Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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If all the bodies in the Solar System are connected by Birkeland currents the we would have all sorts of possible angular intersections between currents. What happens if two intersecting Birkeland currents are travelling in opposite approach each other? What happens if two Birkeland currents travelling in the same direction approach each other? What happens if two Birkeland currents travelling at right angles approach each other?

The implication, if the previous statement were true, would be that each node on a planetary body would have multiple Birkeland currents using it, entering/leaving for multiple destinations.


More importantly, what IS a Birkeland current?

How do four billion trillion liters of water stay glued next to the surface of a sphere (the Earth) if terrestrial gravity is not an attractive force, and is caused by electrical forces?

What if Birkeland currents are not possible within a heliocentrical context?

If true, the existence of Birkeland currents would mean, immediately, that the heliocentric orbital mechanics of motion (for the planets) would have to be modified.

It takes a deep knowledge of bifurcation theory (nonlinear dynamical systems applied to celestial mechanics) to understand that the heliocentrical hypothesis and the ether hypothesis/Birkeland currents are totally incompatible.

It is assumed by modern astronomy that the set of nonlinear ordinary differential equations (with initial values) which describe the orbital motions FORM A HAMILTONIAN.


In an appropriate coordinate system, the motion of a planet around the sun (considered as fixed) with the attractive force being proportional to the inverse square of the distance /z/ of the planet from the sun is given by the solution of the second order conservative system with the potential function -/z/^-1 for z =/0.

A mechanical system without friction can be described in the Hamiltonian formulation.

Heliocentricity requires A FULL VOID (totally empty space).

Ether = friction/damping terms.

Here is what damping terms will do to the longtime behavior of the solutions (using the simplest case possible, a linear ordinary differential equation with constant coefficients): ... topic5.pdf

This is the reason why ether/aether theories are totally excluded from celestial mechanics: the existence of ether will mean that FRICTION/DAMPING TERMS (no matter how small) will have to be added to the Hamiltonian formulation of the nonlinear ordinary differential equations; the stability of the heliocentrical solar system would be disrupted immediately, friction terms will cause the orbits of the planets to decay leading to collision with each other and with the Sun.

Homoclinic tangency, Lyapunov exponents, KAM theory, chaos theory, longterm stability of the solar system: ... msg1774581 ... msg1935048

One also has to take into account the faint young sun paradox: ... msg1707290

Ether/aether theories can only be used in a geocentrical context, exactly as envisioned by the original quotes attributed to Newton:

Isaac Newton speculated that gravity of the planets/stars was caused by a flow of ether, or space, into celestial bodies. He discussed this theory in letters to Oldenburg, Halley, and Boyle.

Newton still thought that the planets and Sun were kept apart by 'some secret principle of unsociableness in the ethers of their vortices,' and that gravity was due to a circulating ether.

For terrestrial gravity, Newton had in mind A SECOND GRAVITATIONAL FORCE, a force of ether pressure.


Dark flow = dense dark Birkeland currents

Dark matter = dark Birkeland currents

The Whittaker longitudinal helical waves form the scalar potential which in turn create the magnetic fields and the Birkeland currents.

The torsion spirals of the Whittaker bidirectional waves become visible plasma.

I am no scientist and my last formal education in electrical matters was over 50 years ago in high school

Yet, you were able to come up with some of the most pertinent questions as they relate to Birkeland currents.
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