On “gods”, genes, alchemy, bioluminesence, and longevity

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Dr. Hartmut Müller was able to deliver the necessary scientific framework for these new discoveries with his theory of ‘Global Scaling’ in which he postulated the existence of a Standing Gravitational Wave in the universe.

Victor Schauberger said, “that the three dimensional vortex called the logarithmic spiral is the shape of water going down a drain, a tornado, a hurricane, a rams horn which, when played as an instrument, has two basic notes separated by a fifth musical note, atomic centers and galactic nebulas, possibly the entire universe".

George Merkel said: That scroll waves are extremely small and can be likened to Aether or Zero-Point-Energy moving in continuous spiraling patterns.

Diamagnetism (negative pressure/negative tension/negative attraction) seems to be a fundamental property of the aether.

There is a scalar logarithmic spiral (standing gravitational wave) that permeates the universe; it exists at the sub-quantum level as scroll waves.

Victor Schauberger and the Logarithmic Spiral

Schauberger found:

That "the three dimensional vortex called the logarithmic spiral is the shape of water going down a drain, a tornado, a hurricane, a rams horn which, when played as an instrument, has two basic notes separated by a fifth musical note, atomic centers and galactic nebulas, possibly the entire universe".

That "the logarithmic spiral is based on a cycloid curve and is the exact opposite of the pressure screw used on airplanes and ships".

He believed that there is one universal energy which manifests as dual forces depending on its polarity-
Pressure or Radiation- this leads to centrifugal motion (from the center, explosive), heat, friction and gravity. (B. Fuller indicates gravity is the opposite of radiative polarity).

Attraction or Suction- leads to centripital motion (toward the center, implosive), cooling and levitation.

"The term diamagnetism was applied by Victor Schauberger to the attractive or centripital force".

..."energy set in motion in a vortex pattern is self-sustaining once it achieves its critical velocity, which may mean the same thing as becoming resonant with some current of force such as gravity".

"Implosion of the water stream (in the turbine) occurred for the same reason; namely, the added energy current being drawn into the water vortex along its path was sufficient to 'push' the water away from the wall of the water guide and cause the pressure on the walls to drop to zero.

Why the water refused to rise in the flow return pipe after it became highly charged with etheric energy (diamagnetism) is still a mystery. It is possible that once the water atoms became purified and completely saturated with etheric energy they no longer offered any resistance to the flow of etheric energy through them. Thus, there was nothing for the polar flow to 'push' against and sustain the water flow. When the charged energy was drawn off by the collectors, the charge on the atoms remained below a certain threshold and they still offered sufficient resistance to the polar flow to sustain the vortex implosion motion".

(Note: This flow with no resistance is exactly the behavior of a superconductor. Notice diamagnetism acts exactly opposite of ferromagnetism or paramagnetism. Also compare diamagnetism to the Magnecrystallic force which is neither positive or negative).

It was George Merkel who defined the “missing” scalar component – the scroll wave.

Scalar is a process where scroll waves are the actual Aether in motion. This motion is known as free energy or life energy itself.

Discovery of the atomic wrench underlines my earlier work of transducing scroll waves (free energy braiding into photons) to a higher energy level to control chemical bonding. Scroll resonant energy leaves its signature on everything throughout the whole universe including all forms of life.

George Merkel

The primary discovery George Merkel had made years ago was a principle which he termed scroll waves. These waves are extremely small and can be likened to Aether or Zero-Point-Energy moving in continuous spiraling patterns.

To quote from George's privately published book "Inner Space":

"The photon is not a constant but is energy based on DECAYING spinning wave resonance. Now when an energy exchange takes place between two electrons (or particles), the electron may move with a velocity.

When the particle has absorbed or attained enough energy, it may get rid of that energy by emitting it in a full or partially MUTILATED wave form.

But a second particle or electron may REABSORB THE SAME ENERGY, whereas BOTH will SPIN and RECOIL IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS.

The direction will be determined by the recoiling photons. The photon transfer will be responsible for the force set up between the pair of electrons. The photon is energy in wave form which acts as a force field.

This moving wave form can convert to current as the force field is being produced when the photon RECOILS WHILE IT IS SPINNING.

This force is related to the inverse square law for the force of attraction and repulsion between two interacting particles through energy exchange."

Up to this point I have covered the unifield of scalar technology covering up to and including relativity. I have talked about the relations of scalar technology with gravity, 3D time and space, and the phenomena spectrum.
I had planned to talk about scalar technology and free energy this issue. In the first issue I had stated scalar technology would open doors to new frightening and fantastic areas never before attempted in depth all under the same roof.

Well, thanks to Dr. George Merkl who is a part of our loose net group or team we have crossed over the fantastic into the unbelievable. I knew after I had talked about free energy and scalar technology I would have to explain its relationship to what man calls the life element [Genesis Factor] or life itself.

Keep in mind George is a nuclear physicist with over 400 patents to his name. George will talk about scroll waves. Scalar is a process where scroll waves are the actual Aether in motion. This motion is known as free energy or life energy itself. It is all related to what we have talked about in the pasted articles.

I wish to remind anybody who needs to contact any person in our active group please contact me through our New mailing address listed below. At this point we are in need of the use of an electron microscope to gain needed data on a new life form we can't match up to any known so far. They are still in the embryo stage at the printing of this paper.

On a microscopic scale they have rib cages, internal organs, eyes, mouth, digestive track and what looks like a hand.

We also have on videotape crystal clones [that growing crystals but not alive] on a micro scale of what looks like a complete pine tree branch or fern, insect wings and other fantastic events.

What are scroll waves?

Scroll waves in isotropic excitable media

Scroll waves are three-dimensional analogs of spiral waves. The linear stability spectrum of untwisted and twisted scroll waves is computed for a two-variable reaction-diffusion model of an excitable medium. Different bands of modes are seen to be unstable in different regions of parameter space. The corresponding bifurcations and bifurcated states are characterized by performing direct numerical simulations. In addition, computations of the adjoint linear stability operator eigenmodes are also performed and serve to obtain a number of matrix elements characterizing the long-wavelength deformations of scroll.

Taming Winfree Turbulence of Scroll Waves in Excitable Media
http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/a ... /5613/1722

Winfree turbulence of scroll waves is a special kind of spatiotemporal chaos that exists exclusively in three-dimensional excitable media and is currently considered one of the principal mechanisms of cardiac fibrillation. A chaotic wave pattern develops through the negative-tension instability of vortex filaments, which tend to spontaneously stretch, bend, loop, and produce an expanding tangle that fills up the volume. We demonstrate that such turbulence can readily be controlled by weak nonresonant modulation of the medium excitability. Depending on the forcing frequency, either suppression or induction of turbulence can be achieved.

Scroll Wave Turbulence
http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/s ... clnk&gl=us

The evolution of an expanding scroll ring leading to fully developed negative tension turbulence is shown in Fig. 1. Initially, the scroll ring is circular Fig. 1 A. However, perturbations in the central region soon develop and the wave pattern in this region becomes irregular Fig. 1 B. The irregular wave pattern expands Fig. 1 D and fills up the whole medium Fig. 1 F.

To better understand this process, the respective evolution of the scroll wave filament can be also considered Fig. 2. During the initial stage, the expanding filament remains circular Fig. 2 A. After a few tens of wave rotations, the filament begins to wrinkle Fig. 2 B. As the wrinkles develop, the filament ceases to be planar and some modulation along the vertical axis is also seen. We have noticed that the characteristic length scale of the filament instability in our simulations was numerically close to the spatial period of waves emitted by a scroll. The wrinkles were not stationary, but rather they move along the filament. Subsequently, the modulation grows Fig. 2 C and the filament forms a complex expanding tangle Fig. 2 D-E. After the filament touches the boundaries of the medium, its fragmentation occurs and many disconnected filament parts are produced Fig. 2 F.

Crossover Collision of Scroll Wave Filaments

Scroll waves are three-dimensional stacks of rotating spiral waves, with spiral tips aligned along filament curves. Such spatiotemporal patterns arise, for example, in reaction diffusion systems of excitable media type.

We introduce and explore the crossover collision as the only generic possibility for scroll wave _laments to change their topological knot or linking structure. Our analysis is based on elementary singularity theory, Thom transversality, and abackwards uniqueness property of reaction diffusion systems.

Interaction of a pair of scroll waves
http://www.dspdes2010.org/admin/files/f ... t/a390.pdf

Scroll waves are the three-dimensional counterparts of spiral waves occurring in excitable media. Single scroll waves may undergo a series of instabilities that play an important role in the formation of cardiac arrhythmias, like ventricular tachycardia.

While the dynamics of single scroll waves have attracted some experimental effort, the interaction of scroll waves has so far received much less attention.

We investigate experimentally the interaction of a pair of meandering scroll waves.

They were created in the excitable Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction medium and observed by optical tomography with a parallel beam technique. The organizing centres of the scrolls, the so-called filaments, were originally straight, and with time deformed to a zig-zag shape.

Two different cases are considered: co-rotating and counter-rotating scroll waves. As a consequence of the interaction of the two meandering scroll waves, they develop a twist which is accompanied by a zig-zag-shaped modulation of the filaments. In the case of co-rotating scroll waves, the filaments synchronise with each other, leading to an in-phase zig-zag distortion of the scroll pair. This yields a stabilised collective motion of the two scroll waves.

Interacting counter-rotating scroll waves also develop a twist and zig-zag shaped filaments. However, the originally symmetric pair of scroll waves undergoes a spontaneous symmetry breaking as the rotation frequency of the scroll waves begin to differ. The scroll of higher frequency begins to oust the slower scroll wave. Therefore, the interaction of counter-rotating scroll waves provides neither a synchronisation between the zig-zag-shaped filaments nor a stabilisation of the 3D structures.

The Motion of Untwisted Untorted Scroll Waves in Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reagent
http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/a ... /4845/1284

The Motion of Untwisted Untorted Scroll Waves in Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reagent
James P. Keener 1 and John J. Tyson 2

Rotating waves of activity are seen in various biological phenomena and in chemical mixtures. In thin layers of these media, the waves often appear as spirals spinning around a pivot point, but actually they are scroll-shaped waves rotating around curved filament in three-space. The filament about which the scroll rotates is not stationary, but rather moves through space until it achieves a stable configuration or disappears altogether.

Some features of the temporal evolution of a planar scroll wave filament can be understood in terms of the simple equation N = D , where N is the velocity of the filament in the direction of its principal normal, is the curvature of the filament, and D is the diffusion coefficient of the active chemical species. This equation of motion implies that a scroll ring shrinks in size and collapses in finite time, that an elongated spiral evolves into a symmetric spiral, and that an elongated target pattern becomes more symmetrical and vanishes in finite time. Characteristic times for these processes are estimated. In each case, good quantitative agreement is found between implications of the model and observations of scroll-wave evolution in shallow layers of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reagen.

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This scroll wave pattern (transmuting ether) is also described by Paul LaViolette:

These describe the recursive conversion of X etherons into Y etherons and Y etherons back into X etherons. Under certain conditions, this continually operating cycle spontaneously forms wave patterns composed of reciprocally varying X and Y ether concentrations, the concentration of the third ether variable, G, varying in step with that of X. The X and Y ether concentration variations in space represent measurable electric potential fields and G ether concentration variations represent measurable gravitational potential fields. These waves comprise the subatomic particles and energy waves that form the basis of the physical world. Thus matter and energy waves are simply periodic variations in the concentrations of three reacting ether substrates (X, Y, and G), or from a physical standpoint, they consist of periodic electric and gravitational potential fields.

Subquantum Kinetics

Subquantum kinetics is a revolutionary physics methodology that was inspired by advances in our understanding of how nonequilibrium reaction systems spawn self-organizing wave patterns. Replacing the fragmented and self-contradictory framework of modern physics, subquantum kinetics opens the door to a truly elegant unified field theory. Electromagnetic, gravitational, and nuclear potential fields all emerge from a single set of nonlinear equations representing subquantum processes postulated to take place throughout all space. It is the first fundamental theory to have its predictions of the nucleon's energy potential profile later confirmed by particle scattering form factor data.

This approach, which is consistent with the ideas of Whitehead, Einstein, de Broglie, and Feynman, provides answers to many fundamental questions: Namely, how does the subquantum matrix generate the zero-point energy continuum and spawn the formation of matter? How do charge and mass come into being and how do they generate fields consistent with the laws of electrostatics and gravitation? Subquantum kinetics also lays the foundations for a new wave theory of matter. Its nondispersing, periodic structures resolve the wave-particle dualism and produce de Broglie wave diffraction effects consistent with observation.

Subquantum kinetics also leads to a new view of our cosmos: an open, order-generating universe, continuously creating matter and energy. Its prediction of a new form of energy, continuously emerging within all planets and stars, led to the discovery that planets, brown dwarfs, and red dwarf stars all share a common mass-luminosity relation and it also anticipated the anomalous blueshift found in the Pioneer 10 maser signal.

Subquantum Kinetics

Wave patterns and wave motion may also be produced mechanically, as is commonly experienced in the movement of water waves or in the vibrations of a violin string. Early physical theories, in fact, proposed mechanical ether models in an attempt to describe phenomena such as light wave propagation. However, such models lead to very different assumptions about primary creation. A mechanical universe cannot arise spontaneously; it instead requires the miraculous occurrence of a precursor initiating energy impulse arising inexplicably out of a state of non-existence. Such mechanical models are inadequate for the approach outlined here which postulates an orderly and explicable process of matter and energy creation out of a pre-existing subquantum continuum.

Instead of beginning with physical observations, subquantum kinetics begins by postulating a set of well-ordered reaction processes that are proposed to take place at the subquantum level. Collectively, these reaction processes compose what is termed the transmuting ether, an active substrate that is quite different from the passive mechanical ethers considered in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It further proposes that the concentrations of the substrates composing this ether are the energy potential fields that form the basis of all matter and energy in our universe. The operation of these ether reactions causes wave-like field gradients (spatial concentration patterns) to emerge and form the observable quantum level structures and physical phenomena (e.g., subatomic particles with mass, charge, spin, and force field effects and electromagnetic waves).

So, subquantum kinetics: a) begins with a mathematical model of subquantum processes; b) it then computer simulates this model to generate quantum level phenomena; and c) it compares the model's simulated results to actual observations. The model's mathematical parameters are then "fine-tuned" so that its simulated results accurately reflect experimental observation, thereby making the model a realistic representation of the physical world. Because, it begins with a single reaction system model as its point of departure for describing essentially all observable physical phenomena, subquantum kinetics qualifies as a unified theory. By comparison, conventional physics begins with many theories conceived independently from one another and later attempts to "sew" these together. But the result is far from unified, being instead a self-contradictory aglomeration.

Subquantum kinetics was partly inspired from work done on a reaction kinetic model known as the Brusselator. This two-variable model holds the distinction in the field of reaction-kinetics of being an archetypal reaction-kinetic oscillator comparable in simplicity to the simple harmonic oscillator of wave mechanics.

That is, it is the simplest reaction system known to produce wave patterns that have well-defined wavelength properties. To arrive at a model that produces a physically realistic simulation of quantum structures, the Brusselator must be modified into the three-variable reaction system known as Model G.

