Teslar Watch

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Teslar Watch

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5 peer reviewed scientific papers show that the science is really in the Teslar Watch.
More Information on Teslar Technology

Why Teslar - About the Teslar Watches

What would it be like to live in the pure country environment a century ago?

The air fresh, the water clean, the soil rich, and as equally important, the only electromagnetic bombardment in the atmosphere was the natural resonance from lighting, the sun and the soothing, subtle radiation harmony of the earth.

Yes, as much as modern high-tech is appreciated in the fast moving world, it appears that people have been paying a very significant price for high tech conveniences, much more than most are aware.

Teslar Development

In 1976, Dr. Robert Beck, PhD in physics, studied electronic equipment causing "psychoactive" effects in users. He found that extremely low frequencies were emitted from the equipment, and along with research from Dr. Becker, confirmed the harmful aspect of electromagnetic field (ELF) signals. For the next 20 years, Dr. Beck, Dr. Becker, Dr. Marino, Dr. Eldon Byrd, Dr. Puharich, Dr. Victor Adamenko, and many other scientists conducted additional research into this phenomena and confirmed its potential as a health hazard. By 1984, having recognized the endemic nature of this problem, efforts were put toward developing a unique instrument to protect an individual from harmful ELF frequencies. In late 1985, ELF International solved technical problems and developed a "shielding chip." This chip was tested and shown to shield a human body from harmful electromagnetic fields.

The theory of Teslar (named in honor of Nikola Tesla) shielding is that it transforms harmful ELF signals and provides an enhanced body electric pathway for the harmful frequencies to use in bypassing the body's nervous system. Independent studies supporting the shielding ability of the Teslar show an EEG recording, by Dr. Byrd, in which signal strength in the brain is increased by 80%, when subjects wear the Teslar. Tests conducted by Dr. Scott-Morley, Dorsett, England, demonstrate the ability of the Teslar to protect the body from ELF frequencies produced by video screens and power transformers. In-vitro research by Dr. Glen Rein, PhD at Stanford Medical School, showed the ability of the Teslar to shield the body from harmful ELF fields, which resulted in the body able to enhance its immune response by 76%, and to inhibit the uptake of neuroadrenalin (a depressive chemical) by 19.5% in the nerve cells. Additional research into the operation of the Teslar shielding unit on athletic performance is in progress. Observations are being calculated, with preliminary findings showing a 20% increase in athletic grip strength and an increase in circulation.

The Teslar uses subtle energy technology to screen the body from potentially harmful electronic pollution caused by the abundance of machines, electronic gadgetry, and power lines, in a way that allows the body to operate more harmoniously within the earth's natural resonance field. Housed inside a timepiece, the Teslar has been scientifically tested; shown to perform as advertised; and stood the test of time with over 15 years usage.


The ingenuity of the TESLAR watch lies in its specially designed TESLAR chip. This innovative, state-of-the-art scalar module works with the watch's standard components:

1) The watch battery, which creates an electric field 2) The quartz-crystal timing coil, which creates a magnetic field

Working with the electric field generated by the battery and the magnetic field created by the oscillating timing coil, the TESLAR chip collapses these two fields to create a 'zero-point' longitudinal wave, also known as a Tesla Free-Standing Wave ... a scalar wave.

This zero-point scalar waveform is not simply a flat, lifeless waveform of cancelled energies; it is alive with checked and balanced energies. Modulated on this longitudinal waveform, the TESLAR chip sends a 7 to 9 hertz frequency into and around the body via the left arm's triple warmer meridian (energy conduit).

The triple warmer meridian, which travels through the left wrist and ultimately interconnects with the body's other energy meridians, enables the TESLAR technology's signal to be carried throughout the body. This process simply bolsters the body's naturally occurring electromagnetic field, thus working like a protective shield impervious to the harmful static caused by surrounding electromagnetic fields. Its field effect is comparable to being in a quiet, calm cocoon, relatively free from the turbulence of the electromagnetic storm raging through our environment.

The TESLAR watch is an active device, oscillating between 7 to 9 hertz - right around the earth's natural 7.83 hertz frequency (as measured by scientists at UC-Berkeley's Seismology Laboratory), the frequency of relaxation and calm inspiration to which the human body was accustomed before mankind began harnessing electricity. Frequent oscillation allows the signal to stay biologically interactive, which is important because some systems in the body will acclimate to stimuli that stay constant for any given period of time.


