On “gods”, genes, alchemy, bioluminesence, and longevity

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Shemsu Hor
http://tribes.tribe.net/mazdayasnianfel ... 928e0a4b16

Known as the “Shemsu Hor,” (meaning disciples of Horus) noted Egyptologists such as the late Schwaller de Lubicz (1891- 1951) found that pre-dynastic Egypt had no evolutionary development, but rather received its civilization intact from elsewhere. Ancient texts have revealed that these great civilizers were the Shemsu Hor, some of whose skeletons have been discovered at Saqquara, in Egypt. The Shemsu Hor were a fair haired, blue eyed race and taller than the indigenous Egyptians. Curiously, their skulls possessed an astonishing physical characteristic: unlike conventional human skulls, the front and rear halves of the Shemsu Hor skulls did not knit together. In consequence, as the brain grew during infancy, the rear half of the skull was forced backwards. This pronounced deformation caused the skin to become very taut, thereby giving the Shemsu Hor the facial appearance of a serpent! Very significantly, the deformed Shemsu Hor skulls have been found in regions of the world where ancient structures were constructed with massive stone blocks, e.g. the Giza Plateau, the pyramids of Central America and the Hal Saflini Hypogeum in Malta. The term “Shem” is of Akkadian derivation, being derived from the Babylonian term “shamash,” meaning “serpent,” Akkadia being the former name of Kurdistan. It is also in these particular regions that Mother Goddess figurines have been found who bear the facial features of a serpent. Interestingly, the Dead Sea scroll entitled “The Testament of Amran,” bears the phrase “… his face was that of a viper.”

According to my own research, the Shemsu Hor descended upon a mountain (almost certainly Mount Hermon) during the global flood and later became known as the Annana, Annanage, Annunakki or Nephilim. According to Sumerian texts, they resided upon the upper slopes of the mountain for many years at a valley they called “Edin,” where they taught various skills to a group of humans known as the “Watchers.” After the floodwaters receded, the Shemsu Hor migrated to Mesopotamia, where they introduced agriculture and other skills to the native hunter/gatherers.8

The magnificent civilizing era of the Shemsu Hor in Egypt appears to have ended circa 2250 BCE when a necrophilic priesthood known as the Royal Order of the Dragon became the overlords of the Egyptian populace. From that time on, the Egypt of antiquity lost the technology necessary for constructing buildings incorporating massive stone blocks.

At approximately the same time period that the era of the Shemsu Hor ended in Egypt, the Olmec people of Central America were still primitive jungle farmers until, according to Mesoamerican history, the Olmecs were visited by a tall white-skinned individual possessing fair hair, blue eyes, a white beard and an incredibly elongated head—a perfect description of a Shemsu Hor. In a remarkably short time period, the Olmecs developed a very sophisticated culture and skills which enabled them to construct the first pyramids in Mesoamerica.

The elongated skulls of the Shemsu Hor have been discovered in both of these areas.

(and then there is a lot of text relating to the construction of the pyramids and the universal scalar wave, suppressed research and a few other things, I've left a lot of this article out but tried to include the most interesting parts)
The suppressed research papers were the efforts of the brilliant German physicist and mathematician Dr. Hartmut Müller while working at the Institute for Cosmic Research in Russia, during the 1980’s. The basis of Dr. Müller’s research was the discovery of a non-electromagnetic interaction between physical biotic systems. It was later found by Russian scientists that this previously unknown “biofield” interaction even occurred between supposedly inanimate objects such as rocks or interstellar material. Later, in 1988, microbiological experiments conducted aboard the Mir spacecraft determined that the biofield was actually gravitation and amazingly, modulated gravitation possessed the unique capability of transmitting biological data—a fact independently verified by the distinguished physicist and Sumerian scholar George Merkl, PhD. Russian experiments conducted during the 1960’s and subsequently suppressed by the Russian Academy of Sciences, revealed that gravitational waves are able to travel at a minimum of twenty times the accepted velocity of light and that a “biofield” pervades the entire universe.

After examining this extensive corpus of scientific data, Dr. Müller was able to deduce that a logarithmic scalar gravitational standing wave pervades the entire universe. “Simply that this standing gravitational wave confers appropriate resonant data to every biotic system within the universe, thereby imposing an enduring effect upon planetary evolution.

Dr. Müller’s research reveals, much to the chagrin of human genome geneticists, that genetic information is not contained in DNA strands. Instead, DNA and RNA molecules generate optical holograms which are in resonance with, and driven by, specific frequencies generated by the universal standing scalar gravitational wave. Every living cell resonantly receives the appropriate data in the form of weak electromagnetic coded signals from the universal scalar wave necessary for biochemical processes such as protein synthesis.

Remarkably, in order to shield advanced biogenetic knowledge from the eyes of the profane, the simplistic images depicted on Sumerian clay texts by the Shemsu Hor, contain encoded data appertaining to protein synthesis and the manufacture of an elixir which repairs damaged cells and restores dead cells to life.

Living cells reject external electromagnetic fields which lack biologically relevant data, thus enabling cellular growth to proceed in a controlled manner. Unfortunately for all life within our biosphere, much of the electromagnetic smog generated by high voltage powerlines and telecommunication systems contains arbitrarily chosen frequency spectra of biological significance, thus pervading and polluting the biosphere with energy fields not in attunement with the cosmos.

The Shemsu Hor not only introduced a new civilization to Egypt, Malta, Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, they also left us clues that they had an in-depth knowledge of the universal scalar gravitational standing wave and its importance in the cosmological scheme of things, for in addition to offsetting the entrance of the Great Pyramid, the dimensions of its Grand Gallery, King’s Chamber and so-called sarcophagus, are resonant with the geometry of the universal scalar wave, as are the magnificent Gothic cathedrals of Europe.

The latter were designed by initiates of a Mystery School known as the Fraters Solomonis, who not only designed the cathedral interiors to be resonant cavities, but also encoded into the church architecture numerology, alchemy and astrology. By studying the sacred geometry encoded in the architecture of the world’s major pyramids, it becomes self-evident that the profound legacy bequeathed us by the amazing Shemsu Hor is that in order to endure, humanity must establish a civilization whose cultural and technological foundations incorporate a cosmology which is in attunement with the universal logarithmic scalar gravitational standing wave.

If planet Earth and perhaps even the entire universe is to survive, modern science and particularly that sector of it beholden to the military industrial complex, must abandon its present irresponsible ways and display competent global stewardship, learning to understand and work with the cosmos instead of against it.