Subquantum kinetics proposes the existence of a primordial transmuting ether composed of subtle "etheron" particles. These continually react with one another in prescribed manners and also diffuse through space. Potentially, there may be many subquantum reactions taking place in the transmuting ether, but only a few of these may be important for describing the origin of the fields composing the matter and energy of our universe. This relevant subset of ether reactions (Model G) is described by just five kinetic equations. These describe the recursive conversion of X etherons into Y etherons and Y etherons back into X etherons. Under certain conditions, this continually operating cycle spontaneously forms wave patterns composed of reciprocally varying X and Y ether concentrations, the concentration of the third ether variable, G, varying in step with that of X. The X and Y ether concentration variations in space represent measurable electric potential fields and G ether concentration variations represent measurable gravitational potential fields. These waves comprise the subatomic particles and energy waves that form the basis of the physical world. Thus matter and energy waves are simply periodic variations in the concentrations of three reacting ether substrates (X, Y, and G), or from a physical standpoint, they consist of periodic electric and gravitational potential fields. Matter and energy may be viewed as forming out of the transmuting ether in much the same way that chemical wave concentration patterns form in the Belousov-Zhabotinskii reaction.

The transmuting ether is the wellspring of Creation. If this continual activity were to diminish, your physical body, your house, the Earth, the Sun, the countless planets and stars filling the vast expanse of space, in fact, all the subatomic particles and energy waves composing our physical universe would gradually dissipate, disolving into a state of uniformity. What would remain would be the ever-present, vast, and unfathomable multi-dimensional consciousness, of which we are a part, and whose now featureless calm "surface" had once generated our beautiful physical universe.

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Kevin said:

Think about pressure.
They say that there is enormous pressure in that oil well pushing up.
Think about attraction and repulsion.
What would attract the oil to the surface?
Why would it try to travel to the surface?
Pressure they say; attraction I would say.
Thus to stem the attraction will stop the oil.

Basically gravity is travelling towards the surface, as gravity does not exist, there is no force termed gravity, there is attraction and repulsion, reverse the polarity of the oil and it will not be attracted to the surface in what they call pressure.

The surface is the surface no matter where the surface is, whether it's the top of a mountain or the bottom of the deep blue sea, though sea water does have it's own surface, thus the oil will float on the water, the oil is thus attracted to the surface but it does not have enough attraction to overcome the waters attraction.

Yes, two forces that reverse polarity. What would attract the oil to the surface? The Sun.

George Merkel had the tools! See below.

The technology exists to create a “new Earth”. It is simply being suppressed by the elites. However, you hear very little about the late George Merkel whom Brian Desborough believes “died before his time” because of the "revolutionary nature" of his research.

IMHO his work is truly amazing.


I already engineered microbes and phototransducers that liberate hydrogen from water; however most importantly, I recently extracted genetic materials from pollen and I cured my hyper-allergy that tortured me for thirty years!

LIGHTHOLES -- gencrystals form a hollow unisphere due to their magnetic properties. The surface crystal layers of the unispheres absorb light and turn black, except at their poles, as light passing through them creates a vortex of light.

The absorbed ligh by the surface crystals is then transduced to higher energy level.

http://www.rexresearch.com/merkl/merkl. ... kl%20syntr

The discovery of the atomic wrench underlines my earlier work of transducing scroll waves (free energy braiding into photons) to a higher energy level to control chemical bonding.

Scroll resonant energy leaves its signature on everything throughout the whole universe including all forms of life.
According to the law of quantum mechanics the electron between two carbon fluctuates between positive and negative carbon. To assure the stability between two carbons in the diamond lattice, I proved that the carbon in the diamond is indeed in the positive and negative ionic state, and is also responsible for the hardness.
Since polarity is resonating back and forth, it seems non-polar.

The fact that I was able to make diamonds of both type one and two at atmospheric pressure by pairing homopolar carbon ions also proves that diamond is homopolar!

My real interest was to introduce single ionic nitrogen to form carbon bonds by an exchange reaction in the lattice substituting carbon isomorphously.

These carbon nitrogen bonds form paramagnetic centers, and convert ortho hydrogen to parahydrogen with paramagnetic properties simply by transducing an energy level via resonance from scrolls to reverse the spin of the proton!

According to quantum mechanics the probability of nitrogen oscillation frequency in the molecule will be the function of the superimposed frequency which is generated by the oscillator crystal excited by the scrolls.

The nitrogen is stationary and once excited by its transition frequency in a giant molecule of carbon, the energy is transferred and the carbon bonds have to move or oscillate.

Therefore, the oscillation of the crystal transplants its energy to form chemical bonds, or transduces energy from scrolls sufficient to reverse the spin of a proton to form para proton. That shall be the base of a clean industrial revolution paving the way to save this planet.

The following are some of the nature-made energy transducers:


They all carry the carbon nitrogen fingerprint!

Utilizing the phototransducers, I was able to raise the alcohol level of wine produced by solar fermentation to 80 proof containing only natural pure solar distilled grapejuice.


Now we have seen the syntrophic phototransducer are similar to autotrophic and heterotrophic transducers which nature built within the living organism, these are of course, unquestionably prerequisites to life formation and existence.

The leaders of the world with total ignorance, miscalculating the catastrophic consequences while tampering with our atmosphere, which their advisors know nothing about.

This planet could re-cycle too soon if the world continues to ignore the facts!

I utilized this new technology to build alternate rows of nitrogen-doped carbon atoms where the layers of 111 oriented surfaces formed a superlattice. (All 111-100 and 110 faces were constructed from the bent carbon rings of graphite).

By using the paraproton transport reaction technology, I pioneered new forms of metallic carbons, diamonds etc., with different D spacings; but I synthesized hundreds of exotic new materials which are perhaps a hundred years ahead of time.

The important facts are that some of these materials could solve many of the world’s problems today; for instance, a pollution-free world; or harnessing of the sun's clean energy, by capturing the free energy (Scrolls).

My syntrophic transducer is not only able to stimulate solar fermentation, but could also produce electric current and free hydrogen through transducing the lower level energy.

Chlorophylls have different geometries of antenna. This produces different patterns of isobars, as the resonant molecule absorbs or emits its transduced photon energy.

The three dimensional field so produced follows the scroll pattern sideways, which is similar to my three dimensional field produced in my first cold fusion process in the sixties.

Electrons excited by the scrolls are different from electrons in the normal state as verified by their fingerprints on the EPR spectrum. Through this, energy couples with the nuclei orientation of the nuclei differ with respect to an external field.

Scrolls determine the size of the photon that is absorbed by the spin-aligned electron or proton, this alters their position correspondingly.

Thus, their energy level is transduced to the absorption frequency to match the absorption frequency of the host electron or proton.

Changing the direction of spin on a proton depends on the strength of the external field, and can also change the absorption spectrum due to spin polarization.

"A strong North pole of the proton (Blackhole) can suck in countless scrolls by their South poles and reverse the spin. By forcing the position of the proton to the opposite attracting position via scrolls and by reversing the orientation of the proton, ortho proton can be converted to para proton.

In the atomic wrench, the nitrogen and electrons result in hyperfine interaction. The hyper-excited carbon nitrogen transducer can lase immense photon flux and subsequently transduce enough upshift of the frequency to reverse the proton spin.


"A three dimensional vortex, performing three dimensional motion inverting thru its poles back and forth and changing signs constantly."

The scrolls form strands with matching frequency of oscillation and equal wavelength. These strands of scrolls braid into photon vortexes. 918 pairs of photons (Magic number) feed the vortex of an electron.

Again a 917 pair (5 pairs off) electron vortex copies the genetic trait to form the proton, and 918 electrons form the neutron.

Every time an atomic vortex inverts through a blackhole the scrolls form a coherent field followed by pole splitting which then reverts through a white hole followed by an incoherent field.

Each absorbed scroll adds up to increase the mass of the host.

However due to the increased mass, the spin will change on the host, followed by a change in wavelength and frequency of oscillation.

The cell membrane along with its plasma, acts like a condenser, and is negatively-charged inside with respect to the outside which is positive.

The condenser membrane is charged by the scrolls (static charge of the air). The potential difference varies between 40 to 80 mv depending on the scroll energy density.

Such free energy density will vary with the incoming cosmic rays, and also with atmospheric conditions such as pressure, moisture content, static charge, etc.


In the case of G.T.P. the Guanosine is the energy transducer and emitter while the Triphosphate is the storage battery. The free energy charging the cell membrane (from static charge like a condenser) on discharge self-induces it's field to which the ions are attached and flow


I already engineered microbes and phototransducers that liberate hydrogen from water; however most importantly, I recently extracted genetic materials from pollen and I cured my hyper-allergy that tortured me for thirty years!

LIGHTHOLES -- gencrystals form a hollow unisphere due to their magnetic properties. The surface crystal layers of the unispheres absorb light and turn black, except at their poles, as light passing through them creates a vortex of light.

The absorbed ligh by the surface crystals is then transduced to higher energy level.

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George Merkl’s Life Crystal Discoveries
http://www.rexresearch.com/merkl/merkl. ... kl%20syntr

Whether or not superconduction or hyperconduction is the property involved, it is with my own personal interest that I now speak to you about George Merkl and his Life Crystal Discoveries.

It has been stated that George was light years ahead in his way of thinking. That kind of thinking is what led his intuition in the directions he went, which finally led him to the rediscovery of the Sumerian Technology from 7000 years ago. We were left with a legacy of technology it seems.

The Sumerians were a culture, which had scientists and was of an advanced nature. They certainly had the potential to view subatomic particles, which meant they had devices and instrumentation for accomplishing this feat. They knew how to scan molecules and atoms by "string photon scanning," a term coined by George Merkl. String photon scanning is the viewing of single file non-transverse-wave photons.

One of the discoveries, which led him into this area of rediscovery, was that Life Crystals could align matter into geometrical order -- lining it up into an organized matrix. These things he saw under his microscope, as he experimented with Penta-Carbons compounds.

George had a very good understanding of how electrons and protons can be slowed down, which drastically alters the physical properties of matter. This he could do with small scale equipment. Not big Tokamac reactors and things of that nature, but room temperature small scale alterations. The results were the product of his maverick ways in the lab.

In some of our conversations, George would tell me of what he saw, and that upon first discovering them, caused him to get up from his chair and go and pour a drink. That first discovery he saw was this Bio-Machine. Please note the shapes of the biomachines are individual and of different function for each.

George Merkl discovered how to slow electron spins and proton spins within molecules. This drastically altered physical properties within matter, and probably explains how the Hutchison Effect melts or seems to melt metals at room temperature -- the slowing of electrons and protons by electric or magnetic inductions. George found that geometric displacement in specific domains of around 12 to 20 Angstroms opened up a pathway of wave spin interactions. It is these interactions that he found tapped the cosmos for unlimited energy.

I have now been seeing how Homeopathic Technology and Ron Bourgoin’s discoveries all matched up with what George Merkl had discovered. I could now see how it all fit together.

George Merkl knew of Orgone Energy and Reich. He knew of the works of Tesla and of the UFO researches of the Germans in WW2. George discovered what the Orgone wave is and the Life Wave. There are 5 elements as he saw them -- Energy, Matter, Life, Light and Gravity. All these emanated from geometrical progressions of the gravitons.

The whole physics he rediscovered is based upon graviton interactions in geometrical progression and specific patterns to form Energy, Life, Light, Matter and Gravity.

He also stated that the geometry is spherical in nature. It has no limits either outwardly or inwardly. This pattern is on all levels infinitely positive and negative -- infinitely inward and infinitely outwardly in geometry. The spin wave interactions of these waves acts like Cooper Pairs and seems to be the governing factor behind why electrons, photons, gravitons, and the like, will superconduct or hyperconduct.

The Sumerians were scientists and laymen just as we were. They had discovered the underlying physics of our universe 7000 years ago. He managed to decipher the Sumerian seals and language.

The technology was recorded in such a way that anyone with understanding could comprehend it in as simple an explanation as possible. The only caveat was that such a race to rediscover such writings and comprehend them would require that race to be at a technological level, advanced enough to understand and actually discover a method by which to "view" for themselves the things the Sumerians were able to see. It took someone with insight and a knowledge of alternative processes and lab methods to solve this dilemma.

That person was the late Dr. George Merkl. The first to see these biomachines and the first to understand what the ancient pictograms were. It was these discoveries that George found would enable us to progress onwards to the next phase of technological advancement. We have yet to discover the full potentials of this final phase of technology.

George Merkl found that under specific conditions, not too complicated, but just specific processes in the right order, could open these domains, and slow the spin of the electrons. Even reversing the spin of the protons within the material caused the formation of newly undiscovered properties of matter to reveal themselves. Some of these effects were light of many colors emitting from within the material; Gravitational levitation; Electron emission, and protein cellular resurrection… Let me clarify that further.

Four years ago, George revealed to me that he was able to take dried proteins, 4 years sitting open to the environment unprotected, and placed them into his Sumerian Crystal solution. This restored the biological functions of those tissues at near 70% efficiency to its original condition within just minutes. Not days.

Now, I know that raises some eyebrows here at this statement, but I am quite certain that a man with over 100 patents worldwide, who gave standing room only speeches in presence of attending professionals, having acquired recognition in the Dept of Energy, having obtained a doctorate degree in physics, and having continued his research into biology, was not about to make bold statements, come up with some crackpot theory or drug induced hallucination of the mind, in order to gain a dead end recognition of his own. He did not wan t that at all. He never received a Nobel Prize or anything like it. That’s the main reason why you don’t know very much about George Merkl today.

George had rediscovered the Orgone Life Wave function. He knew the process and how to generate it. He knew how to reinsert the life energy wave into organic matter. But he didn’t stop there. He went on to discover, beyond the Sumerian Seals that life and energy are not so separate entities as one may think.

He was able to photograph the actual life energy of a person. I saw these for myself. The photographs look something like the soul energy of a person. Light emanating from the brain and limbs of the person photographed. He discovered a superluminal connection from the brain to the hands. He had also discovered that this universe is also alive. The inanimate matter has within itself the carrier of life energy. He discovered that light carries with it the pattern of life and the pattern of creation. This pattern emanates from levels much lower than even the gravitons themselves. Holographic information and hyper communication. Perhaps another branch of Hololinguistics.

George had discovered that energy, matter, life, and light all begin with the spin interactions of graviton waves specifically in a clustered arrangement. This all boiled down to two basic forces. The Negative force and the Positive force. The outward expanding action and the inward imploding action. Both are the balance of each other on multiple levels.

George explained the expansion of the universe has two parts to it. One governs the other. As the universe expands, the inward atomic imploding force regulates the outward deploding force. This is a function of the matter wave. The converging of spinning wave packets towards a central point creates mass centers. Hence matter waves. It is still only energy but in geometric formations or clusters in geometric order. The two are interactive and it is the inward imploding force that is the secret to tapping the cosmos for energy. Unlimited amounts of it.

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People often wonder why the Illuminati have a fascination with numerology and why they are always leaving behind their “Masonic signatures”.

"And there we have it, the reasoning behind the Sacred Numbers of Gematria, the same ones preserved in eastern metrology and western calendrical computing; square roots and tangents - all keyed to the terrestrial speed of light - and delivered through the pyramid codex in nearly the exact methodology they used in keying the earth's equatorial circumference to the cube root of double-pi when they built the Great Pyramid at Giza

Interestingly, a relative informed me later that 440 is the cycles per second of the musical note of "A."

Gematria = numbers sequences = sine wave cycles = frequencies = sound waves = light waves = matter = time & cosmological cycles

This is vital information for Illuminati black magicians who wish to conduct ritual black magic to keep the negative energy flowing throughout the Earth’s energy grid. It is how they access the "hyperdimensional realms"; they use this sacred knowledge to manipulate this reality in their attempts to control us. This is why they want all this ancient knowledge (zero point, the aether, free energy, etc.) suppressed. It's not just about money; it's about power and control.

