' too many 'clues' to what the data seems to suggest is at the 'center core' of the disturbance that 'precipitates' the 'testing of the Irish', suffice it to say that the rest of the planetary populace will be provided both a 'shining example', and a 'high bar (to cross)' in the upcoming 'revelation by testing' of the 'face' of "the Irish".

Or as universe prompts, one's 'gotta love the Irish' if for no other reason than their in-built ability to reflect back to universe (usually with an ironic twist) what the rest of us need to see.

A last item on the 'subject' of the 'testing', mostly because it is possible to do so, and as a demonstration of 'sorts specific' to a Yevgeni far away, I note that once again, as with all good dramas, there will be a woman at the 'nexus' whose aspect (red) will be reflected in the (self chosen) attributes of those she 'faces (down)'. Hint. Hint.
Oh, and please also note that the word 'testing' herein is used in the aikido sense, which is not of 'pass and fail', but rather as an encounter to help one recognize where they might improve their art. So in this instance, the 'testing' of the Irish is really a lesson to us all, and is an expression akin to 'please demonstrate your art that we might have an opportunity to learn'.

So, in ending, and as always, with respect for our partners (nage to uke)
(in contention), and especially for ourselves, let us begin...

Francis Black ... re=related

The Little Red Book ... 74676.html

Evgeni Plushenko

In March 2007, Plushenko was elected to the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly representing A Just Russia. Following the 2010 Olympics, he announced his intention to quit politics but as of May 2010 retains his seat. He has come under fire for poor attendance, having attended only 11 of 123 parliamentary sessions since his election.

Evgeni Plushenko ... re=related

Evgenin Plushenko & Edvin Marton - Panelak shooting ... re=related

Yevgeny Yevtushenko - Zima Station

Evgeny Mikhailovich Belyaev

Re: Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft

Unread postby mathew » Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:48 am

I used to follow clif & george until the water rejected them.

anybody remember umiak the conversation? ;)
The wind.. in its greatest power, whirls. -Black Elk
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Re: Bill McDonald's General Composite of the Roswell Spacecraft

Unread postby lizzie » Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:50 pm

Kolob, time and temples ... emples.htm

There are many people within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who believe that God lives on the planet Kolob, but this is not correct. As I understand it, God doesn't even live in this universe. This entire universe exists in "time." By that I mean, everything is measured in terms of space and time. According to the scriptures, God lives outside the bound of “time.” As such there is no past or future. Therefore, “time” as we understand it, is a meaningless concept in His world.

That means that the kingdom of God must be in another dimension in which time doesn't exist. The logical conclusion to this is that God cannot live in our universe because its very nature is made of “time.”

The planet Kolob is not the place where God lives but is the planet nearest to God. However, we’re also told that one day for Kolob is one thousand years to us. Therefore even Kolob has time.

We are in the middle world, working for those who have been before and who will come after. We stand in the middle position. It is the middle point at which the worlds above and the worlds below join. Of course, the word for temple in Latin, templum, it is a diminutive of the word `time.’ `Tempus’, denoting that it measures the divisions of time and space in a single pattern. There all the records of the past are kept and all the prophecies for the future are divined.”

Just like the veil that’s been put over our mind so we can’t remember our pre-mortal past, the temple, which leads man to eternity, also has a veil that divides the two different dimensions.

Genesis 28 17: And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this place! this is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.

This gives us many new implications to consider. One of them is that in the beginning the earth was in the presence of God. That means Adam and Eve lived in “eternity.” It wasn’t until after the fall that “time” as we know it was introduced.

There are two theories of how this happened. The first is that the earth was originally created near Kolob, but, after the fall it was cast off to the end of our universe. The second theory is that our earth was created in another dimension and maybe Kolob is near or is the doorway to the other dimension. The scriptures tell us that after the millennium will come the “last day.” Perhaps then the earth will again be returned to the presence of God. This would imply a change in space and time.

“In this connection, there is an interesting sidelight to the word `telestial’ a word long considered as one of Joseph Smith's more glaring indiscretions. We know now that there are three worlds: the telestial, in which we live, the celestial, to which we aspire; and in between them another world, called terrestrial. It is of neither the celestial nor the telestial. According to the ancients, this world is represented by the temple, the in between world where the rites of passage take place. Indeed the root telos is a very rich word in this regard and has been treated a lot recently. It deals with the `mysteries.’ Telos means `initiation’. Teleiomai means `to be introduced into the mysteries.’

“The purpose of such ordinances is to bridge the space between the world in which we now live, the telestial world, and that to which we aspire, the celestial world. Therefore, the events of the temple were thought to take place in the terrestrial sphere. Recall that you leave the creation and you end up at the celestial; but nothing happens in the celestial. Everything happens in the telestial and in the terrestrial, but not until after you leave the garden. Then the fun begins, until you arrive at your celestial rest. The whole temple represents `teleiotes.’ It is also in the `telestial’ world below, a word that nobody used but Joseph Smith. And it means that very thing, the lowest world, the world in which we are placed below the other two. Because the ordinances bridge the two worlds the terrestrial and the celestial, the events of the temple were thought to take place in both terrestrial and telestial spheres, the world of the mysteries or ordinances. But the Coptic text called the in-between world the world of transition. This is a beautiful score from Joseph Smith.”

On page 27-28-29 Hugh B. Nibley gives us the meaning of temples. He wrote, “The word `templum’ is also a diminutive of the word `tempus’, denoting that it measure the division of time and space in a single pattern. There all the records of the past are kept and all the prophecies for the future are divined.” So the temple could easily be defined as a bridge between to different dimensions. As such, the temple is a symbol of the cosmos.

It seems that the pattern of three dimensions is something that is repeated in different ways. Even in a general context: there is a spiritual dimension; we live in a material dimension, and we there is an exalted dimension for those who are worthy.

“In the same period I had read from the book `Astronomia’ (Curcio editore) an essay in 3 volumes pages 790-791 and the title was `Sirio, I Dogon e gli extraterrestri’ (Sirius, Dogon and the aliens). It was written by two anthropologists, Griaul and Diertelen, who had learned from the Dogons (people living in the Mali territory), the knowledge of the existence of a star which they named Po Tolo, which was rotating around Sirius every 50 years.

“The American writer Robert K. Temple in 1976 wrote a book entitled, `The Sirius mystery’ in which he held the theory that the information could have been brought to earth from aliens living on a planet rotating in the Sirius system. In the Dogon's idea, Sirius A is symbolized with an X and it is inclusive in an ellipse that it would represent the orbit of Sirius B. Since this symbol is the same, we can deduce that Kolob and Sirius A are the same.

“A deeper study of Sirius shows us several interesting things. In Mr. Temple’s first chapter he states that the hipocephal disks that I saw in the museum were seven or eight. In the middle of the picture there is a rectangle in which it is possible to see three characters. In the middle an explanation is given that the number one, which is clearly visible in the middle, is an X which is the same symbol used by the Dogons to represent the star Sirius A. The two baboons that are to the right and to the left of the character in the middle are explained as representing two stars. Therefore, near Kolob there should be two stars. One is no doubt Sirius B. The other one could possibly be another star (Sirius C) which was discovered by two astronomers in 1995. Kolob being the creation nearest to God could be a doorway to the dimension of God. From the encyclopedia Atlantica we read, ` Sirius, main star of the constellation of the major dog, is the brightest in the sky. It is a double star, with a partner (Sirius B) which is bigger, and which is rotating around the main star every fifty years. The existence of Sirius B was foreseen by Fr. Bessel in 1844 (the same year in which Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were martyred) by the commotion that they produced on the main star.

Sirius B was discovered officially by A. Clark. Sirius B is a star of a heavier density and it was the first dwarf star ever discovered.

“The Egyptians identified Sirius with Iside. Consider this: the brightest star in the sky could easily symbolize Jesus. This star is visible to the naked eye, and, can be likened to Jesus who, as God, became visible to the world. Sirius B is invisible to a naked eye, but can be detected by the commotions that are produced on the main star.”

Sirius B is bigger than Sirius A.

The Bermuda Triangle became one of the world’s best-known mystery power spots when several ships and aircraft disappeared in this stretch of sea ... iangle.asp

Now infamous the world over, the Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary triangle stretching from the East Coast of Florida to the island of Bermuda back to Puerto Rico. The ocean lying within the Triangle is a peculiar power spot on the planet, suspected to be filled with electromagnetic and gravitational energy anomalies. Not only do aircraft disappear, they also resurface—verified radio messages have been received from pilots who were long lost. This has led to speculation of the Triangle being a gateway to another dimension, where those entering it get trapped. Those venturing near it have also reported encounters with strange clouds and mists below cloud level and malfunctioning of electrical machinery.

Most scientists attribute the disappearances to tricky ocean currents, hostile weather and human or technical error. In the Triangle area, compasses point to the geographical North Pole rather than the magnetic north, which some think makes navigation difficult causing accidents. Dr Ben Clennel of Leeds University popularized the theory that methane locked below the sea sediments reduces the density of water making ships sink. He also claimed that the highly combustible gas could also ignite aircraft engines, blowing them up.

Dr Michael Preisinger, a German historian cum scuba diver, concludes that deviations in magnetic and gravitational fields off the coast of Bahamas could be caused by micro-wormholes. Prof John Wheeler, of Princeton University, USA, believes these wormholes might be ‘transit tunnels’ between different dimensions of reality. Small underwater caves, called ‘blue holes’, have been found in the Triangle area and it is possible that the popping in and out of existence of micro-wormholes formed them. UFO enthusiasts cite these theories to argue that the Triangle is a ‘Star Gate’ used by extraterrestrials for inter-galactic travel.

Another speculation points to time warps in the Triangle where different temporal dimensions might overlap with our timeline causing ships and aircraft to disappear into the past or the future. Conservative Christians consider the Bermuda Triangle as the gateway to hell, hence the name ‘Devil’s Triangle’. A quantum mechanical explanation sees it as a meeting point of parallel worlds that normally exist separately. But an area of interpenetration could make objects and beings from one world cross over into another.

The Dragon People and Volcanoes ... volcanoes/

The Dragon People who inhabit the Inner Earth planes are guardians that hold the doorways of the volcanoes open or closed, and what energies are released or transmuted through them. The dragon people have created the dragon lines, crystalline grid and hold the energies on the Teutonic plates that work through the grids, the volcanoes, and geopathic faults on the Earth. So if the grids are in harmony then the Teutonic plates are in balance. The geopathic faults hold all the negative energies that emanate from humans and their astral creations which collect and flow through the faults, affecting people and places.

This causes anything from; gross physical imbalances and dis-ease to subtle body draining and imbalance, to emotional and mental trauma and negative interactions between humans and between humans and other life forms.

The Dragon People work through the volcanoes which are sacred portals that on the physical are release valves for the Earth, and for the dragon people are doorways that they move through and link with other dimensional worlds, much in the same way as the serpent tunnels at vortexes with spiraling universal energy that creates dimensional doorways from the stars and beyond into the Inner Earth.

When the energies held in the grids, faults and plates gets too congested and dark it triggers the Elementals to express that energy outwardly to diffuse it. This creates exploding volcanoes, hurricanes and cyclones, storms, floods, fires, earthquakes and changing weather patterns of heat and drought or floods, cold snaps and/or storms.
The dragon guardians of the volcanoes are often higher aspects of people on the Earth plane as well, and who live near or frequent the volcanoes, they may not be conscious of this, but some how know in their hearts about it and are guided to work or visit the volcanoes or areas often. They are actually holding the energy there on the physical which one of their higher aspects, (the one as the dragon being) is there on the inner planes in the volcano.

You can communicate to the dragon people; they are playing a major role now with the earth changes as they created the energies on Earth to be inhabitable by humans in the first place and are again creating the change that is happening now.

The dragon and serpent people are working now at the Inner Earth doorways with the guardians and ancient ones who have experienced and created each shift in cycle and here now observing and holding the energies while we shift once more into a higher frequency of the physical realm as it becomes Light.

The world of the Dragons and Serpents is governed by one thing and that is the law of one. All is from source and one with source, not separate in any way. That is how they hold the energy here in the Earth and with the Inner Earth, Milky Way and Universe. The stars they resonate the most with are the ones that link through the Earth and are dimensional doorways through our world. That is Orion, Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Pleiades, Procyon, Southern Cross, Wega in Lyra, Altair, Corona Borealis and Ophiuchus, Drago and Altraea.

The serpent tunnels and pathways are resonating now for more to travel through and to be one with the serpent wisdom inside the self. The stars are aligning now through the portal vortexes and opening up dimensional doorways that allow humanity to access deeper aspects of self and go into the void and stillness, the peace.

The serpent wisdom energy is now calling all to awaken; the DNA and the kundalini and chakras, the RA Light from the Second Sun is illuminating more strongly as it anchors on more vortexes on Earth and shifts the fields of energy so the ones holding the energy move on also (the Ancestor, Goddesses and Gods, Ancient Ones), and the humans now become Gods and Goddesses, fully co-creating in love and unity.

As the Earth moves through the Galactic Plane, the axis shifts and then Drago becomes the North Pole Star and the serpent is seen all the time in the heavens rather than before the Hunter, Orion. Eltanin the brightest star in Drago and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre 27 degree Sagittarius on December 20th each year.

