Electo-Magnetically turning Water into Silver

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Electo-Magnetically turning Water into Silver

Unread postby MerLynn » Tue Aug 25, 2015 5:01 pm

This thread was a laborious read.

What is Electricity you ask?

From my and others 20 years of research done in the labs of Magnetic Field Generators,

I offer the following.

It is not electrons. Theoretical atomic structure particles do not jump through conductors and space to restart flowing between one coil and another.
It isnt pure magnetism as magnetism hasnt been defined only its effects.

Well yes its energy but so is heat. SO electrons do not rise from a fire to go through metal and then excite water to make it boil. But I suppose some would think so.

Many an experiment conducted whereby a magnetic Field Generation device consisting of steel plates was immersed in water and powered with DC ELECTRICITY exhibited the following phenomena. What else does one do but play with electricity to understand it.

(1)The waters impurities separate out and do not re-dissolve. Regardless of what the impure water is be it raw sewerage, sea water, fresh concrete or acid mine waste. The vessel of water has but two components fresh water and Inert settlings and usually in a ratio of about 99 to 1. (even the rocks in raw concrete do this ratio)
(2) Any individual within this Field Generated may exhibit an urgency to urinate with the most stinkiest pee they have ever had. It purifies your water too.
(3) Electricity may jump out of the vessel and bounce around the room and (as it did) pass through one's hand leaving a wound like being stabbed with a knife.
(4) The gas vapors can be either explosive or implosive. And in one demonstration where at "show and tell" a student turned the power on for just a few seconds and lit the bubbles and blew all his hair off his head and most of the windows out in the school. He was actually lucky to live with just losing his hair.
(5) A crystal Considerite and dirt mixture was poured onto the vessel of water and the crystals levitated 10mm above the water while the rest sank. We discovered a new way to do mineral separation totally environmentally friendly. Ok Tedi has sent representatives to view this.
(6) If the vessel is NOT NEW or UN MEMORIZED but has been used say for the purposes of dipping Tea Tree oil or Kerosene, then if the proper sequencing of DC power application the fresh water in this pre memorized vessel will turn into Tea Tree Oil or Kerosene. In Theory one could Chemically Emulate and liquid.

So what are we to make of such results when applying ELECTRICITY from spinning magnets and applying the filtered and rectified DC to stainless steel plates getting the above results (amongst others)

We need a new atomic theory thats what we make of it.

The new Atomic Theory of the Nature of Plasma in my MAD posts are not for the faint hearted.
Electricity is WATER.
By redefining what water is you will understand what Electricity it.
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Re: What is electricity?

Unread postby nick c » Tue Aug 25, 2015 5:37 pm

This is not the proper board to expound upon your pet theories. You have a thread on the NIAMI board, keep the rest of the discussion in your above post on that board.
See the Forum Rules and Guidelines:
For the most part, discussion is to be restricted to published materials with some relevance to Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology themes, and related scientific information. Having said that, this forum affords more latitude than most, assuming most users will allow common sense to guide them. For those who wish to discuss topics closer to the fringes, please restrict your discussions to the 'New Insights and Mad Ideas' or 'The Human Question' boards. Please note, that even on these boards discussion still must bear some relevance to EU/PC themes.
The Thunderbolts Forum is not a personal publishing house for your own theories or opinions.
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Re: What is electricity?

Unread postby MerLynn » Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:05 am

What is Electricity?

I have alluded to some pretty far out devices utilizing electricity to explain what electricity is and allege that they exist.
Some turn water into oil, others turn sewerage into drinking water. Some create cold fusion according to my pet theory.

Electricity is best understood by playing with same. All the great theories have some devices that explain electricity in other ways than just electrons.

One such device being Lord Kelvins "Thunderstorm".

The device that I am now going to explain to give another example as to the use of electricity to explain electricity is available and FREE. All you have to do is send me an email answering the simple question. What does the Second Brain do according to Bio Energy Field Science as explained at magneticwaterscience.com? And the very simple schematics will be forwarded to you. This is all you have to do to get these blueprints and be able to build a simple Magnetic Field Generation device.

As the great Buddha is attributed to saying. Do not believe what I say but go and prove it to yourselves, then you will believe.

The device is a 4 wired Silver Solution Maker. I allege it electro-magnetically restructures water into silver. Or as your science would theorize it. It transmutes water into silver.

It consists of 4 x 2.7 mm x 100mm long silver rods placed in a terminal block and powered with a small wall transformer in a SPECIAL wiring diagram. When used according to instructions and built EXACTLY as shown it will make millions of glasses of silver water to drink, each testing 10 to 20 ppm but the wires NEVER degrade. No ions or colloids of silver resulting from degrading science.
This device operates upon the creative plasma (electricity) forces electromagnetically restructuring the water into silver. Will cost you approx 1 to 2 hundred to replicate.

And the schematics are FREE

It is more than a silver solution maker it is also a Permanent Memory Field charge device. Which means if you use other metals like gold or platinum you can make elixirs out of them too. Look at the gallery pics....

To use 316 stainless Steel rods will also charge the water (change its memory format) but as the 316 is NON magnetic it doesn't restructure the water into iron/chromium/nickle.

