Is there a plasma phenomena that causes twin craters or..

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Is there a plasma phenomena that causes twin craters or..

Unread postby Folatt » Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:47 am

am I just seeing patterns that aren't there?
And if so are these crater pairs common?

I watched the latest video and noticed that in the moon image, though I'm not even sure if it's an artist conception or not.
Below is the said video.

So I noticed in the image that in the mid-left large shallow crater, there's four little craters inside of it forming an imaginary square.
What I also noticed is that the top two are about the same size and the bottom two are about the same size, as the bottom pairs are slightly larger than the upper ones.
Then I noticed that the upper left crater is within a shallow crater that has another shallow crater of the same size, all still within the large crater.
I noticed more craters that could be twin pairs but few to no triplets, so maybe this is a common occurence?

So my question is if there is a type of discharge that would commonly create two craters, but very rarely three.

I have looked at mars as well. ... 948&zoom=6 ... 305&zoom=8 ... 563&zoom=8 ... 371&zoom=8 ... 567&zoom=8 ... 187&zoom=8
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