When humanity begins to restart its new civilization sometime after 2012, it’s imperative that the world of commerce adopts ternary logic in order to find true attunement with the cosmos, for both the universal logarithmic scalar standing wave and all of nature incorporates ternary logic. The universal standing wave for instance, has zones of growth, stability and even decay, with which all natural systems within the universe resonate.

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"It is unwise to assume that any creature which resembles the typical gray alien is, of necessity, an extraterrestrial being, for the creation of similar humoid lifeforms is not beyond the capability of human technology, and is indeed, currently being conducted at cover facilities according to conversations that the author has had with people who have observed them at facilities such as China Lake Naval Weapons Facility.

This advanced technology is made possible by virtue of the fact that the bioenergetic Meissner field which surrounds each DNA strand contains encoded genetic information which is in a dynamic state. It is therefore possible to electronically download genetic information from a donor and encode it by means of ultra high frequency equipment, into a totally biologically dissimilar recipient. The offspring would possess the biological characteristics of both subjects, thus rendering it feasible to electronically cross a human with a reptile.

Although such experimentation is covertly conducted for obvious reasons, Chinese scientist Dr. Tsian Kanchen has published results of similar experiments in which he successfully electronically crossed a goat with a rabbit. Such experiments may account for the recent animal attacks by a creature known as the Chupacabra.

Significantly, the first alleged sightings of the creature, described as being three to six feet in height, with red eyes and winglets, occurred in Puerto Rico, a country long rumored to be the site of American covert biological experimentation. A similar creature, which escaped after receiving a gunshot wound from a police officer in the Puetro Rican town of Canovanas left bloodstains. An analysis of the blood revealed that the albumin/globulin ratio did not correspond to that of any known animal species, suggestive that the creature may have been the result of high technology genetic experimentation. Curiously, attendees of Illuminati rituals have described to the author the presence at these functions of reptilians, some of whom possess winglets. Since the chupacabras purportedly possess winglets, they may therefore possess reptilian genes.

In conversations with the author, the former Mother Goddess of the Illuminati, Arizona Wilder, has described how she was sent to Russia as a child for training in psychic development and remote viewing. She subsequently was taken to Area 51 and other covert military facilities for the purpose of telepathically communicating with extraterrestrials, and also with genetically engineered humanoids, some of whom possessed dolphin genes. She also described small child-like human replicas purportedly referred to by scientific staff as “chemical children,” and claimed that vivisection experiments were performed on humanoids without the aid of anesthetics.
They Cast No Shadows – Brian Desborough – page 322-323

Brian's Better World

Brian also mentions a "Project Lazarus" Could it be something along these lines?

Resurrecting the dead? Ancient humans and other extinct life forms?

Project Lazarus
http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/20 ... uman-.html

February 17, 2010

The Lazarus Project: Scientists Reconstruct the Genome of an Ancient Human
Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have become the first to reconstruct the first ancient human genome of a male who lived in Greenland 4,000 years ago and belonged to the first culture to settle in the New World Arctic. The innovative groundbreaking technique can be applied to museum materials and ancient remains found in nature and can help reconstructing human phenotypic traits of extinct cultures from where only limited remains have been recovered. It also allows for finding those contemporary populations most closely related to extinct cultures tracing ancient human expansions and migrations. Finally, the discovery improves our understanding of heredity and the disease risk passed down from our ancestors.

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They Cast No Shadows – Brian Desborough

Mengele, who was a high-level Illuminatus specialized in mind control research involving twins. After the mind had disassociated into multiple alter personalities, 169 alters would be individually programmed for specific tasks, e.g., to be a sex slave for Illuminati pedophiles, a drug courier, or an assassin.

Each alter personality was given an access code. For reference purposes, the programmer then drew a 13 x 13 grid, each square denoting one specific programmed alter personality. Each programmed multiple was implanted with thirteen such grids interspersed between the grids were alters who were programmed to act as gatekeepers, thus rendering it extremely difficult for a deprogrammer to access the next grid level.

Mind control victims who were also intended to function as intelligence couriers were subjected to a surgical operation known as brain stem scarring, which enabled specific alters to possess a photographic memory. It should be noted that the front alter personality was always programmed to be totally oblivious to other alters, which were kept compartmentalized until required to perform a specific task. The front alter was never programmed to possess a photographic memory.

When planning future global strategy, the Illuminati hierarchy studies the outcome of a game of Enochian Chess, which involves four players who are influenced by beings not of this world. Psychic energy is generated by the Illuminati Mother Goddess during the chess game, in order to facilitate the physical manifestation of these reptilian entities. Mengele (who also went under the names of Greenbaum and David) was one of the players in this bizarre game, together with another major programmer who posed as “Dr. Black.” (Pages 251-253)

When western governments began to envelope the development of terrestrially designed flying saucers in a cloak of secrecy, it was decided to promulgate a disinformation agenda by claiming that UFO’s, if they existed at all, were of extraterrestrial origin.

The ruse was relatively straightforward to implement, since it was known since the early 1930’s that by means of directed energy devices tuned to a wavelength of 2.33 feet, or a higher harmonic thereof, it is possible to subliminally program individuals to hear voices inside of their heads.

A variant of the system has been installed in satellites in order to instill the belief in psychically sensitive people that they are in communication with the Ashtar Space Command.

A false screen memory frequently is implanted in the subconscious of mind controlled victims, in order to create the impression of an alien abduction scenario. This is accomplished by placing a helmet over the head of the subject. Attached to the helmet are numerous solenoids which are tuned to a frequency of 3l8 Hertz; computer generated graphics of an extra-terrestrial abduction are fed into the solenoids in order to implant a false abduction memory into the mind of the hapless victim. Such victims are often programmed during infancy while attending daycare centers which are operated by intelligence personnel and are programmed as “sleepers,” to be activated years later to shoot high school classmates, or to participate in major civil unrest as a pretext for the declaration of a state of national emergency. The name of this particular mind-control program is “Operation Greenstar” and is part of the Illuminati’s Janus end-times project.

Many leading authors and lecturers who pontificate about situations involving flying saucers and extraterrestrials beings belong to an organization known as the Aviary. This is a very subversive organization created by the intelligence community in order to disseminate misinformation concerning UFO’s and ET’s. Much of the funding for this operation is provided by the Human Ecology Fund, a conduit for the financing of mind control activities.

Implants have been removed from some supposed victims of alien abductions. Invariable, UFO lecturers claim that such implants are the work of extraterrestrials, yet in actuality the typical implant recovered is one of the various types developed by such companies as Motorola or IBM.