In early tests of the TESLAR chip scientists engineered a sensor composed of a glass jug of water and a magnetometer (a measuring device for minute electromagnetic fields) located in a faraday cage (shielded room). The magnetometer was hooked up to an oscilloscope and a digital numeric readout. In performing the test, a person would put their hands on each side of the water jug. Because water is conductive, the water in the jug would pick up their electromagnetic energy, which could be read by the magnetometer and be seen on the digital readouts. Without the watch, the readouts would display frequencies ranging from 12 to 25 Hertz. Interestingly, people practiced in meditation or who prayed, or who were simply good at relaxing, demonstrated an ability to lower the frequencies shown on their readouts with some concentration. But to stay in that concentrated state and keep their frequencies below 8 or 9 hertz over any period of time - without dozing off - proved difficult. However, with the TESLAR technology the electronic readouts would display frequencies generally ranging between 7 to 9 hertz, without any effort required by the wearer.


Because every TESLAR wearer may have differing levels of sensitivity to electromagnetic pollution and to their body, each wearer may experience different reactions when the ambient (environmental) electromagnetic pollution is reduced in their body. Some people are NOT sensitive to their body. They may work in a heavy industrial or noise-polluted environment or may simply never have learned to feel what is happening with their bodies. Some of these wearers may feel a slight tingle, warming or calming sensation when wearing the TESLAR.

For some wearers, a friend or spouse may notice a change in their level of anger, frustration or anxiety. The wearer may feel more rested when they wake up from sleep or calmer when driving to and from work; less tense during month-end or work deadlines; or they may find they have improved concentration at work or just have more energy.

Many women, children, creative people and athletes may notice some type of recovery, stimulating or heightened concentration experience. Athletes, because of their training, are very much in touch with the nuances of their body, and their training experience often induces sensitivity to their bodies to know when they are ready for training or need recovery time. Some ADD and ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) children may feel more relaxed and become better able to concentrate on their studies.


Some people are so sensitive to their environment or electromagnetic fields - whether they know it or not - that they may experience a slight or minute detoxification phase when they first wear the TESLAR. According to Dr. Pujarich, M.D., co-inventor of the TESLAR chip, these people are going through a slight detoxification process (may last a few minutes or days) that "represents the alignment of the monopoles of the body." If one starts to feel uneasy when wearing the TESLAR, we recommend slowly adjusting to the watch by wearing it as long as comfortable, removing it, wearing it again when tolerable, removing it if it becomes necessary again to do so, replacing it, etc. until you are able to wear the TESLAR continuously without feeling uncomfortable.


1. Why do I need a TESLAR watch?

Less than 75 years ago, we did not have cell phones, computers or live near high-tension wires and our bodies were in balance with the earth's natural frequencies. Electronic pollution has increased multifold as we have increased our usage of television, radio and other electronic gadgets. As a result of this drastic and relatively sudden increase, scientists worldwide have been routinely demonstrating, since the 1970's and still today, the resulting harmful biological effects on the human species. Just as any biological organism has difficulty adjusting to rapidly changing environmental conditions, the human body, bathing in electromagnetic energy that is almost totally man-made, has not had enough time to adapt to this strange, new environment. The TESLAR is a FIRST RESPONSE to the ever expanding usage of electronic technology in our modern world. It is a scientifically proven technology shown to limit adverse effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body.

2. Why does the TESLAR technology have to be in a watch?

The reason to use a watch mechanism is that the watch has a measurable electric field (battery) and magnetic field (coil). With the addition of the TESLAR chip, these electromagnetic fields cancel each other to create a zero point, called a scalar field. On this scalar field, in conjunction with the timing mechanism of the watch, a 7 to 9 hertz signal is modulated. This particular frequency range mimics the earth's natural frequency, the the Schumann Resonance, which is then pulsed into the body via the triple-warmer meridian which travels through the left wrist, providing around the clock protective energy with the tick of every second.