Ophiuchus; the Serpent Bearer and thirteen sign in the zodiac and beyond that Drago the dragon are the new gatekeepers in the Heavens, from Orion to Ophiuchus and Drago. As the initiation in the Great Pyramid took us through the doorway of Orion, the one, the union of opposites has occurred. The cosmic egg vibrating fully with life force, creation energy, as we move through the Crossover point and into the higher light octaves, just as the Maya did in their time, to show the way for all humanity to do this now.

In the last shift the Earth spun clockwise, we spin anti-clockwise at the moment but that will change again to clockwise and we will have 13 months in the year and approximately 20 hours in a day, the 13.20 pulse of the Mayan Calendar. The Moon leaves and Venus will be bright in the sky again, many things that we know within from other cycles will appear and are now, for example the Second Sun returning and being seen in the heavens as will as the comets and the Blue Star returning.

On December 20th the galactic centre is conjunct the sun and Eltanin. Eltanin the brightest star in Draco and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre at 27 degree Sagittarius on December 20th each year.

There is a pulse that comes to us from the Galactic Center that expresses the vibrations of the day as well as the bigger cycles of consciousness. The Mayan understood this and built the pyramids aligned to the Central Sun Alcyone, brightest star in the Pleiades, our Solar System rotates around in a 26.000 year cycle. The nine levels of the pyramid represent the Nine Underworlds that we travel through until we get to the top of the pyramid and the Universal Underworld, then into the temple as we have come into unity consciousness, moving through the Galactic Centre, the cross over point and void; within and without in the heavens.

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Welcome to the Fifth Dimension :D

Revelation 2012
Dr. John Jay Harper

Former U.S. Marine and author Edward Arnold asks in 2012: Year of the Apocalypse, "After 2012, will the people of the world be ready to rely … on themselves … be ready to understand that the ‘power of god' is within one's own self?"

For the larger truth is what we resist, persist. That if we refuse to look within ourselves individually and collectively to at least find the "lesser of two evils" when seeking solutions to problems, then we won't see that these decisions are fed back to us as our perceived "reality." Or, in blunt terms, our psychology ultimately becomes our biology.
It is certainly one scenario, but my own visions of 2012 are more in line with those of John Major Jenkins in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 and Daniel Pinchbeck in 2012: The Return of Quetzacoatl. That is to say, our future world order reflects an optimistic outcome if we wake up in time and deal with the chaos we have co-created within our environment. The destruction of natural resources via technology is finally coming back full-circle to bite us in the left-brain!

In the words of distinguished Cambridge-educated bible scholar Godfrey Higgins (1771-1834), "Almost all the latter part of my life has been spent unlearning the nonsense I learned in my youth." Thus, one has to believe that there are more "corrections" to the treatise On the Origins of Species (1859) to follow soon as well. Especially so upon even a cursory review of this masterpiece by Michael Cremo, Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin 's Theory. Not only does this 554-page text reveal the connection to spiritualism by co-founder of the evolution hypothesis, Sir Alfred Russell Wallace, but it also speaks volumes as to how misinformed we all are about our origins. The greatest shock for me was to grasp how wrong it was for science and religion to exclude our direct connection to God as the starting point for creation. I mean we are not fallen creatures; we are heroes that volunteered for a bloody, nasty job!

God has taken us for a ride—not the other way around. We do not evolve; we revolve within a cycle that goes from consciousness to unconsciousness to consciousness. Time is circular in other words, not linear. It is as if we truly believed that the purpose of life is death rather then rebirth into higher realms of existence lifetime-after-lifetime.

But without hesitation, I can tell you that our history is not our destiny. The operative idea today is we must "unlearn the past," if we want our green-future to unfold more naturally. Let the sunshine in and see a new day dawning within a pristine restored Garden of Eden. Open the Gateway to God within our DNA and behold the vision I see in 2012—and beyond.

Welcome to The Fifth Dimension

"When the Moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace shall guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius."

In Moira Timms' book Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, she writes: "The name Quetzalcoatl is derived from the quetzal bird of Guatemala and Mexico . The quetzal had golden-green and scarlet plumage, and was considered the most beautiful of all birds. ‘Quetzal' also means precious. ‘Coatl' is serpent. In the Maya language, ‘Kukulcan' means approximately the same thing. According to Hunbatz Men, ‘Ku' is sacred, God. ‘Kul' is coccyx, the base of the spine, where latent spiritual energy resides. ‘Can' means serpent. ‘Kukulcan' therefore is synonymous with ‘kundalini'—which is what the Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl archetype is all about, of course. To be iconographically correct, however, the god Quetzalcoatl is not himself the feathered serpent, but the one who emerges from the serpent, just as the spirit emerges from the body through the top of the head, and the Morning Star emerges from the horizon." The Morning Star is Venus and is associated with the "savior myths" of self-sacrifice, salvation, and the Eternal Return of the Sun of God worldwide.

So the two Venus transits of our Sun between June 2004 and June 2012 is symbolic of the Second Coming of Christ Consciousness via the "uncoiling" in the serpentine double-helix strands of DNA the latent memories of our relationship to God. Therefore, more than all else, 2012 is the death of time and the rebirth of eternity within us; our cosmically-conscious sense of immortality is restored through the synchronization of our brain-heart cycle to the rising kundalini energy within our Milky Way, Sun, Earth. The symbol of the Ouroboros in mythology where the snake eats its own tail speaks to the consummation of this Alpha and Omega cycle, the beginning and ending of time. Again, the Mayan End-Time refers to the release of a bursting, twisting, uncoiling serpent of light residing in the constellation Sagittarius, rising out of the Mouth of God, the bulge in core of the Milky Way, striking the Earth on the Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2012.

Despite the latest proclamations of Stephen Hawking, our task is not to abandon this planet! It is to clean it up and make it worthy as a dwelling place of the Most High. Going green is the key to our survival—not escapism! We need more "pagans"—country-dwellers—not more physicists!

The 1970's pioneer in biofeedback equipment development, Dr. Buryl Payne, stated this in Getting There Without Drugs: Techniques and Theories for the Expansion of Consciousness: "Maybe the brain serves merely as a link from the fifth dimension to the fourth one, like a kind of transformer. In the same way, our physical bodies serve to transform the brain processes into the third dimension. Telepathy may be simply the receptivity of one amplifier to the signals emanating from another." The fifth dimension is the common interface point between the "physical" space-time realms of life and the "spiritual" eternal realms of death.

Trance, as I learned, is the way we open a clear channel of communication through coherence, a phase-lock resonance in electronic terms, to all realms between our DNA "antennae" and that of the infinite beings co-existing within the Mind of God.

That is, "earth" in its current configuration—misaligned with the core of the Milky Way—puts us all under the "spell" of dense energy. Or as ethnobotanist Terence McKenna learned from talking to "magic mushrooms": The apocalypse is "the interiorizing of our body and the exteriorizing of our soul." It is the unification of our physical body with our spiritual body that we desire now. Specifically, a human being living in perfect harmony with the five elements of Nature—air, water, earth, fire, ether—is a light being.

As Professor Leonora Leet, Ph.D., St. John's University in New York, declares in The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah: Recovering the Key to Hebraic Sacred Science. "From the fifth dimension on we may see the highly developed soul … capable of synthesizing the atomic constituents of material particles [out of cosmic consciousness]." This then is the Holy Grail, the unification of physics and metaphysics, through the reactivation of our soul powers contained within DNA.

In short, we are light beings made of language!

Thus here is the question today: What truth is being concealed within the mythology of the Old and New Testament and The Mayan Calendar's End-Date of 2012? It is this one that I write about in my book, Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century, that each and every one of us is called to become Christ, a self-initiated shaman, an "anointed or chosen one"—as did Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, and so many others. That we are lost "sinners" but only because we have "lost our minds," forgot our relationship to God: Our Great Self. Kelsey Graves could not have written more forcefully to convince us that we have been sold a fraudulent bill of goods by our orthodoxy than in his book The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors: Christianity Before Christ. "Several nations had also their Christs, though in many cases the word is differently spelled."

Christ is a patchwork quilt of syllables that is traced to "HIS," "IES," "IASIOS," "IESIOS," in Greek then later to the Hebrew's name "Yeshua," and ultimately simplified in English as "Jesus." To grasp how late in the day this happened, please note that the letter "J" did not come into common use until about the 14th century! Moreover, the Greek name Jesus Christ is a numerically coded word for the sequence "888" that signifies completion of the ages as in the Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end of a 26,000-year time cycle, the so-called precession of equinoxes, is when our planet has, speaking geometrically, passed through the 12 houses or "mansions" of the Zodiac in the sky above our heads. This is why the prophets knew that a "savior" would come forth in the "meridian of time" because it happens like celestial clockwork all the time again and again and again when it is needed.

Most specifically, I refer to what Elaine Smitha outlines in If You Make the Rules, How Come You're Not Boss? "Perhaps junk DNA contains all the secrets of the universe, including those unconscious potentials you have yet to discover. Perhaps it is this DNA that allows you to travel without your body into starry realms. Maybe that is where you go in your dreams. Quite possibly intuition, psychic powers, and remote viewing (non-local information gathering) fall into the realm of this amazing communication channel. Perhaps with a relaxed mind, you can tap into the prime DNA alphabet soup for transport. It's absolutely fascinating to consider."

That is, it is DNA that shape-shifts us between our subtle energy soul light body form and dense energy physical matter body form lifetime-after-lifetime. If you will, you can't kill us because we can switch back and forth from a physical and non-physical body faster than the speed-of-light. We do this information transfer right now in fact. We toggle between our two bodies at the cellular level each and every second within the zero-point field in order to recreate our cells and the world around us.

In summary, the truth is all creation is contained within the Mind-Body of God. There is nothing "outside" to God as God is the center and circumference of the cosmos at once—omnipresent. God is in constant contact with every atom and all life forms via the zero-point field and its DNA "messenger molecules" and this truth then establishes the bedrock for all science of soul wisdom teachings. In other words, to be a Christ means to possess Cosmic Consciousness and thereby be able to access the knowledge of heaven on earth.

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Lucifer - The Pole Star that Fell from Heaven?

Polaris ... laris.html

“I have guided many a seeker before and will continue to do so for some time. Eventually I will be released from your eyes as Pole Star designation and shall be just another star in your sky.

Hierarchy of Space ... 0Space.htm

Two Triangles of Magnitude

…the inter-relation of Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and the Pleiades…constitute one of the greatest and more important of the triplicities to be found in the heavens as far as we have astronomically ascertained the nature of our immediate universe. EA 201

…in relation to these simple triangles, certain interlocking triangles also emerge, as for instance the zodiacal triangle of Leo-Pisces-Capricorn and the allied planetary triangle of Saturn-Uranus-Mercury. These two triangles pour their six streams of force into our three planetary centres at this time, vitalising and stimulating the planetary triangle of Shamballa-Hierarchy-Humanity. Behind these three there stands a cosmic triangle emanating three streams of energy which pour into and through the three lesser triangles, thus potently affecting every kingdom in nature. This cosmic triangle is that of the Great Bear-Sirius-the Pleiades.

Fixed Stars are suns beyond our solar system. They are referred to as fixed because they are so far away that it takes millions of years for their light to reach our visual sight on earth. This provides the appearance that they are fixed in the heavens and do not move.

Some Fixed Stars of great magnitude are:

Elektra--29 Taurus 25' The seventh (etheric) star in the Pleiades. Legend tells that one of the Pleiades, Elektra, was kidnapped by one of the Seven Kings (one of the stars in the Big Dipper, Alcor) and now accompanies him as a binary star companion.

"If you will go to the dictionary and look up the word "electricity," you will find it suggested that it may be traced back to the star Electra, one of the seven sisters, and supposed by some to be the little lost Pleiad. Consciousness of an Atom

Polaris--28 Gemini 24' The Star of Direction-governing Shamballa.

~"The Pointers (Dubhe and Merak) in the Great Bear point to the Pole star which is at this time a major "star of direction." The Pole Star is also regarded as the "star of re-orientation" where the art of "refacing and recovering that which is lost" is developed.

~"The Earth's axis now points just a little away from Polaris and is actually slowly moving closer to pointing directly at Polaris. It will be closest to Polaris in approximately 100 years and then will begin to move away from the star. (Note: About 4500 years ago, the north celestial pole was located in the constellation Draco. Calculations suggest that in about 10,000 years Earth's axis will point to Vega (14 Capricorn), in the constellation Lyra.)

Alcor and the Lost Pleiad

History of the star: A star on the Tail of the Great Bear Ursa Major. This little star is a companion and only 11' distant to the star Mizar. Alcor is a 4th magnitude star and only people with excellent eyesight could distinguish it as a separate star from Mizar because they are so close as to appear to be a single star. These stars used to be the "test" or "riddle" by which people used to test their eyesight on.

Inconspicuous though Alcor may be, it has been famous in astronomical folklore.

Although the statement has been made that Alcor was not known to the Greeks, there is an old story that it was the Lost Pleiad, Electra, which had wandered here from her companions and became ... "the Fox."

In Hindu mythology the seven stars of Ursa Major, the seven Richis or Seven Wise Men, were wedded to the seven sisters of the Pleiades. After rumors of their infidelity the Richis banished their wives. Only Arundhati (or Arundha), an exemplary wife remained with her husband, Sage Vashishta as the star Alcor; Vashishta is Mizar. In the course of Hindu marriage rituals, both the bride and groom are taken outside the marriage mandap and shown the Star Alcor, better known as Arundhati Nakshatram. This ritual symbolizes the urge of the newly weds to remain true to each other. And Alcor is pointed out as a paradigm of marital virtue to the bride. Al Biruni called this star Al Suha, "the pious woman". [These two close stars could have more erotic implications because Mizar is the "groin" or "loins" of the Great Bear].