One insidious implant commonly found contains a lithium battery, which is recharged by fluctuation in body temperature. This model was frequently implanted into the back of the hand of American soldiers during the Vietnam War, in order to stimulate adrenalin flow. When implanted in the third eye of the forehead it also causes young girls to under immediate menopause.

A more recent development is a liquid crystal implant, which is intravenously inserted—convenient for covert introduction of means by of flu vaccinations, etc. Another diabolical implant consists of powerful microscopic bioprocessors which are manufactured from synthetic protein and are attached to either neurotropic or dermatropic viruses. Such pathogens migrate to specific regions of the human body transporting the attached implants with them. Other mind control devices are the dental type, which are judiciously installed by dentists under contract with various intelligence agencies. This latter type of implant was invented by the late Dr. A. Puharich, who also conducted a mind control experiment in which the group of unsuspecting victims believed that they were in communication with a group of highly evolved astral beings known as the “Nine.”

The ultimate goal of Illuminati sub-groups such as the Tavistock Institute and the Black Rose Society, in conducting such massive mind control activity, in addition to the creation of Manchurian Candidates such as the Columbine High School shooters is, of course the creation of a very complaint public.

In view of the fact that a widespread segment of the public has been unwittingly subjected to the insertion of implants, it seems ludicrous that extraterrestrials would travel vast distances across the universe, in order to insert an implant up someone’s nose, when all that would be necessary for the purpose of controlling a large segment of humanity by extraterrestrials would be to utilize the implants known to have already been inserted by Federal agencies.

This could be accomplished through the simple expediency of super-imposing an A.M. signal into the local F.M. Radio frequency (such implants are often actuated by means of satellite downlinks). Control of an implanted person is enhanced if the person is a good hypnotic subject, which is why certain intelligence agency purchased a controlling interest in a national chain of aversion therapy clinics, in order to identify such psychically gifted potential mind-control subjects. Mind control programming is more readily accomplished if the subject is under the influence of methamphetamine or ketamine.

Some terrestrially developed anti gravitic craft possess a multiplicity of miniature video cameras on the craft’s upper surface, and a corresponding number of miniature television monitors on the lower surface. When flying on starry nights, the video cameras film the overhead stars and project their images onto the television monitors on the underside of the craft, thus creating the illusion of an absence of a craft. Conversely Operation Bluebeam was initiated in order to develop holographic equipment capable of simulating an attack by gigantic motherships. (pages 311-314)

UFO investigator and lecturer Norio Hayakawa claims that the oligarchy has developed a duplicitous plan known as “Project Panic”. Under this plan, very high-technology equipment would be used in order to create the optical illusion of an invasion by UFO’s, as a pretext for declaring a State of National Emergency. Credence is lent to Mr. Hayakawa’s claim, by a purported eyewitness to an apparent test of the device in question. On a radio talk show hosted by Anthony J. Hilder, the eyewitness stated that one night in 1992, accompanied by two friends, he was on a mountain which overlooked the secret Nevada facility known as Area 51. Suddenly he experienced a subterranean low rumbling sound that rolled across the valley. This immediately was followed by a very brilliant light in the sky, which he likened to a supernova. Multiple glowing discs then emerged from the first object and performed geometric patterns in the sky; one of his companions photographed the phenomenon, which gave the appearance of flying saucers departing a mother ship.

The subterranean rumbling sound provides us with a major clue as to how the phenomenon was achieved: the entire effect almost certainly involved the detonation of an opto-explosive device. This type of device consists of a very low-yield nuclear explosive, which is doped with low-atomic number metal elements, and detonated in an underground chamber. The outlet from the chamber consists of a labyrinth of tunnels which absorb the blast and nuclear debris. What remains of the explosion consists of a stream of highly energized photons in the form of a beam of incredibly bright atomic light. The beam is focused by means of disposable mirrors and is used to pump a laser to unimaginable levels of luminosity, in order to stage the ultimate light show. (pages 336-337)

Operation Greenstar

There are four types of brain waves: alpha, beta, delta, and theta. The four basic models of Monarch slaves have the same names as these four types of brain waves. High level Illuminati models may have programming that includes all of these types. According to one ex(?)-government source, the CIA has been labeling their harmonic-created total Mind-controlled slaves by the following: Bravo 2 series models are men programmed to run the Beast computers. Delta series are models for espionage and assassination. Juliet series are sexual mind controlled slaves. Kilo 5 series is military espionage. Michael 1 series slaves are CIA agents under total mind-control. Operation Greenstar was the Mind-control project to create UFO abductions scenarios. Much of the high level programming in the 1980s and 1990s is no longer done with human programmers, but is done via programmed machines using drugs, electricity and harmonics. The Illuminati Formula 6. The Use of Electricity & Electronics

Operation Greenstar is a mind-control program in which the victim is given a screen memory to create the impression of being abducted by extraterrestrials. This is accomplished by placing on the victim's head a helmet containing electromagnetic solenoids tuned to a 4 Hz. frequency. The solenoids are connected to a computer which projects into the percipient's mind a graphics program depicting an alien abduction scenario. Such victims are subjected to Janus 'end times' programming, and will be activated to create civil unrest shortly prior to declaration of a state of national emergency. Hypnotic regression as practiced by UFO support groups, only serves to reinforce the mind-control programs. A number of day-care centers are used for both mind-control programming and satanic ritual abuse purposes, while a major religious organization serves as a front for the programming of schoolyard shooters.

'Fight Club': Secrets of Janus Programming
http://www.conspiracyplanet.com/review. ... d=3&page=2

According to recovered survivors of mind control, Fight Club is the story of someone who discovers he has so-called Janus-End Times Programming

The Ed Norton character is a "sleeper," or programmed mind control victim, triggered to perform certain activities of chaos, disruption and murder, AKA Project Mayhem in the film.

"Rule Number One," says the Brad Pitt character in the movie. "Nobody talks about Fight Club." The subtext is simple – nobody talks about mind control -- especially as a causative agent of "random violence" in America today.

The Brad Pitt role itself is the raging "alter," one of the split-off personalities, which characterizes MPD, renamed DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder.

