EU Theory Hidden in Mainstream Movies

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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EU Theory Hidden in Mainstream Movies

Unread postby James Sidaway » Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:39 am

There is much about the ancient mysteries played out in entertainment movies. Here is one depicting a magnetic field model theorized to occur at a concentration stellar node along a Birkeland Current. A plasma glow even lights-up within the dome where it should near the top opening in the suspended model dome structure.
Watch her discovery!

Add a comments and clips of mainstream movies hiding obvious EU Theory or knowledge within it.

Is this a way of mocking the general profane public who are taught by western cult-ure to disregard electrical influences in the cosmos? Is this a way of communicating a display of "POWER" to other cult members by hiding mystery school knowledge about a "lost" or rather oppressed ancient technology and understanding? If the director of this Lara Croft: "Cradle of Life" movie is aware of a massive cult holding back knowledge about plasma energy star nodes... can this be linked to the thousands of scientists secretly studying the CERN plasma experiments... as exposed by David LaPoint? in his Primer Fields Part 1

I have pondered an opinion that all the (publicly paid for) political domes with holes in the tops may actually be secret temples worshipping knowledge of the EU... Haa, haa. :lol: and the Egyptian obelisks (always near by, maybe towards the north) represents the Great Mooring Post or "ethereal mountain" reaching up toward Khronos of the past.
One may even begin to ponder if there is a massive cult hidden within and secretly financed by western culture taxes? If this is true... will mainstream knowledge of the electric universe only be allowed by the political system in power after Trump "Drains the Swamp" and "scientific knowledge" is no longer suppressed by the controlling cult hiding :twisted: in the shadows? ;)
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