It also helps them to understand the cyclical nature of recurring catastrophic cosmological events so they can plan ahead.

White magicians can also use white magic to counter them. We can all become white magicians.

Code of the Ancients

The Code system is quite like the cartographic system we still use today . . . which was probably handed down to us from very ancient times. In both the old and new reckoning systems, the earth is divided into 360 degrees around the equator for longitude coordinates, and latitude coordinates are reckoned at 90 degrees, from the equator to either Pole. Each degree is further divided into 60 "minutes," and each minute is divided into 60 "seconds." Thus, by giving the degrees, minutes, and seconds of East or West longitude and same for the North or South latitude, we can "locate" any point on the earth, similar to the way we give two street addresses to locate a place in our cities and towns. The big difference between the two systems is that today we use Greenwich, England as the starting point (zero degrees), or "Prime Meridian," for the longitude coordinates, whereas the ancients used the Great Pyramid of Giza. The difference in longitude between the two Prime Meridians is 31 degrees, 08 minutes, 0.8 seconds, so this must be taken into account when calculating "The Code."

One of Munck's major discoveries is his re-discovery of "our" original prime meridian for longitude measurement. He determined that the prime meridian for this 'geomath matrix' passes directly through the center of The Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. So; we adjust our longitude (east or west, according to the site we are working with) by 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec . . . the exact longitude distance between the current Greenwich, England prime meridian and the center of The Great Pyramid.

In dealing with circles and spheres, we run into the math constants of Pi and RADIAN measure, and these constants are integral to this 'geomath matrix', along with the number 360. Pi is the ratio of circumference to diameter of any given circle or sphere. Radian (deg) is the arc-distance on the circumference that is equal to the radius of any given circle or sphere. In degrees of arc, the Radian is equal to 57.29577951 (deg) . . . to eight decimal places. It is an irrational number, like the Pi constant 3.141592654 . . . to nine decimal places.

Some readers may be familiar with the Greek system of Gematria, or others, which have numbers such as 666, 777 and 888. Carl Munck first encountered the word "Gematria" around 1986. When he tried to find information about Gematria, he found that the word was not in the dictionary, and that the libraries and book stores had nothing about it. Several years later he met a "genuine shaman of Gematria - code name HannaH," who virtually buried Carl with Gematrian materials.

The Gematria explained by HannaH's material is not the same system used by the Ancient Greeks, or other familiar systems. The Gematrian numbers all are divisible by nine and add to nine or a multiple. Carl noted that the basic numbers always end in 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8.

The 5th Century B.C. trading empire of the Eastern Mediterranean Phoenicians saw the appearance of a writing mode in which alphabetical letters served as numbers. Even at this early date, however, its roots were lost in the mists of time. From this base evolved the Hebraic and later Greek systems of Gematria. Both had reached a high degree of development by the 3rd Century B.C.

These alpha-numeric alphabets exhibited qualities and inter-relationships for which there is no logical intention. Yet an entire symbolic teaching evolved around them which incorporated the principles of number, form, sound and astronomy. Only number combinations and figures could be utilized to express this knowledge. Today, we view numbers as merely an expression of quantity. To the ancients, every number had its own character and identity; a place in an arithmetic chain that leads from one dimension of understanding to another.

This extraordinary system of arithmetic or concealed geometry forms the link between the languages of literature and mathematics. With this knowledge, ancient literature, metrology and Sacred Geometry can be viewed with new eyes. With numbers, alphabetical cryptography becomes the law. Biblical numbers and structure dimensions become alphabetical statements. The WORD (number) becomes FLESH (dimensional) for numbers are words.

Carl suspected that formal ancient metrology was rooted in the even more ancient pyramid codex. He went on to read into the subject, including the works of Charles Warren, and A. E. Berriman. Most of the authorities agreed that no one knew where ancient metrology came from - it was already in use when men first began writing. "Obviously," Carl said, "it is incredibly ancient."

Carl explained that although this is quite confusing to the layman, even when the Biblical references are consulted, "the shamen of these sacred numbers are convinced that certain passages in Holy Scripture actually represent a codex in their own right, wherein certain communications from ancient men of wisdom were very carefully positioned in the Bible in order to secretly transmit vital information across time itself - not unlike what we are seeing in the pyramid codex."

Even more amazing is the fact that the same system of numbers was used by the ancient Mayans in the West in their very precise time-keeping! The Mayans used a 20-day month in their calendar. Carl showed the arrangement in the newsletter, again marking the Gematrian numbers with an asterisk

Since these number systems were in place long before the arrival of Columbus in the West, the mystery thickens. Carl suggests that the ancient people held the numbers to be of vital importance, and thus placed them in their metrology and calendars in order to preserve them in the best way they could. The numbers were there, before the beginning of writing. The people who recorded the numbers via their special systems probably did not know what the numbers really meant.

Carl figured a certain logic was demanded by these numbers, so he arranged them into two separate scales, organizing them by their tangents, and marking the numbers that came from the ancient systems with asterisks (*), and filling in the "blanks," with appropriate numbers.

In the newsletter, Carl had a longer list of these numbers in vertical columns. He also drew in sine waves connecting the numbers, which seemed to be suggested by their logic. He noted the consistent differences between the various numbers in the top two rows of 36 and 144, such as 108 - 72 = 36; and 252 - 108 = 144. The differences between the bottom rows are 108 and 72, such as 144 - 36 = 108; and 216 - 144 = 72.

The suggestion of sine waves, Carl said, is very, very obvious. Did the ancients know about sine waves? Did they have oscilloscopes? Were they suggesting a certain frequency?

Carl was shocked when he multiplied the two Gematrian tangents:
3.077683537 x 0.726542528 = 2.236067977

He knew that 2.236067977 is THE SQUARE ROOT OF FIVE!!!

That's the pyramid codex talking," says Carl.

He asks, "Why does the square root of five answer the sine waves of the Sacred Numbers? What was the reasoning behind it?"

"Because the square root of five is ITSELF a Tangent; the Tangent of 186234.09485"
which is the SPEED OF LIGHT IN AIR!

Carl points out that the speed of light in a vacuum is 186282.5894 miles per second, but when light travels through air, it is slowed down to 186234.09485 miles per second. Enter this speed-of-light-in-air number into your calculator, and then press the tangent key, to see that it is very close to the number arrived at by multiplying the two Gematrian tangents.

Carl concludes -

"And there we have it, the reasoning behind the Sacred Numbers of Gematria, the same ones preserved in eastern metrology and western calendrical computing; square roots and tangents - all keyed to the terrestrial speed of light - AND DELIVERED THROUGH THE PYRAMID CODEX IN NEARLY THE EXACT METHODOLOGY THEY USED IN KEYING THE EARTH'S EQUATORIAL CIRCUMFERENCE TO THE CUBE ROOT OF DOUBLE-PI when they built the Great Pyramid at Giza."

In traditional cosmology, 31680 miles was taken to be the measure around the sub-lunary world, and the early Christian scholars calculated the number 3168 as emblematic of Lord Jesus Christ.

I tried some calculations in an attempt to figure out "31680." I tried assigning the number 8 to the North sun symbol, and 9 to the moon symbol at the southwest corner of the triangle, and multiplied to get 72, which are the number of Divine Names used as codes in Creation according to Dr. J. J. Hurtak, author of The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch. To arrive at the number 31680, I needed to assign the number 440 to the ratchet (Mercury) spiral glyph on the southeast corner of the crop formation (8 x 9 = 72 x 440 = 31680). Interestingly, a relative informed me later that 440 is the cycles per second of the musical note of "A."

I knew about the 72 Divine Names and I had read that 360 was calculated as the Prophetic Years, giving 7 x 360 = 2520 years. From the fall of the Temple at Jerusalem, this is said to give the year 1914 as the beginning of the Apocalypse. I finally stopped and multiplied the numbers coming into my head. 72 x 360 = 25920. I knew this was the number of years of the precession, caused by the "wobble" of the earth's axis, giving us our 12 Zodiac Ages of 2160 years each.

I had read about the precession number in Joseph Campbell's, The Inner Reaches of Outer Space back in 1990. It was mentioned that when the precession number is divided by the ancient number 60, called "Soss," the result is 432, which is a cycle of time number (Consecration in Gematrian).

The researchers also say that the ancient sites are located at crossing points of dowsable "ley lines," and that the crop formations also appear on these points. Experienced dowsers have found that earth-energy within various crop formations form geometric patterns, such as stars and cross-like shapes. In one case, a pattern similar to The New Jerusalem Plan, based on the vision of Saint John in Revelation 21, was detected in a crop formation. The same pattern has been "dowsed" within certain ancient sites, such as Stonehenge and Avebury.

I read a book about Greek Gematria called Jesus Christ, Sun of God, by David Fideler who explains where the Biblical story about the 153 fish in the net (John 21) came from. The Greek words for "FISHES" and "THE NET" both equate in Greek Gematria to the number 1224, and 153 is 1/8 of this amount. In the Biblical story, then, Simon and his other six fishermen correspond to a circle with six interlocking rings with a central circle inside. This also forms a six-petal flower-like shape inside the central circle, like "The Flower of Life." As the story continues, more geometric shapes are added, one of which is a grid of diamond shapes forming a larger diamond. This is the "NET" in the story. A vertical measurement is 153 and the horizontal is 265. This demonstrates a number very close to the square root of three by 265 / 153.

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The Keys of Enoch are Sound Keys; rotate the Hebrew letters is a certain sequence and they create a sacred spiral


Modern research confirms, the most ancient form Hebrew to be a natural language, the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain. The same shapes, in fact, born of a spinning vortex. It is a true language of light, coursing through our very nervous system. Encoding the natural waveform geometries of the physical world, Hiburu is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light.

The "keys" Enoch speaks of, turn out to be sound keys, keys to be vibratory matrix of reality itself, the mythic "Power of the World". The Enochian knowledge describes sonic equations, encoded within the ancient mantras and god names, capable of directly affecting the nervous system and producing profound effect of healing and higher consciousness states. As the ancient texts declare, "If you would speak with the gods you must first learn the language of the gods."

DNA, the ancient cabalistic "Tree Of Life" portrayed in the Biblical Torah, is now coming to be viewed as a live vibrating structure, rather than a fixed tape recording. Many modern scientists, regard DNA as a shimmering, waveform configuration, able to be modified by light, radiation, magnetic fields or sonic pulses. The legacy of Thoth/Enoch suggests this "language of Light", the harmonic science of the ancients, could actually affect DNA. The evidence in Egypt, indicates this was the grand 6,000 year genetic experiment attempted by the Egyptians, the quest for immortality and the stars, a quest described by the great ones of old, a quest initiated by Gilgamesh so very long ago.

Secrets of the Hebrew Letters

Tenen claims the Hebrew alphabet is based on the human hand, because it represents the function of differentiating self from other, inside from outside. "The alphabet links the inner world of the mind with the outer world of experience, just as our hands do," he says. "And," he continues, "The first letter of the book of Genesis -Bet- means 'house', something that distinguishes inside from outside; this is the most basic distinction you can make at any level of consciousness."

When Tenen broke the first word of Genesis into its 'subatomic particles' (the word is actually comprised of two smaller words, meaning "fire" and "six-edged thorn"), he took the "thorn" to mean a tetrahedron and constructed a model of it, placing the "fire," or torus "vortex" form, inside. Tenen noticed that the model, which he calls "The Light In the Meeting Tent" also reflected the polarity of perfect symmetry (the tetrahedron) and asymmetry (the vortex form). As he studied it, he discovered it was even more multifaceted than he had realized. "When I looked through the faces of the tetrahedron at the vortex, each view displayed a different letter in the Hebrew alphabet," he says. And," he mentions almost casually," I realized the 27 gestures that accompany the letters correspond to the 27 'preferred' pointing directions used in hyper-dimensional space."

He says the Hebrew Bible is arranged similarly to a hologram: the first letter contains the whole, the first word expands on the first letter, the first sentence upon the first word, etc. "It's very much like what our scientists do," he says. "We include information with messages sent to outer space that explains how to decode the entire message-that's also how compression programs work on computers." He also believes the Hebrew Bible contains a function similar to the mathematical purpose of pi, and links consciousness and physicality the way pi links the radius and circumference of a circle: "Our radius is our physicality and the circumference is our life, our emotions," he says. "The ancient Hebrew alphabet is far more than a tool for everyday communication or the transmission of sacred texts; the letter forms themselves have intrinsic geometric and mathematical properties that point us to a profound knowledge of life and the nature of human consciousness." Tenen feels there are principles of law and order in the relationship between humans and the cosmos that, up till now, only Pythagoreans and Kabbalists have suspected. "What I've found," says Tenen, "is that these principles correspond to the numerical patterns of some of the basic geometrical forms found in the physical world. For example, the double helix which is the form of the DNA molecule."

Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies
http://www.lightwithin.com/SomaEnergeti ... feggio.htm

I found this ancient scale to be part of a 6-tone scale sequence of electro-magnetic frequencies called the Original Solfeggio Scale through the book "The Healing Codes of Biological Apocalypse" by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. These particular frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo, who received them in a wonderful experience that some would suggest was mystical. These frequencies are not something new, but they are something very old.

The study of wave phenomena, the ability of sound to organize and repattern matter, is called Cymatics. According to John Beaulieu, in Music and Sound in the Healing Arts, "Form is the more elusive component of sound. Sound-forms can be seen by subjecting mediums such as sand, water, or clay to a continuous sound vibration." The following pictures taken by Dr. Hans Jenny are sound-forms.

Jenny concluded that were examples of cymatic elements everywhere—"vibrations, oscillations, pulses, wave motions, pendulum motions, rhythmic courses of events, serial sequences, and their effects and actions"—and they effected everything including biological evolution. The evidence convincingly demonstrated that all natural phenomena were ultimately dependent on, if not entirely determined by the frequencies of vibration. He argued that physical healing could be aided or hindered by tones.

As we look at the six original Solfeggio frequencies, using the Pythagorean method, we find the base or root vibrational numbers are 3,6, & 9. Nicola Tesla tells us, and I quote: "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe."

John Keely, an expert in electromagnetic technologies, wrote that the vibrations of "thirds, sixths, and ninths, were extraordinarily powerful." In fact, he proved the "vibratory antagonistic thirds was thousands of times more forceful in separating hydrogen from oxygen in water than heat." In his "Formula of Aqueous Disintegration" he wrote that, "molecular dissociation or disintegration of both simple and compound elements, whether gaseous or solid, a stream of vibratory antagonistic thirds, sixths, or ninths, on their chord mass will compel progressive subdivisions. In the disintegration of water the instrument is set on thirds, sixths, and ninths, to get the best effects."

In the book of Genesis it states that there are six days of creation. Yet many talk about the creation week – or seven days, and the Christian Bible views the number seven as the number of completeness. Why Seven? It is due to the influence of the Near Eastern culture at the time in which Jesus lived, when it was believed that there were only seven planets.

When wrestling with adding a 7th number, I was drawn to an article in Discover Magazine. In his newest book, Just Six Numbers, Rees argues that six numbers underlie the fundamental physical properties of the universe, and that each is the precise value needed to permit life to flourish. As Rees puts it, "These six numbers constitute a recipe for the universe." He adds that if any one of the numbers were different "even to the tiniest degree, there would be no stars, no complex elements, no life."

