Billions and Billions and Billions, oh my

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Re: Billions and Billions and Billions, oh my

Unread postby perpetual motion » Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:31 pm

Ok, still pertaining to these asteroid thingy's, mainstream has in one of their theories a word
for the makeup of asteroids. This BIG word is Coalesce. Now in my thinking, this will not
work in outer space. The reason being that these objects are solid rock, and solid rock
will not Coalesce, in my opinion, unless these objects turn into some form of liquid. Now
in this asteroid belt thingy, all of these babies are pretty much at the same speed, right.
Now even if some of these bump into each other they will not Coalesce together.
They MAY, all of science uses this word, stick together, and eventually rotate away from
each other, but will not Coalesce.
Billiards do not Coalesce, a massive mountain slide does not Coalesce, rocks will not do
this type of magic.
Coalesce unites the prefix co- ("together") and the Latin verb alescere, meaning "to grow." (The words "adolescent" and "adult" also grew from "alescere.") "Coalesce," which first appeared in English in the mid-17th century, is one of a number of verbs in English (along with "mix," "commingle," "merge," and "amalgamate") that refer to the act of combining parts into a whole. In particular, "coalesce" usually implies the merging of similar parts to form a cohesive unit.
Cohesion is the term for molecules of a substance sticking together. One of the most common examples is water beading up on a hydrophobic surface.
Physics. of or relating to the molecular force within a body or substance acting to unite its parts.
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