The Hubble Illusion

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The Hubble Illusion

Unread postby oz93666 » Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:30 pm

We've all seen images like this from hubble ....


...And probably believe they're accurate representations of what the universe looks like.

The truth is , hubble takes pictures in black and white ... beams the data from these pictures to Earth , where government employees add in colour of their choosing , which bear no representation to what we would see, if we traveled to that region of space.

Hubble often takes pictures through different filters there is some coloured light being received, but not at levels observable to the unaided eye , also there is UV and IR which are not visible to the eye , and these have been given a colour , so they show in the picture released by NASA.

"We often use color as a tool, whether it is to enhance an object's detail or to visualize what ordinarily could never be seen by the human eye," NASA officials explain on the agency's Hubble Web site.

"Creating color images out of the original black-and-white exposures is equal parts art and science," NASA said.

The only evidence we have that black holes might exist in the heart of galaxies coves from hubble after the images have been processed by NASA technicians...

The evidence for the hexagon on Saturn comes from hubble and other large government controlled telescopes ...

We must be very cautious about taking such evidence as reliable.... the establishment does have an agenda in all things!
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Re: The Hubble Illusion

Unread postby GaryN » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:07 pm

The truth is , hubble takes pictures

No, cameras take pictures, Hubble is not a camera. Your eyes would see nothing of what Hubble detects, not even what they tell us is at visible wavelengths.
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