According to DSM IV, the psychiatrists’ guide to mental disease, DID is characterized by "the presence of two or more distinct personality states that recurrently take control of behavior. There is an inability to recall important personal information, the extent of which is too great to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness. The disturbance is not due to the direct physiological effects of substance or a general medical condition."(p.484)

Operation Blue Beam
http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/ha ... e_beam.htm

Please read this incredible tale of apparitions and modulated microwave images and sounds and voices directed into your brain, I was told today by those in the know that holographic images of tanks and war machinery were projected over the desert to the Iraqis to scare them into submission during Desert Storm. Looks like it worked quite effectively.

So there are two separate weapons. One projects images into the air while the other projects images into your mind.

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Phoenix Lights
http://www.briansbetterworld.com/articl ... Lights.htm

A somewhat similar situation occurred on the evening of March 13th, 1997, when numerous persons observed a cluster of lights in the sky over the American city of Phoenix. Despite claims made of military spokespersons and the controlled mainstream media that the lights were merely military flares, the claims were patently false since military flares display a white light and meander during their descent, in contrast to the statements made by eyewitnesses that the lights were amber colored and maintained a fixed triangular orientation to one another. Moreover, the lights were observed by some eyewitnesses to hover, and then silently travel at approximately 30 mph prior to accelerating at a phenomenal velocity. Some eyewitnesses claimed to see stars between adjacent lights, while others believed they saw a very fuzzy structure linking adjacent lights. A consensus of the eyewitnesses suggests that what they saw was a gigantic triangularly shaped aerial craft. Some observers felt that they were in telepathic attunement with beings within the craft.

Even though published eyewitness accounts agreed that the craft was very large, individual assessments of its physical dimensions varied greatly, some claiming it was more than a mile in length, while others held a more conservative view. A lucid account of the event was published in the book "The Phoenix Lights." 1. The percipient in this instance was a psychiatrist who was traveling on Interstate 10 toward Phoenix. He claimed that the triangular craft silently passed overhead at an approximate altitude of 1500 feet. He estimated the distance between the leading and trailing lights to be some 900 feet.

Eyewitnesses and purported UFO "experts" all appear to believe that the craft had to be of extraterrestrial origin because humans lack the technological expertise to have constructed such an advanced vehicle. Such a myopic viewpoint forces one to draw a parallel with the limited belief structure of the aforesaid Patagonian natives, for the flight characteristics and also the physical dimensions of the Phoenix Lights craft as described by the psychiatrist observer are certainly within the technological capabilities of human endeavor.

Sadly, despite the study of UFO's being a very complex scientific subject, the UFO lecture circuit is infested with members of the US government disinformation organization known as the Aviary, while others simply lack the scientific background to ascertain the advanced level of covert terrestrial technology. Consequently, such UFO "experts" are abysmally ignorant of the fact that existing advanced covert terrestrial technology encompasses:

1. Superluminal antigravitic craft.
2. Ships and discoid flying craft possessing teleportation capabilities.
3. The ability for humans to appear invisible under daylight conditions.
4. The manufacture of small levitating orbs that exhibit an amber glow.

5. The regeneration of severed human and other mammalian limbs without recourse to stem cell therapy (US Patent 4,455,302).

6. Ambient energy powered non polluting highway vehicles.
7. Subliminal control of a victim's mind (thought implantation) at a distance by means of psychoacoustic devices.

8. A means of instantaneous telecommunication regardless of distance without the creation of electromagnetic radiation.

9. The capability of flash freezing the inhabitants of an entire city by means of longitudinally pulsed waves.
10. The symbiotic flight control of aircraft.
11. The ability to make physical objects disappear into an engineered black hole.

12. The cross breeding of dissimilar species, e.g. mammals and reptiles through electronic manipulation of their Meissner fields.

13. The rapid creation of complex crop circles.
14. The image simulation of large flying saucers by means of clear atomic light projection.

It should be self evident from the above that humankind is in possession of very advanced covert technology, most of which was developed without the assistance of Extraterrestrials, regardless of claims to the contrary made by professional disinformers such as the late Col. Corso. 2.

The reader may wonder why we are still using fossil fuels as an energy source if we possess the advanced technologies outlined above. The reason is that for millennia, the world has been ruled by thirteen interrelated, yet ethnically diverse families who maintain their political and financial clout through their perpetration of cycles of war and peace. These Luciferic families own the bulk of the world's natural resources, including precious metals and consequently are able to exercise their authority over governments. Since the 19th century, independent energy researchers such as that towering intellect Nikola Tesla have been aware that the Cosmos is pervaded by an energy and intelligence continuum that can be harnessed by means of resonant circuitry in order to provide unlimited amounts of very inexpensive pollution free electricity. An overview of such technology is provided in my book "A Blueprint for a Better World." 3.

This limitless cosmic energy is one energy source that can't be owned by the thirteen families. In consequence, inventors who successfully develop devices that harness this energy source invariably find that their inventions are classified if they attempt to patent or commercialize them. With few exceptions (e.g. the hydrogen burning German Fleissner saucer that successfully flew during WWII) most terrestrially constructed antigravitic craft are powered by over unity systems. Obviously, if the public became aware that terrestrially built flying saucers don't require fossil fuel, the public would demand over unity created electrical power for residences and automobiles, a situation that would render fossil fuels redundant other than for petrochemical production, thus causing the thirteen families to lose their dominance over the global populace. To counter this threat, Federal agencies and professional UFO disinformers have claimed that if UFO's exist, they must be of extraterrestrial origin.

Fortunately a wind of change is blowing. A great deal of meaningful constructive information regarding over unity electrical systems has been disseminated over the internet, resulting in numerous persons around the world covertly powering vehicles and devices by such means. Moreover, even though one of the ruling families is China's Li family (Li Ka Shing is the military overlord of 50,000 manufacturing facilities) the extreme pollution in China's major cities created by the consumption of fossil fuel has forced the PRC government to seek over unity technology for use in their proposed Green Cities project. In addition, an over unity D'Arsonval electrical power plant developed by my friend and research associate Donald Smith, has been incorporated in a pollution free motor constructed by General Electric as a propulsion system for twin engine aircraft built in China. Since the majority of the UFO community is abysmally ill informed concerning the various technologies mentioned above, the following is a brief overview of some of them.

Crop circles:

It is generally claimed by ufologists on the lecture circuit that humans lack the technology to create genuine crop circles, which is utter nonsense. The principal characteristics of a crop circle are:

a) The stalks are bent at a node point.
b) The nodal cells are greatly expanded as though moisture has been superheated.
c) A residual clicking or whistling noise is perceived in newly formed circles.
d) Plasma orbs have been observed over the circle while the circle is being formed.
e) A light beam has been observed impacting the circle during its formation.
f) A carbonized porcupine was discovered in a new crop circle.
g) Magnetite particles are found adhering to the individual stalks.
h) Radioactive isotopes Bismuth 105 and Yttrium 88 are evident in crop circle soil.
i) Seeds gathered from crop circles exhibit DNA modification.
j) Crop circles emit microwave energy.