3. How does TESLAR shielding work?

Scalar technology is still little understood or even studied in present-day scientific circles. Nikola Tesla, the inventor of Alternating Current electricity, pioneered scalar research in the early 1900s when he investigated naturally occurring longitudinal waves that he believed could be used to provide virtually effortless - and therefore free - world-wide communication and energy transmission. Unfortunately, much of his work was lost to humanity, in large part due to the simple fact that his pen could not keep up with his genius.

In the TESLAR shielding device, a specially manufactured chip works in conjunction with the watch's normal components to create a scalar (non-Hertzian/longitudinal wave) field on top of the body's triple warmer meridian running through the left wrist. This scalar field simply bolsters the body's naturally occurring electromagnetic field, thus working like a protective shield and screening the body against electromagnetic pollution. Its field effect is omparable to being in a quiet, calm cocoon, relatively free from the turbulence of the electromagnetic storm raging through our environment.

4. How long do I wear the TESLAR?

Due to the constantly increasing use of technology the human body is exposed more than ever to electromagnetic radiation stemming from cell phones, computers, fluorescent lighting, etc. In order to protect oneself to the fullest, we recommend you wear the TESLAR 24 hours per day, even while sleeping. However, it is strongly recommended you remove the watch during any activities in which it might come in contact with water, because Teslar watches are not waterproof or water resistant.

5. How does the TESLAR differ from a magnet or a medallion?

The TESLAR is an active device that produces a signal which continues to protect the body indefinitely or until the watch battery stops. Because of the quartz movement in the watch, the TESLAR continuously produces a signal that oscillates between 7 and 9 hertz, thus keeping the protective signal active within the body's energy system.

A magnet, medallion and other similar devices that claim to protect against electronic smog are passive devices. In a passive device there are no working parts and no change in the frequency output; if it works initially, the effect quickly wears off. Using a passive device - if it works at all - is similar to living in a home next to a gently gurgling stream: after an initial period of noticing and appreciating the delightfully unusual noise, eventually you will get used to it and likely condition yourself to generally ignore the noise. An appreciative guest, however, will quickly draw your attention back to this gentle sound, but your system has adapted to mostly block out the stream's constant gurgle, thus denying you the stream's relaxing effect unless you make an effort to consciously pay it mind.

Very simply, with passive devices, since there are no working parts or dynamic output forcing the body to constantly interact with or take notice of the signal, the body quickly entrains or ignores the signal.

6. What scientific proof do you have the TESLAR shielding works?

Numerous studies have been performed on the TESLAR technology since its creation in 1987. In 1989, an independent EEG (Electroencephalogram) pilot study done by former US Navy scientist, Dr. Eldon Byrd, demonstrated that the brain throws off 80 percent of the assaulting ELF with the help of the TESLAR.

Dr. Glen Rein, PhD, while at Stanford Medical School's Psoriasis Research Center, demonstrated the ability of the watch to shield the body from harmful ELF fields using in-vitro (petri-dish) techniques to isolate from possible placebo-effects. His results showed lymphocyte (immune) cell proliferation increased 137 percent in the presence of the TESLAR technology and noradrenalin uptake was decreased by 19.5 percent in nerve cells (thus acting as an anti-depressant). In 1991, another study by Dr. Scott Morley, PhD, M.D. (alternative medicine), using Electro-Dermal Screening, showed significant improvement across 20 measurement points while wearing the TESLAR technology in the presence of electrical interference.

Heart-Rate Variability testing conducted by Dr. Nyjon Eccles in 2003 showed that in the presence of TESLAR watch, the results suggest "a protective effect on autonomic nervous system perturbation created by the ambient electromagnetic field from a mobile phone."

Alternative Medicine Magazine recently conducted a test looking at the benefits of wearing a personal EMF protection device. Here's an excerpt:

We also used the heart-rate variability test in our informal trials. HRV is the measurement, in milliseconds, of the beat-to-beat changes in a subject's heart rate, and it gives a dynamic glimpse of the state of the autonomic nervous system. This system controls the beating of the heart, the movement of the gastrointestinal tract and the secretion of hormones by the endocrine glands, among other vital functions. Variation of the intervals between heartbeats is due to the interaction of the two arms of the autonomous nervous system: the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The parasympathetic system slows the heart, while the sympathetic system accelerates it. Thus, an HRV test is a good measurement of a body's overall response to stimuli. HRV is well-established, and it has been used for many years by cardiologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists and even psychologists.

