Ancients Knowledge of EU revealed in Dendera Light discovery

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Re: Ancients Knowledge of EU revealed in Dendera Light disco

Unread post by Armand » Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:18 am

Happy Anniversary...
Today marks the three year anniversary of this post regarding a potential Electric Universe connection with Ancient Egypt. (Wow, has it been 3 years already! We're gonna need another candle Erich...)
"If you want to understand the Lost Technology of Ancient Egypt, study
(Electrical) Storms, Soap Bubbles and Solitons."
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Re: Ancients Knowledge of EU revealed in Dendera Light disco

Unread post by Armand » Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:23 am

'Creation of the cosmos in Dendera.'

Some of the most famous images from the Hathor Temple at Dendera can be found in the crypt beneath its southern wall. The reliefs here portray human figures next to bulb-like objects reminiscent of oversized light bulbs.
What we witness here is the creation of the cosmos, in the from of an elongated bulb. It springs from a lotus-flower on a boat, the lotus being the first object that floated on the primordial sea, according to Egyptian cosmology. From the flower also appears a snake, which is equated to the rising sun and the god Harsomptus and which is enveloped by the cosmos. Harsomptus is also present in human form, standing behind the bulb and his ka (living essence) is kneeling beneath the bulb.
In the representation on the left the cosmos-bulb with its sun-snake is supported by the God of infinity, Heh, kneeling on a square base. The bulb on the right is supported by a Djed pillar with arms, symbol of stability and continuity.
A similar sun-snake emerging from a lotus flower can be found on the astronomical ceiling of the outer hypostyle hall
It is in this crypt that the golden statue of the ba (soul) of Hathor (mother of Harsomptus) was kept. And it was probably here that the sacred procession started on the eve of the first day of the New Year, bringing the statue of the goddess to the roof of the temple, just as the newly created sun rose from the abyss on the First Day.
This part of the Dendera Temple was built during the later Ptolemaic period (first century BC)
20841791_1501508433232335_3978914806500487085_n_s.jpg ... 8669898978
"If you want to understand the Lost Technology of Ancient Egypt, study
(Electrical) Storms, Soap Bubbles and Solitons."
- Cashus the Giant

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Re: Ancients Knowledge of EU revealed in Dendera Light disco

Unread post by kenneth_sun » Tue Feb 05, 2019 3:38 pm

Hello Armand,

Such an accomplishment you made. I am very impressed and it really helped me in my research as it does confirm my findings.

I am 98% sure that I found the Djed pillar that is referred to in the Edfu building texts.
It is in Mauritania and it is so huge that we can not imagine that such a thing did ever exist.

Currently I am writing an article about the whole discovery which is actually the discovery of the last remnants of the capital city of Atlantis. I will place an update here again when the article is ready.

I have included a picture of it as a preview.
Djed pillar
Djed pillar

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Re: Ancients Knowledge of EU revealed in Dendera Light disco

Unread post by Sithri » Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:14 am

Here's my translation of the text:"As a vulture is tender with its young, I have yet again, knowledge of the tears, by the seasons of six fold dependence and division, coming into being, in thy bosom, the deity of the firmament's nourishment, who is with her two arms weaving dual threads (dual plasma 'cables') by gathered within dual waters of dual lines (dual plasma formations) both being borne in two hands of a man, with separation of the waters (separation of plasma), bearing a measure of early reaping of thrice-many foods of the dual horizon by the measure of giving the food, intertwined in measures--her two young arms intertwined (birkeland filaments z-pinching), the mouth of the goddess sings the song of life, behold, the opening of the aeon of the dual suns!"

The Book of the Dead by E A Wallis Budge, Plate 1, Verse 3-4

I would post a picture of this part of the book in order to give you an idea of what I'm transliterating, but I can't find any real pictures on the internet. But nonetheless if you do have access to this book you can clearly read this from the text with little difficulty.

I ask of you, if you could kindly explain, what are the steps in the formation of a binary star? I have defined them according simply and only referring to the translation of the text as a prediction of how a binary star forms.without foreknowledge of how a binary star forms that would taint my interpretation of the text.