A Latin title was Eques Stellula, "the Little Starry Horseman"; Eques, "the Cavalier", is from Bayer; while the Horse and his Rider, and, popularly, in England, Jack on the Middle Horse, are well known, Mizar being the horse.

It was also called "the Abject", which means a courser or rider.

Alcor, forever tied to Mizar, is hardly ever spoken of unless as "Mizar and Alcor," which the Arabs referred to as the horse and rider. The name Alcor, however, was stolen from that for Alioth. Both come from an Arabic word that means the "black horse." The term was distorted in different ways as it was applied to each of the two stars. Oddly, the "rider" of the pair is the one with the name of the "horse," "Mizar" referring not to a horse but to the "groin" of the Great Bear.

Alcor is connected with a German story of a wagoner named Hans Dumkin, who, although he was poor; offered his hospitality to Christ. He had always wanted to travel, so Christ gave him Alcor; enabling him to continue sightseeing for eternity.

In an Arabic story this star, Alcor, was the little infant in the arms of one of the "Mourners". The constellation of the Great Bear was seen as a funeral procession, around a Bier or coffin (bear and bier come from the same root word). The bier was marked by the Plough or Big Dipper stars on the body of the Bear - Merak (beta), Dubhe (alpha), Phecda (gamma) and Megrez (delta). The coffin was followed by "Mourners"; the three big stars on the tail of the Great Bear; epsilon (Alioth), zeta (Mizar), and eta (Alkaid). These mourners, the children of Al Na'ash, who was murdered by Al Jadi, the pole-star (Polaris), are still nightly surrounding him in their thirst for vengeance, the walidan among the daughters — the star Mizar — holding in her arms her new-born infant, the little Alcor.

In the Norse astronomy Rigel marked one of the great toes of Orwandil, the other toe having been broken off by the god Thor when frost-bitten, and thrown to the northern sky, where it became the little Alcor (Anglo-Saxon Earendel). (Allen).

Influence of the constellation: It is said to give a quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, patient nature, but an uneasy spirit and great anger when roused. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Zain and the 7th Tarot Trump "The Chariot". (Robson).

The Three Bears

The most important of the stellar constellations is Ursa Major, the Great Bear. From time immemorial it seems that star worshippers revered the bear as a god, probably applying the Hermetic axiom in their religious life. As previously mentioned, the Magdalenian Era was noted for its cave paintings, particularly in North Spain and the Southwest of France. The bear god was worshipped in this area of France which later became the Languedoc, the legendary abode of Mary Magdalene.

In the tail of Great Bear Constellation are found three stars—Alioth, Alcor-Mizar and Alkaid. According to Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible, these stars are the sons of the Great Bear.

Of these stars, Alcor and Mizar are a double star or twins.

“MIZAR (Zeta Ursae Majoris): One of the most famed stars of the sky, second magnitude (2.27) Mizar, 78 light years away, is the Zeta star of Ursa Major, the Greater Bear, the second star in from the end of the handle of the Big Dipper, and the Dipper's fourth brightest star. In large part its fame comes from the coupling of the star with a nearby visual companion, fourth magnitude Alcor, only 12 minutes of arc (a fifth of a degree) to the northeast. The two, Mizar and Alcor, termed the 'horse and rider' by the Arabians, are a good test of minimal vision. The star's Arabic name derives from a word meaning 'the groin' of the celestial Bear that plods silently around the north celestial pole (the name mistakenly drawn from Merak, in the Dipper's bowl).”


The current Pole Star, Polaris, has astrological significance in the Great Bear constellation, which represents the Antichrist and False Prophet.

"Bootes is the cultivator or Ploughman who drives the Bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor around the Pole Star, Polaris. The bears, tied to the Polar Axis, are pulling a plough behind them, tilling the heavenly fields 'in order that the rotations of the heavens should never cease'.

Polaris: "'A star in the tip of the tail of the Little Bear Ursa Minor. Its name comes to us from the Latin, Stella Polaris, meaning 'Pole Star'.

"It was known as the Star of Arcady, a title referring to Arcas, son of Callisto, transferred to the skies, now Ursa Minor, by his father Jove, when ignorantly about to slay his mother (Ursa Major)...

"In spite of Polaris's usefulness in navigation, the Arabs looked on the star as an evil star, calling it Al Kiblah, because it was the star 'least distant from the pole'. To them it was also...'the Young He Goat', 'the slayer of the man' who had slain the Great Warrior of the Sky; who forever lies in the huge coffin outlined by the stars marking the big dipper (Ursa Major), all the other stars mourn for their lost hero and each night march around the sky in a never-ending funeral procession. The villain, Polaris, alone is kept motionless, an outcast forever fixed to the coldest part of the northern sky. Muslims used this star to orient themselves toward Mecca, the place Muslims must face during worship." - 833 ("Polaris")

Scalar weapons are now being developed which will change the axis of the earth.

The occult plans to shift the earth's poles so they realign the earth with another Pole Star.

"The magnetic fields are already in a severe state of imbalance. Atomic bomb detonations at key nodes of the planetary grid have disrupted the grid's natural Earth frequencies and created a massive effect to static in the circuits.

"Because the earth wobbles on its axis like a slowly spinning top, the Pole Star once was Thuban, the third star from the end of the tail of Draco. And in a little more that 5000 years from now, Alderamin, the brightest star in the constellation Cepheus, the King, will be the Pole Star.

The secret societies will attempt to completely destroy the earth by shifting the poles.
...The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which...shall devour the whole earth... Dan. 7:23

"...Edgar Cayce prophesied in 1934 that around the year 2000: 'There will be a shifting of the poles. There will be upheavals in the Arctic and the Antarctic [sic] that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the Torrid areas... The upper portions of Europe will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. The earth will be broken up in the western portions of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea'."

"Now the Pole Star is Polaris, but soon it will be royal Merak once more... The axis of the Earth will shift. The planet will be realigned to the True Pole Star, which will again be the apex of The Great Pyramid of the Heavens. The latter will once more send forth energies unimaginable. Man will have regained his lost inheritance."

"Cepheus, named for a mythological king of shaped like a triangle on top of a square... Alderamin [a Cepheus star]...will be close to the north celestial pole in 5000 years, replacing Polaris because of the precession of the Earth's axis."

...the foundations of the earth do shake. The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is utterly dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard... - Is. 24:18-20

"In past ages, whichever star held the position of Pole Star was worshipped as the star of that age. Polaris is now the star of our own age. The planet, Uranus, was discovered a degree (longitude) away from this star. Polaris (along with the other stars in Ursa Minor) has a Uranian influence [Greek Kynos-oura = dogs-tail; Oura-nus; Ouranos = Greek for Uranus].

"This constellation is represented by 'The Universe' of the tarot which signifies 'Eternal life', enlightenment, re-integration, perfection, completion. It gives a 'do or die' spirit; and a desire to reach the highest peak; 'conquer the World' which on another level symbolises conquering the Self; the egoic self." ("Polaris")

"Now the Pole Star is Polaris, but soon it will be royal Merak once more..." - 258:103

The comet and the cathedral ... ?id=195245

So much has been said, anticipated, feared and mocked about the events some say are scheduled to affect this planet during the final week and aftermath of December 2012.

You will know that for the last quarter century I have been heavily involved in the mystery that is Rennes-le-Chateau, and have transposed it over to Lincoln, England, in particular, Lincoln Cathedral and its environs, to the point of announcing a definitive location that indicates it guards something of a great value, concerning the lost historical ‘treasure’ of the Knights Templar, and key figure Mary Magdalene. During 1985, and occasionally on and off, I worked a little with one of the contemporaries of sacred geometry, author David Wood of Kent, who rocked and shocked the Rennes emporium with his first book ‘Genisis’ and nine years later, left the stage as he had nothing further to say that wasn’t already in his follow-up ‘Geneset – Target Earth’ in which David declared the solution to the Rennes mystery was the warning that a comet strike would impact the earth in 2085. Now, given that I have a lot of respect for Wood, and I have brought the conclusion of the Rennes conundrum over to Lincoln, if he were right, should I expect to find similar evidence of such a catastrophe there, too? In fact, when I delved about looking deeper into this hypothesis, I did unearth a few things that made me wonder.

Earlier this year, synchronicity had brought me into contact with a fellow called Ross Kelly whose own conclusions weren’t so dissimilar from David’s, only Ross was more on alert for an asteroid strike and that it would most likely hit Oban in Scotland, as deduced from his own ‘Iron Rod Key’ Ana Code. For some time now all I had been hearing, as well as we all have, concerned the approach, from behind the sun or elsewhere in space, of the large planetary object Nibiru, or Planet X, also referred to as the Dark Star, Winged Disc, or Nemesis, on course for a cataclysmic near brush or even impact with earth. As far as conspiracy theories goes, you can’t top this one, as it would, literally affect all of us if it were true and that governments did known about the reality of such a designated event.

I reminded myself that above the church at Rennes-le-Chateau reads the Latin motto ‘Lumen in coelo’....’Light in the sky’....a comet, then? The word ‘Lincoln’ hides within the motto. The key to the Rennes mystery are the Merovingians, of whom powerful assertions allege them to be descendants of a Jesus-Magdalene bloodline. Given that I have provided evidence elsewhere in my work that such a bloodline does not exist owing to the demise of a pregnant Mary, I think the significance here lays in the title afforded these rulers of the Franks – ‘The long haired Monarchs.’ The word ‘comet’ comes from the Greek ‘Kometos’ meaning ‘long haired’ in reference to its tail.

It was the 1969 ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’ that had first introduced me to the notion that I was involved in something concerning a great birth, the culmination of this amazing movie announcing the arrival of a cosmic Star Child. My own Rennes-Lincoln adventure presents as this macrocosmic event in a microcosmic form with a pregnant Mary Magdalene failing to deliver a child owing to her murder. Now, as much as we would dread a crash course comet and its trail of destruction, we have to concede that from a planetary point of view it is a fact that they carry with them organic compounds, ingredients and building blocks of life. As much as they can destroy, they can also create, or seed, a new birth. If Gaia were to be awaiting conception then this would provide her fertilization.

Searching for a liable Hollywood candidate, I decided to take a look at an obvious choice, the 1998 blockbuster ‘Deep Impact’, the disaster drama in which the earth attempts to prepare for a mass extinction resulting from an imminent comet strike. Interestingly enough, hot on its heels two months later, came another movie Armageddon’ also about an impact, so the theme was clearly ‘in the air’.

In the story line an unusual object is discovered near the stars of Mizar and Alcor in Ursa Major. In astronomy, Mizar and Alcor are referred to as ‘The Horse and Rider’. With this, I thought immediately of one of my premier Lincoln Cathedral Code clues that had led me to my key location. It is entitled ‘The Falling Knight’ and is hidden beneath one of the misericords in the choir stalls of this Gothic edifice. Scholars point out there is a pattern in the root meaning of the word ‘knight’ that relates back to ‘horse and rider’ associations, suggesting a connection to the knight’s mode of transport. Within the word ‘misericords’ we can find ‘Mizar’ (miser) and from the choir stalls we can deduce ‘Alcor’ from the anagram ‘choral’ pertaining to ‘choir’. The enigmatic 13thC wood carving shows us a collection of what can now be perceived as stars rather than horse fastenings, the seven to the right coincide with the number of stars of Ursa Major, seven, and the four to the left the same number as in the Mizar system, four. As perceived originally, the legs of the horse are deliberately crossed, or an ‘X’. Hinting at our Planet X association? Another meaning of the word ‘misericords’ is ‘a narrow bladed dagger used for killing a wounded foe’. The culmination of my earlier work shows that this is the instrument that demised a pregnant Mary Magdalene. There is an arrow in the back of the falling knight in the woodcut, and so time to look at a mythology kept intact by the Lapps, the indigenous people of Lapland; “When Arcturus (Alpha Bootes, supposed to be an archer, Ursa Major being his bow) shoots down the North Nail (Polaris) with his arrow on the last day, the heaven will fall, crushing the earth and setting fire to everything’. In 2008, with the help of author, astronomer and mathematician Greg Rigby, it was discovered that Lincoln Cathedral has a starry relationship with Arcturus, the star of the northern constellations that can be viewed through the Cathedral’s Rose Window which is placed on its northern side, despite Gothic cathedral’s placing their rose windows always to the west.

Another intact legend kept alive by South Russian folklore, tells us; ‘A dog is fettered to Ursa Minor, and tries constantly to bite the fetter; when he succeeds, the end of the world has come.’ The Native American Musquakie tribe go on to inform us that, ’The tiny star Alcor is a small dog named ‘Hold tight’. Hold on there, ‘Hold Tight?” Isn’t that a colloquialism meaning ‘to prepare yourself for what is about to happen’? Lincoln Cathedral’s most reoccurring anomaly is that of a small dog. The Cathedral is most famous for its containment of the ‘Lincoln Imp’ carving on the North side of the Angel Choir. Looking at the word ‘impact’ - a comet strike - in falconry, to ‘imp’, or ‘imping’ is to ‘furnish with wings’, again a reference to wings that accompany Nibiru. Synonyms for ‘act’ include; execution, strike, judgement. Indication of an ‘Imp act’?