For our tests we enlisted the services of I. Michael Borkin, N.D., of Santa Monica, Calif. Borkin is a naturopath, and he frequently uses HRV to assess the condition of his patients.

We hooked up our subject to the HRV monitor and took a baseline reading of her HRV. She was in a healthy state, with her sympathetic and parasympathetic systems stable and within normal parameters.

Next we had the subject answer her cell phone, a Nokia 8160. Her sympathetic nervous system went into "fight or flight mode, producing the stimulating hormones cortisol and adrenaline and accelerating her heart rate.

After an interval, we had the subject answer her cell phone again, this time while wearing the BioElectric Shield. The HRV monitor showed that her autonomous nervous system remained stable, with no change in her heart rhythms.

After a rest period we had our subject wear a Teslar Watch and answer her cell phone. Again, her nervous system remained stable.

To make sure our subject had not simply stopped responding to the energy emitted by the phone, we again had her answer wearing no device. Her autonomic nervous system responded violently again.

Finally, we tested the QLink, which, like the previous two devices, showed a significant protective effect.

Admittedly, ours was just one test, and we cannot discount a possible placebo effect. Still, the results were impressive. Concluded Borkin: "My personal research has revealed that exposure to a cell phone may cause an increase in sympathetic activity and induce the fight-or-flight response. Further study has also shown that the use of certain devices designed to reduce this exposure may in fact compensate for some of the negative impact of using a cell phone. Our informal study demonstrates that these anti-EMF devices deserve further study.

We are fully committed to further research into the TESLAR technology's benefits and so we are currently engaged in the process of gathering more research with the assistance of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

7. Does the watch protect the wearer from possible thermal effects of radiation?

No. The thermal and non-thermal effects of electromagnetic fields are the result of very different processes. Heating of tissue (or food, as in a microwave) from electromagnetic radiation involves a process in which enough energy is input into the system (via electromagnetic radiation) such that heating results. The Teslar watch does not protect against such heating effects. The Teslar watch was designed to help the body protect against the subtle effects of low-energy electromagnetic fields.

8. Why does Teslar Watch make a difference?

Scientists have pondered and are currently heatedly debating about the effects of man-made radiation. For the first time in the history of the human race, mankind is living in a new and questionable environment. In 1984, the U.S. Navy released the results of a study showing the exposure to man-made electromagnetic frequencies resulted in altered biological changes.

9. How does the Teslar Watch works to protect against E.L.F.?

The Teslar watch mechanism works with the following components:

The electric field, generated by the battery

The magnetic field, created by the coil that makes the second-hand rotate

The Teslar chip, which cancels out, or collapses, these two fields

The collapsed fields trap the frequencies, creating a "0" point longitudinal wave or scalar, also known as a "Teslar Free Standing Wave."

This longitude waveform sends a piggybacked 7 to 9 hertz frequency. When a Teslar watch is worn on the left wrist, the frequency goes into the triple warmer meridian on the left wrist, and then travels throughout the body, canceling out harmful static caused by electromagnetic fields (ELF) along the way. This is demonstrated and proven by EAV testing and fast EEG. Because energy enters the body on the left side and exits on the right side, it is important to wear the Teslar watch on the left wrist.

The Teslar watch is an active device, not a passive device, such as a medallion or a magnet. It oscillates between 7 and 9 hertz, with an average of about 8 hertz. 7.83 is the Schurmann Resonance, the magnetic field resonance that the earth emits. This is the resonance to which the human body was accustomed to being gently bathed before electricity. However, this beneficial resonance has been lost by the disruptive static caused by electronic pollution.

Frequency oscillation allows the signal to stay biologically interactive. This is important because some systems within the body will acclimate to stimuli that stay constant for any given period of time. For instance, if you live next to a train track and are regularly exposed to train sounds, after a while, you don't consciously hear the train sounds anymore, though the sound waves are still occurring. Effects are seen quickly by the reactions of a visitor who notices the train and calls attention to it.

It is important to know that although organisms, such as the human body, can evolve bio-chemical adaptive and protective mechanisms to prevent extinction, it requires many generations to develop these mechanisms.

The Teslar watch integrates with the meridian system itself and has been scientifically proven to protect against harmful ELF.


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