The above characteristics are totally consistent with the crop circles being created by means of Mossbauer beam technology. Named after a Cal Tech physicist who discovered that a coherent gamma ray beam occurs when doped radioactive materials are subjected to specific sound frequencies, Mossbauer technology has spawned various weapons called Grasers (e.g. US Patent 3,557,370). Such devices can carbonize the inhabitants of an entire city while leaving buildings intact. At low power settings, satellite mounted Mossbauer systems can detect underground cavities (Tomography) or provide static free telecommunications. Adjacent to many crop circles are several small swirl patterns, presumably made while focusing the beam. A Mossbauer system mounted in a satellite or a terrestrially created saucer could create a sophisticated circle pattern in a few seconds.

Some crop circle lecturers have claimed the circles must be E.T. created because they have been part of a group of watchers who observed a circle being formed after one of the party thought of a particular circle pattern. In each case I've found the same person was present and is a known Rockefeller hack. At the conclusion of WWII, Laurance Rockefeller headed up an American team who were dispatched to Germany to retrieve German saucer technology. He subsequently covertly oversaw the activities of the UFO organizations for the purpose of smoking out persons who violated their secrecy oaths and also to locate persons who may have been genuine abductees. Most supposed abductees are unwitting victims of the Operation Green Star mind control program.

Crop circles are an easy way to misdirect gullible ufologists away from current terrestrial saucer programs.
Are there extraterrestrial beings?


In 1899, Nikola Tesla conducted teleportation experiments involving the Schumann Resonance of planet Earth. As he lay dying in late 1942, Tesla summoned Dr. Edward Teller and disclosed technical details of his 1899 experiments. Tesla died in January, 1943 and later that year, Teller and a scientist named Dr. Horton oversaw a continuation of Tesla's teleportation system aboard the commandeered yacht Martha's Vineyard, which had been given the navy designation IX97 and was moored at the New York Navy Yard. The same year, the IX97, under the command of Lt. Wm. Boyton, USNR, teleported back in time two weeks in Long Island Sound. After shipyard workers leaked details of the experiment, the Philadelphia experiment fable was concocted as a cover story, the Eldridge merely being a navy ship that had been equipped with degaussing equipment for mine sweeping duties.

Shortly after the crash of the wedge shaped E.T. craft at Roswell, Tesla protégé Otis Carr successfully constructed a privately funded flying saucer in Southern California. A unique feature of the craft was the incorporation of revolving capacitors he named "Utrons". The saucer subsequently teleported during a demonstration flight for the military while piloted by Mr. Ralph Ring, who currently resides in Nevada.

Are there extraterrestrial beings?

I saw my first evidence of the existence of E.T.'s about 25 years ago when I was shown the Roswell autopsy report that clearly indicated that the craft's occupants were humanoids.

My esteemed friend Mr. Credo Mutwa, the Sanusi (head shaman and official historian) of the Zulu nation has described several saucer crashes in Africa and that he personally cut open the body of a dead reptilian crash victim.

Amazingly, the UFO community has totally ignored hard evidence of humanoid visitors who arrived on earth more than 5000 years ago. Unlike human skulls, the front and rear halves of their skulls never knitted together.

Consequently, as their brains grew in infancy, the rear half of their head was pushed rearwards, pulling their facial skin taut and giving them the appearance of a serpent (a Dead Sea scroll mentions a similar being). Their skeletons have been found in Sumer, the Giza Plateau, Malta and Yucatan and at the Mayan pyramids. Superstitious Mayans later bound their infants' heads between two boards in an attempt to simulate the skulls.

So much misinformation has been published concerning the Sumerian culture that it's advisable to learn the language and study Sumerian texts oneself. According to the texts, these great civilizers known variously as the El (shining ones) Annana, Annunaki and in the pre dynastic Egyptian texts as the Shemsu Hor (followers of Horus) descended upon the summit of Mount Hermon as the waters of the global flood began to reside and created a community on the upper slopes of the mountain in a grassy plain they named Edin. After a long period of time they migrated to Mesopotamia and created a civilization there. Several years ago, I had the pleasure of dining with the erudite physicist and Sumerian scholar, the late George Merkl, Ph.D. when we both lectured at a Global Sciences symposium and found it refreshing to hear him refer to popular books on Sumerian history as a "fairy story."

The reason much data appertaining to these remarkable people has been obscured is because Dr. Merkl discovered that many Sumerian texts contain advanced data concerning protein synthesis and endoplasmic reticulii. He also decoded a Sumerian text providing details on the manufacture of an amazing elixir. He replicated the elixir, which contained microscopic crystals that had remarkable healing qualities. When a powerful light beam was projected on the base of a glass Petrie dish containing the elixir, the dish levitated. Dr. Merkl, the recipient of some 400 patents, also developed very advanced optical equipment which enabled him to view planets with incredible clarity.

According to the earliest Egyptian texts, it was the Shemsu Hor who created the Great Pyramid. Carbon dating using the tree ring calibration method dates the Pyramid at 3000 BCE, not 2500 BCE as is commonly believed

Evidence of the Shemsu Hor's advanced technology is to be found in the Great Pyramid's stone blocks, which were cast in geopolymer stone, not quarried (the blocks contain chemically bound water, not found in natural limestone).

For a number of years I served in a support function for high level survivors of Illuminati mind control and Satanic ritual abuse. Some of these unfortunate individuals had served in a dual capacity as highly trained powerful psychics who had the ability to invoke hideous entities from other astral realms at ritual gatherings and also acted as telepathic intermediaries between E.T.'s and scientists at various covert facilities such as Area 51 and China Lake Naval Weapons Depot. What I learned from these individuals is that the 13 ruling families of shape shifters receive their global planning strategies from a reptilian dragon like race who reside off planet.

Was the point in time where the the Illuminati reptilian shapeshifters progeny took over?


The magnificent civilizing era of the Shemsu Hor in Egypt appears to have ended circa 2250 BCE when a necrophilic priesthood known as the Royal Order of the Dragon became the overlords of the Egyptian populace. From that time on, the Egypt of antiquity lost the technology necessary for constructing buildings incorporating massive stone blocks.

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Are the Arkaim related to the Anunnaki?