Here's my idea of binary star formation simply by my transliteration of the text:

First it's two threads, then it gathers in dual multitudes of two threads each, then there's a separation (double layer?), and then there's the intertwining (z-pinches?) that form the two stars. Is this correct in the EU understanding?

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Re: Ancients Knowledge of EU revealed in Dendera Light disco

Unread post by kenneth_sun » Wed Feb 06, 2019 3:32 pm

Hello Armand,

I did browse through your posts over at the Graham Hancock forum and it appears you did not yet get any real serious discussion or interest in your discovery that the Dendera temple could be the Rosetta stone for ancient Egyptian science. I would really like to start that discussion again, but from the perspective of what I am looking into at the moment.

Further research on the site needs to be done to confirm what I think I found. But so far it looks very promising.
In Mauritania could be the last remnants of what once was the capital city of Atlantis. Satelite images show some very large artifacts. One of these artifacts is in my view the Djed pillar that is referred to in the temple of Edfu.
Next to the Djed pillar is what seems to be a statue of Toth.

The temple of Edfu tells the story of a lost civilization that came from a land far away that had been destroyed by a flood. It also tells that the Djed pillar was the only object that survived this flood. The temple of Edfu is oddly oriented to Denderah, which indicates that the Denderah temple gives more details about this Djed.

My personal feeling and your feeling as well tells us that the Djed was a form of electricity that could power electronic devices, but also was beneficial to people's health. Now that is a difference from electronics today which can supply power but might be potentially very harmful to us.
On the internet information can be found about ideas that there once was a network of Djed-like objects that supplied power and were beneficial to life on earth.

So let's assume that a long time ago there was a civilization that was more advanced that ours and that they had endless power from the electric universe that they were able to use in such a way that it was not only not harmful to our planet, but even beneficial. For instance people's health, the growth or crops among other benefits.

If you listen to Graham Hancock's view about Atlantis, he speaks about people who were too sure of themselves and they could have forgotten that nature is the creator of all life, and not humans. Humans can be smart, but fully understanding nature and creating life is not possible for them. They can only change what nature creates into something else.
But this is the danger of human science and technology. That we forget that we depend on what nature gives us, and instead think that we made everything without the help of nature. Humans can get pretty violent against nature when this happens.

Now let's get back to the Djed pillar that I possibly found in Mauritania, what could this possibly be used for? The pillar is around 800 meters tall. That is a gigantic structure and it indicates that it could have had a very important function. I hope you are still with me after the 800 meters information. I know it really sounds unbelievable.

My intuition tells me that the Djed pillar was the cause for the destruction of Atlantis. I can point you to one reference that states that part of the hieroglyphs in Dendera states that this science that they had could be used as a destructive force. So I think that the Djed pillar technique was initially being used as a power supply that was in harmony with nature. Eventually this technique was used against nature (not in harmony with it) and this caused a man-made disaster.
This can be the reason why this ancient science was preserved in a temple in Egypt by the survivors of Atlantis, but not used in common life as we do today with our electronic devices.
If the human consciousness is not ready for it, this technology is too dangerous.

Making my story less credible perhaps, but Edgar Cayce told about Atlantis and that it was destructed over a large period of time in stages. In a timeframe of around 40.000 years. Natural changes in the earth caused the continent of Atlantis to sink in the ocean.
According to Graham Hancock later at around 12000 BC Atlantis was flooded. And in my view this was the last of Atlantis that was still there. I believe Edgar Cayce also said this. But for this disaster the cause can be human technology used in a way that is too violent to nature.

Now look at what could have been the reason to be so violent to nature that a gigantic cataclysm was caused.
The stories tell us that Atlantis was destructed over a large period of time. And that eventually only a small part of it was still there. So people had seen their civilization disappear very gradually and concentrated their legacy to the parts that were still in existence.
Just like we are today, we are eager to keep at the same level of technology, culture etc and we don't want this to be lost. Contrary to nomadic people we are eager to stay where we are and we don't want to leave anything behind. If this means that we need to be violent to nature or to other people than we believe that can be justified. This possibly was what the Atlanteans were thinking during this period of time. And possibly they thought that they needed to do something to stop the changes that the earth was going through. Very similar to the situation where we are currently in actually (Even if man-made global climate change is nonsense).
So they invented a solution to stop what was happening to the earth.