Other scientists, including the geniuses Nikola Tesla, Raymond Rife, as well as Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, and Chladni, all must have known about, and used the concept of, the inherent power of threes, sixes, and nines. So we are dealing with three powerful numbers: 3-6-9. Everyone of the six Solfeggio Tuning Forks all add up, individually to the Pythagorean scheme of 3-6-9. In fact, because there are two sets of 3-6-9 (anagrams) in the solfeggio, they are even more powerful as these combinations serve as "portals" to other dimensions!

These ancient tuning practices used a system of tuning known as Just Intonation. The tuning practice adopted for western cultures during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, and used today, is known as Twelve-Tone Equal Temperament.

Cymatics - The Science of the Future?

Is there a connection between sound, vibrations and physical reality? Do sound and vibrations have the potential to create?

In the first place, Jenny produced both the Chladni figures and Lissajous figures in his experiments. He discovered also that if he vibrated a plate at a specific frequency and amplitude - vibration - the shapes and motion patterns characteristic of that vibration appeared in the material on the plate. If he changed the frequency or amplitude, the development and pattern were changed as well. He found that if he increased the frequency, the complexity of the patterns increased, the number of elements became greater. If on the other hand he increased the amplitude, the motions became all the more rapid and turbulent and could even create small eruptions, where the actual material was thrown up in the air.

In his research with the tonoscope, Jenny noticed that when the vowels of the ancient languages of Hebrew and Sanskrit were pronounced, the sand took the shape of the written symbols for these vowels, while our modern languages, on the other hand, did not generate the same result! How is this possible? Did the ancient Hebrews and Indians know this? Is there something to the concept of "sacred language," which both of these are sometimes called? What qualities do these "sacred languages," among which Tibetan, Egyptian and Chinese are often numbered, possess? Do they have the power to influence and transform physical reality, to create things through their inherent power, or, to take a concrete example, through the recitation or singing of sacred texts, to heal a person who has gone "out of tune"?

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Ancient Calendar Cubic Mathematics

The Torah has two separate origins: one Egyptian and one Mayan. The first in Hermetic Cabala tradition and the second as a deck of cards traced to a northern Spanish court (circa. 1500 AD) and appears to have its origin in Meso-America where it was introduced to Spain by two Aztec priests as guests who became prisoners. Due to ill treatment only one survived to pen the mathematics within the deck that has seventy-eight cards. As it uses the zero as did all ancient mathematics, the actual count is seventy-nine. A clue found to this fact (circa 1700 AD) was the murder of a French astronomer who had previously published in a newspaper that the solar system had only seventy-nine objects (ref. Morning of the Magicians). This is a clue to the relationship between it and Mayan mathematics.

The I Chang, the earliest Chinese system of counting was assigned to divination, like its counterpart later, the torah deck, but it is far older. Built into its total count of sixty-four (sixty-four reads from the right as do all ancient mathematics) is forty-six is the human genetic cycle and has two, three, and four divisions (tenths, hundreds, and thousands ) using a base of numbers numbered zero through four with the number five interchanging with the zero. Within it are three methods of calculations: Tunneling, the six and nine rollovers that either adds or subtracts three, and the interchanges from the four base numbers to their middle and high modes of manifestations, then dropping back down in the final step to their original position to prove the result of its calculation.

Tunneling in the ancient math moved the zero right or left, primarily using differential values in quantum factors and frequencies The Rollovers are used in conjunction with the six and nine as they are the Bell Conduit Unit. The math Interchanges worked on a two mode base level using two groups of numbers above the base value unlike our own system of mathematics that uses all nine numbers on a bottom base level. The bottom line was termed the “math line” and top was the “time line”. The ancient calendar mathematics employed a day date (IDD being the international day date). It had a seven day week cycle as exemplified in the Mayan calendar method. Numbering zero through six lay undetected in the calendar math due to its interchanged time line on its top position above the bottom base math line. The zero-six reads from the right as the time unit enabling the math to express the time dimension. My research into the Essene calendar (circa. early AD) week round at Qumran enabled me to locate and confirm its universal use in all ancient and modern calendars.

Recent archaeological information from Qumran indicates that the Essene community (circa. early AD) was an Egyptian cult and when confirmed, proves the relationship of the week round as innate in both. This confirms my own research that found by the first century the knowledge of the seven day week round by the Egyptian source had been lost but retained by the Essenes. It was the same gender based long lost ancient sacred seven system mentioned in Egyptian and Biblical traditional writings that was later adopted by Greece as the foundation of geometry . The calendar’s construction enabled the ancient mathematics to describe not only math and time but also energy an physics.

The Buddha Principles of Mathematics (circa. 300 AD) called The Middle Way employed three methods of calculation: One less than many (subtraction) and One more than many (addition) and the two truths (times the math figure by two) utilizing both the Mayan zero tun and the Chinese I Chang 's Six and Nine Rollovers.

The ancient mathematics were based upon a annual meteorological event that occurs in the sky off the Island of Tonga in the South Pacific Ocean referred to as a Blue Fash of Lightening accompanied by the high pitched sound of a bell that rings sixty-nine times, also called the Bell Conduit. This was first reported in written history by Dr Lyle Watson in his book, Many Things, written in the late sixties or early seventies. The Bell Conduit
annual phenomena enabled the ancient astronomers and mathematicians to time the year to a accuracy within sixty seconds that explains the accuracy of the Mayan calendar, leaving little if any doubt that their priest continue to make the annual age old journey to greet the new year on Tonga.

The source for the Bell Conduit postulates an angle formed by the Sun and its Twin as the base of a triangle with its point annually at the Bell Conduit. This enabled the ancient mathematicians to trace the path of the angle throughout the entire year. Much sacred lore exists in reference to the angle in both Egyptian Hermetic and Biblical tradition. The location is also the starting point of the planet’s jet streams that fuel the engine that drive its weather patterns that circle the globe through-out the year.

To support of a Twin Sun Solar System there are many ancient rock carvings depicting just that which have been found scattered through out our planet. Much mention of this “triangle” is found in ancient written references. My own theory is based on the African tribal tradition by the Dogan and fits the facts perfectly. The Orion constellation with
its belt stars and the Dog Star form a close relationship to the angle, both mathematically and visually. In my opinion, the Egyptians may have used them only because they depicted an image of our own star system.

A recent discovery in astronomy of the Sun’s Twin or a Brown Dwarf orbiting ninety- million miles out from the earth, first hypothesized by Richard Muller's research in the nineteen-seventies at UC Berkley, and in accordance with my own research findings, strongly supports its position in direct alignment with the Sun putting it in exactly the right place to prove the angle’s validity. Evidence regarding the basis for this triangular
foundation should soon be forth-coming from the astronomical community.

Up until now ancient mathematics has been unknown; only one example exists, discovered in China, and is obviously Mayan glyphs dated (circa. 300 to 700 BC). The relic could easily be, like the I Chang and the torah, a later example of the parent lemurian calendar as evidenced by the submerged ruins found off southern Japan as the lemurian homeland dating to (circa. 8500 BC) along with the flooded cities in the Bay of Camby in India; the ruins found beneath the Black Sea in Turkey; the Dead Sea; the flooded harbours in Egypt; the undersea ruins off the Island off Malta in the Mediterranean Sea and the city found submerged deep beneath the sea off the Island of Cuba . All without exception are a testimonial to the fact that prior to the world flood of the last ice age that a highly intelligent sagacious global civilization once inhabited our planet.

The ancient bell conduit calendar is as accurate today as it was in ancient times as it triangulates the angle created by the Sun, its twin, and the earth on the Tongan new year to the hour, minute, and second and tracks its path throughout the year using a day date base that incorporates the lunar position into the calculation by accounting for the use of the five as the ancient cycle base. The Mayan calendar’s five-year-round numbers from zero thru four were used beside its long count, three hundred and sixty to track the angles position thru each Solar year.

The Tolzolkan count, Two Hundred and Sixty, is the sacred week round that incorporates the daily Lunar value Zero - Five (Mayan base number value) producing an accuracy even more precise then any calendar in use today. Its calculation is obvious in its functions. An example of the angles measurements on Wednesday (IDD 0.14 ) demonstrates the ingenuity and simplicity of our ancient mathematics follows using the Buddha Principles. Keep in mind that all methods work equally well for triangulation for originally they were all one whole system. As a reference the zero falls on Wednesday and begins the calendar, ancient and modern, seven day week round.

To begin The Geometric Earth Model discovered by the ancient astronomers and mathematicians (ref. India and Egypt) are two triangles, one inverted, that form a six pointed star. It is these points that are measured in relationship to the earth’s position in space relative to the solar angle. The upper triangle represents the surface (hard particles) and the lower inverted one represents the earth’s inner surface (soft particles). The ancient mathematicians and physicist used two lines of base numbers: a bottom math line numbering zero through four and above it, a time line numbering five through nine.

There is a precise treatise of Interchange methods most apparent in the Torah built into three octaves or modes. Each has its own math law as to its use as exemplified in its major and minor arcanas that calculate up from the bottom to the middle to the top, then drop back down to the bottom, which is best demonstrated in the method of the Chinese I Chang . The IDD speaks volumes as its position in the last calendar placement (divides by 4) to locate it as being in the second year cycle now, to be completed in the calculation at the end of the following second year cycle. Its week round (divides by 7) to locates its position as beginning this calendar year, to move forward to its first position in the next calendar years week round.

Use the ancient Cubic mathematics (ref Egypt) IDD 014 with The Buddha Principles as an example of calculation: The Two Truths Principle times by 2 the 14 =28 =1 being the small Cubic. The two numbers total the deferential value 29. The 9th rollover (subtracts 03) us the triangulations point numbers; its law states that the first (03) shall be last and last (30) shall be first. To continue with the rollover results = 26. The 6th is a time line number (upper line) that reads from the right and adjusts to its time equivalence = 1:02. Adds 1 = 1:03, adds 1 = 1:04. Moth the time values read from the right, the first being the triplet value and the second being the double value. The four numbers total 74, being the Principles Middle Way or mode that Interchanges the set 74 down to its bottom mode = 29 that returns the deferential value to the above two number total that proves the calculation.

Returning to the above times two results = 28. Its fraction = 16. The 6th indicates the time line value, reads from the right, and adjust to time = 1:01 (note this is 1 less than the above time 1:02), hence the name the Buddha designation "One less than many," meaning subtraction it with its corresponding Principle. "One more than many," meaning addition where Dr. Albert Einstein learned his energy principles in relationship to MC = E1. Whether he had learned them prior to or after Ramanugin's letter to him mentioning The Principles (which the Dr Einstein never acknowledged) is a fact to be left to historians.

The above adjustment of time 1:01 adjusts to the Bell Conduit unit Sixty-Nine =70. It reads from the right (time line indicator) for the sixth number 07. The 70 next reads from the left, its minutes exceed time, adjusts to time = 1: 10. The Principle, one Less than many directs us to subtract 1 = the six number total =1:09. This rechecks and proves the calculation by rolling over the 9th. = 1:06, the difference proves the point numbers 03 read from both directions. The 70 as a set interchanges to its middle mode = 25, being the large Cubic read from the right and the quarter (read from the left ) = the fraction 1/4 read from the left that returns the IDD 014 to its beginning place in the equation and proves its accuracy.

Another means of calculation is to add the IDD 14 to the BCU 1.69 = 1.83, less =1.82. Read from the right is the first (small cubic) number along with its second number; two numbers total the deferential value 29, etc. Another is the one most likely used due its innate simplicity that lists the BCU up with the IDD listed up at its right. Its total =
021, less = 20. Read from the right plus = 03, plus = 04. The two numbers read from the right = the third number 70, also read from the right. The three numbers add the last point number 03 = 80. 80 's minutes exceed the time unit, adjust to X = 1:20 which demonstrates clearly the use in the calculation of the Mayan tunneling mechanism that tunneled the zero to the right two positions in the calculation . The first moved the zero right 1 position = 201, then moved it right again = 210. Its time reads from the left = 20 that returns the count and proves it.

The mathematic model was and still is ideal in its description of high energy particle physics, zero point, quantum, and gravities including electromagnetic and free energy concepts. The only difference is in its simplicity. It is derived from the Bell Conduit Whole Unit within which exist all its parts. It presents a holographic universal image of both physical and spiritual truth. It is an underlying unity that threads itself through the fabric of all living things.

The "Cubic Formula"

Knowledge of the quadratic formula is older than the Pythagorean Theorem. Solving a cubic equation, on the other hand, was the first major success story of Renaissance mathematics in Italy. The solution was first published by Girolamo Cardano (1501-1576) in his Algebra book Ars Magna.

Our objective is to find a real root of the cubic equation: ax3+bx2+cx+d=0.

The other two roots (real or complex) can then be found by polynomial division and the quadratic formula. The solution proceeds in two steps. First, the cubic equation is "depressed"; then one solves the depressed cubic.

Depressing the cubic equation

This trick, which transforms the general cubic equation into a new cubic equation with missing x2-term is due to Nicolo Fontana Tartaglia (1500-1557). We apply the substitution: x = y – b/3a

Shortly after the discovery of a method to solve the cubic equation, Lodovico Ferraria (1522-1565), a student of Cardano, found a similar method to solve the quartic equation.

This section is loosely based on a chapter in the book Journey Through Genius by William Dunham.


Sirius, along with Procyon and Betelgeuse, forms one of the three vertices of the Winter Triangle to observers in the Northern Hemisphere. Due to its declination of roughly −17° Sirius is a circumpolar star from latitudes south of 73° S. From the Southern Hemisphere in early July, Sirius can be seen in both the evening where it sets after the Sun and in the morning where it rises before the Sun.

The orbital motion of the Sirius binary system brings the two stars to a minimum angular separation of 3 arcseconds and a maximum of 11 arcseconds. At the closest approach, it is an observational challenge to distinguish the white dwarf from its more luminous companion, requiring a telescope with at least 300 mm (12 in) aperture and excellent seeing conditions. A periastron occurred in 1994 and the pair have since been moving apart, making them easier to separate with a telescope.

At a distance of 2.6 parsecs (8.6 ly), the Sirius system contains two of the eight nearest stars to the Solar System and is the fifth closest stellar system to ours. This proximity is the main reason for its brightness, as with other near stars such as Alpha Centauri and in stark contrast to distant, highly luminous supergiants such as Canopus, Rigel or Betelgeuse. However, it is still around 25 times more luminous than the Sun. The closest large neighbouring star to Sirius is Procyon, 1.61 parsecs (5.24 ly) away. The Voyager 2 spacecraft, launched in 1977 to study the four Jovian planets in the Solar System, is expected to pass within 4.3 light-years (270,000 AU) of Sirius in approximately 296,000 years.

In 1909, Ejnar Hertzsprung was the first to suggest that Sirius was a member of the Ursa Major Moving Group, based on his observations of the system's movements across the sky. The Ursa Major Group is a set of 220 stars that share a common motion through space and were once formed as members of an open cluster, which has since become gravitationally unbound. However, analyses in 2003 and 2005 found Sirius's membership in the group to be questionable; the Ursa Major Group has an estimated age of 500±100 million years, while Sirius, with metallicity similar to the Sun's, has an age that is only half this, making it too young to belong to the group. Sirius may instead be a member of the proposed Sirius Supercluster, along with other scattered stars such as Beta Aurigae, Alpha Coronae Borealis, Beta Crateris, Beta Eridani and Beta Serpentis. This is one of three large clusters located within 500 light-years (32,000,000 AU) of the Sun. The other two are the Hyades and the Pleiades, and each of these clusters consists of hundreds of stars.