There is another strange illustration we can now study deeply, submitted by renowned Grail intrepid, Rene d’Anjou, an alleged Grand Master of the Priory of Sion. From his Grail Quest ‘Heart smitten with love’, there is ‘La Fountaine de Fortune’ (The Fountain of Fortune’) in which we see a knight called 'Heart who stands by a magic spring looking at a monument, the translation of this monument, a warning against ‘bitter water’. I have shown in my earlier works that this monument is actually a stone marker tomb opposite the south east corner of Lincoln Cathedral at the St Margaret burial grounds, and is the conclusion of my Lincoln Cathedral Code. Why this illustration is so important to us is that it also has a fallen knight connecting to our ‘Falling Knight’ within the cathedral; on his helmet there is a heart between a pair of wings. Naturally, we are given to thinking that the hazy orb in the sky is the sun, but if we were to think of an approaching celestial body then what we could actually be seeing is the fuzzy, temporary atmosphere of a comet face on. That it is moving, would explain the noted anomaly in the illustration of the shadows not being in the same direction, whereby we would expect them to be if cast by a fixed sun. The nucleus of a comet may also be referred to as its ‘heart’, and the wings it sits between in the illustration appear to duplicate the ‘wings’, or discharge, as shown in depictions of Nibiru.

I only mention this because if we return to Lincoln Cathedral for a moment and remind ourselves that from the air it is shown to be as the Knights Templar emblem the ‘Cross of Lorraine’ (also meaning ‘double dagger and a symbol for poison), then we look at the heraldic crest of the Lorraine family, we will see that their motto is ‘Lauro resurgo’...’I will rise again with laurel.’ Synonyms for ‘rise’ include: spring up, increase in size, draw close, burn down, approach and turn up. The laurel, the sweet bay tree, was used by the ancients for making wreaths. The appearance of the laurel, is ‘winged’. Another deep and undetected psychological reference to a winged object drawing near...a comet?

We have made a case for Lincoln Cathedral hiding even deeper and double-layered symbolism than first expected, associating with a warning of a cometary strike. As Mizar and Alcor from the ‘Deep Impact’ fiction are possibly involved, it came as no surprise to me to learn that only as recent as last year an unexpected celestial body was spotted in that region. A faint star, invisible to the unaided eye, now dubbed ‘Alcor B’ it was discovered by Eric Marmajek, astronomer of Rochester University, orbiting its larger sibling. Marmajek states,’ You see how the disc of Alcor B doesn’t seem perfectly round? Some of us have a feeling that Alcor might actually have another surprise in store for us.’ Let us hope those are not ironic words.

In 1998, the same year as ‘Deep Impact was released, the ‘Near Earth Asteroid Research’ program (LINEAR), funded by the United States Air Force and NASA, to search for any asteroids that could be a threat to our planet , was started in the USA. To give it its full title, it is the ‘Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research’, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory based in Massachusetts being a federally funded research and development centre applying advanced technology to problems of national security. Of all the places in the world, did it have to be called Lincoln? Its principal Investigator is called Grant Stokes. ’Stokes’ is the CGS unit of kinematic viscosity, a part of the study of comets, in particular the tail, named after British physicist Sir G. Stokes (1819-1903). The word ‘viscosity’ derives from the Latin ‘viscum alba’ for ‘mistletoe’, the evergreen shrub. In Norse mythology, the death of Odin’s son Baldar, was due to the scheming of Loki, by way of a mistletoe projectile. In an alternative version it was a sword called ‘mistilteinn, Old Norse ‘Mistletoe’. Cultures across pre-Christian Europe viewed mistletoe as a representation of divine male essence owing to the resemblance between the berries and semen, the liquid that carries sperm, generative seed of life. The Celts saw mistletoe as an antitdote to poison, reminding us of Lincoln Cathedral’s Cross of Lorraine.

To return to and conclude with the dagger, a small sword that I have announced terminated the life of a pregnant Magdalene. An avenging nemesis and seed to impregnate the earth may one day soon hurtle towards us with promise of a fresh cosmic birth. If we take a look at the types of cometary forms, certainly the second and third from top are in the form of.... a dagger.

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Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings is one of the most enchanting and successful tales of all time. First issued in the 1950s, this famous trilogy could just as well have emanated from the Dark Ages or medieval times, for it has all the qualities and attributes of the most ancient Grail and Ring traditions.

Ring lore is also deeply rooted in many of the best loved nursery tales, and provides the essential facts behind numerous time-honoured characters of popular legend. Grail stories are generally associated with Arthurian knights roaming the Wasteland in search of the sacred relic.

Even though some of the themes have their origins in very old lore, the majority of these tales were newly slanted from the Dark Ages onwards, when the Church set its sights against the Ring tradition. This was especially the case from medieval times when the persecution of heretics was in full swing, leading to the brutal Inquisitions which began in the 13th century.

From around 4000 BC, the Ring was a primary device of the Anunnaki overlords, who were recorded as having been responsible for the establishment of municipal government and kingly practice in ancient Mesopotamia.

In this respect, the root of Tolkien's popular tale was extracted directly from Saxon folklore and was not actually new in concept. Indeed, the early Saxon god Wotan (the equivalent of the Sumerian Lord, Anu) was said to have ruled the Nine Worlds of the Rings – having the ninth Ring (the One Ring) to govern eight others.

But, in both fact and fiction, the Ring and the Grail are each seen to be misappropriated by those who perceive them as weapons of power. As the generations passed from ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian times, the ideal of dynastic kingship spread through the Mediterranean lands into the Balkans, the Black Sea regions and Europe. But, in the course of this, the crucial essence of the old wisdom was lost and this gave rise to dynasties that were not of the original kingly race.

Instead, many were unrelated warrior chiefs who gained their thrones by might of the sword. The sacred culture of the ancients was, nevertheless, retained in the Messianic line of King David of Judah (around 1008 BC), whose significance was in his pharaonic heritage, not in his generally portrayed descent from Abraham and the Shemite strain. It was because of this particular inheritance that David's son, Solomon the Wise, was enabled to create his Egyptian-style Temple project in Jerusalem. This led to a Holy Land revival of the pharaonic and one-time Mesopotamian Rosi-crucis movement at a time when Egypt was beset by foreign influences, first from Libya, Nubia and Kush, and then from further afield.

The Rosi-crucis (whose supporters were called Rosicrucians) is often misidentified as if it referred to a Rosy (or Red) Cross but in fact the term has a rather different origin. It stems from the old Greek 'rosi', meaning 'dew', and from 'crucis' meaning 'fire-cup'.

The early Bible writers condemned this royal device as being the Mark of Cain. This same emblem was deemed to be symbolic of the Holy Grail, whose representative form as the Dew-cup (or Chalice) emanated directly from the Sumerian word 'gra-al'. This defined the 'nectar of supreme excellence' – the prestigious legacy of the Anunnaki queen Nin- kharsag, great mother of the kingly bloodline.

In all the Grail romances, and in the tales of the Ring, the message is relentlessly clear: in the wrong hands, both the Ring and the Grail can bring disaster. The power of the Ring has to be withstood; otherwise it will enslave its master, whereas the Grail will retaliate with a vengeance if misused. Either way, the moral is the same in that, ultimately, power is self-destructive when achieved through selling one's soul. Consequently, the Ring can be a halo or a crown, but it can equally become a noose.

Prior to the year 751, kings of the Grail succession were priests in their own right; they were priest-kings, known as Fisher Kings. But, when their rights to priesthood were undermined by the Church, the legacy was forsaken in all but the Gaelic realms.

As confirmed in historical records, the disputes between the descendant Grail family and the Church establishment prevailed for centuries because of their conflict of interests. From the 1st century, Imperial Rome had decreed that the Messianic heirs should be hunted down and put to the sword. Then, once the Roman Church was formally operative from the 4th century, the sacred dynasty was forever damned by the bishops. It was this formal damnation which led to such events as the Albigensian Crusade in 1209 and the subsequent Catholic Inquisitions, for these brutal assaults by the papal machine were specifically directed against the upholders and champions of the original concept of Grail kingship, as against the style of pseudo- monarchy which had been implemented by the Bishops of Rome.

In practical terms, Church kingship has prevailed from the 8th century and has continued, through the ages, to the present day. But the fact is that, under strict terms of sovereign practice, all such monarchies and their affiliated governments have been invalid. Church kingship is precisely that with which we have become so familiar. It applies to all monarchs who achieve their regnal positions by way of Church coronation by the Pope or other Christian leader.

In terms of true kingship, there was no necessity for coronation because kingly and queenly inheritance were always regarded as being 'in the blood' – to be precise, in the DNA of the Gra-al. In order to understand the legacy of the Ring, we must look at how Church kingship was made possible in the first place by way of a document called the Donation of Constantine – a document which led to just about every social injustice that has since been experienced in the Christian world.

All monarchical and governmental practice has, for centuries, been based upon the initial precept of this charter but, in reality, its dogmatic precept is wholly invalid. When the Donation of Constantine made its first appearance in the middle 8th century it was alleged to have been written by Emperor Constantine some 400 years earlier, although strangely never produced in the interim. It was even dated and carried his supposed signature. What the document proclaimed was that the Emperor's appointed Pope was Christ's elected representative on Earth, with the power to 'create' kings as his subordinates since his palace ranked above all the palaces in the world!

The provisions of the Donation were put into operation by the Vatican in 751, whereupon the Merovingian Fisher Kings of the Grail bloodline in Gaul were deposed and a whole new dynasty was supplemented by way of a family of hitherto mayors. They were dubbed Carolingians and their only king of any significance was the legendary Charlemagne.

The fact is, however, that over 500 years ago in the Renaissance era, proof emerged that the Donation was an outright forgery. The language of the Donation, with its numerous anachronisms is that of the 8th century and bears no relation to the writing style of Constantine's day. It is known today as "the most famous forgery in the world", but despite this, the Donation's overwhelming dictate, which cemented the Pope as the supreme spiritual and temporal head of Christendom, has prevailed regardless.

Prior to the Grail's formal subjugation by the Church Inquisition in the Middle Ages, the victimised heterodox Christians (or 'heretics' as they were called) included the Cathars – the Pure Ones of the Languedoc region in the South of France. The Cathars were fully conversant with the Ring Lord culture and, in accordance with tradition, referred to the Messianic bloodline as the Elven race, venerating them as the Shining Ones. This is of course wholly indicative of the very same style afforded to the ancient Anunnaki – the great sons of Lord Anu, also called the Anna-nagge: the Shining Ones. In the language of old Provence, a female elf was an 'albi', and Albi was the name given to the main Cathar centre in Languedoc. This was in deference to the matrilinear heritage of the Grail dynasty, for the Cathars were supporters of the original Albi-gens.

It was for this very reason that, when Simon de Montfort and the armies of Pope Innocent III descended upon the Languedoc region in 1209, it was called the Albigensian Crusade.

The concept of calling the princely race of the Grail the Shining Ones, while also defining them as Elves, dates well back into ancient Bible times and can be traced into Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and Canaan (Palestine). The ancient word 'El' which was used to identify a god or lofty-one (as in El Elyon and El Shaddai) actually meant Shining in old Mesopotamian Sumer. The plural of El was Elohim, the very word used in old Bible texts to denote the gods, but strategically mistranslated to conform to the Judaeo-Christian 'One God' image.

There exists in Iran (ancient Persia) and the Canary Islands a large plant called the Dragontree. This plant is of the lily variety, and its resin is known as dragon's blood. The red extract was used as a ceremonial dye in the East, where it was referred to as 'lac', whose derivative 'lac' or 'lake' pigment is found today in the artists' paint colour Scarlet Lake. Dragons were very important to the descendant Shining Ones, who were anointed upon their kingly installation with the fatty oil of the sacred dragon – essentially a large four-legged monitor native to the Euphrates valley. In Mesopotamia, this creature was called the Mûs-hûs, and in Egypt his equivalent was the Messeh. On anointing, the kings were reckoned to gain the prowess of the sacred beast, becoming Messehs in their own right – and it is from this that the Hebrew term Messiah (meaning Anointed One) derived.

By virtue of the Dragontree, it is easy to recognize why the blood of the dragon was always associated with the essence of the lily – and indeed why the Grail queens of yore were often given applicable names such as Lily, Lilith, Luluwa, Lilutu and Lillet.

The Rosi-crucis (or Dew-cup) – the emblem of the Holy Grail – was itself identified with the Messianic blood held within the sacred chalice of the maternal womb.

The concept of fairies (the fair folk) was born directly from Dragon and Ring Lord cultures being a derivative of the Greek 'phare', meaning 'great house'. In the Gaelic world, certain royal families (especially those of the Pendragons) were said to carry the fairy blood – that is to say, the fate or destiny of the Grail bloodline and of humankind.

In national terms, although fairies present a widespread image, they are particularly associated with Ireland, where they are epitomized by the ancient people of the Tuatha Dé Danann. From a base of the monastic texts (which arose onwards from medieval times) it is generally stated that these people were the supernatural tribe of the agricultural goddess Danaë of Argos, or perhaps of the Aegean Mother-goddess Danu. But their true name, rendered in its older form, was Tuadhe d'Anu; and as such, they were the people (or tribe) of Anu, the great sky god of the Anunnaki.

Onwards from the year 751, the Church sought all possible measures to diminish the status of any royal strain emanating from the original Ring Lords so that the fraudulent Donation of Constantine could be brought into play. Henceforth, only the subjugative Church could determine who was and was not a king, while the elves and fairies of the Albi-gens were manoeuvred from the forefront of history into a realm of apparent fantasy and legend.

