The WANA HYPOTHESIS: 10K+ years of an ET presence at Earth?

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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The WANA HYPOTHESIS: 10K+ years of an ET presence at Earth?

Unread postby EarthOrbitAsteroids » Sun May 21, 2017 9:45 pm

This hypothesis is dedicated to David Talbot for all of his years of steadfastly refusing to accept mainstream 'facts' and theories when his own uncompromising internal compass knew better, and to all of those who assisted him in this most worthy endeavour. However mythology fails us in that the 'Gods' were not the planets, the fact is that the 'planets' were, and still are, the Gods.

They say that extraordinary claims required extraordinary evidence and in that regard I believe those who read the succession of posts that will follow on the WANA Hypothesis will be well served. "WANA" stands for "We Are Not Alone" and is the only name that I could think of capable of distilling the essence of what you are about to see. This is not going to be easy for some to look at since the implications are likely to keep you awake at night.

I am going to initially sketch the theory out in the broadest way I can think of by relying extensively on the photographic evidence of ancient petroglyphs, rock and cave paintings, and other assorted cultural treasures. The pictures will not only prove the existence of an extra-terrestrial presence at Earth for the past 10,000+ years but will also show you detailed renderings of the types of craft that are being employed that were recorded in exacting detail by skilled artists of numerous cultures over thousands of years. This amazingly includes the inner contents of several of these craft. While you may have seen many of these pictures before you now will get to see them in an entirely new light.

Best wishes all! ~ Edward

Introduction to The WANA Hypothesis


If I was thinking of designing an interstellar spacecraft capable of traveling between the stars for the purpose of exploration or conquest it would bear most of the same characteristics of the ancient craft that we find recorded in and on stone.

Since space is not empty and hydrogen and helium ions have mass, it might be smart to shape the craft like the nose cone of a rocket or missile because to travel long distances through space you want to get wherever you are heading as fast as possible. A cone not only provides the least resistance to interstellar winds but is also an extremely strong form in itself which is why things from egg shells to amphora don't break as easily as one would expect.

The next issue of consideration would be size. The bigger the better is what I say since resources and energy are unlimited. If the goal is to check out every nook and cranny in the galaxy you might even want to create a giant fleet of accessory space craft to be housed in the largest of the motherships for those inconvenient off-the-beaten-path stellar excursions. The accessory spacecraft would also have it's own fleet of even smaller spacecraft and ion it would go until the last craft was equipped with merely a large fleet of specialized probes.

This is what I believe we are witnessing in the largest of craft... a giant hollow cone that radiates light downwards to resemble the familiar unmoving overhead "saturn" / "superior sun" / "circle within circle star" when directly overhead or pointing in the direction of the observer, and when view at great distance from the side it looks like a giant cone or "celestial mountain" as it may also be called. When the sun catches the craft from below it reflects from the inside or the internal light creates a ring around the edge that resembles the "crescent" shape or "bull's horns".

For a sequence depicting the movement it would look like a 1st century BC cemetery stele in Tophet Carthage


2 views, overhead and side, can be seen on the "Victory Stele of Naram Sin" which I noticed actually has 3 overhead "saturns" rather than 2. In this case the "cosmic mountain" is just the 4th spacecraft.


At the Petroglifos do Castrinho de Conxo in Spain we see a medium size craft and some smaller craft that look like one immediately below at the Three Rivers petroglyphs.



They can also be found at Petroglyphs in Ontario where we see the 'circle in circle star' squatterman figure plus a cone squatterman figure along with several representations of the cones with a 'cap'. The squattermen suggest an electrical discharge to ground.



The next components to examine are the South-Western US and Mexican representations of the ET presence. They are among the smallest and best drawn entities around. All of the answers you are looking for are there.