Sirius and the Blue Lodge
http://www.makara.us/04jpc/Sirius%20and ... utions.htm

Note that HPB speaks of "Blue Ether" when describing the Vril force, or energy of Agni as corresponding to the release of atomic energy of the Buddhic plane.

This Blue is stated by DK to be Indigo which itself is also stated elsewhere as "indigo blue, a deep electric blue", again, "The Synthetic Ray which blends them all is the great Love-Wisdom Ray, for verily and indeed "God is Love." This Ray is the indigo Ray, and is the blending Ray." We note that the "vibration" and note of our Logos is on the buddhic plane and that his fusion/magnitude is of the fourth order and of the nature of "Vril", the "blue ether" the rock destroying force of J.W.Keely.

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Gematria, Astrology and Ritual Magic - what’s in a number

Understanding Black Magic Spells Rituals
http://www.articlesbase.com/spiritualit ... 96972.html

In that ancient period, they felt some indwelling spirit which ran through the every object in nature. These uncivilized illiterate persons started paying the floral tribute to Almighty God who was believed to be the savior of the universe.

Since then, the human beings perform their religious duties by establishing the shrines, temples, churches and mosques for inviting the good spirit and disperse the evil and bad spirit from the world. Now the importance of black magic is massive as many religious minded guys have unconditional faith in witchcraft, necromancy, and different sorts of magical activities to enhane the human beings.

If you like to get the supremacy over the black magic you need to perform your duties by following black magic spells rituals to worship Satan. The black magic encourages the witchcraft and necromancy.

Twilight Language, Ritual Magick and Mind Control
http://conspiracyresearch.blogspot.com/ ... rs-of.html

“The followers of Pythagoras referred to every object, planet, man, idea and essence to some number or other, in a way which to most moderns must seem curious and mystical in the highest degree. “The numerals of Pythagoras’, says Porphyry, who lived about 300 A.D., were hieroglyphic symbols, by means whereof he explained all ideas concerning the nature of things, and the same numeric method if explaining the secrets of nature is once again being insisted upon in the new revelation the ‘Secret Doctrine’ by H.P. Blavatsky".

“Numbers are a key to the ancient views of cosmogony – in its broad sense, spiritually as well as physically considered, to the evolution of the present human race; all systems of religious mysticism are based upon numbers. The sacredness of numbers begins with the Great First Cause, the One, and ends only with the nought or zero – symbol of the infinite and boundless universe”. – William Wyn Wescott, p.15, The Occult Power of Numbers

Occultists worship numbers. They believe that numbers have inherent power and everything in the universe can be explained mathematically. Numbers are seen as the key of life and every letter of the alphabet is merely a symbol of a corresponding number.

Our digitized world is the fulfillment of the kabbalists’ utopia where every thought and action can be assigned to numbers. You “cannot buy or sell” unless you have a social security number. A popular saying is “You’re just a number”. The Digital Paradise decreases our humanity by reducing humans to digits and paves the way for the Perfected Man, the socially-engineered Marxist man machine.

Watch for NWO engineered events (terrorist attacks, serial killings, special events, assassinations etc.); they will have some of these numerical associations. They are 3, 7, 9, 21, 33, 39, 93, 666. The Master Magick numbers of 11 and 13; Multiples of 7, 11, and 13; Inverted numbers like 31, 93



The 33rd degree has long been associated with Freemasonry. This dovetails with a belief in the importance -for reasons until now unknown - of the geographical location known to cartographers as the 33rd parallel North latitude.

The fortuitous development of reading a plaque on a Masonic building in Tucson led the writer to investigate , solely out of curiosity, along what latitude the city of Tucson and or the State of Arizona happened to be located.

It turned out that the 33rd parallel ran through Arizona, in particular and of note, the small town of Florence, Arizona. The Arizona Department of Corrections maximum Security prison is located there and contains on its grounds Arizona’s death row.

Located immediately west of the prison grounds in the town of Florence itself is a Small Masonic related building on Main Street. The “G” & compass symbol is clearly visible from the street. The thought suddenly emerged that the location of the structure And the existence of death row directly on the 33rd parallel could be, not an accident, but
a purpose-filled design.

The 23 Enigma
http://www.thephora.net/forum/archive/i ... 20502.html


2+3 = 5


2+0+1+2 = 5

Yes. And 2012 is the FIFTH Sun.

3 / 2 = 1.6666

Golden Mean (phi) = 1.61803399

The reason it's not exact is because 2 and 3 are only the 3rd and 4th numbers in the Fibonacci sequence, which converges the further you go along e.g. 55/34 = 1.6176.

1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55

The 5th and 10th numbers are made up of 5s too.

Numbers that add to 5 by fadic addition:

5 14 23 32 41 50 59 68 77 86 95 104 113 122 131 140 149 158 etc...

5 is also related to the Golden Mean in another way:

phi = (root(5) + 1) / 2

So how does phi and 5 manifest itself as "23" concidences such as always noticing when it's 23 minutes past the hour?

1 hour = 60 minutes. At 23 minutes past the hour there are 37 minutes remaining.

37/23 = 1.61

Amazing how these numbers spiral in on themselves isn't it?

Okay, so how could the Golden Mean translate into odd coincidences involving the number 23? Well, the Golden Mean appears all over the place in nature, and in the properties of some chaotic systems. It's an emergent ratio. Most people's lives are synched up to certain timepoints that lie "on the hour" or half-past, e.g. starting work, starting lunch-break, finishing work, catching a movie, meeting up with friends somewhere and so on. You are constantly re-aligning your life to these time-points, which means that any emergent ratios related to the Golden Mean that crystallise from the random hustle and bustle chaos of your life will have a better than average chance of hitting these times that lie at phi ratios to the hour.

Did you see the movie, the Number 23?

My own personal experience is with 666, I see this number everywhere. 2/3's, as pointed out in the movie, is .666.

The people who are pricing many of the products in the stores, are obviously part of some satanic cult, the cult of freemasonry, because of the # of items they price for 6.99 and place near the checkouts, you are always seeing things on TV for 9.99(666 upside down), you will see signs and advertisements plastered on the drugstore windows, offering deals for 6.99 alot. Obviously this is not all a coincidence. Look at the prices on everything, it all ends with the .99 cents, 66 upside down.

There are 66 books in the bible.

There are 23 human chromosomes from each parent

The earth spins on an axis, tilted at 23 degrees.

Personally, I've witnessed some kind of horrible black magic associated with this number. It's beyond my ability to describe, how the bEast can weave this number into every minute detail of one's life, to let you know, He controls every atom of existence, every thought of every mind that has ever existed, he orders every snowflake.

Now some people will say, well, look at this, today we're sitting in your car, and there's not a 666 there, but they don't know the whole story.

Altered States, the guy who made the Number 23 is helping do a remake of Altered States, which is about the phenomena of human evolution. It's about the energy of consciousness, and the effect of our sexual behaviors on the universe itself.

Sirius and the Number 23

The seeds of this essay were planted in 1980, when I met an Englishman named “Nab”, while working on Kibbutz Revivim in the Negev desert. Nab recommended a science-fiction trilogy he had read, called Illuminatus by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, which was a complex satire about the Illuminati conspiracy, possibly containing the secrets of “life, the universe and everything”, according to Nab.

In 1981 I read the trilogy, and found it very hard going, as it jumped backward and forward in time and space, and parts of it seemed to be pure nonsense. However, I persevered, and halfway through the second volume, the scattered pieces started to come together, so that by the time I’d finished it, I began to understand the style, spotting encoded words and phrases which were hidden clues. Instead of re-reading it, I tried for two years to get hold of Wilson’s follow-up book, which was a semi- autobiographical explanation of the trilogy.

The book, Cosmic Trigger; The Final Secret of The Illuminati, while not actually revealing the meaning of life, posed a lot of thought-provoking questions, and along with later books by Wilson, explained that he had used the Illuminati conspiracy to “touch on every readers deepest hopes and anxieties” as a way to “force the reader to think for himself or herself”. He had even cut up some of the key passages and jumbled the words to a state of gobbledy-gook, though they obviously contained a cryptic meaning. Wilson also explained, that during and after writing the trilogy, some of the gossip and even the jokes he’d made up about the Illuminati, were found to be actually true, or came true, so that he seemed to be surrounded by a web of synchronicity, as if a “cosmic coincidence control center” was communicating with him. A lot of this coincidence surrounded information on Sirius and its associated number - 23 - some of which was already familiar to me when I read the Illuminatus! trilogy, having read astronomer Robert Temple s The Sirius Mystery.

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2012 London Olympics - The Temple

The accepted intelligencia believe that precession was first discovered by the Greek astronomer Hipparchus, but this is nonsense. The Phaoronic calendar, which began in use as the new calendar in Egypt in around 4240 BC after the cataclysms, of which it is said, shifted the Earth from her original orbit, thus the 360-day calendar split into 12 months each of 30 days now lost. This orbit shift created 5 extra days. These days are known as the epagomenal days, or in the language of the Egyptian, the five Neters [axes or angles]. So we are talking here about names given to these five extra days in the religion of Egypt thus these days are given the names Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys and Horus. The Syrian (Sothic) fixed year is 365 and ¼ days almost the same as we have now, as it has been since the last cataclysms.

This would give the idea that the Earth since her orbit shift or fall has aligned herself with the energies of Sirius or the fall is to Sirius B. The helical rising of Sirius is 23 July and is the start of the Egyptian calendar, or New Year. So we can see that man understood Precession way before the Greeks.

Now we know that many of the ancient structures on the Earth are the result of the ANUNNAKI, or indeed the races prior to the Anunnaki invasion, who built their Temple across the ley line grid system thus giving them the key 666 to the frequencies as they pass through the Ley line system; the Temple of the Sun is not just command over the physical Earth, but of the electrical Earth. So building the Temple of the Sun, SION, ZION, is to take control over the frequency completely. The Anunnaki want to control the frequency change due around the passing from Pisces to Aquarius; they wish to prevent what is a natural change. Of course as we arrived at the half way point in the 26,000 year cycle of precession in the past, we had a catastrophic stream of events; and given what history tells us about the possibility that the cataclysm was the fault of the Anunnaki then they obviously tried this before, and failed.

So, we have all the old monuments and temples across the globe, built many years ago, we know they are built on the Ley line grid in places of the crossing points, which creates an energy vortex and an access point to the Earth grid. So in looking at all the monuments of the ancient past we can see they built a whole system of temples and structures to utilise the Ley Line system. If one takes the star used today by Israel, place it in a circle, then at six points within the circle the star touches the circumference of the inner circle boundary. This marks the Poles and latitude north and south of the equator at a point between 19.5-19.47 degrees, the Giza Pyramid sits on this point. Now according to science 19.5 degrees is the point at which rotating spheres exchange energy, thus the Great Pyramid is capping an exchange of energy.

This suggests that the ancients had a far greater knowledge of the energy grid than the general populations and indeed the intelligencia of today, and more, it suggests they also had a greater knowledge of the outer universe and how to utilise the natural energy of the whole. The information available suggests the ancients used Crystals to store and transmit energy, unlike the fossil and nuclear we use today.

So on those foundations to look at all the Churches, Cathedrals, palaces and castles; we can see that the post flood elite have also understood this knowledge while keeping the man on the street ignorant of such knowledge, so my question is... what have they done with that knowledge in the last 7000 years?

So the Olympics of 2012 symbolise the new Temple for the new age as we cross from Pisces into Aquarius, and enter the ending of not only the Galactic Cross, but the end and beginning of many cycles, they have built their new Temples as it were, on the Ley line grid to ensure total control by the Lucifarian Church of the Talmud Sumer Akkadian preistcraft once again into yet another age of man.

The Ark Schools are involved in utilising this energy and the whole Kingdom of the Anunnaki is almost completed into the next age with HAARP and whatever monster this so called Hedron Collider turns out to be, which I am convinced is to manipulate the Ley Line system. If this is so then we have here the beast, 666, because by the means set fourth here, they have control of sound. 666, according to Masonic law is the key to sound, 19.47 of course being the key to Light.

Why is the Galactic Alignment important? The ancient Mayan people looked to the Galactic Alignment as the end of time as we know It. but time is only relative to the frequency we call the third dimension, so we are talking a great shift in the frequency and not the end of the Earth.

The figure in question is actually a real statue set in position as described above, so we are seeing the symbolic move by the Illuminati in destroying the galactic alignment in some way; I think we are talking in terms of the technology incorporated in HAARP, their attempt to alter the energy shift by acquiring the key to sound 666 to effect the galactic alignment in some way and thus we would enter the New World Order under their dictate which equates to control of this dimension directly from the underworld, and the temple of Solomon, or Temple of the Sun.

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The Aether

"The electrostatic field is usually considered as a condition of stress or strain in the ether (Krafft assumes free space has Aether which it does not), but the difficulty of such a concept is that a condition of stress or strain can exist only in a solid body having rigidity whereas the ether, (that Aether which the earth generates and is confined to it) cannot possess rigidity. If the ether is not a rigid solid then it must be a fluid, and if this fluid is incompressible then the electrostatic field can be nothing other than a state of flow or circulation therein"...

"It is generally stated that like electric charges repel each other, whereas like charges attract. This, however, is not the whole truth. If we charge one body electrostatically to minus 1,000 volts, and another body to minus 2,000 volts, they will repel each other because they have like charges. But if we take these two charged bodies into some region of the upper atmosphere where there is an absolute potential of -- 1,500 volts, they will attract each other. Electrostatic attraction and repulsion is therefore not merely a function of the charges, but also depends on the cooperation of the environment, namely on the way in which the circulating ether of the protons and electrons encounter that from extraneous sources".


..."spin and angular momentum cancel...total momentum / magnetism is zero... when the application of a magnetic field slightly unbalances the orbital pairing of electrons, the result is "diamagnetism", when it slightly unbalances the spin pairing (only in metals), it results in a very weak paramagnetism".

Paramagnetism- Has magnetic permeability (attracts +)
Ferromagnetism- Abnormally high magnetic permeability
Diamagnetism- Has magnetic permeability (attracts -)

What is the Carrier of all information to matter?

Magnecrystallic Force is neither + nor -. It is found in crystals when the cells attempt to align in the structure of the crystal as building blocks. From this amazing force we can see that it is not like any polarized force; therefore, it is, lets say for now, higher than both, or perhaps more correctly, in the middle of both + and -. The only thing between + and - seems to be neutral. Therefore this force is neutral. Neutral is sometimes called the center, as the place where gravity's 'force' is found, according to Newton.

Gravity is neutral.

The conclusion is this: If it is known that the Transmitter of all information is a Perfect Octahedron, and that Time is the information, and that our known universe is but a small sphere within this Octahedron, it seems that the Big Bang of consciousness (total information) at the Octahedron’s one apex of two, spiraled and expanded 'down' from the apex toward the base of the Octahedron where we exist. The circle referred to by Godel is actually a spiral. Therefore, this spiral of total universal information called Time, blasted through the apex, into "This Side" from the "Other Side" or No.thing into Some.thing.

Sun Time

"This kind of Time has no spacetime at all. It is cause = effect or Sun Time, the level the Sun operates at. It’s called NOW, The Life Force or The Sun of God. We, on earth operate in Past, or cause then effect, the Sun operates in Presence Present or cause = effect. We work hard to catch up to the Present. We should leave this work to robots, not humans"

[highlight]I learned that the Sun has what is called Ideo-rings (elsewhere called standing waves), upon which planets are set and revolve upon these ideas of the Sun.