Settling in Ireland from about 800 BC, the Tuadhe d'Anu hailed from the Central European lands of Scythia, the Black Sea kingdoms which stretched from the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvanian Alps, across to the Russian River Don. They were strictly known as the Royal Scyths and their classification as fates or fairies occurred because they were masters of a transcendent intellect called the Sidhé, which was known to the druids as the Web of the Wise.

As the Church rose to power following the 8th-century implementation of the Donation of Constantine, so the 'underground stream', which supported the true Albi-gens, found strategic methods of preserving the old culture of the royal bloodline.

A key focal message built into these fairy tales was an understanding of the importance of perpetuating the family line of the Sangréal (Blood Royal), regardless of the power of the bishops and the Church's puppet kings. The whole scenario was presented, time after time, as if it were a struggling nightmare, wherein the female (the Elf-maiden who carried the essential mitochondrial DNA) was out of reach of the Grail prince, so that his torturous quest to find her was akin to the quest for the Holy Grail itself.

It was during the period of France's Carolingian dynasty (the dynasty of Emperor Charlemagne), which began in 751, that the seeds of most of these popular stories were planted, and it is because of the inherent truths which lie behind the stories that we find them so naturally appealing.

The oldest complete version of the Ring Cycle comes from the Norse mythology of the Volsunga Saga. This was described by the English poet and designer William Morris as "the great story of the North which should be to all our race what the tale of Troy was to the Greeks". Compiled from more than forty separate legends, the 13th- century Icelandic tale relates to the god Odin, to the kingdom of the Nine Worlds and to a dark forest called Mirkwood – a name later repeated by Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings.

Contemporary with the Volsunga Saga was a very similar tale which appeared in and around Burgundy in the 1200s: a Middle High German epic called The Nibelungenlied. The Ring of the Nibelung, was largely drawn from the Burgundian folklore of The Nibelungenlied and, to some extent, from the Volsunga Saga.

The difficulty one has in understanding Charlemagne is that, for all the apparent Carolingian attachment to the Vatican, he does not seem to have been wholly committed to the Roman ideal and clearly inherited a strong contrary legacy from his mother, who was a daughter of the Merovingian Princess Blanche Fleur. Undeterred by the Donation of Constantine, which had enabled his father, King Pepin, to usurp the Merovingian throne, Charlemagne retained advocates of both the Grail Church and the Roman Church at his Court. He was not even too keen on the idea of becoming Holy Roman Emperor but, on Christmas Day in the year 800, while in the Roman Basilica of St. Peter's in the company of several bishops Pope Leo III crept up behind him and placed the Imperial crown on his head without warning!

Traditionally, the Albi-gens (Elven bloodline) has been identified with water – a concept that can be traced back some five millennia to Tiâmat the Dragon Queen. Her Akkadian name actually means 'salt waters' and had its equivalent in the Hebrew 'tehôm' (or 'tehômot' in the plural), as used in Old Testament references to 'the deep'.

In ancient Egypt it was common practice for the pharaohs to marry their sisters in order to progress their kingship through the female line. These wives were often the pharaohs' half-sisters, born of their mothers by different fathers, for it was the mitochondrial DNA of the matrilinear succession that was important to the dynasties. (Although mitochondria DNA is inherited from mothers by both sons and daughters, it is only passed on by the daughters, since this DNA resides within the female egg cells.)

It can be seen from plotted genealogical charts of the era that, although Egypt had many successive kingly dynasties, these houses were only renamed and renumbered when a pharaoh died without a male heir. The important thing was that his queen had a female heiress, and it was upon that daughter's marriage into another male line that a new dynasty began. The story of matrilinear royal descent traces back thousands of years to the very dawn of recorded time when the great Anunnaki Lord of the Sky was Anu. He is documented on clay tablets and cylinder seals from the 3rd millennium BC, discovered in the Sumerian delta eden of the Persian Gulf.

His queenly consorts were his sisters: Antu, Lady of the Sky, and Ki, the Earth Mother. Anu had two sons: Enlil (whose mother was Ki) and Enki (whose mother was Antu). Enki had two wives, one of whom was his half-sister Nîn- khursag, the Lady of Life. By the same token, Enlil similarly had two wives, including Nîn-khursag who was, therefore, consort to each of her brothers. This deiform family had descended from the great Mother Goddess Tiâmat – described in the Enûma elish (the original Creation account which preceded the writing of the Old Testament's book of Genesis by more than 2000 years) as 'She who bore them all'.

The rule of kingly descent through the senior female line appears to have been established from the outset when a dispute over entitlement arose between the brothers Enki and Enlil. The Anunnaki overlords were said to have governed by way of a Grand Assembly of councillors who sat at Nippur. They consisted of eight members (seven males and a female), who held the Rings of divine justice, along with their president, Anu, who held the One Ring to bind them all.

As the original god-kings of Mesopotamia, this Assembly was said to have introduced kingly practice which, according to the Sumerian King List (dating from before 2000 BC) was 'lowered from heaven'. The Anunnaki fraternal dispute arose when Anu resigned his presidency of the Grand Assembly, at which point his elder son Enlil became the apparent candidate. His brother Enki challenged this on the basis that, although he was younger than Enlil, he was the senior son and royal successor because his mother, Antu, was Anu's senior sister, whereas Enlil's mother, Ki, was Antu's junior. As such, it was his mother Antu who held the primary office of queenship, and among her variously recorded titles, the later Kassite Kings of Mesopotamia (from around 1750 BC) called her the Lady of the Fire-stone, granting her the name Barat-Anna. This derived from the Kassite royal stem BRT and from the Akkadian An-na (meaning Fire-stone).

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OTTO RAHN - Arch SS adept or New Age messenger..?

Gadal believed that Catharism derived from a gnostic form of Christianity - 'Johannic' - that originated in Alexandria in the early centuries AD and was brought to Spain by Mark of Memphis around the year 300. It gradually spread across the Pyrenees to the Occitan, where it flourished. 'Bogomil' missionaries arrived in the area around year 1000, found this established gnostic religion, and the fusion of the two gave rise to Catharism.

'Johannic Christianity' was based on the teachings of St John the Evangelist, and it was believed that the Cathars possessed the original version of John's Gospel. M. Arnaud was also searching for this Gospel and was apparently financed in his search by the French Theosophical Society. Arnaud believed the Gospel to be hidden at Montsegur. When Rahn asked him how he could be so specific with his information Arnaud told him he couldn't elaborate because he was part of a society that required silence from its members on these subjects.

At this time there was a widespread belief among the Languedocian aristocracry that, unlike the peasantry, they were descended from Nordic or German blood, and saw themselves as cousins of the Germans.

Rahn saw in Parzifal that the Eschenbach's heroes and were modelled after real Middle Ages personalities: Parzifal was le vicomte de Carcassone Trencavel, one of the foremost and heroic victims of the Crusade; Respanse de Joye was Esclarmonde de Foix; the mother of Trencavel Adelaide de Toulouse made a perfect Herzeloide; the hermit Trevrizent was the Cathar Bishop Guilhabert de Castres; the King Anfortas, Raimon-Roger de Foix; and Montsegur was Montsalvage. Moreover, Montsalvage is protected by a Fountain "Salvage" in which Rahn believed he recognised the intermittent fountain of Fontestorbes, a few kilometres from the Pog, Montsegur's promontory.Also, the forest around Montsalvage is called the "Briciljan" and close by Montsegur is Priscilien Wood. Rahn firmly concluded that the Fortress Castle of Montsegur was the Temple of the Grail.

Rahn associates the Cathar Church with the Church of the Grail, with the mystical group Fideles d'Amour of Dante. He believed that the Templars after their enforced dissolution found refuge in the Pyrenean caverns. Rahn wrote of the many indications that the white tunic with octagonal red cross of the Templars was to be found with the black cassocks with yellow cross of the Cathars in the dark grottos of Sabarthez.

Rahn believed that the Grail consisted of several tablets of stone engraved with runic or even pre-runic inscription. He believed that it was either one perfect emerald with 144 facets or 144 tablets of stone engraved in emerald.

This emerald would have graced the Crown of Lucifer, symbolising his third eye, and which fell to earth, precisely on the Pog of Montsegur! Kreuzzug gegen Gral"is at once an erudite essay, a mystical treatise, a reverie and a chanson d'amour.

Rahn did not see Lucifer as synonymous with Satan or the Devil; to Rahn Lucifer was the Pyrenean Abellio, the Celtic Belenos, the Nordic Balder, the Greek Apollo, all luminous gods today asleep. The Cathars called this god Lucibel. These are the light bearers, an attribute that Rahn, himself, wished to be recognised for: a Lucifer. Above all else Rahn wished with all his soul to reawaken the grand European dream.

The Court of Lucifer is an expedition through the "garden of roses", Rahn's affectionate term for the Kingdom of the Asgardian Elfin, Lorin, and a realm closed to non-believers or the uninitiated. Rahn dreams of a return to Thule, the primordial centre of the European Hyperboreans. He pines for a return to the Golden Age.

Robin Mackness has written a book called: "Oradour: Massacre and Aftermath" published by Bloomsbury Books.

Oradour-sur-Glame was a small village in the Limoges area that was visited by Otto Skorzeny's crack SS team: the Das Reich in 1944. The SS made a house-to-house search; they were apparently looking for gold but also for "forbidden merchandise", said to be documents/archives of some description.

Whether the SS found anything is not clear but they concluded their visit by massacring the village; there were apparently two survivors.

An SS contingent, led by Skorzeny, then went to the Corbieres, the arid region around Rennes-le-Chateau and searched the mountains and caves.

It has been suggested that Otto Rahn made a previous visit to the Corbieres in the 1930's and this visit was also connected with the "forbidden merchandise".

According to a letter recently received from France by the UK Rennes group, whose members are verifying the convenance of the letter and its author, the merchandise concerns some occult documents, apparently stolen from Hector Dagobert in the Napoleonic era by `Chef Dubien'. This member of the Dagobert family is said to be the real identity of le Comte de St Germain. Dubien was a member of the Philadelphus Society and it was he who introduced Alfred Sauniere to aristocratic circles. The inference is that Dagobert's documents and the "forbidden merchandise" are one and the same.

According to Preston Nicholls and Peter Moon, authors of the Montauk series, a remarkable event was said to have happened in Germany in 1923: a massive time travel experiment which involved the Nazis. Key members of the Thule group collaborated with Alisteir Crowley's Lodge, the Astrum Argentinium (Order of the Silver Star of Illuminati) and a hybrid project was created called the Phisummum. This project and the purpose of the secret order behind it, the Order of the Black Sun, was time travel. Elizabeth van Buren has called WW2 a War of Time. The Black sun stood for the centre of the galaxy.

In project Phisummum the Order of the Black Sun wanted to retrieve the Holy Grail from a past century and put it into the hands of the groomer of the Antichrist. Sex magic was employed and the Spear of Longinus was supposedly used as a magical power source. A small but distorted time window was created and all involved began to feel the overwhelming power building up.

Preston/Nicholls go on to say that in 1939 the most adventurous Ahnenerbe experiment was set up: the harnessing of all natural and supernatural forces from modern technology to medieval black magic; from the teachings of Pythagoras to the Faustial pentagram incantation. If true was this a decisive turning point for Rahn when he consequently sought his immediate dismissal?

Joscelyn Godwin writes at length in "Arktos" about the Spriritual Pole and the experience of mystical ascent to it. The mystic Persian theosophers did not situate their "Orient" towards the East but in the direction to the North, beyond the north. There is a darkness around this pole which corresponds to the shroud around one's individual spiritual centre. Through self-discipline the initiate can make a Pilgrimage to this Polar Orient that is not found on maps. The Pole is also a mountain, called in Iranian lore Mount Qaf, whose ascent, like Dante's climbing of the Mountain of Purgatory, represents the individual's progress through spiritual states. The Mountain of Qaf is the Sphere of Spheres surrounding the totality of the visible cosmos; an emerald rock is the keystone of this celestial vault, the pole.

There is abundant hollow earth literature on green lights, green children, etc. Najm Kobra speaks of green as the colour of the pole. The pilgrim at first finds himself in a deep well and then he is suddenly illuminated by an extraordinary green light that at first shines at the mouth, then, in the course of the ascent, suffuses the whole of the well so that one is travelling up a luminous shaft "of green light because it has become the place to which descend the Angels and the divine Compassion".

There is an old legend that Rahn recounts in "Crusade" that is very apposite. He writes of an ancient lake "entre Montsegur et la cime du Thabor". It is a lake of dark (green) waters surrounded by sheer cliff walls. It is the Lake of the Trouts (note that TROUTS contains the word OURS=bear) or the Lake of Sins. It is situated between the mountain of Saint Bartholomew (opposite Montsegur and known locally as Thabor) and the Pic de Soularac (Saint Bartholomew's twin summit). It is the lake where the druids threw gold, silver and precious stones in a time before Jesus. This treasure was said to be the fabled treasure of the Temple of Delphi. In 279 BCE, Brennus, the Celtic chief led two hundred thousand soldiers into Greece to raid this treasure. On the point of victory at Parnassus, a series of natural calamities: lightning storms, falling rocks, hail stones and heavy snow assailed the Brennus' troops causing mass slayings of the beseigers.

The Oracle told the townsfolk of Delphi that Apollo would not let allow them to suffer distress. However, some accounts say that the Celts were finally victorious, stole the treasure and brought it to Toulouse (Tolosa), but because of the nature of its procurement the booty was cursed.