An Arctic Origin of Civilization?

Perhaps 100,000 years ago or more, so the hypothesis runs, a great star-gazing Ice Age people lived in the Arctic region, at that time a temperate zone, before migrating south to Inner Asia as conditions changed and the great ice sheets melted. There, in a fertile, paradisial land, these unknown sages became the core of a Ural-Altaic race that continued to evolve over the millennia, improving the stock of primitive humanity by intermarriage, developing cosmological sciences and political structures that sowed the seeds of our present civilized state, migrating across the earth and then disappearing, leaving immortal legends about itself behind.

The British author John Michell cites the massive evidence for such a civilization, which he regards as essentially magical and still faintly visible across the earth for those who care to look:

The entire surface of the earth is marked with the traces of a gigantic work of prehistoric engineering, the remains of a once universal system of natural magic, involving the use of polar magnetism together with another positive force related to solar energy. All we can suppose is that some overwhelming disaster destroyed a system whose maintenance depended upon its control of certain natural forces across the entire earth.

The ancient Greek historians had much to say on this subject, especially concerning the legends of Asia Minor which told of the descent thereto, in the depths of the Ice Ages, of the Hyperboreans, a mysterious race of superior beings from polar regions whose Pillar works on earth sought to mirror the starry heavens above. Yet it is Central and Inner Asia further to the east, a vast land of steppes, mountains and sandy deserts, whose people preserve the most significant memories of a time beyond telling when cities populated the deserts and an Elder race walked tall on the earth. And it is these Ural-Altaic regions that are now taking centre stage as the search continues for the roots of homo sapiens and the path into a viable future.

In 1987, in the middle of the Russian steppe, a team of Russian archaeologists unearthed the ruins of a fortified town called Arkaim, causing great excitement in scientific ranks and a surge of neo-pagan and nationalist enthusiasm among Russian intellectuals. The region was known to have preserved landmarks of the most diverse cultures, ranging from every epoch and every direction of the compass, but Arkaim was the first clear evidence of an ancient advanced culture flourishing on Russian soil.

Dubbed “the Russian Stonehenge”, this Bronze age settlement was about 3600 years old and was contemporaneous with the Cretan-Mycenaean civilization, with the Egyptian Middle Kingdom and with the Mesopotamian and Indus valley civilizations, and older by several centuries than Homer’s fabled Troy, whose circular layout it so closely resembled. Arkaim was inhabited for 200 years and was then mysteriously burned down and deserted.

Ar-ka means sky, and Im means earth, says Alex Sparkey, a Russian writer. He explains that this means that Arkaim is a place where the Sky touches the Earth.

The truth is that Arkaim was a troy town, so-called after the city in Asia Minor that the Greek king Agamemnon destroyed during the Trojan Wars. Built on the same circular principle as Troy, as described in Homer’s Iliad, but at least six hundred years older, Arkaim finds its prototype in Plato’s Atlantis with its three concentric circles of canals; in legendary Electris, the Hyperborean city some said was built under the Pole Star by the sea-god Poseidon; and in Asgard, the sacred city dedicated to the Norse god Odin that is described in the Icelandic saga, the Edda. All these legendary troy towns have the same circular ground plan. They have gone down in history as Neolithic Wisdom centres and the seats of ancient god-kings, and this undoubtedly throws light on the cultic function of Arkaim in its day.

Built in the unique architectural mould of Nordic Asgard, the most sacred shrine of the Aesir of which the Prose Edda relates that “men call it Troy,” Arkaim may have been a shrine dedicated to the Aryan Sun religion, yet the roots of its dedication would have lain ultimately in the far older cult of the Pole star. Essentially, this was the religion of the shaman, the wizard, the medicine-man and other wonder-workers in touch with the spirits of nature.

Thus the swastika, thought to be the exclusively Aryan symbol of sun-worship misappropriated by the Nazis, and found depicted on many of the clay pots unearthed in Arkaim, is an older religious and metaphysical symbol than that attached to the Aryan Sun God, its roots lying in totemic shamanism. René Guénon, the eminent French esotericist, points out that the swastika, symbolizing eternal motion around a motionless centre, is a polar rather than a solar symbol, and as such was a symbol central to the Pole star cult, originally dedicated to a planetary deity connected to Ursa Major, the Great Bear. This centre, Guénon stresses, “constitutes the fixed point known symbolically to all traditions as the ‘pole’ or axis around which the world rotates…” The swastika is therefore known world-wide as the ‘sign of the pole.’

The town was heir to a great civilizing force that existed in the Eurasian corridor long before there were Indo-Europeans. One universal feature of troy towns is missing in Arkaim – presumably because it has been destroyed over the centuries – and that is the altar pillar in the central square. Undoubtedly, in Arkaim we see a late expression of a megalithic Pillar religion that once reigned universally in every corner of the globe, among nearly all peoples, whatever their ethnic type, and which became associated with troy towns. It is the oldest religion known to us and goes back to the most remote antiquity when men saw the heavens as revolving around the axis of the Pole Star.

Only later did the Sun, as the centre of the revolving stellar system, replace the Pole Star as the supreme deity of the Pillar cult and lead to the elevation of the Sun God of the Indo-European peoples. It led to their greater intellectual development, to complex civilizations, to advanced arts and sciences and the transcendence of nature.

What is this world pillar? The best I can determine is that it must represent the universal logarithmic scalar wave. I wonder if the Earth was in perfect geometric alignment (resonance) with this universal logarithmic scalar wave before it acquired its axial tilt In other words, the universal logarithmic scalar wave was the Earth's true magnetic north pole. Was that alignment broken during “the Flood” (Venus comet)?


After examining this extensive corpus of scientific data, Dr. Müller was able to deduce that a logarithmic scalar gravitational standing wave pervades the entire universe.

Simply that this standing gravitational wave confers appropriate resonant data to every biotic system within the universe, thereby imposing an enduring effect upon planetary evolution.


When humanity begins to restart its new civilization sometime after 2012, it’s imperative that the world of commerce adopts ternary logic in order to find true attunement with the cosmos, for both the universal logarithmic scalar standing wave and all of nature incorporates ternary logic. The universal standing wave for instance, has zones of growth, stability and even decay, with which all natural systems within the universe resonate.

Rocks get their energy from the stars when the stellar alignments are correct. Maybe the “four corners” or “four pillars” of the world represent the major star systems (reference points) of the original alignments before the “World Tree” was knocked off its central axis.


