Sound in space

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Sound in space

Unread postby Roshi » Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:16 am

We are taught that sound can't travel in space. Then: ... after-all/
“It’s as if the sound waves don’t even recognise the vacuum – they just go through”

What does this mean? Even "gravity waves" need a medium that is "waving" but nobody talks about that. Mainstream abolished "aether", and now they are using it for their mathematical waves, without admitting it.
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Re: Sound in space

Unread postby Webbman » Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:08 pm

the sound didn't travel space the electric/magnetic field did.

its a demonstration of a wireless microphone which turns sound to electricity and then back into sound.
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Re: Sound in space

Unread postby Solar » Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:36 pm

Within the first two paragraphs the authors admit that this is a theoretical idea of how sound vibrating the lattice array of a crystal, thereby deforming said lattice, subsequently induces the excitation of an electric field by way of piezoelectricity and the introduction of an imagined "particle" ('quantum of sound') referred to as an "acoustic phonon":

To understand how heat spreads through a material, consider that heat — as well as sound — is actually the motion or vibration of atoms and molecules: Low-frequency vibrations correspond to sound, while higher frequencies correspond to heat. At each frequency, quantum mechanics principles dictate that the vibrational energy must be a multiple of a basic amount of energy, called a quantum, that is proportional to the frequency. Physicists call these basic levels of energy phonons. - Explained: Phonons

Here is their paper:

The authors describe how acoustic phonons can directly tunnel through vacuum and, therefore, transmit energy and conduct heat between bodies that are separated by a vacuum gap. This effect is enabled by introducing a coupling mechanism, such as piezoelectricity, that strongly couples electric field and lattice deformation. The electric field leaks into the vacuum as an evanescent field, which leads to finite solid-vacuum-solid transmission probability. Due to strong resonances in the system some phonons can go through the vacuum gap with (or close to) unity transmission, which leads to significant thermal conductance and heat flux. - Acoustic Phonon Tunneling and Heat Transport due to Evanescent Electric Fields: Mika Prunnila, Johanna Meltaus (Submitted on 6 Mar 2010)

"Here we demonstrate by theoretical means that significant energy transmission and heat flux is possible if the acoustic phonons can induce an electric field, which then can leak into the vacuum…"

So, its the electric field as Roshi suspects, in its "evanescent" form - which means that though its intensity may decay with distance the field does not propagate:

In electromagnetics, an evanescent field, or evanescent wave, is an oscillating electric and/or magnetic field that does not propagate as an electromagnetic wave but whose energy is spatially concentrated in the vicinity of the source (oscillating charges and currents). - Wiki

Its sort of an electric field density mediated piezoelectric resonance theoretical concept.
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Re: Sound in space

Unread postby Webbman » Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:53 am

only current can make an electric field. These guys are full of shit. Phonons...
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