baby solar system forming?

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baby solar system forming?

Unread postby comingfrom » Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:46 pm

I came across your answer to that, and it made sense, thanks Gary.

Back on topic (sort of).
I was discussing with my son and he said to me, "Want an example of a baby solar system forming? Look to Saturn."
We talked about it for a bit, and it got me to thinking.
In fact, the idea won't leave me alone.

The larger outer moons of Saturn have already "ate up" the rings they were shepherding.
The inner moons are still in the process.
Eventually all the moons will be "grown up" and the dust disc will be gone.

All that has to happen next is for the Solar system to expel it.
Once outside the Solar system, Saturn will be the main body in it's own system,
and so will take the full charge of the galactic currents and become a star.
(Saturn will become a cathode, as some people think of star systems.)
A few million years later, Sol gives birth to the Jupiter system.
(Or maybe Jupiter will come first. His moons and rings are more advanced.)

Not sure how the Solar system would expel a baby system, but it sounds good.
Adult star systems give birth to baby star systems.

Galaxies start as a solitary star, and, due to stars accumulating matter from the void, they grow.
And they grow planets, which in turn grow moons.
The initial star system gave birth to new stars, which in turn started having their own babies,
until the whole galaxy developed to what we observe today.

While I can't explain everything yet, only had the idea for two days,
it already feels so much better than clouds of dust from dead stars going on to collapse in from their own gravity.

In this theory the dust from Stars that got too bloated and super nova'd, is recycled by the other star systems.

Anyhow, just wanted to write that idea down.
I need some feedback.
Help me develop it, or shoot it down.
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Re: baby solar system forming?

Unread postby comingfrom » Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:54 pm

The prevailing current enters the galaxies and solar systems from below, and feeds the systems.
Each particle or photon in the current brings its own linear and angular momentum with it.
As the current flows through atoms, some of their momentum is transferred to the atoms, and thereby also to the macro bodies composed of these atoms.
So the rotation of atomic and celestial bodies is maintained.

The current also brings with it baryons, the detritus of a billion stellar winds from far of galaxies.
The current pinches in the presence of large mass bodies, into dense filament currents which enter the stars.
So the Stars are charged, and grow, from receiving incoming matter.
High energy nuclear reactions on star surfaces is possibly what creates baryonic matter, and could be contributing to star growth.
Stars in turn radiate photons and baryons, and develop planets.

But size has it's limits. There are not stars as big as galaxies.
Current theory proposes stars blow up and then condense into black holes.
I here propose expulsion instead.
We see small expulsions all the time, which we call CMEs (coronal mass ejections).
A region of the Sun becomes overcharged, and blows out a flare.
A large CME can have spin and is a plasmoid.
That is, it is plasma acting as a single body.
With the right conditions, maybe a certain mass threshold, the plasmoid condenses and takes up an orbit.
So planets are spinning and orbiting from birth, and the foundation field only has to maintain these rotations.

When one of the planets in a stellar system has grown enormous and developed its moons into its own planetary system, the equilibrium of the system becomes unstable, and it divides forming a new system.
The large planet is expelled, and exposed to the interstellar currents, becomes a star.

I won't mind, if you wish to contend.
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Re: baby solar system forming?

Unread postby Webbman » Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:17 am

I imagine they are expelled when they gather enough energy to become repulsive to the sun. I think the binary systems people think they are seeing are just newly formed stars in the process of being birthed from the solar systems, just as the planets are birthed from the suns.

I'm glad you speak with a more organic tone as from my perspective its all quite lively, not inorganic and dead the way many speak of it all.

even you and I were ejected from our mothers when we got to big :)
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