The real genius behind the design of the Great Pyramid, however, is only apparent to those cognizant with the design of anti-gravitic and free-energy devices; only then does the rationale for locating it west of the Nile, and aligning it with the Orion Constellation become self-evident.

Petrovoltaic electricity was harnessed by that virtually unknown 19th century genius Nathan Stubblefield. Moreover, his sole electrical power source was derived from petrovoltaic energy. In another invention he was able to harness sufficient energy from rocks to power electric motors and arc lamps.

During the 8th century A.D. Irish monks constructed tall, round towers from paramagnetic stone. Amazingly, these towers were designed to perform as waveguide antennas, tuned to detect gravity waves, which were converted to petrovoltaic electricity within the masonry of the structures, then trickled into the surrounding fields, in order to provide additional crop fertility. The towers were aligned to particular stars, mainly in the Draco Constellation.

The Great Pyramid

The three main pyramids line up with the Belt of Orion.

Aligned True North:

The Great Pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure in existence and faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error. The position of the North Pole moves over time and the pyramid was probably exactly aligned at one time.

North Star Pointer:

The Descending Passage pointed to the pole star Alpha Draconis, circa 2170-2144 B.C. This was the North Star at that point in time. No other star has aligned with the passage since then.

Polaris in Greek means Satan.

The southern shaft in the King's Chamber (45 deg, 00 min, 00 sec) pointed to the star Al Nitak (Zeta Orionis) in the constellation Orion, circa 2450 B.C.

The Orion constellation was associated with the Egyptian god Osiris.

No other star aligned with this shaft during that Epoch.
The northern shaft in the King's Chamber (32 deg, 28 min, 00 sec) pointed to the star Alpha Draconis, circa 2450 B.C.

The southern shaft in the Queen's Chamber (39 deg, 30 min, 00 sec) pointed to the star Sirius, circa 2450 B.C.
The northern shaft in the Queen's Chamber (39 deg, 00 min, 00 sec) pointed to the star Ursa Minor, circa 2450 B.C.

The perfect geometric alignment would occur with the vesica piscis formation, the Eye of Horus. Is this the "source" of the universal logarithmic scalar wave? Does the Black Sun symbolize the universal logarithmic scalar wave?

The Black Sun

According to Peter Moon, in his book 'The Black Sun', the ultimate concept of Thule is well represented in the myth of it as the capital city or center of Hyperborea, a word which literally means 'beyond the poles'. As it is beyond the poles, Hyperborea is positioned as being outside of this dimension.

Thule, being in the center, is positioned as the source of all life on Earth. In Greek mythology, Pythagoras was taught sacred geometry by Apollo, a god who was identified as a resident of Hyperborea. In Pythagorean teachings, the Earth itself geometrically unfolds from a void in the center. This void has been recognized by many ancient groups, including the Sumerians, as the Black Sun. In this sense, Thule is synonymous with this Black Sun.

The word Swastika itself is means 'source' amongst other definitions, and represents eternal cause or the fountain of creation.

The Black Sun is an even more esoteric concept than that of Thule. Represented as the void of creation itself, it is the most senior archetype imaginable.


Regular light is electric light or electro–magnetic radiation. There is parity or symmetry the Universe, everything has an equal and opposite mirror–image counterpart, the Ying and the Yang, right and left, matter and anti matter, the electron and the positron. Why not light?

SuperLight is the unseen force in nature that has been ignored by science but real to the mystics and metaphysicians for thousands of years. It has been given different names by different cultures for thousands of years.

A Nuous, Chi, Biomagnetic Energy, Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy, Tesler's Free Earth Energy, Animal Magnetism, Space Energy, Vacuum Energy, and Zero Point Energy, etc. Those who have subtle perception know it is real.

Ternary Logic

A ternary, three-valued or trivalent logic (sometimes abbreviated 3VL) is any of several multi-valued logic systems in which there are three truth values indicating true, false and some third value. This is contrasted with the more commonly known bivalent logics (such as boolean logic) which provide only for true and false. Conceptual form and basic ideas were initially created by Łukasiewicz, Lewis and Sulski. These were then re-formulated by Grigore Moisil in an axiomatic algebraic form, and also extended to n-valued logics in 1945.

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The limestone blocks of the Orion pyramids consist of mostly calcite mineral, whose structure can be triangular and octahedral in various forms. Each of the Giza pyramids is apparently designed as the top half of an octahedron, monumental formations of calcite. The angular mathematics of the Orion pyramidal design will be addressed shortly, but their limestone blocks contain information regarding the construction methods of the pyramid builders.

Research of J. Davidovits into ancient geopolymers has demonstrated through chemical X-ray analysis that the casing stones of the Giza pyramids are synthetic, being of lower density than any quarried stone due to trapped air bubbles and consisting of 85-90% calcite with other exotic mineral constituents like opal CT, hydroxy-apatite and silico-aluminates.

Driven by periodic oscillations a resonant cavity can be stimulated to its fundamental resonant frequency producing both harmonics and subharmonics. When the standing wave is driven into high amplitude, the nonlinear effects couple energy from low to high-frequency modes. Multifrequency driving of the resonant cavity has been used to increase the energy storing. If the energy is coupled to lower frequencies, or subharmonics, less acoustic dissipation is observed allowing for a more efficient system.

The internal chambers of the Great Pyramid are constructed of massive rose granite blocks cut with precise right angles and perfectly planed faces, brought from the nearest granite quarry in Aswan directly to the south. The surface of the stone is covered in a thin glaze of quartz, the main constituent of granite, which is typical of a stonecutting technique now known as thermal disaggregation.

Rose granite was used in the construction of the internal chambers because of its resonant properties. The quartz matrix of the granite stones is like a hall of mirrors with billions of parallel faces reflecting energy. The effect of this encasement in granite is that the airspaces can be given harmonic dimensions to specify the wavelengths, which will resonate through the formation of standing waves.

Nice thread and if you analyze the above quote you posted, you will see that this is a Phase Conjugate System.
If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
— Nikola Tesla
Casting Out the Nines from PHI into Indigs reveals the Cosmic Harmonic Code.
— Junglelord.
Knowledge is Structured in Consciouness. Structure and Function Cannot Be Seperated.
— Junglelord
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Re: On “gods”, genes, alchemy, bioluminesence, and longevity

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Junglelord said: Nice thread and if you analyze the above quote you posted, you will see that this is a Phase Conjugate System.

I know! It was you who helped me understand phase conjugate systems. ;)
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What “dark star” could have been the source of this “universal logarithmic scalar wave? What "dark star" could have been located at one time above the Earth’s true magnetic north pole?