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Re: The WANA HYPOTHESIS: 10K+ years of an ET presence at Ear

Unread postby EarthOrbitAsteroids » Mon May 22, 2017 2:48 pm


Don't be too concerned about the nature of these interstellar onlookers, I assure you if their intent was to liquidate the planetary inhabitants in order to colonize it for their own purposes they would have done so several millenia ago. Since they no doubt are aware of our leadership's willingness to kill millions of our own species for hubris and personal gain it is quite likely that they may not fully trust us for several thousand more years. Not that we would ever be tempted to plunder or contaminate the rest of their galaxy. The big relief however is that they shouldn't require us for the purposes of exploitation like our own kings, priests, aristocrats, and bankers have throughout the centuries, so unless we taste great we should be in the clear! :lol: .

There are only a couple of scenes that I am aware of where possible violence has been portrayed and in those it clearly looks like we were attacking them. Since they have arrived continually, often, and in with great mechanical presence (at a minimum) during the past 11,000 years (for certain) and perhaps even 40,000 or more years, it is only logical to assume that they have never left and are still around today. When they show up once again please keep all of this in mind and do your best not to upset them. Unlike us they are almost certainly friendly.

It's going to take you a while to fully comprehend and digest this so in order to help you along to a new way of thinking here's an interesting story for you to read and some pictures to look at from a period closer to the present...

Around dawn on April 14, 1561, residents of Nuremberg saw what they described as an aerial battle, followed by the appearance of a large black triangular object and then a large crash outside of the city. According to witnesses, there were hundreds of spheres, cylinders and other odd-shaped objects that moved erratically overhead.[2][3][4][5][6]

A broadsheet news article was printed later that month, describing the event. The broadsheet, illustrated with a woodcut engraving and text by Hans Glaser, measures 26.2 centimetres (10.3 in) by 38.0 centimetres (15.0 in). The document is archived in the prints and drawings collection at the Zentralbibliothek Z├╝rich in Zurich, Switzerland.[7]

The broadsheet describes objects of various shapes including crosses, globes, two lunar crescents, a black spear and tubular objects from which several smaller, round objects emerged and darted around the sky at dawn.[8] ... _Nuremberg

You should really check out the 1561 Nuremberg story and woodcut print and compare the large triangular object shown with the ones already posted above. Triangles, fast moving balls and rods.The engraver who created the print probably did not witness the event but the elements included are obvious and are found all over the world.

I am currently considering how to best convey both the illustrative material and information that will follow. I think I have absorbed enough of the Mesopotamian and Egyptian histories and mythologies in addition to my prior interests in mesolithic and neolithic societies and climate related civilizational collapse to be able to be able to paint a reasonably good picture as to what was happening during, before and after these visitations. For now I will largely be continuing with the visual 'bones' of the Hypothesis and put the stories behind it later.

Hope you are enjoying the show! ~ Edward
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Re: The WANA HYPOTHESIS: 10K+ years of an ET presence at Ear

Unread postby oz93666 » Mon May 22, 2017 5:43 pm

I can't help thinking that studying cave paintings , stone statues , ancient relics will not get us very far on this matter ..

There are those who have studied the alien question very seriously , drawing on present day sources , such as ,government insiders and the millions who have been abducted .... these sources do not provide the hard evidence that many sceptics demand , none the less a very clear picture emerges ...

Alien interaction has been regularly occurring throughout all of humanity's history!

In recent times Eisenhower was the first president to meet and sign agreements with one group... in exchange for advanced technology the aliens were allowed to abduct limited numbers of humans , their main interest in us is to create hybrids with themselves .

Using this advanced alien technology a shadow government has developed unknown to the public , about half UFO's seen now belong to this human shadow government , we have bases on the moon , mars and elsewhere .

This video might be a good place to start ...
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Re: The WANA HYPOTHESIS: 10K+ years of an ET presence at Ear

Unread postby nick c » Tue May 23, 2017 7:44 am

This topic seems to be beyond the scope of the TB Forum which is science based and requires some degree of hard evidence, which seems to be lacking.
There are an assortment of internet sites dedicated to this and related topics. Those forums and boards are better suited for this discussion.

I am locking this thread pending review by the administrators.
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