Rahn writes also that a part of the Treasure of Solomon, the "Table of Solomon", was brought to Carcassone by the Visigoths in 410. Spanish romances say that this Table was hidden in the magical grotto of Hercules in the Pyrenees.

The gold of Tolosa has echoes of La Toison d'Or (the Golden Fleece) and of the legend of Hercules. Hercules, after having skinned the cattle of Geryon, seduced the daughter of Bebryx, Pyrene. He then abandoned her. Pyrene, fearing the wrath of her father, fled but was met by wild beasts. In desperation Pyrene called out to Hercules but he arrived too late. She was dead. His lamentations reverberate around the grottos and caverns to the echo of the name Pyrene, such is how the range got its name. The name of Pyrene will never perish because always the mountains will carry it.

In the Argonauts' epic adventures the Golden Fleece was hung upon a sacred oak, nature symbol of the Druids, a group so bound up in the history of the Pyrenees and the development of the Cathar faith and beliefs. Rahn posits that the Cathars were a scion of earlier Druidism converted to Christianity by missionary Manicheans.

As in Ireland, Druidism was able to maintain itself well into the progress of Christianity in the Pyrenees. The druid Vates were the astrologers, seers and healers; the Bardes were the poets and singers. They were guardians of dualist mysteries that we cannot fathom because they were transmitted orally from master to pupil.

TOISON D'OR = IN OT(T)O'S DO(O)R. In medieval times the Philosophers Stone was also called la Toison d'Or. Wolfram von Eschenbach had Parsifal looking for a stone, the Lapsit exillis (Lapis ex coelis), the "Desire of Paradise". For those on the path, the joys of paradise are to be found in the stars, the grandeur of the firmament, transmuting nature's power within one's spirit-self and creating a state of grace and balance. This is the essence of alchemic endeavour. It was not gold the old alchemists wished to find but God within. The possession of the Golden Fleece hoisted the Argonauts towards the stars. Hercules prepared himself to become one with God, to take his place in the constellations between the Lyre, the Crown, between Castor and Pollux. The good ship "Argo" which had brought the precious relic across the sea was transported to the Milky Way to join its sister stars in celebrating the infinite luminescence of God in the Heavens.

The Argonauts were Hyperboreans. The inhabitants of Crotona in the sixth century BCE made out that Pythagoras was no other than Apollo reborn, arrived from Hyperborea to announce to mankind a new doctrine of hope and welcome.

Later, Cicero saw that druidic doctrine, which included a belief in eternal life and the transmigration of souls, was Pythagorean in origin but a meld also of natural sciences and of Hindu and Babylonian affinities. The druids taught that the earth and all that grows and walks upon it is a creation of the God of Death, Dispater. The immortal soul was obliged to migrate from existence to existence to eventually purify itself and reconnect with its divine essence and enter the world of pure spirit. The druids' God was Belenus or Belis. This God was Apollon-Abelio, God and the Light. Dispater was the latinised name of the Prince of Darkness, Pluto, sovereign of pale souls, of the dead, and guardian of all hidden treasures. The druids held earthly treasures to no account and it was on their ordert that the gold of Tolosa was thrown into the lake.

Returning to the "green" theme, Iranian philosophers refer continually to this colour: emerald rocks, giving access to emerald cities, and to the Green Island where the hidden Imam lives (compare with this with Avalon or the Island of Apples, the resting place of Arthur). The cosmology of Hermes Trismegistus was written on an emerald tablet.

The Taoist designation for the Pole Star is the Pivot of Jade, a green stone.

Metaphyicians teach that green is the colour of the Philosophic Bridge; that once a person has reached a point in his earth-plane completion cycle when he is going beyond religion, asking questions on why, what, where and how then the aura takes on a beautiful emerald hue. The image of the Jade Pivot fits this Bridge concept perfectly. It is green because it is the colour of nature and it is in nature that we begin to perceive an appreciation of the beauty within. This is our Grail and Otto Rahn knew this, too.

In Parzifal the Grail is a stone. The human heart is often compared to stone when it is unfeeling and perhaps it also resembles this inanimate state before it is enlivened by the passion of Quest. When a person's inner nature is at one with outer nature it is an emerald illumination, a Jade Pivot.

The Russians came across about one thousand Tibetan corpses in the eastern sector of Berlin in 1945 dressed in German army uniforms bereft of any insignia of rank. According to Pauwels and Bergier, a small trans-Himalyan colony was established in Berlin and Munich in 1926. One of its members, a Tibetan monk known as the "man with the green gloves", was said to have "possessed the keys to the kingdom of Agarthi".

Alongside the state religion of Lamaism was Tibet's aboriginal religion of Bon. The Bon-pas followed a primitive, animalistic creed full of dark rituals and spells. The Bon-pas priests had a reputation among the common people as magicians. They were atavistic dark occultists.

The Thule group believed in an esoteric history of mankind and believed that knowledge of this was preserved in Tibetan monastary archives.

The Nazis began to organise expeditions to Tibet when sufficient funds built up and these succeeded without interruption up to 1943.

A little before 1880 a young lama arrived in Lhasa. He had been born in Azochozki, on the shore of Lake Baikal in Siberia, of the Mongolian Buriat race. In Russia he was known as Hambro Akvan Dorzhieff or Dorjieff. This latter name is a Russian version of the Tibetan word for thunderbolt.

On his arrival in Tibet as a young man he entered the Drepung monastery. After years of study he became professor of metaphysics.

In 1898 he was sent back to Russia. He made further trips back and forth and returned towards the end of 1901 with a draft treaty between Tibet and Russia.

The British invaded Tibet in December 1904. Dorjieff disappeared but there is evidence that he returned to Tibet and was visited there by Karl Haushofer in 1903, 1905, 1906, 1907 and 1908. Haushofer went on to found the Thule group, which was moulded on similar esoteric Tibetan groups, studying the Stanzas of Dzyan, the cornerstone of Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine". Haushofer also founded the Vril Society based on the Bulmer-Lytton's "The Coming Race" published in the late 1800's. There is a body of opinion that Haushofer initiated Hitler into the rites and secrets of the Japanese Zen Green Dragon Society.

Notwithstanding Haushofer's role in its establishment, the Thule Gesellschaft had its origins in the Germanenorden conference held at Thale in the Harz Mountains, Pentecost, 1914. Out of this conference was born the Geheimbund (the "secret band"). Most of the original Thule group were Catholic, but several had Jewish origins.

The group practised a form of divination using a special Tibetan `Tarot' pack, used also to keep contact with the secret master, the King of Fear. Brennan suggests that this "King" was Gurdjieff. Both Gurdjieff and Aliester Crowley are believed to have sought contact with Hitler.

By the 1920's when the Thule group was formed Dorjieff was living in France. He was then known as George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff. He died in 1949 aged 103 years. Stalin had been a fellow student of Gurdjieff's in the Seminary at Alexandropol.

From 1907-10, Haushofer lived mostly in Japan where he was initiated into the Green Dragon Buddhist society. It is possible that Rasputin was also a member of this society for its lodges fringed Russia. He gave a gift to the Tsarina of a pair of small emerald green dragons, the Order's insignia, which was discovered to have been sewn into her dress in 1918.

Alexandra, the last Tsarina, inscribed the left-hand swastika with the date 1918 on the wall of her prison quarters at Ekaterinburg where she was subsequently murdered. Her doctor, Badmaiell, was a practitioner of Tibetan medicine. The Tsarina also used the swastika as a secret sign of recognition in her correspondence. The swastika was also used by Russian monarchists who, after defeat of Germany in WW1, allied with General Ludendorff's entourage as protector to Hitler.

Dietrich Bronder published "Bevor Hitler Kam" in 1964. He wrote of the SS expedition to Tibet set up with the express purpose of establishing a radio link between the Third Reich and the lamas. The `Stanzas of Dyan' were used as the code for all messages between Berlin and Lhasa during the war.

In Wilhelm Landig's "Gotzen gegen Thule", 1971, we read the fictional account of two Nazi airmen named Recke and Reimer finding sanctuary in a secret base in Arctic Canada called Point 103. Its symbol is the Black Sun. Its number is 666. Consider this with link to Crowley and the material the Montauk volumes.

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Secret Societies

The Power of Vril

The Vril Society is considered to be one of the most interesting secret societies that ever existed. It was sometimes called the Luminous Lodge and thrived after WWI.

The "V" in the word Vril is the symbol of an inverted pyramid and denotes excellence or power. "RI" signifies the ruling principle and "L" equates to El or God as in Elohim. Therefore, Vril signifies the power of God through the ruling principle of the pyramid.

The name of the ancient mother tongue was known as Vril. It is a more basic core language than the Enochian, the language of the Angels.

Before humans evolved the organs of speech, they activated their intention through a vestigial organ (pineal gland) in the body located midway between the heart and throat. This organ is similar to animal mesmerism and is a direct tie to the etheric properties of the spirit. Our ancestors activated their will through this organ by the principles of vibration. Language was actually a de-evolvement from a unified consciousness.

If you gently massage this "vril spot" and focus upon your true will, you will activate that aspect of yourself. The vril corresponds to the true will of the individual and is the same as Allah.

Vril, as a speaking mechanism, is the ancient language of creation. It is composed of 72 tonal signals deriving from a single monochord. This number equates to the 72 Keys of Enoch or the 72 Keys of Solomon.

The Power of Harmonics

Alfred Tomatis is a French physician and specialist in otolaryngology, who has been working with understanding the function of the human ear and the importance of listening for forty-five years. In this connection we will look at his discoveries of sound, which ”charge” the listener. Tomatis found that sounds that contain high frequency harmonics, such as those found in Gregorian chants, are extremely beneficial. It is these high frequencies around 8000 Hz, which are capable of “charging” the central nervous system and the cortex of the brain. In many of the sacred chants of the different tradition, the main out put of high frequency harmonics are dominant, which offer stimulation to the brain.

For Tomatis, a major aspect of the therapeutic affects of vocal harmonics lies in the conduction of the bones, which are stimulated by resonance of around 2000 Hz. He says:

”The sound produced is not in the mouth, not in the body, but, in fact, in the bones. It is all the bones in the body which are singing and it is like a vibrator exciting the walls of the church, which also sing.”

Bone conduction actually amplifies the sound through resonance of the cranium and the skull. According to Tomatis, bone conduction stimulates the stapes muscle of the ear, which he believes is the key to stimulating and charging the brain.

In the Vedic language of Sanskrit, there is a differentiation between inner and outer sound. There is audible sound, called “hata”, or struck sound that is the result of vibration on the physical plane. There is also the ”anahata”, the inaudible, inner sound which is not the result of some physical vibration, but rather are “unstuck” which can be ridden like a flying horse to other planes of existence in meditation.

The American throat singer, Jonathan Goldman, formulates an interesting statement in the book," Healing Sounds”, the power of harmonics:

”I have always wondered if harmonics might not somehow be the bridge between “ahata” and “anahata”, the struck and the unstuck sound, but the harmonics which are created do not occur themselves from having been physically struck. Perhaps they are the bridge between the physical and the meta-physical.” (p.78 )

Pir Vilayat Khan, head of the Sufi Order of the West, said that the overtones can be followed with the conscious mind and used as ”Jacob's Ladder” to climb to other planes of existence.
Sound as a carrier wave of consciousness

If we for a moment give up the common notion about sound as air waves the ear can hear, and extend it to a member of the universal family of vibrations, we will open up for the Hermetic Principles that tell us about the Universe is nothing more or less than an endless number of vibrations and rhythms from the atoms to the stars.

Hermes Trismegistus, Thrice Great Hermes, the scribe of the Gods, as the ancient Greeks named the mystical Egyptian God Thoth, was said to create by the sound of his voice alone.

Looking at the human body every organ, bone and tissue has its own separate resonant frequency. Together they made up a composite frequency, a harmonic that is your own personal vibratory signature. That signature resonate to the aura which some people can see and in Killian photography can be recorded.

When disease sets in, a different sound pattern is established in that part of the body which is not vibrating in harmony. Therefore, it is possible, through use of externally created sound that is projected into the diseased area, to reintroduce the correct harmonic pattern.

The different rhythms of the body may also be changed through sound. This is known as entrainment and involves the ability of the more powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object to change the less powerful rhythmic vibration of another object and cause them to synchronize their rhythms with the first object.

The CROWN chakra or HEAD chakra is positioned at the top of the head. It is associated with cosmic awareness, highest spirituality, and complete integration with Source.

VIOLET is the color of the crown chakra and the musical note is B. - 123.47 Hz (the note B is also called H)

The THIRD EYE chakra is located in the center of the forehead. This chakra is also called the AJNA center. It is associated with intuition, understanding, visualization, and inner vision.

DARK INDIGO BLUE is the color of the third eye chakra and the musical note is A. - 110.00 Hz

The THROAT chakra is positioned in the base of throat. It is associated with communication, expression and speaking one's truth.

AZURE BLUE is the color of the throat chakra and the musical note is G. - 98.00

The HEART chakra is positioned in the center of the chest, usually shown to be even with the nipple line. The heart is associated with compassion, friendship, empathy and the ability to give and receive love.

GREEN is the color of the heart chakra and the musical note is F. - 87.31 Hz
Sometimes the heart chakra is shown as pink, especially in relation to sending love out from the heart.