This simple use, of a format and electricity, to charge water has all kinds of uses such as mineral separation, energy extraction and healing. Of course there's the action of the silver of doing everything that the old colloidal silver does. This one has been around for 10 years. Lots of satisfied users.

This offer ends 48 hours after my last post on TB.
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Re: Electo-Magnetically turning Water into Silver

Unread postby MerLynn » Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:43 am

Feed back from a buyer of the SilverJoe Solution maker. What a TRUE ELIXIR does. Might help to read
http://www.joecellwaterscience.com/silv ... ll_11.html

and for the theory of "the second brain" within the Gastrointestinal tract...

On 22/02/2017 6:18 AM, John wrote:
…or a kick to the second brain...

I finally had a chance to try your SilverJoe and…yikes...I did indeed feel the tingling, but not just in the back of the throat but up through the back of my head.

Using Fiji water I got a very milky effect after ~5 minutes. I vortexed 3 times as you suggested, and saw pretty much exactly what you show in your video.

Two question questions:

1.) Does this cell “structure” water like vortexing flow pipes (a la Victor Schauberger)? I have used seerval vortexing devices but none give the “boost” like your SilverJoe cell.

2.) I noticed a slight discoloration on the rods up to where they were submerged (much like your video shows). Should I steel wool this off? If I wipe the rods with a paper towel I do see some silver residue come off.

Thanks very much!

My reply

About one in 10 people get the “tingling” effect. I had an ex G/f who tingled for a day after her first glass, a couple hrs after her second and 15 min after her third. Most it only lasts for less than an hour.
It would appear that your nervous system is not functioning as well as it could. Its not really an indication of health but more of energy imbalances which may lead to lethargy or similar.
You see the nervous system isnt exactly what they say it is... Yes an “impulse” is triggered in the brain to the little finger to make it move but where does the ‘energy’ to make it actually move come from?
The Central Nervous System is a TWO WAY electrical circuit. energy travels both ways, from the energy exchangers of the skin (sunlight energy) the Lungs (air energy) and the Stomach (food energy) All these feed energy to the Brain that then redirects it to the muscles to activate them. Some energy comes from the blood stream but its more a repair or fix energy.
So when your “second brain” is energized directly with (artificially created) Bio energy and your body is energy deficient (arent we all) its immediately transferred to the brain before it even gets to the stomach. This ‘tingling’ is more a reaction to the ‘slightly’ out of phase frequency of the bio energy and the bodies reaction to it. So its not really an indicator of the state of health.
Is it any wonder modern medicine makes people sicker when they dont understand the energy biology of the human body?

Restructuring water is like changing the snow flake pattern or Magnetic Reasonant Field Pattern of water. To stir the glass or cup of coffee anti clockwise duplicates the spinning and falling raindrop left hand spin effect with gives the energy release display of lightning. Stirring water anti clockwise ‘charges up’ the water by interacting with the Earths magnetic field in a ‘positive way” while clockwise ‘discharges’ the magnetic energy in relation to the earths magnetic fields. The snow flake pattern is altered depending upon how it interacts with the surrounding Fields. Just like Emoto and his water crystal pictures show that a human can effect the crystalline structure.
The Restructuring of the water by the SilverJoe is a permanent restructuring of the snow flake or energy or magnetic Reasonant Field Pattern of the water because ‘electricity’ is plasma energy. Plasma being the singular and only structure of light that everything in this universe is made from. So Schaubergers vortexing does restructure the water but very very limited like the equivalent of stirring your coffee anti clockwise does.

Ive noticed Fiji water isnt what it used to be. So yes gently clean the rods after each use.
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Re: Electo-Magnetically turning Water into Silver

Unread postby MerLynn » Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:56 pm

Plasma and life force energy. Magnetic water.
More feed back from "John" (its hard to get people to write about their experiences of magnetic water)

HI Lynn,
Had another interesting experience yesterday with the SilverJoe Cell…I tried SJC on my usual drinking water (commercial bottled water which I treat with magnets and a vortexing device), and after five minutes there was no cloudiness in the water at all! The silver rods did get the usual discoloration but there was no other evidence that anything happened.
Until I drank the water….
Something definitely felt different - like there was much more energy. I then crashed on the sofa and had a death-like nap. WTF?
I will try this again to verify.
Also, you mention there is a difference when you hold a neodymium magnet to a AC wall adapter compared to a ferrite magnet. Which kind of ferrite magnet makes a difference - strontium, barium, or cobalt? Does it matter? I really want to experience this but finding ferrite magnets is a bit tougher than neodymium magnets.

My reply
Magnets each have their own unique magnetic field. This is not understood as the general scientific opinion is that a magnetic field is a magnetic field.
We at JoeCell Magnetic water science know different. So when you plug your SilverJoe power supply into the wall socket, the composition of the magnet will give a different vibration feed back to your fingers that you hold close to it.
Play with them all and even feel the difference of 'types' of power supplies.
The silverJoe does more than just make silver water. It makes the water an Elixir. This is what the Alchemists and Magi who followed the Star 2000 years ago studied and used the 2000 year old Baghdad Museum Batteries and precious metals for.
Unless you believe in harry potter fairy stories in which case you wont believe in anything.
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