The Ideo-rings are gravity, and it holds the total information to control all 'living' functions of earth.

The Tachyon Field

In early 1982 an article was published in the magazine "raum & zeit" (Space & Time). This article talked about the significance of the Tachyon Field, both as a practical explanation of the phenomenon of gravity as well as possibly being able to bring about the production of unlimited, inexpensive, usable energy.

"The Leaning Tower of Pisa has no disclosed its secret to this date: that is, why was the object dropped by Signore Galilei, accelerated towards the ground at 9.81 m/sec? Today we call this a gravity effect and gravitational acceleration.

Popularly, it is known as "Earth attraction" (Erdanziehung). This popular concept is very confusing and apparently has also confused some distinguished scientists. One thing is certain-gravitational acceleration is certainly NOT an 'attraction' phenomenon.

It is generated by a PUSH or PRESSURE-based mechanism which will have to be analyzed in detail.

"These remarks are important because there are many physicists, more or less imprisoned by conventional theory, who quote Einstein to counter the upcoming modern concepts regarding gravitational effects.

"Interaction of large forces between masses in space is conceivable only through:

a) the action of a very energy-rich field in space, and

b) the explanation of gravitational acceleration as a push or thrust phenomena, because only pressure or push phenomenon can be exerted in space by electromagnetic fields or other conceivable forms of energy.

"An 'attraction' such as 'gravitational attraction' or 'Earth attraction' DOES NOT EXIST. In turn, the generation of a pushing effect is conceivable only if the pushing pressure between the two bodies to be accelerated towards each other is smaller than that acting outside the two.

This again is conceivable only if the body 'shields' he field intensity impinging on it in each case, so that bodies moving towards each other are accelerated into the shielding shadow.

The beginnings of this concept date back to the early part of this century. During the 20's and the 30's, physicists such as Levetzow, Stanyukowiz, and Shneiderov dealt with this concept. The general conception was that universal space was filled with energy-rich charges, designated as gravitons, for instance, which impinge on a body. They are partially absorbed in the body, and then are reflected at a decreased rate.

This energy gradient would explain the gravitational acceleration at the surface of such bodies. Another scientist, Nieper, developed a different concept back in 1953, namely that of the total penetration of the body, although this required very energy-rich gravitational fields or 'gravity gravitons.'

In 1970 the American physicist Stokes called Nieper's theory the 'shielding theory.' In 1972, the well-known physicist Stuhlinger, working at the time with Wernher von Braun in Huntsville, Alabama, expressed the idea that the shielding theory could be explained by the effects of a Tachyon Field, whose properties had been described in 1966 by physicist Feinberg.

If the DENSITY of the irradiating Feinberg field were to INCREASE, the gravitational acceleration of a body such as Earth would DECREASE.

"In Nieper's opinion, one of the most important phenomena in gravity research is the so-called Magyary phenomenon. It was found by the Hungarian engineer Magyary in 1961, during measurements of a solar eclipse.

This means that during this eclipse, the gravitational effect of the Moon on Earth was smaller. This phenomenon is fundamentally opposed to the laws of Newton and Einstein, as are some other measurements, for example, the tests performed by the American physicist Saxl with a torsion pendulum.

"Modern gravitation scientists believe that any gravitation theory unable to explain the Magyary phenomenon is either deficient, or wrong. Nieper's explanation of the Magyary phenomenon is that the Feinberg field density increases in the direction of the sun.

There are reliable indications that heating in the interior of the planets-in the case of Earth, we call it geothermal heat-is generated by the conversion of braking gravitational radiation. In that sense geothermal energy will be trapped gravitational energy that is constantly renewed from the outside.

The presumed phenomenon of density increase of the Feinberg field towards the Sun is explained by stating that the Feinberg field irradiating from the outside is completely absorbed in the Sun-thus also releasing considerable energy-and that simultaneously the Sun generates a new kind of Feinberg or Tachyon Field.

Newer studies have shown that approximately only one-third of the Sun's light energy can originate in fusion processes, while the larger portion of the light energy must come from a field of energy of a different kind.

Nieper calls this Feinberg field radiated by the Sun, and particularly dense around it, the 'perisolar cushion field.'

The concepts of the perisolar cushion theory also explain why probably NO GRAVITATIONAL EFFECTS OCCUR ON THE SUN'S SURFACE, as seems probable from the dynamics of eruption from the solar surface.

Meanwhile it became obvious as a result of American and Russian experiments, that the Sun must be a gaseous ball with a homogeneous density. This is only explicable when there is NO gravity acceleration on the surface of the Sun-surely not such a high acceleration as would correspond to the immense mass of the Sun. It seems that the diameter of the Sun is constantly changing and that it may not be perfectly spherical.

On the other hand, however, it has been believed, since Feinberg's publication of 1966, that gravitons or tachyons, as they are called, can be much faster than light.

"The range in which the Feinberg field radiated by the Sun (the perisolar cushion field) mixes with the very high-velocity Feinberg field irradiating the Sun from the outside, is called the MERGING ZONE. It is assumed that the Earth orbit is preferentially within
this merging zone.

Unanimously they assume a PULSATING UNIT that hides its energy content in its pulsating power. This model thus deviates from that of the electromagnetic wave. TACHYONS INTERACT WITH MATTER, and not in the manner indicated in quantum physics. They can release their energy gradually, WITHOUT STEPS (a so-called elastic relation). This characteristic is unanimously accepted by Kooy, Nieper, the Americans Mead and Reed, and some other physicists.

In Nieper's view, the Feinberg travelling field near Earth is strong enough that, due to its penetration of Earth, it loses only 4% to 6% of its energy content, and this is converted into geothermal heat.

"It must be mentioned in this context that probably only a small portion of the tachyons travel fast enough to be considered relevant to the generation of gravitational phenomena.

It is assumed that the traveling Tachyon Fields are hardly slowed down by masses, and yet have a moment (the gravitational acceleration) and/or generate heat (geothermal heat). They are also braked by strong magnetic and electric fields.

"The American physicist, Townsend Brown, at the University of North Carolina was the first to prove, in systematic experiments, the emission of a THRUST MOMENT due to gravitational field radiation, in the direction of the POSITIVE charge of a condenser.

It was also observed that abrupt condenser discharges with a very high voltage gradient, especially in a defined, rhythmic manner, are equally suited to removing energy or moment from the Feinberg field.

Thus, this COULD BE AN INDICATION of the beginning of TECHNICAL EXPLOITATION of energy from the Feinberg field, an energy that may be FREE and UNLIMITED.

"A substantial theoretical foundation for this technology again comes from Nieper and is containedin the shielding theory. He postulates that all so-called natural accelerations are subjected to the same basic principle: that all are 'tachyon interceptive.'

In other words, the acceleration of gravity, electromagnetic and electrostatic acceleration, and the so-called radiesthetic acceleration (of the divining rod ), are a common, fundamental phenomenon.

Accordingly, the electric motor does not work because an electromagnetic field is built up in it. It works because the electromagnetic field exerts an INTERCEPTIVE ACTION on the Feinberg field RADIATING THROUGH IT.

"The electromagnetic field produced as such would have no effect. This theoretical concept states that possibly the various different methods of exerting an interceptive effect on gravitational radiation are interchangeable and, above all, that they can be optimized, possibly well beyond an efficiency of 100%.

Seike does not, in accordance with conventional customs, send an electric field THROUGH the coils surrounding an iron core, so as to generate a magnetic effect. Rather he 'TRAPS' the ELECTRIC FIELD, which is possible by means of a special winding, called the 'Kleinean Bottle.'

Thus he generated an extraordinarily energy-rich tachyon beam from minimal input power, by means of which he can cut metals and stone, with the exception of mica. (Why is Mica not affected by this Tachyon Beam?) This tachyon beam is called the 'Seike Beam' today.

Naturally this is no 'perpetual mobile', since the 'excess' energy comes from the GRAVITATIONAL STRESSING FIELD.

Instead, the concentration of the tachyon concentration led to SPATIAL CHANGES OF THE ATOM, which caused corresponding changes in the material's strengths.

Schaffranke, as well as Nieper, calls the principle of converting gravitational field energy (or gravity stressing energy) 'Feinberg conversion', which technically, of course, is not properly defined.

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More on the scroll wave and the scalar standing gravitational wave

The Tesla Crop Glyph
Tapping the Transdimensional Wheelwork of Nature
http://www.ufodigest.com/news/0808/crop ... print.html

This paper attempts to reconcile the current understanding of vacuum energy a.k.a. Dark Energy as interpreted by different scientists and physics sects. Tesla, as with most physicists of his day took the “Aether” to be the medium through which EM energy propagated. This is reasonable since every other known wave in the universe propagates through something. At some point elaborate math got in the way of logic and “space energy” was relegated to metaphysics and gained more synonyms.

An explanation of the glyph tweak to Tesla’s “Radiant Energy Receiver” is also provided. The author/inventor has “back-engineered” the glyph and suggests it is an “Auto-Inductive Rectenna” or AIR; a means of directly tapping Dark Energy as opposed to receiving incident waves from a transmitter; space is treated as a fluid to be drained, as opposed to a fluid to be oscillated.

When a microwave enters a supercluster, it gains some gravitational energy, and therefore vibrates slightly faster," explained Szapudi. "Later, as it leaves the supercluster, it should lose exactly the same amount of energy.

But if dark energy causes the universe to stretch out at a faster rate, the supercluster flattens out in the half-billion years it takes the microwave to cross it. Thus, the wave gets to keep some of the energy it gained as it entered the supercluster."
The analogy to the AIR is:

Dark Energy = Static Field (scalar standing gravitational wave?)

Supercluster = Population Inversion in discharge tube

Microwave = DC induced Scroll Wave

It may be reworded to state that a static field exciting a gaseous medium, when heterodyned with additional energy, will gain energy from the static field.

As Tesla stated, and John Baer added, if the Dark Energy is static/the lowest possible energy state then it is in vain, if the Dark Energy is unstable or capable of Branefall from higher energy states then it is totally possible. It is likely that the vacuum only displays its kinetic side on extremely tiny and extremely large scales as evidenced by vacuum fluctuations and an expanding universe.

The AIR – Associated terms: Scroll Electret, Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC), Bipolar Spark Gap Transistor, Aether Sink, Scroll Wave, Kreb’s Cycle, Abnormal Glow, Open Path, Negative Resistor, Multipactor.

The AIR has 3 inputs and 3 outputs.

The crop glyph shows a spiral where the conductive receiving body of the rectenna was, this spiral forms the base of the transistor. The spiral is a scroll electret – an electrostatically, permanently charged dielectric. The original receiving body was also a dielectric. The function of the scroll electret (scalar standing gravitational wave?) is to produce IEC in the discharge tube inside it and to host a scroll wave. Scroll waves occur in ANY activated medium, work according to the Kreb’s cycle and can precipitate electrical activity, as with a heart beat. Scroll waves are studied primarily in chemical reactions and biology. The author contends that Scroll Waves and Krebs Cycles are universal and are, like gravity, epiphenomena of the transdimensional wave which is itself a scroll wave pinned to a given Whittaker structure. The IEC forms a beam from the injected electrons coming from the cathode. This beam is what pins the scroll wave. The beam is also the aether sink where the mass/energy is absorbed before going into the circuit.

What is happening in the discharge tube is loosely related to abnormal glow, electron avalanche, and multipactor phenomena. In those phenomena the electrodes are the fuel, in the case of the AIR it is CATIONIC OVERCHARGE that produces the secondary emissions. The secondary emissions come from space itself via the superelectron, via the nuclei, via the vacuum. The AIR is ultimately rectifying vacuum fluctuations; they are the “fuel”. The difference between classical and quantum states in the same system is the potential of the system. The vacuum energy sees the whole thing as an open path, sink or negative resistor. Once this energy transits into its electronic phase it is a “closed system”.

The IEC-Beam structure of the cold plasma in the discharge tube sets up a co-axial resonance (also produced in the load via the consonant discharge of the bipolar spark gap transistor). Dark Energy (in the form of a vortex/scroll wave) (scalar standing gravitationsl wave?) has both a Collapsing/Aether phase and an Expansive/Electronic phase; the AIR encourages both to maintain its scroll wave.

The AIR uses a battery that never discharges but provides bias as the initial condition.
The DC current heterodyned over the permanent electrostatic charge is what induces a scroll wave in the scroll electret as well as injects electrons into the discharge tube, the electret-excited population inversion acts as a conductive conduit and as the injected electrons accelerate towards the anode they strip electrons out of the population inversion leaving behind holes causing the aforementioned secondary emissions.

The DC current diverges at the top of the tube, going into the tube and serially into the conductor of the scroll electret. The current then goes through a diode and then a capacitor bank where it then enters the base of the bipolar spark gap transistor. The function of this transistor is to automatically govern the divergent/convergent currents according to the load, which is parallel to the emitter and collector, and to maintain the scroll wave by collapsing the overall charge in the system. A consonant or simultaneous discharge across both gaps accentuates the Heaviside component present in the load; the Poynting component and Heaviside component will co-axially oscillate as opposed to transverse or longitudinal oscillation, as Bearden states, “it’s already a negative resistor”!

Therefore the AIR is auto-tuning. Excess energy is grounded or returned to the battery.
The author/inventor contends that the only reason this system can work as claimed is because it mimics the transdimensional mechanics of Dark Energy at more obvious ends of the scale as well as the hidden mechanics at the mesoscopic scale.

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MI5: Crop Circle Makers
http://www.consciousape.com/news/mi5-cr ... le-makers/

An explosive new documentary aired on Sky Channel’s Controversial TV (Channel 200) has revealed MI5 operatives as the makers of some of the most complex crop circles.

Crop Circles – The Hidden Truth investigates claims that Britain’s Security Service MI5 recruited agents to design and make crop circles as part of a government psy-ops program.

In the film, director Richard D Hall (left) “uncovers the involvement of MI5 in crop-circle making,” and claims that “we are naming certain individuals who we believe are involved in UK psy-ops disinformation”.

He added: “I have found that the world of crop circles … has what I call an ‘information war’ going on. I believe that much of this information is being spread by intelligence agencies via their ‘operatives’—researchers or journalists who are broadly accepted by most in the crop circle or UFO community.”

As well as investigating the involvement of British intelligence agencies in the crop circle phenomenon, Hall also explores the mystery of whether the circles are man-made—or whether some might be “genuine”.

With the help of researchers David Cayton, Robert Hulse and Roy Dutton, he settles on the opinion that a small percentage cannot be explained.

The idea that British and US intelligence agencies are involved in both the crop circle and UFO phenomena is not a new one, a fact to which I can bear personal witness.

As some of you might recall, I was myself responsible for exposing a CIA cell involved in these phenomena back in the mid-1990s, when I was Editor of the UK high-street magazine, UFO Reality. The article, which I called ‘The Aviary’, landed me in deep water.

My good friend Colin Andrews, at the time the world’s heavyweight champion of crop circle research, suffered similar threats when he, too, confronted and exposed the infiltration of the crop circle phenomenon by British and US intelligence.

Phoenix Lights
http://www.briansbetterworld.com/articl ... Lights.htm

Eyewitnesses and purported UFO "experts" all appear to believe that the craft had to be of extraterrestrial origin because humans lack the technological expertise to have constructed such an advanced vehicle. Such a myopic viewpoint forces one to draw a parallel with the limited belief structure of the aforesaid Patagonian natives, for the flight characteristics and also the physical dimensions of the Phoenix Lights craft as described by the psychiatrist observer are certainly within the technological capabilities of human endeavor.