The SOLAR PLEXUS chakra or THIRD chakra is located midway between the end of the breastbone and the navel. It is associated with issues of personal power, emotions (especially blocked emotions), passion for living, and the ability to protect oneself from being the target of negative or aggressive emotions.

YELLOW is the color of the solar plexus chakra and the musical note is E. - 82.41 Hz

The SACRAL chakra, also called the SECOND chakra or the SEXUAL chakra, is positioned in the area between the navel and the pubic bone. Depending on which sources you read, it can be shown to be centered on the navel itself or to be aligned with the sexual organs - ovaries in women and testes in men. It is associated with creativity, sexuality, relationship, and reproduction.

ORANGE. is the color of the sacral or second chakra and the musical note is D. - 73.42 Hz

The ROOT chakra, also called the FIRST or BASE chakra, is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with issues of survival, drive, ambition, grounding one's energy in the physical dimension, your life forces, and balancing experiences that create "fight or flight".

RED is the color of the root chakra and the musical note is C. - 65.41 Hz

The pineal gland is a small, pine-cone-shaped gland located in the middle of the head. Esoterically, the pineal is often associated with the 'third eye' and was believed by Descartes to be the 'Seat of the Soul'. It was once thought to be a vestigial organ and is now known to be a light sensitive clock affecting sleep and the sex glands.

Research by scientists such as Robert Beck suggest that the pineal is an organic device which is tuned towards magnetic north to give both humans and animals their sense of direction, Other scientists believe that the pineal is a bio-luminescent organ which has the ability to create light.

The pineal is rich in neuromelanin, which, according to scientist Frank Barr, is a phase-timing, information processing interface molecule which is a photo transducer. This is a substance which has the ability, among other traits, of absorbing and converting light energy to sound.

It also has the ability to turn sound energy into light. Barr believes that melanin and its brain counterpart, neuromelanin, may be the key link between the mind and the brain.

Through stimulation of the pineal gland, neuromelanin is produced. Neuromelanin, a light-sensitive compound triggers the release of a substance which contains phosphorus, a light-producing chemical. By stimulating the pineal gland through vocal harmonics, it may be possible that actual fields of light around the body are enhanced.

While this phenomenon is not too widely known, there does seem to be some reference to it in certain texts.

Dhyani Ywahoo, a Native American medicine woman, writes in "Voices of Our Ancestors", that in the Ancient Mystery Schools the initiations were held in total darkness. The initiates had to be able to produce their own light.

May be this was done through the creation of vocal harmonics. Spiritual scientist J. J. Hurtak writes of the phenomenon of creating light through the pineal gland in The Keys of Enoch:

”The ‘light’ which activates the pineal gland is not the conventional light of the sun... the brain produces its own light field on a molecular level ... our neurocircuitry can produce its own light field”.

Jonathan Goldman discussed with Dr. Tomatis his experience of producing light through sound and suggested the hypothesis of the pineal creating this light. Dr. Tomatis knew of this phenomenon of creating light through sound, but believed that this light was created not through the pineal (the third eye) but through the heart.

It is interesting to note that the heart is an organ which is also extremely rich in melanin. What would be the healing benefits of creating light in this manner? The possibilities seem limitless. We would be enhancing and adding energy to the fields around our bodies, creating or restoring health and balance to areas of imbalance and disease. These possibilities of resonating the pineal through sound are yet another example of the potential use of harmonics to influence and affect the brain for health and well-being.
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Secret Societies

Thule Society

Centuries prior to Islam, Allah was referred to as "Tualla" which is similar to the name Thule. The Thule Society is a German secret brotherhood and Thule is the capital city of Hyperborea, the land beyond the poles. As it is beyond the poles, Hyperborea is positioned as being outside this dimension. Thule, being in the center, is positioned as the source of all life on Earth. The Earth itself geometrically unfolds from a void in the center. This void has been recognized by many ancient groups as the Black Sun. Thule is synonymous with this Black Sun.

The Black Sun was actually a secret society within the Thule Society. It was senior to other societies. In fact the initials "SS" do not represent what people commonly think (Schutzstaffel or guard detachment). It actually means Schwarze Sonne or Black Sun. Not every soldier was a member but what it was meant for was a coded message whenever it was displayed. The Nazis were magically attempting to invoke the hidden power of the Black Sun itself.

The Thule Society concerned itself with the Teutonic lore and sacred knowledge of the Elder race. As a group they were not relegated to Germany. In 1945, there was a meeting of Thulists from all over the world at a secret base in Arctic Canada, designated as Point 103. There were Tibetan monks, other orientals, East Indians, Arabs, a full blooded Mexican native, officers of the U.S. military and others. All of them believed in the basic tenets of Thule and their lineage could be traced back through time.

The most interesting thing about Point 103 is that the leaders claimed to be in telepathic contact with a mystical source that is the center of positive forces on the planet.

The Bon Religion

Bon was introduced to Tibet in 5 B.C. when massive migration from NE Persia into Tibet took place. The Bon religion was based upon the concept of the goddess as recognized in the symbolism of the Black Sun (the void of creation from which all things originate.

The Mon

The Mon occupied southeast Asia, primarily in Cambodia and Thailand, but they are not indigenous to the area. It is not certain whether they migrated from China or another area altogether. They are considered to be the keepers of the original religion of the region and have what is sometimes called the own "Mon" religion.

Although the Mons are credited with being the religious invigorators of the area it is suspected that they originated in Tibet. The Mon people still exist today, but information about them remains obscure. They are not huge in number nor is there much data on their history or current status. But, they are undisputed as the senior religious connection in the region and reach back into antiquity.

R.A. Stein had said that the inhabitants of Tibet were once known as the "Mom". This went back as far as the time of the first kings in the 6th to 7th century. The "Mon" came from the south, east, west and other areas of Tibet. It was a term that referred to many of the indigenous aboriginal tribes. This not only answers the mystery to the origin of the people from Southeast Asia, it reveals the geographic association between the Bons and Mons.

Mon is a secret name for hidden god. Usually described by non-initiates as Amon or Amon Ra of the Egyptians, Mon is the ruler of the unseen processes of life, both positive and negative. We pay tribute to Mon every time we end a prayer by saying "amen".

Amon Ra was well known as the sun god of the Egyptians, but his secret counterpart, Mon, was the designation for the hidden sun, known throughout as the Black Sun.

The Blue Race

There is an ancient oral tradition concerning a race of blue skinned people who were not originally indigenous to this planet. This race corresponds to the Elder Race from Mars. The blue quality of their skin was akin to the dark blue color you see in a human vein.

This oral tradition was handed down to the Aryan Race with stories about blue skinned deities. The god Krishna was depicted with blue skin (an attempt to identify him with Aryan lineage). The descendants of this ancient race painted themselves blue to emulate their ancestors or associated deities. This custom extends to present day Celtic rituals where participants are painted blue.

The blue paint is symbolic of an ancient ritual which concerned the production of occultum within the physical body. There is a chemical reaction within the blood which produces cobalt. The effect of this process would give the skin a blue hue. This blue effect was known by the Picts and Druids, but the knowledge originated with the Elder Race.

The phenomena of Rh negative babies who shortly after birth turn blue (or sometimes different colors) is due to the lack of oxygen. Modern technology can alter the blood by oxygenating it with transfusions.

Rh negative babies lack the normal amount of iron in their blood compared to normal Earth babies. They have a higher amount of copper. When copper oxidizes, it turns blue. When iron oxidizes in the blood, it turns red. Rh negative babies born on Earth find themselves in an oxygen rich world that is not indigenous to their biochemistry.

Through tradition, ancient wisdom was passed down through a hierarchal system which dispensed knowledge to those who appeared worthy. These ancients saw the cataclysm of the dark yuga coming, and it was their intention to protect the knowledge as well as not letting it fall into the hands of those who would misuse it. Eventually, the caves of Tibet were a refuge. The monasteries became custodians of knowledge.

As things 'de-evolved' from the Blue Race, two separate mystery schools evolved. Each had their own outlook with regard to what supports the mental grid work of evolution. The schools that sprang up in Tibet supported the idea that everyone has to evolve until the last soul emerges out of the dark yuga (the same idea that not one soul can rest until everyone has reached Nirvana). This doctrine embraces the whole, but, it negates the individual and can result in one feeling as though he is not too important. This lowers morale and encourages apathy in the people.

The other school came from the same source as the Tibetan, but this group settled in Egypt (the ancient name was To-Mera). Complete immortality was not always the goal. Through chemistry, they sought to master all the laws of the physical so as to obtain a higher consciousness.

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Planet Xylanthia in the Sirius Star System

The planet Xylanthia is located in the Sirius Star System, which is comprised of three stars; Sirius A, B and C. Sirius A and B orbit around Sirius C. Planet Xylanthia orbits around Sirius C, which is a black dwarf star. Xylanthia is the home-planet of the extraterrestrials that visited Earth and founded Atlantis.

The Dogon tribe in West Africa, have ancient records of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth. Thousands of years ago, the Dogon’s knew that Sirius was not just one star. Their ancient records revealed that Sirius was a three-star complex. They referred to Sirius C as the “woman planet.” Our mother-planet, Xylanthia, orbits around Sirius C.

The Taurobolium of Mithras represents the astrological constellations of Taurus, Scorpius, Orion and Canines Major, where our Sirius-home-stars are located. The secret ancient teachings of Mithras contained the knowledge of our Xylanthian heritage.

Sirius is located in Canines Major. It is symbolized by the gemstone on the collar of the hunter's dog. In the Taurobolium, Mithas captures the bull and kills it himself, as an honorary reenactment of the bull slaying ceremony performed the ancient Kings of Atlantis. It signifies the end of the age of Taurus and the destruction of Atlantis, during the Great Atlantis Flood.

Mithradates VI, king of Pontus, established the capital of his kingdom, in Kerch, Ukraine, which was called Panticapaeum, of the Bosporus (Bos means bull) kingdom. He had been given the secret knowledge that Kerch was the location of the lost city of Atlantis. He built magnificent temples and gardens on the hill by the sea, where the temples of the city of Atlantis once stood.

Egypt was a province of Atlantis, which was originally located on the eastern shore of the Black Sea. After the Great Atlantis Flood the Egyptians migrated away from the Black Sea. They roamed for one thousand years, establishing settlements, as they traveled down the Fertile Crescent, and across the Levant. They finally settled in northern Africa, in 8,600 BC.


The Great Atlantis Flood Theory presents evidence which supports the truth of the history of Atlantis. We propose that the Dialogues of Plato present an accurate account of geological events, occurring in 9,600 BC, in the Black Sea-Mediterranean Corridor, extending from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.


There have been many legends about an ancient civilization that sank beneath the sea. The most famous ancient writer who spoke of such a civilization was the Greek Philosopher, Plato. In his dialogues, Critias and the Timaeus, he claimed that a Greek traveler by the name of Solon, learned of a civilization by the name of Atlantis. Atlantis was supposed to have sunk beneath the waves nine thousand years earlier and was located “beyond the Pillars of Hercules.”

Plato claimed Atlantis it was “beyond the Pillars of Hercules,” and the Straits of Gibraltar has been referred to as the Pillars of Hercules, thus, Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean, but the Pillars of Hercules was a term of a geographical expression, like “island,” “peninsula,” or “mountain.” So Atlantis could have been located beyond Attica or beyond Sicily or beyond the Bosporus, just as much as it could have been located beyond Gibraltar.

The original name for Atlantis was probably Thule, but the Greek philosopher, Plato, Hellenized the name of this lost civilization, because he was writing for a Greek audience.

The Atlanteans that Plato writes about was actually the original Aryan civilization that once existed along the shores of the Black Sea. Their civilization had existed nine thousand years before his time.

Plato described for us a great civilization in possession of technology and a source of energy that is beyond anything that existed in his time, or in our own. The Atlanteans had harnessed this power and used it to transform themselves and the world around them. This technology was the science of the Vril, and it was given to them by the Gods.

The original language spoken by the Atlanteans was the mother tongue of all Indo-European languages, and was intimately linked to the Vril. They used language as an instrument to assist them in agriculture, by causing plants to grow, tame wild animals, bring about medical manifestations by healing the sick, as well unleashing terrible forces of destruction. By mastering the power of the Vril, they had advanced their evolutionary development, altering their DNA and transformed themselves into semi-divine God-men.

The Atlantean scientists discovered that genetics was the secret to obtaining the Vril as a source to power, and established both a religion and science, based on this fact, and thus, were able to master the use of the Vril. This permitted them to speed up their evolutionary process, gradually transformed themselves into a new race through carefully cultivating mutations within themselves. This is true not just in the level of the technology of their civilization, but in their appearance, making them seem like a race of giants or God-men to the other humans living at the time.

Since the source of their power was the Vril it was an endless and clean reservoir of energy. Their transportation crafts were powered by the Vril, and thus, utilized a form anti-gravity power, being able to left vertically and fly effortless at great speeds, in all directions, including over the sea and to the deepest depths of the ocean, and even leave the atmosphere of this planet and travel through space.

Around 12,000 to 10,000 B.C., the region extending from Western Europe to central Asia was inhabited by the first modern humans. Humanity had already divided into the different races that we recognize today. These humans belonged to what we would refer to today, as the White, or Caucasian Race. They also have been referred to as the Ur-people. “Ur” is another name for the Vril. But around this time, a small group of them living along the shores of the Black Sea, were taught the use of Vril Science by the Gods.

