Ashworth's photons & smaller photons.

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Ashworth's photons & smaller photons.

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Ashworth's theory re the nature of photons & smaller photons is similar to my photon & photaeno theory.
Ashworth reckons that photons travel superluminally in a large helix. I reckon that photons propagate at c in a straight line but that the central part of the photon propagates superluminally along a helix.
Ashworth's smaller photons are i say em radiation which i call photaenos which i say emanate from the central helix part of a photon & which i say are shed at the rear of the helix.
My photon is made up of the inner central helical part, & the outer photaeno (em radiation) part. Both parts annihilate aether, hencely both have mass (or mass equivalence).
I dont agree with much of Ashworth's paper, but some bits are very interesting.

R A Ashworth -- "Confirmation of the Helical Travel of Light through Microwave Waveguide Analyses" – 1993/1998 ... 1&type=pdf

.............. Gravity shows that the same phenomenon applies to small photons. For visualization purposes, consider the earth as an example. It is postulated that small subatomic particles (photons) are continually being ejected from the atoms that make up the earth's mass. When these small photons are ejected, they travel outward in very large helical diameters from the earth's surface. Like that postulated for high speed electrons, smaller photons are emitted from the trailing sides of of these photons. The smaller photons, traveling in helices back toward the earth, create the "current-like" Rama force that pushes downward on the earth's surface to produce the gravity effect.
It is generally agreed that a photon is electrically neutral. Therefore, any small particles absorbed by the photon must be immediately radiated away for it to maintain its neutral charge. With this theory, radiation from a photon can only occur on its trailing side. The photon and the smaller particles trying to escape from it are traveling at the 2^0.5*c. Smaller particles could never escape the leading edge of the photon because the photon would always overtake them to prohibit their escape..............


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