Sadly, despite the study of UFO's being a very complex scientific subject, the UFO lecture circuit is infested with members of the US government disinformation organization known as the Aviary, while others simply lack the scientific background to ascertain the advanced level of covert terrestrial technology. Consequently, such UFO "experts" are abysmally ignorant of the fact that existing advanced covert terrestrial technology encompasses:

1. Superluminal antigravitic craft.

2. Ships and discoid flying craft possessing teleportation capabilities.

3. The ability for humans to appear invisible under daylight conditions.

4. The manufacture of small levitating orbs that exhibit an amber glow.

5. The regeneration of severed human and other mammalian limbs without recourse to stem cell therapy (US Patent 4,455,302).

6. Ambient energy powered non polluting highway vehicles.

7. Subliminal control of a victim's mind (thought implantation) at a distance by means of psychoacoustic devices.

8. A means of instantaneous telecommunication regardless of distance without the creation of electromagnetic radiation.

9. The capability of flash freezing the inhabitants of an entire city by means of longitudinally pulsed waves.
10. The symbiotic flight control of aircraft.

11. The ability to make physical objects disappear into an engineered black hole.

12. The cross breeding of dissimilar species, e.g. mammals and reptiles through electronic manipulation of their Meissner fields.

13. The rapid creation of complex crop circles.

14. The image simulation of large flying saucers by means of clear atomic light projection.

It should be self evident from the above that humankind is in possession of very advanced covert technology, most of which was developed without the assistance of Extraterrestrials, regardless of claims to the contrary made by professional disinformers such as the late Col. Corso.

Since the majority of the UFO community is abysmally ill informed concerning the various technologies mentioned above, the following is a brief overview of some of them.

Crop circles:

It is generally claimed by ufologists on the lecture circuit that humans lack the technology to create genuine crop circles, which is utter nonsense. The principal characteristics of a crop circle are:

a) The stalks are bent at a node point.
b) The nodal cells are greatly expanded as though moisture has been superheated.
c) A residual clicking or whistling noise is perceived in newly formed circles.
d) Plasma orbs have been observed over the circle while the circle is being formed.
e) A light beam has been observed impacting the circle during its formation.
f) A carbonized porcupine was discovered in a new crop circle.
g) Magnetite particles are found adhering to the individual stalks.
h) Radioactive isotopes Bismuth 105 and Yttrium 88 are evident in crop circle soil.
i) Seeds gathered from crop circles exhibit DNA modification.
j) Crop circles emit microwave energy.

The above characteristics are totally consistent with the crop circles being created by means of Mossbauer beam technology. Named after a Cal Tech physicist who discovered that a coherent gamma ray beam occurs when doped radioactive materials are subjected to specific sound frequencies, Mossbauer technology has spawned various weapons called Grasers (e.g. US Patent 3,557,370). Such devices can carbonize the inhabitants of an entire city while leaving buildings intact. At low power settings, satellite mounted Mossbauer systems can detect underground cavities (Tomography) or provide static free telecommunications. Adjacent to many crop circles are several small swirl patterns, presumably made while focusing the beam. A Mossbauer system mounted in a satellite or a terrestrially created saucer could create a sophisticated circle pattern in a few seconds.

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Who are the Shemsu Hor? Are they the Anunnaki?

Malta: The Skulls of the Mother Goddess

In the megalithic temple of Hal Saflienti, in Malta, men with extraordinary cranial volume were buried. These skulls seem to belong to a strange human stock and if properly analyzed, could create an ideal link between the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures and a race of sacerdotal men identified with the snake.

Together, we followed the traces of an ancient story that originated from the presence of megalithic temples dedicated to the Mother Goddess on the island, a thaumaturgic figure, adored in pre-historical times of this island that was to become an important cult center.

Books written by the two Maltese doctors illustrate a collection of skulls that show peculiar abnormalities and/or pathologies. Sometimes inexistent cranial knitting lines abnormally developed temporal partitions, drilled and swollen occiputs as following recovered traumas, but above all, a strange, lengthened skull, bigger and more peculiar than the others, lacking of the median knitting. The similitude with other similar skulls, from Egypt to South America, the particular deformity, unique in the panorama of medical pathology referred to such distant times, (we are talking about approximately 3000 BC) could be an exceptional discovery. Was that skull a result ancient genetic mutation between different races that lived on that island?

Malta and Gozo were very important centers since pre-historic times, places where "medical cures" were conducted, oracles and ritual encounters with the priests of the goddess. There, on both the islands, existed many sanctuaries and thaumaturgic centers, where priests surrounded the healing goddess, direct expression of her divinity. It is well known that, in antiquity, the serpent was associated to the goddess and to healing capacities. The snake also belongs to the subterranean world. Therefore, a hypogeum dedicated to the goddess and the water cult was the right place for a sacerdotal group that was defined, in all the most ancient cultures, as the "serpent priests".

The long head and drawn features must have given a serpent-like appearance, stretching the eyes and skin. Lacking the lower part of the exhibit, we can only speculate, but the hypothesis can't be far from reality, a reality worsened buy the fact that such deformities certainly created walking problems, forcing him to slither! The lack of the cranium's median knitting and therefore, the impossibility of the brain's consistent, radial expansion in the skullcap, did so that it developed in the occipital zone of the cerebellum, deforming the cranium that looked like a single cap from the frontal and occipital area. This must have certainly caused the man terrible agony since infancy, but probably enhanced visions that were considered as being proof of a bond with the goddess.

The skulls we examined are dated 2500 B.C. (but may be even older) a date in which Malta's megalithic history ends, initiating a period of historical darkness and absence of population that will last about 300 years, until the arrival of the Phoenicians who will begin to make Malta their Mediterranean outpost.

Professor Walter B. Emery (1903-1971), the famous Egyptologist, author of "Archaic Egypt", who excavated at Saqqara in the 30's, indeed discovered the remains of individuals who lived in pre-dynastic epoch. These presented a dolichocephalous skull, larger than that of the local ethnic group, fair hair and a taller, heavier build. Emery declared that this stock wasn't indigenous to Egypt but had performed an important sacerdotal and governmental role in this country. This race kept its distance from the common people, blending only with the aristocratic classes and the scholar associated them with the Shemsu Hor, the "disciples of Horus"

The Shemsu Hor are recognized as the dominant sacerdotal caste in pre-dynastic Egypt (until approximately 3000 B.C.), being mentioned in the Turin papyrus and the list of the kings of Abydos. It's interesting to note that Emery writes:

"Towards the end of the IV millennium B.C. the people known as the Disciples of Horus appear as a highly dominant aristocracy that governed entire Egypt. The theory of the existence of this race is supported by the discovery in the pre-dynastic tombs, in the northern part of Higher Egypt, of the anatomical remains of individuals with bigger skulls and builds than the native population, with so much difference to exclude any hypothetical common racial strain. The fusion of the two races must have come about in ages that concurred, more or less, with the unification of the two Egyptian Kingdoms".

Therefore, what occurred in Malta is also reflected in Egypt. It's noticeable that in Lower Egypt, the pharaoh's symbol is a bee named "Bit". It isn't coincidental that Malta's ancient name is "Melita", which derives from the Latin word for honey. Malta's symbol was also a bee and its hexagonal cells. Melita has its origin in "Mel" or "Mer" that in Ancient Egypt was the name attributed to the pyramids.

A third nucleus was present in the Euphrates zone, becoming part of the Arian stock known as Mithans, who the Egyptians called "Naharin", "Those of the Snake" (from Nahash, snake). The Mithans, who occupied a part of the Kurdistan area, were Abraham's people, whose description is analogous to that of the Shemsu Hor made by Emery (fair hair and robust build). The "serpent priest" tradition originates in the Middle East, with its foremost center right in Kurdistan, where at about 5000 B.C. the matriarchal culture of Jarmo represented the mother goddesses as divinities with faces of vipers and lengthened heads.

This concerns, in our opinion, not divinities in the strict sense, but individuals in sacerdotal or shaman expression, belonging to a highly developed and profoundly wise culture that had relationships with lesser-organized societies of the period. Its members were considered as "half-gods" for the knowledge they possessed, just like in Egypt with the Shemsu Hor. Analogous viper-faced statues of mother goddesses are found in the land of the Nile, dating back exactly from the archaic period of the Shemsu Hor. It can be therefore concluded that these serpent-priests were the most ancient race that first occupied the fertile half-moon area (particularly Anatolia and Kurdistan) and Egypt (following migrations dating back 6000-4000 B.C.) until reaching Malta to disappear around 2500 B.C. but this culture survived in the Middle East and probably included one of the most famous and yet mysterious pharaohs of Egypt. It concerns the Mithans and the pharaoh Akhenaton.

The reason why Akhenaton was linked to the Mithans is the way he was portrayed in his statues and bas-reliefs as an individual of lengthened head and human face but with serpent-likeness, characteristics found in the pre-dynastic Egyptian stock mentioned by Emery, besides being the exact representation of the features of the Nephelims and probably the long-skulled individuals of Malta.

Substantially, the Maltese craniums are the relics, archeologically still not understood. It's the group that created the religious and spiritual sub-strata that characterized the greatest civilizations of the Old World, from long ago (600 B.C. or even earlier). This group continued in the Middle East and somehow returned in Egypt around 1351 B.C. giving birth, through the heretic pharaoh Akhenaton, to a religious reform that aimed to restore the ancient order. And if the hypothesis that this pharaoh was linked someway to the figure of Moses is accepted, then the rest is history.

Malta is a platform with an elevation of the sea floor that has been immersed more than once. Some local archeologists consider this cataclysm to be the real cause of the Atlantis legend's birth, the history of which would re-emerge from a number of relics of the island's mysterious megalithic past. The population that created the extraordinary structures of giant stones, at a certain point of the island's history, just disappeared.

What had determined such an immense catastrophe? However, we know from the Leningrad Papyrus, (a hieratic scroll dated 1115 B.C. conserved at the Hermitage museum) an Egyptian document composed around 2000 B.C., dating back to the XII dynasty, that a serpent populace was destroyed by a "star falling from the heavens". Only one survived on an island "destined to be completely submerged".

What is this strange fable? Was it the record of a catastrophe that destroyed a particular Mediterranean region? The myth also connected the serpents to the figures of Mother Goddesses such as Tanit, Innanna, Isis and Eve. They are feminine divinities that carry the baton of a culture to which the snake brings wisdom, medical, scientific and esoteric knowledge. But a doubt arises: couldn't these serpents rather be human beings of strange physical form, perhaps even a handicap? Mythology is full of weird beings that often seem more likely clinical cases than true divinities. For example, Cecrops, the mythical founder and first king of Athens, according to tradition, was born from the soil and his appearance was half human and half serpent.

According to others, he came to Attica from Egypt and built the Acropolis, diffusing the cult of Zeus and Athena. Pythia (or Python) was a priestess of Delphi, taken by Apollo, who pronounced oracles. She took her name from Python the snake, killed by Apollo and believed to be buried under her temple.

Shemsu Hor
http://tribes.tribe.net/mazdayasnianfel ... 928e0a4b16

The magnificent civilizing era of the Shemsu Hor in Egypt appears to have ended circa 2250 BCE when a necrophilic priesthood known as the Royal Order of the Dragon became the overlords of the Egyptian populace. From that time on, the Egypt of antiquity lost the technology necessary for constructing buildings incorporating massive stone blocks.

At approximately the same time period that the era of the Shemsu Hor ended in Egypt, the Olmec people of Central America were still primitive jungle farmers until, according to Mesoamerican history, the Olmecs were visited by a tall white-skinned individual possessing fair hair, blue eyes, a white beard and an incredibly elongated head—a perfect description of a Shemsu Hor. In a remarkably short time period, the Olmecs developed a very sophisticated culture and skills which enabled them to construct the first pyramids in Mesoamerica.

The elongated skulls of the Shemsu Hor have been discovered in both of these areas.

The suppressed research papers were the efforts of the brilliant German physicist and mathematician Dr. Hartmut Müller while working at the Institute for Cosmic Research in Russia, during the 1980’s. The basis of Dr. Müller’s research was the discovery of a non-electromagnetic interaction between physical biotic systems. It was later found by Russian scientists that this previously unknown “biofield” interaction even occurred between supposedly inanimate objects such as rocks or interstellar material. Later, in 1988, microbiological experiments conducted aboard the Mir spacecraft determined that the biofield was actually gravitation and amazingly, modulated gravitation possessed the unique capability of transmitting biological data—a fact independently verified by the distinguished physicist and Sumerian scholar George Merkel, PhD. Russian experiments conducted during the 1960’s and subsequently suppressed by the Russian Academy of Sciences, revealed that gravitational waves are able to travel at a minimum of twenty times the accepted velocity of light and that a “biofield” pervades the entire universe.

After examining this extensive corpus of scientific data, Dr. Müller was able to deduce that a logarithmic scalar gravitational standing wave pervades the entire universe. “Simply that this standing gravitational wave confers appropriate resonant data to every biotic system within the universe, thereby imposing an enduring effect upon planetary evolution.

Dr. Müller’s research reveals, much to the chagrin of human genome geneticists, that genetic information is not contained in DNA strands. Instead, DNA and RNA molecules generate optical holograms which are in resonance with, and driven by, specific frequencies generated by the universal standing scalar gravitational wave. Every living cell resonantly receives the appropriate data in the form of weak electromagnetic coded signals from the universal scalar wave necessary for biochemical processes such as protein synthesis.

Remarkably, in order to shield advanced biogenetic knowledge from the eyes of the profane, the simplistic images depicted on Sumerian clay texts by the Shemsu Hor, contain encoded data appertaining to protein synthesis and the manufacture of an elixir which repairs damaged cells and restores dead cells to life.

Living cells reject external electromagnetic fields which lack biologically relevant data, thus enabling cellular growth to proceed in a controlled manner. Unfortunately for all life within our biosphere, much of the electromagnetic smog generated by high voltage powerlines and telecommunication systems contains arbitrarily chosen frequency spectra of biological significance, thus pervading and polluting the biosphere with energy fields not in attunement with the cosmos.

The Shemsu Hor not only introduced a new civilization to Egypt, Malta, Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, they also left us clues that they had an in-depth knowledge of the universal scalar gravitational standing wave and its importance in the cosmological scheme of things, for in addition to offsetting the entrance of the Great Pyramid, the dimensions of its Grand Gallery, King’s Chamber and so-called sarcophagus, are resonant with the geometry of the universal scalar wave, as are the magnificent Gothic cathedrals of Europe.

The latter were designed by initiates of a Mystery School known as the Fraters Solomonis, who not only designed the cathedral interiors to be resonant cavities, but also encoded into the church architecture numerology, alchemy and astrology. By studying the sacred geometry encoded in the architecture of the world’s major pyramids, it becomes self-evident that the profound legacy bequeathed us by the amazing Shemsu Hor is that in order to endure, humanity must establish a civilization whose cultural and technological foundations incorporate a cosmology which is in attunement with the universal logarithmic scalar gravitational standing wave.

If planet Earth and perhaps even the entire universe is to survive, modern science and particularly that sector of it beholden to the military industrial complex, must abandon its present irresponsible ways and display competent global stewardship, learning to understand and work with the cosmos instead of against it.