About 50,000 and 40,000 years ago, the Gods of our ancestors–that unique pantheon of Gods who mixed with our distant ancestors, when they were still proto-humans, mixed their Life Force with theirs and thus, caused evolution to speed up and created our distinct race of humans. These same Gods once again spoke to our ancestors and a small group of them, living around the shore of the Black Sea heard their call. The Gods walked among them and educated them. They came to Midgard and taught the Aryans the secret of the Runes. With this secret knowledge, the Aryans were able to harness the power of the Vril, which is the Life Force of the Gods. Around the shores of the much smaller, fresh-water Black Sea of 12,000 and 5,600 B.C., they built a civilization unlike anything that had existed before, or after them.

The society of the ancient Aryans was divided into three classes or degrees, according to the initiation into the knowledge of the Vril: the priestly class, the warrior class and the rest of society.

The priestly order spent their entire lives studying and mastering the use of the Vril. In this way, they developed their mental powers to listen to their inner voice, from which the Gods spoke to them, and conveyed to them the knowledge and technology to control and use the power of the Vril. They discovered the use of this new science, which helped them to control Nature, both the external nature of the world they lived within, and their own inner nature, their genetic make up. In a short time, they had succeeded in speeding up the process of evolution, transforming their people into a new race of superior humans.

By harnessing the Vril they used its powers to bring about a metamorphosis in their intelligence, physiognomy and psychic abilities, transforming their vision of the world around them. They breed their new race amidst the glacial environment of the world, at that time. Over several generations, they continued to make improvements to their genetic make up, which included the development of their Bifrost (Pineal) Gland (1), the etheric organism that permitted them to draw on the Vril’s power effortlessly. The development of their Bifrost (pineal) Gland opened their consciousness of their relationship of the world they lived in, both the Microcosm (Midgard) and with the Macrocosm (Asgard) realms.

The Aryans discovered the fundamental truth about mankind—that the different races were created through unions between different pantheons of Gods with different segments of the proto-humans, or the first homo sapiens that appeared on earth. Through the use of the Vril, the Aryans began a program of carefully causing mutations within their DNA, enhancing their abilities and characteristics, transforming themselves into God-men. After several generations, they soon appeared like the sons and daughters of the Gods to the rest of humanity, even to other Caucasians.

It should be made clear that my use of the term Aryan is a completely cultural-ethnic, and not as a racial term used as the Nazis did. The Aryans were genetically the same as the other Whites or Caucasians, but they had initiated a transformation through a program of genetic engineering that gave them abilities superior to all other humans, and thus made them appear God-like. If they were a “master race” it was because of the mutations that they caused and not because they were born that way. Thus, all humans are the sons and daughters of the Gods, just different pantheons of Gods. The ancient Aryans understood this and unlike other communities of humans, they sought to remove the differences between themselves and the Gods that created their race.

They developed a form of transportation that was beyond anything we could imagine today, outside of science fiction. Their control of the Vril provided them with endless free energy that did not pollute the environment. It gave them knowledge to construct aircraft that was powered by anti-gravity.

As the Aryans traveled and explored the world they lived in, they discovered the primitive state of the rest of humanity, and felt it was their duty to bestow upon them their own advanced technology and way of life. They tried to educate other humans in the knowledge of harnessing the power of the Vril. But the genetic and cultural gulf between the Aryans and most of the tribes they came into contact, was so great that many of the leaders of these people betrayed the trust placed in them. Unable to use the technology of the Vril because of the genetic differences, they misused the Vril and formed dark cults, engaged in dark rights. They wished to use the power of the Vril to set themselves up as masters of their neighbors. These attempts to conquer their neighbors through the use of the Vril, especially by people who lacked a fundamental understanding of the way the Aryans harnessed the Vril’s power, manifested itself by releasing ominous forces that would led to a disruption in the natural order of the environment of the world. The eventual result was the destruction of the ancient Aryan civilization.

In time, the alien races were able to use what understanding of the Vril that was given to them by the Aryans, to try and imitate what the Aryans had accomplished. They also sought to cause transmutations within their own genetic composition, but with disastrous effects. The rulers of the alien races united and made war against the Aryans.

The Aryans caused their own destruction by allowing other races to misuse Vril Science. Each individual race must seek their own unique path to obtain control over the Vril, according to their own unique, individual genetic heritage, based on the Life Force of the particular pantheon of Gods that gave birth to it. The employment of the power of the Vril in an unnatural ways led to disastrous consequences.

One particular race known to us through historical records as the Turanians (2) employed the Vril for their own purposes. But because their racial soul (rooted in their DNA), was alien to the process they were taught by the Aryans to harness its power, they could only tap into the destructive side of this force, and thus, without realizing it, they served the destructive forces of the Giants. It was this abuse of the Vril science that unleashed horrific and ominous forces that led to terrible disruptions in the world climate. These destructive forces upset the natural order of the world climate, thus causing chaotic transformations that had catastrophic results on the environment of the world in the sixth century B.C., resulting in the flooding of the Black Sea and the destruction of the Aryans’ civilization.

Modern man was around to witness the Age of the Frost Giants. Having emerged from Africa more than 100,000 years ago, the human race spread out across Eurasia and soon evolved into both the White and Yellow races. Our ancestors appeared in Europe about 35,000 years ago. Their appearance displaced the Neanderthals that inhabited the region. Within a very short period of time they became extinct before the advance of modern man.

In 5,600 B.C., the waters from the Mediterranean Sea burst through into the Black Sea with such force that the land bridge across the Bosporus, which had served as a natural dam, collapsed, making it impossible for anyone to cross from Europe and Asia Minor for many years. Those living on the northern coast would have fled north and west, while those living on the southern coast, which was small, would have fled south into the Middle East and Egypt. Few would have fled east for a while because of the huge barrier formed by the much larger Caspian Sea, but in time, many refugees would make their way east into Central Asia and points east and south.

The migration of refugees southward was a very different event. Because the southern coast of the Black Sea was much more mountainous, there had been fewer settlements by the Atlantean Aryans. Thus, the number of refugees that moved south was much smaller.

In the ancient land known as Mesopotamia, saddled between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers was the sight of one of the first civilizations, and perhaps the cradle of the Western and Semitic civilizations. It was here that the first great cities recorded in history appeared. The region experienced an invasion by refugees of the Black Sea flood. The newcomers were Atlantean Aryans and they brought with them what they were able to salvage of the Vril Science.

The Sumerian language escapes definition, but most linguists agree it is not native to the region. Generically, the people are similar to the most ancient and original Egyptians, who were a small, Mediterranean White race. In the Sumerian Poem of the Supersage, they speak of their own origin beginning with the arrival of a race of God-men from the north, dating back to a time right after the great flooding of the Black Sea.

Genetic evidence has shown that a great wave of people migrated through Europe, possessing superior technology. As they met people already living in Europe, who were racially related to themselves, though lacking their superior technology and genetic modifications, they interbred with one another.

The Human Genome Project has shown that modern humans, homo sapiens sapiens, originated in Africa. About 100,000 years ago the first humans left Africa and settled in the Middle East. From here, one branch set out east across the Asian subcontinent and eventually crossed the Indonesian channel and settled in Australia. Another branch moved into eastern Asia, while still another branch moved north and eventually crossed the Bering land bridge into North and South America. But still another branch crossed the Bosporus land bridge into Europe. As these different branches of the original proto-humans spread out across Eurasia, different pantheons of Gods then descended to earth and mixed their Life Forces with different segments of the proto-humans, thus stimulating the evolutionary process and dividing mankind into the different races of man that we are familiar with today.

Throughout Eurasia there are many myths about superior and fantastic civilizations now lost in prehistory, and now extinct Golden Ages when humans lived in a semi-divine state with the Gods, and possessed superior intelligence, physical powers and psychic abilities. But the memories of these lost civilizations or civilization–the mother civilization–remains alive within each of us. And all these tales end in the same way—with a terrible fall of man.

The refugees soon divided into tribes of different people, speaking languages descended from the original language that they once spoke in their original homeland along the shores of the Black Sea. They were the Aryans, and referred to as Atlanteans by later scholars. They possessed the secrets of the Vril Science, and though most took only part of this lost science with them, it was enough to make them appear as if they possessed supernatural powers. These Indo-Europeans migrated east into China and India, south into Iran, Sumeria and Egypt, west into Europe and the Mediterranean, and even settled on the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. In all cases, they mixed with the native people they found living in these regions. But in time they assimilated and disappeared into the mixture.

When the Spaniards first discovered and explored the chain of islands off the northwest coast of Africa known as the Canary Islands in 1409, they found an unspoiled race of beautiful people living there. The natives of the Canaries claimed they were the direct and unpolluted descendants of Atlantis. Their height was imposing, averaging seven feet tall, which is similar to mummies found on the islands, as well as in northwestern China. They had a cranial capacity of 1,900 cubic centimeters, the largest known brain size ever recorded among humans anywhere. The cephalic index of the male skulls was 77.77. They had blond hairs, as did the mummies, which are thousands of years old.

The refugees of the Black Sea flood split into two groups. The first were the majority and had lived on the northern, eastern and western coasts of the Black sea. The remainder had lived along the narrow southern coast. Thus, the southern group of survivors fled south into Asia Minor, the Middle East and eventually North Africa, mixing with the peoples they found there. Others would continue their journey south into Mesopotamia, Palestine and eventually into Egypt. Their numbers were small and though they introduced civilization to these lands, their language never replaced those spoken by the local people.

The first wave of Indo-Europeans began in the fourth millennium B.C. The culture and civilization that rose up in Europe left evidence of its existence in the many megalith structures scattered across Europe. These monuments, belonging to this first great civilization in Europe, can be found as far south as the islands of Malta and Sicily, to Spain in the west, to the British Islands, and Scandinavia in the north.

From the evidence emerging, we now have a new image of prehistoric western Europe, not as a dark, primitive and barbaric region, existing in the shadow of the more civilized Middle East, but of an advanced civilization, utilizing bits and pieces of a lost science—Vril Science—to construct great stone structures and living in communities close to Nature, building dolmens, erecting menhirs, constructing stone tombs, stone houses and villages, and studying the motion of the sun, the moon and the stars.

Bifrost (Pineal) Gland (1)


Before humans evolved the organs of speech, they activated their intention through a vestigial organ (pineal gland) in the body located midway between the heart and throat. This organ is similar to animal mesmerism and is a direct tie to the etheric properties of the spirit. Our ancestors activated their will through this organ by the principles of vibration. Language was actually a de-evolvement from a unified consciousness.

The pineal gland is a small, pine-cone-shaped gland located in the middle of the head. Esoterically, the pineal is often associated with the 'third eye' and was believed by Descartes to be the 'Seat of the Soul'. It was once thought to be a vestigial organ and is now known to be a light sensitive clock affecting sleep and the sex glands.

Research by scientists such as Robert Beck suggest that the pineal is an organic device which is tuned towards magnetic north to give both humans and animals their sense of direction, Other scientists believe that the pineal is a bio-luminescent organ which has the ability to create light.

The pineal is rich in neuromelanin, which, according to scientist Frank Barr, is a phase-timing, information processing interface molecule which is a photo transducer. This is a substance which has the ability, among other traits, of absorbing and converting light energy to sound.

It also has the ability to turn sound energy into light. Barr believes that melanin and its brain counterpart, neuromelanin, may be the key link between the mind and the brain.

Through stimulation of the pineal gland, neuromelanin is produced. Neuromelanin, a light-sensitive compound triggers the release of a substance which contains phosphorus, a light-producing chemical. By stimulating the pineal gland through vocal harmonics, it may be possible that actual fields of light around the body are enhanced.

Vril Power - Throat Singing :D

Throat Singing ... re=related

Turanians or Scythians (2) (the "Tribe of Dan" or Danu)


Talk of the Iranians and Turanians, and one automatically recalls the vengeful combats and holy wars between generations of the two races, one supposed to be the Mazdayasni Zoroastrians and the other Daevayasni polytheists.

Scholars speak of the Aryan invasion of these lands, but neither archeology nor Aryan legends have any evidence to prove its happening. Archeology does not show the cities destroyed or the inhabitants massacred and the Avesta and the Rig Veda do not have any legends to describe their "glories" of slaughtering non-Aryan natives of the lands.

Here we see that there was no enmity or war between two people or races but a bloody family feud between two closely related persons.

European and Iranian Peoples of Central Asia and Europe: Sycthians and Turanians ... mitstart=3

The northern Iranian peoples, called Turanians or Scythians, dominated the steppes of Central Asia from Mongolia to Eastern Europe. By the early centuries BC they had set up kingdoms from the Danube in the West to the Altai Mountains in the East. They were the main enemies of the Persians. Unlike the Persians, their religions had more Devic elements and affinities to the Vedic with a greater emphasis on Devas, Sun worship, drinking of Soma and a greater variety of deities like the Vedic. We could call these Turanians or Scythians the main Proto-European Aryans. Some would identify them with the original Slavic peoples as well, who were likely always the largest and dominant Indo-European group in Europe.

Curiously in the early centuries AD we find the Scythians entering into north India and creating some kingdoms there, with both Hindu and Buddhist influence. It is possible that such contacts with India were transmitted to Central Asia and West, much as from previous Vedic eras.

It is probable that the Danavas, Scythians and Turanians were largely the same group of people with Vedic affinities and connections to Vedic culture through various kings, rishis, traders and movements of both people and cultures. Later the Turks came into Central Asia and displaced the Scythian peoples driving them south and west.



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