I know it's a long story but I hope you keep reading.
Very recent research points out that during the last 400.000 years the earth did have at least 4 different geographic north poles. It is not easily explained but here you can read about this:
The whole theory around this is based on the orientation of ancient monuments and ice cores. Very interesting!
If this theory indeed is correct, it shows that the climate on our earth did change gradually over time and that it caused cataclysms. The changes of the geographic north pole did happen very gradually but the conditions on earth were not always stable.
At least this shows us that any climate change is caused by the moving geographic north pole and as a result the changing amount of sunlight that is shining on the ice of this north pole.

And now I finally come to the point that I want to make:
Let's assume that humans are capable of halting this natural process by using plasma technology. The Djed pillar that the Atlanteans used before the final destruction could have served this purpose.

And this brings me to yet another rather right brain kind of idea about the earth, which could explain how they had planned to prevent the north pole from moving.
We still do not know for sure why the earth spins. The formal explanation is that the earth spinned when it was created and that it just kept spinning during billions of years. Some people over here at the Thunderbolt Project had some alternative ideas about it, but these did not match my idea.

The earth spins. The earth has a spinning axis. It has geographic poles and magnetic poles and the location of these is not the same. If you apply a torque on a sphere that has a fixed spinning axis, it will start to rotate.
In the electric universe the earth is influenced by all the other different electrical forces out there.
The planets around the earth push and pull at the magnetic poles of the earth, but the sun does it even much stronger. All the planets around the earth (as far as the universe reaches) push and pull on it, and one effect of this is that the relative position of the earth is almost fixed. This same effect causes the tilt angle of the spinning axis of our earth. So the planets around earth are responsible for its location in the universe and its orientation.
You really can only understand it if you take into account that all planets influence each other.

The earth follow the sun as the sun has a relatively very strong electromagnetic field and is near the earth.
Gravity only speaks about an attraction force, but as to every action there should be an opposite reaction, couldn't it be that the sun does not only pull the earth but at the same time push?
If it is only pulled, we would get closer to the sun eventually, but we seem to stay at a distance of the sun. So the sun pushes and pulls us at the same time, and this creates a torque on the earth that causes it to spin and also to go around the sun in an almost circular path.

If the tilt-angle of the spinning axis of the earth and the spinning axis of the sun would be the same, then there will be no torque on the earth. The difference in the angles creates the offset and thus the torque.
So long story short, our earth spins and rotates around the sun because the sun exerts a torque on the earth.
This whole effect is the result of the electromagnetic fields of both bodies.

When we are able to change the electromagnetic field of the earth, we are thus able to change the tilt-axis of the earth. And we can control it to work in our favor but against the evolution of the universe.
This, I believe was what the Atlanteans were doing before they were the victim of a massive cataclysm. And this was the final purpose of the Djed pillar that they created.

When they fled to Egypt, they wanted to preserve their knowledge but keep it hidden in such a way that people would only be able to rediscover it when they were ready for this. Apparently they learned their lesson.
I think that now could be the right time to tell this story. Some people like you are apparently ready for it...
But it is important that the power of this knowledge is not underestimated. We can use it to go with nature or against it. Hopefully, this time we can use it in a wise way.

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Re: Ancients Knowledge of EU revealed in Dendera Light disco

Unread post by Armand » Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:14 am

Update: Here is link to my recent Electric View presentation. ... 050650514/
It is the first time I tell the story in a straight line narrative.

"If you want to understand the Lost Technology of Ancient Egypt, study
(Electrical) Storms, Soap Bubbles and Solitons."
- Cashus the Giant

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Re: Ancients Knowledge of EU revealed in Dendera Light disco

Unread post by seasmith » Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:27 pm

Good Utube

Near the beginning of the Q&A part, the issue of converting dc to ac to energize the plasma tube was addressed. You brought up the example of the buzzer shown earlier, to vibrate the contacts, but that device requires a mechanical spring, which wasn’t identified for the Dendera in the movie, afaik. Another person briefly attributed the oscillation to the mercury itself cavitating or something; but that gas has first to be energized by an alternating electric current.
Having been intrigued by “Dendera lights” for as perhaps as long as you, the Djed pillar has always brought to mind a capacitor.