When humanity begins to restart its new civilization sometime after 2012, it’s imperative that the world of commerce adopts ternary logic in order to find true attunement with the cosmos, for both the universal logarithmic scalar standing wave and all of nature incorporates ternary logic. The universal standing wave for instance, has zones of growth, stability and even decay, with which all natural systems within the universe resonate.

Hoagland and the Shemsu Hor
http://secretsun.blogspot.com/2009/05/a ... u-hor.html

What happened to the advanced civilization of the Shemsu Hor on Earth and Mars?

The Riddle of the Sphinx
http://www.mysteriousworld.com/Journal/ ... /Sphinx02/

It was at Heliopolis that the "Shemsu Hor" - "The Followers of Horus" - kept the knowledge of the ancient Egyptian astronomical religion alive for thousands of years. This ancient priesthood, some believe, had lived in Heliopolis for thousands of years before even the beginning of the historic period in Egypt. There they carefully guided the local population, teaching them the arts of astronomy, mathematics, agriculture, and especially architecture, in order to ensure that the ancient astronomical knowledge would continue. The end result of their efforts were what we now know as the pyramids and Sphinx - hieroglyphics in the form of architecture, the ancient astronomical knowledge frozen in stone

One primary source of information regarding the ancient history of Egypt, the "Turin Papyrus", contains a chronology of the predynastic period in Egypt. What is strange about this list is the mention of the reigns of ten Neteru, or "gods", who reigned for hundreds of years each, for a total of 23,200 years. After this comes a list dedicated to the Shemsu Hor, the Followers of Horus, who reigned a total of 13,400 years. The papyrus then goes on to list the historical kings, those that are commonly accepted as real by mainline archaeology.

The Egyptians
http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/s ... clnk&gl=us

Ancient historians such as Manetho speak of this time, as well as the time when the ‘demigods’ ruled, following the above Golden Age. Later, spirits ruled and a series of king’s. It’s really unnecessary to go into detail about the specifics of this lineage, and the truth surrounding the supposed ‘spirit kings’. The writing’s of Eusebius are usually seen as the direct copies of the works of Manetho and his king list. Let’s examine the timeline for this kingship:

* The Gods: Ptah and the Great Ennead above ruled for 13,900 years.

* The Demigods: Horus (son of Osiris) and the Shemshu Hor (followers of Horus) ruled for 1,255 years.

* A race of descendants from the God’s then ruled for just under 10,900 years.

After this period of what is no less than 26,000 years the dynastic period began with the legendary pharaoh Menes taking reign and uniting Egypt in B.C. 3100. The writings of Manetho were considered heathen endeavors against the Catholic church during the times of Champollion; they went against the conventional history that was described in the Bible. Manetho even went further as to claim that the ancient Egyptian civilization was upwards of 34, 000 years old. Naturally we cannot trust Manethos’ word alone, even if all his information was derived from the priests at Heliopolis (the city of the Great Ennead)

Was there indeed a period in the distant past where these believed to be ‘God’s’ actually ruled the lands? Were these the human Gods that taught them the knowledge of architecture, agriculture, religion, astrology and even passed on their own language, the hieroglyphs? Could the currently unaccepted timeframe which puts the origins of the Egyptians prior to 25,000 B.C. serve as an explanation to the sudden expanse of the Egyptian civilization, fully equipped with a complex set of religious beliefs?

The current conclusion is simple, yet so ignorant. The Turin King List is seen as recorded history, but the ‘age of the God’s’ is placed under that petty little word, myth. Why?

Irish Origins of Civilization
http://www.irishoriginsofcivilization.c ... hap10.html

According to the ancient tablets, known as The History of Thoth: The Atlantean, the Shemsu Hor (or Disciples of Horus), was a race of enlighteners who dwelt on ten pre-diluvian islands. One of their magi was the god Thoth, known by the Greeks as Hermes, and by the Romans as Mercury.

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More information on the Shemsu Hor

Phoenix Lights
http://www.briansbetterworld.com/articl ... hts.htmAre there

I saw my first evidence of the existence of E.T.'s about 25 years ago when I was shown the Roswell autopsy report that clearly indicated that the craft's occupants were humanoids.

Amazingly, the UFO community has totally ignored hard evidence of humanoid visitors who arrived on earth more than 5000 years ago. Unlike human skulls, the front and rear halves of their skulls never knitted together.

Consequently, as their brains grew in infancy, the rear half of their head was pushed rearwards, pulling their facial skin taut and giving them the appearance of a serpent (a Dead Sea scroll mentions a similar being). Their skeletons have been found in Sumer, the Giza Plateau, Malta and Yucatan and at the Mayan pyramids. Superstitious Mayans later bound their infants' heads between two boards in an attempt to simulate the skulls.

So much misinformation has been published concerning the Sumerian culture that it's advisable to learn the language and study Sumerian texts oneself. According to the texts, these great civilizers known variously as the El (shining ones) Annana, Annunaki and in the pre dynastic Egyptian texts as the Shemsu Hor (followers of Horus) descended upon the summit of Mount Hermon as the waters of the global flood began to reside and created a community on the upper slopes of the mountain in a grassy plain they named Edin. After a long period of time they migrated to Mesopotamia and created a civilization there. Several years ago, I had the pleasure of dining with the erudite physicist and Sumerian scholar, the late George Merkl, Ph.D. when we both lectured at a Global Sciences symposium and found it refreshing to hear him refer to popular books on Sumerian history as a "fairy story."

The reason much data appertaining to these remarkable people has been obscured is because Dr. Merkl discovered that many Sumerian texts contain advanced data concerning protein synthesis and endoplasmic reticulii. He also decoded a Sumerian text providing details on the manufacture of an amazing elixir. He replicated the elixir, which contained microscopic crystals that had remarkable healing qualities. When a powerful light beam was projected on the base of a glass Petrie dish containing the elixir, the dish levitated. Dr. Merkl, the recipient of some 400 patents, also developed very advanced optical equipment which enabled him to view planets with incredible clarity.
According to the earliest Egyptian texts, it was the Shemsu Hor who created the Great Pyramid. Carbon dating using the tree ring calibration method dates the Pyramid at 3000 BCE, not 2500 BCE as is commonly believed. Evidence of the Shemsu Hor's advanced technology is to be found in the Great Pyramid's stone blocks, which were cast in geopolymer stone, not quarried (the blocks contain chemically bound water, not found in natural limestone).

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Sitchin claims that Nibiru was responsible for destroying the planet that existed between Mars and Jupiter. Velikovsky and the Boeing scientists believe that it was Jupiter.

The riddle seems to lie with the planet Maldek/Fenix. Was it a moon of Saturn? The name Fenix seems to imply that it is associated with the phoenix bird. Maybe Nibiru is a remnant of Fenix and returns periodically.


Likewise there are sources that claim that the Anunnaki are reptilian beings; others say that they are humans with cranial deformities that gave them the appearance of a serpent


What is the star associated with Jupiter?

Sitchin is wrong

Word meaning, of course, is determined by context. “Nibiru” (more technically and properly transliterated as “neberu”) can mean. I have underlined the form of nibiru for the reader:

“place of crossing” or “crossing fee”
“ferry, ford”; “ferry boat”; “(act of) ferrying”

As noted previously, Nibiru was regarded as a planet (specifically, Jupiter, but once as Mercury), a god (specifically, Marduk), and a star (distinguished from Jupiter).

The fact that these stars in the astrolabe are all “fixed” may suggest that since Nibiru is described as Marduk-Jupiter and also Mercury in one text, and yet “changes course”, this shows that the fixed star of Nibiru may have changed position, depending on when its observation in the various texts was made.

Here we have a specific Sumero-Akkadian text that says Nibiru is the name of Marduk. Below we’ll see that Marduk was the name of the planet Jupiter. Nibiru can’t be a planet beyond Pluto if it’s Jupiter. Nibiru-Marduk-Jupiter has something to do with a crossing place – that is, this astronomical body itself isn’t doing the crossing, but marks or is positioned at a crossing point. This is another point of contradiction with Sitchin’s teachings, as he argues it is Nibiru that is mobile and “crosses” into the orbital paths of our solar system’s planets. The texts do not say this.

The text clearly labels Nibiru with the DINGIR sign again, and yet calls it specifically a star. It also says that Marduk-Jupiter made Nibiru appear. Could this be a reference to a cataclysmic event, or perhaps some positional phenomenon, or is it just a mythological statement? Whatever Nibiru is, it seems either Jupiter itself or some star inextricably connected to Jupiter; it regulates the stars keeping them in their courses.

Nibiru is Marduk's star

So a rogue planet heading down our alley for a strike turns Earth into a bowling pin every 3,600 years? That seems like such an odd claim. This whole idea is traced back to Zecharia Sitchin and his translations of the Sumerian texts in his book of 1976, “The Twelfth Planet”. Nibiru has got nothing to do with 2012. What does the word 'Nibiru' mean? The Chicago Assyrian Dictionary located and compiled all the places where the word Nibiru and roots of that word occur in extant tablets. The word has various meanings all relating to the idea of ‘crossing’ or ‘crossing point’. The word relates to an astronomical body in only a minority of cases or texts. General meanings outside astronomical texts, depending on context, include: “place of crossing” or “crossing fee”. In the context of the Gilgamesh epic: “straight is the crossing point, and narrow is the way that leads to it” - Nibiru is a gateway.

In one Sumero-Akkadian text a village is named the crossing point of Ash-shur. In another text the context deals with fees for a boatman – silver for crossing fees. The root idea of the Nibiru word group relates to crossing.

These sources tell us that Nibiru is the name of Marduk; Marduk was the name of the planet Jupiter; Nibiru can’t be a planet beyond Pluto if it’s Jupiter; and Nibiru-Marduk-Jupiter has something to do with a crossing place. This astronomical body is not DOING the crossing, it marks or is positioned at a crossing point. Sitchin interpreted this differently and argues that it is Nibiru that is mobile and crosses into the orbital paths of our solar system’s planets. The texts do not say this. Nibiru marks some sort of juncture or ‘intersection’.

Then the text labels Nibiru with the DINGIR sign again yet calls it specifically a “star”, it also says that Marduk-Jupiter made Nibiru appear. Not certain whether it refers to a cataclysmic event or some positional phenomenon. Whatever Nibiru is it seems that Jupiter itself, or some star connected to Jupiter, regulates the stars keeping them in their course.

Nibiru’s role assigned by Marduk is some sort of regulating point or influence over the stars that seems to dictate their course. Nibiru, Marduk’s star, along with the stars of Ea and Enlil were to be found in the sky as the old year passed and the new one began. “Red star” makes one think of Mars. The Mesopotamians knew of Mars (in MUL.APIN).

Nibiru is clearly called the star of Marduk and it is Jupiter. Here Nibiru “crosses the sky” and so it appears mobile – but elsewhere it was a fixed star. Even so, it can’t refer to a planet beyond Pluto for two reasons: Nibiru is visible every year; it’s either a star associated with Jupiter or IS Jupiter. We know the above phrasing refers to Jupiter because MUL.APIN catalogues the paths of the known planets (five, plus sun and moon makes seven.

Here are the planet names in the MUL.APIN taken from a major technical study of these tablets: The Sun is named d UTU (Samas); Moon is named d Sin; Saturn is named UDU.IDIM.SAG.US (the stable planet); Jupiter is Sagmegar d Sulpaea d AMAR.UTU (Marduk); Mars is Salbatánu; Venus is UDU.IDIM.GU UD sa Ninurta sunsu. Two other tablets refer to Nibiru as Mercury.

What do the cuneiform texts tell us about Nibiru in contradiction to Sitchin? 1) Nibiru is a star. 2) Nibiru is called a planet – nearly always Jupiter-Marduk, and never anything beyond Pluto. 3) The Sumerians only knew about five planets and they accepted the Sun and Moon as planets. 4) Nibiru is never mentioned in any respect with the Annunaki; it is never said to have been or be inhabited. 5) Nibiru is both a fixed star in some relationships to constellations either as a member or nearby that holds them in their courses, but is also described as changing position and crossing the sky at times. 6) Nibiru was seen every year, which demolishes Sitchin’s view of a 3,600 year cycle for it. Sitchin’s teachings are incorrect.

http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/socio ... und18a.htm

In the 1960's a group of physicists from Boeing got together to launch a private study aimed at explaining the many anomalies of the Earth and other planets of the solar system that could not be explained by normal physics. What they concluded supported Velikovsky's proposals. They came to the agreement that around 5000 BC, a huge body, Jupiter, careered through the solar system. This threw the outer planets into disarray, so explaining their present anomalies of spin direction and speed.

Jupiter crashed into a planet that once orbited between where Mars and Jupiter are today and the debris from this planet, they said, can be seen the otherwise unexplained asteroid belt that occupied the space between Mars and Jupiter. Possibly one of the three Atlantean cataclysms, could have destroyed in stages, happened around 10500 BC and was caused by a close pass of the Earth by Mars, which has been knocked out of the original orbit. James Churchward says there are enormous 'gas belts' and chambers under the Earth, and when these 'blow' on a vast scale, the land is destroyed. He says that gas belts ran under both Lemuria/Mu and Atlantis.

Churchward explains that civilizations existed for tens of thousands of years before Sumer emerged. Central to these Sumerian accounts were the 'gods' the Sumerians called the Anunna (Sons of An). Their later Semitic names were the Anunnaki (Those who from the Heaven to Earth Came) and DIN.GIR (The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets).

The Anunnaki were a reptilian race from the stars. The Sumerian tablets describe a collision between the moons of a planet they called Nibiru and one orbiting between the present Jupiter and Mars. The debris from the collision created what the Sumerians called 'the Great Band Bracelet'... the asteroid belt.

The Boeing physicists suggested that part of Jupiter broke away on impact with another planet. This is the body we now call Venus, they concluded. It was projected towards Mars, destroying the atmosphere and life on that planet. After devastating Mars, the 'Venus' comet was caught by the gravitational pull of the Earth, they aid.

It made several orbits of the Earth, causing the tidal wave and devastation that ended the Golden Age and hurled vast quantities of ionized ice at the poles. In momentum then hurled it into is present orbit as "Venus" the plant. Synchronistically, the most ancient Mesopotamian and Central American records don't include Venus in their planetary accounts, but the later ones do, and there was a focus in Venus with human sacrifices made to it.

Velikovsky, Boeing physicists and an increasing amount of other researchers today bring the time scale for the end of life on Mars to within the period that saw the end of Atlantis and Lemuria-Mu. Brian Desborough suggest, along with others that the Golden Age was the result of many extraterrestrial and other dimensional races visiting the Earth and operating openly among the human population in a long period of at least thousands of years.

That the earth was much closer to the Sun before these events and that Mars orbited in the area the Earth now resides. Dr. CJ Hyman and C. William Kinsman suggested that the Earth once followed the present orbit of Venus and that Mars was located in the present Earth orbit. Ancient legends say that Earth days and years were once shorter than now and humans lived for far longer. The closer orbit to the Sun, Desborough says, would have demanded that the first Earth races would have been black, with the pigmentation necessary to cope with the fiercer rays of the Sun.

The Sumerian tablets describe that the Anunnaki left the earth before the great catastrophes and the people who sheltered deep underground or in the mountain ranges above the flood water which, according to the Boeing study, could have reached heights of 10,000 feet. The earth is riddled with tunnels and caverns, natural and created, which date back to the ancient times.

After the catastrophes, the people came out of their shelters and the Anunnaki returned.


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