Looking at the large image (~min 55) it’s clear that a circuit is being completed through the bulb via the Djed pillar. The arms atop the pillar reach right through the glass, with the hands actually touching the inner serpent/filament, like maybe virtual electrodes.
As you know, a capacitor will also act as an oscillator, if it is in a overcharge-discharge set up.
A battery pile, in line with your characterization of the sistrum handle, could be contained in the base of the Djed, or perhaps in the cylinder supporting the small kneeling figure with crystal disk-on-head (an very interesting figure herself) at the end of the bulb; as that cylinder also seems to be touching the Djed base.
Not djed set on this interpretation, but it could provide a required oscillating current.

[simple DC will provide some glow]

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Re: Ancients Knowledge of EU revealed in Dendera Light disco

Unread post by Bin-Ra » Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:47 pm

Armand wrote:
Our history is communication medium where the original signal has been severely degraded over time.
I noticed this. In a work that I resonate with is said - 'The Separation was a breakdown in communication', and that Mind is the medium of self-extension through Idea.

What we are calling 'history' is a narrative reference or symbolic representation for recorded idea - not just as stored information' but as the very structuring of a consciousness.

While I am interested in all the resonances of the 'Electric Universe' perspective, I am particularly interested in the unity beneath the apparent polarity of mind-creator to a world in which a mind is predicated, subject to, or programmed by - the very nature and measure of the creator thought of the 'word' that goes forth as the gift of recognition or giving and receiving as one - and Behold it was not only Very Good - but Perfect!

The original signal - if it is degradable - is not therefore a true Creation - but a spell (temporary illusion).
The splitting of the mind from Mind - (Fall or Separation or Dream) is the dissociation or displacement from the timeless or wholeness of being to the expression of self conflict (a form of charge separation) in forms that both symbolise and enact the denied, or hidden, as an explicate reality in personification and quantification of a limitation and loss or degradation of a qualitative state or rather qualitative recognition of giving and receiving as one or Total Communication.

So whether we realise it or not - we are living the current result of a creative thought that hid its Self to operate a sense of self-autonomy. That is to say. set up the conditions of not-knowing in order to experience reality differently than it is. This is a mind of possession and control that suffers subjection in limitation and is driven to overcome, escape or deny its 'adversary' or oppositional 'will'. Action and reaction generate a self reinforcing self denial through the denial or attack of the 'other'.

The true signal cannot degrade - but can be covered over by investing attention and identity in conflict - such that problems SHOUTS a driven existence while a still small voice waits our notice - but then is as loud as our willingness to hear it and as persistent as our allegiance to nothing else.

Truth, then is no so much discovered as Self-revealing to the willingness of a true acceptance held open FOR communication regardless the noise that would otherwise drown the signal of both the desire and its unfolding fulfilment.

The revisiting of 'history' is opening or re-visioning in the light of our current desire and intention as the modification of the configuration of our lens or consciousness. A devolution from a Field Embracing recognition to a form-based signalling is the adulteration and dilution of our true signature vibration to the idea of self in image and symbol, in world and in its models and concepts of its world.

I like that 'current' is both now and flow and an expression of movement. False current-cy is dissociated thought in past and future imagined, re-enacted, or revisioned to maintain a narrative continuity or control. I do not see that the mind that made such an entanglement is equipped or able to untangle or reverse engineer itself. hence the need for a new perspective as a gift of seeing what we could not accept or see before - because we were too invested in seeing something else. Recognizing and releasing a poor investment is often a conflict until the recognition of the true cost.

The Ancients did not have the complexity of split layered dissociation. Looking at the world IS looking AT Mind THROUGH idea. Descendence from the 'gods' is the inheritance of self-awareness - but self-consciousness operates an inhibitory sense of blocked movement - and when enough people get stuck at the same place - they call it reality.


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