Is Sirius the Black Sun? Is Sirius the home of the Anunnaki?


Uncle AL & The Sirians

The most important aspect concerning the discoveries made in the previous chapter is that they explain key aspects of our ancient heritage. As was already said, The Book of the Law leads us into the Great Pyramid with a line drawn at a 26’ angle. We are also led to the Sphinx when the anagram of Bast appears in the book. This leaves us in the middle of two ancient wonders and right next to Cairo, the city of Mars. It has already been demonstrated that Egypt as well as many other aspects of our civilization have fashioned themselves to serve as a tribute to the planet Mars, but there was another heavenly body that was held in even higher regard: the star Sirius.

Shining as the brightest star in our heavens, the Egyptians based their entire calendar on the movement of this sacred star. It was already indicated that he Great Pyramid was built to synchronize with Sirius so that the star would shine through the hole to the Queen’s Chamber at a precise moment. Esoteric writings indicate that the light shining through the shaft was meant to impart the starlight of Sirius to an initiate during a ritual. If Egypt was so fascinated with Sirius, it stands to reason that the ancient civilization of Mars had a similar reverence for the star. In fact, the geometric shapes on the planet Mars have been said to be built in tribute to Sirius.

According to one legend, the face on Mars was in honor of the god or solar logos known as Sukon. The Sirians settled Mars through his permission. He has also been identified as Set or Seth. The reason the Sirians settled Mars was because it was at that time in the cradle orbit of life. Taking 720 days to get around the sun would have resulted in the most preferable weather that was conducive to civilization at that particular time period.

Crowley identified the Order of the Silver Star as the Illuminati itself. As he was considered to be the head of the Illuminati, the correspondences continue to run even deeper. The heart of his magical current was inspired from Sirius and there was much tradition to back this up.

In occult tradition, Sirius is the Hidden God or "the sun behind the sun". As the moon reflects the sun, so does the sun reflect Sirius. This concept was expressed in The Book of the Law when Crowley wrote "The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu is in the Khabs." The word Khab means star while Khu refers to light. What is being taught here is that collective "wisdom" often assumes that the stars emanate light. The truth of the matter is that the stars are in the light and are merely reflecting it. It was in this sense that Crowley and the ancients who worshipped Sirius were worshipping the light of creation. Sirius was the brightest star; therefore it reflected the most light and was the most powerful.

Earlier in this book, the vesica pisces was illustrated. This was an eye shaped glyph that resulted as the second act of creation unfolded. It is not only the shape of an eye, it is known as the Eye of Horus or as the Eye of Set (Sirius).

As the geometry of space and time unfolds in the evolutionary process (which is known as Mother Nature), there are processes and repetitions that mimic or harmonize with what we know as the sexual process. These very energies are incredibly powerful as they make creation a reality. Of course, the morphogenetic grid is the blueprint that becomes reality.

Vesica Pisces

The Vesica Pisces is easily one of the most profound geometrical images of ancient and modern times. It is, for example, considered to be an integral part of the Ark of the Covenant, as described and shown figuratively by ka-gold's version of the Vesica Pisces. The latter article, in fact, ties in rather nicely with the so-called Hourglass Nebula described at the end of this Halexandrian webpage.

Essentially the intersection of two, overlapping spheres, the Vesica Pisces (including the interior portion of it, and/or the more common two dimensional version) represents, among other things:

1) The joining of God and Goddess to create an offspring,
2) A symbol for Jesus Christ,
3) In art a pointed oval used as an aureole in medieval sculpture and painting,
4) The vagina of the female goddess,
5) The basic motif in the Flower of Life,
6) An overlay of the Tree of Life,
7) The formative power of polygons,
8) A geometrical description of square roots and harmonic proportions, and/or
7) A source of immense power and energy


I realized that The Tree of Life graphic can also represent the 10 sphere cluster made with 2 5-ball pyramids

Re: On “gods”, genes, alchemy, bioluminesence, and longevity

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What “dark star” could have been the source of this “universal logarithmic scalar wave"? What “dark star” could have been located above the Earth’s true magnetic north pole?

Is Saturn the Black Sun? Is Saturn the home of the Annunaki




New Orion Theory- by Wayne Herschel
http://2012poleshift.wetpaint.com/page/ ... e+Herschel

It was this prime question that inspired Wayne Herschel to dig deeper. Given the huge distance between the Giza ‘belt’ pyramids and the closest pyramids neighbouring them (in the north Abu Rawash and in the south Zaweyet Al-Aryan), he could not help thinking that completely different stars were at play in this pyramid star map. What if two far more significant stars, namely Sirius and Aldebaran, were to fit here as the correct correlations for these two pyramids?

After all, the ancient Egyptians revered Sirius as very important and the name given to the star Aldebaran was “Ad-Dab-aram”, which means “follower of the Pleiades”. (This is because if one were to follow one’s line of sight from Orion’s belt through Aldebaran, one’s eye would follow directly to the Pleiades in the night sky). Quite uncannily, the name even sounded like the pronunciation of the ancient pyramid name “Zaweyet Al-

The Earth’s Sirius Connection

The Dogon say that the "spaceship" of the visitors - the Nommo - looked "like a new star", and that they will return one day, when "a certain star will reappear", and there will be a "resurrection of the Nommo". They also say that Sirius A and B "were once where the Sun now is". The star will be invisible before it "emerges", and is drawn with the rays inside the circle. It will only be "formed when the Nommo's ark descends, for it is also the resurrected Nommo's "eye" symbolically." Temple thinks this is Phoebe - Saturn's tenth moon.

Dagon - Nommo from Sirius

The Dogon call Saturn the "star of limiting the place" and say that when the Nommo left they became the "star of the 10th moon" - Phoebe is the 10th moon of Saturn and although little is known about it, what is known about it is quite odd. It is about 200 Km in diameter and has an orbit that is unlike the other moons of Saturn. It is much further out, goes round the other way and at a much different angle. It is black as soot and appears to be made of rock - but if it was made of rock it would be about 5 times heavier than it actually is. It is also much more spherical than you would expect for an object with almost no gravity. The only picture I can find of Phoebe shows a round object that looks like a pollen grain (po?) under a microscope.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is representative of both of these trees, and from the Ha Qabala is shown in several forms.
Students of the Tree of Life will note a difference in the designation of specific planets to the Sephiroth. It is believed that the above version is a more accurate description. There is, for example, beneath Kether, Chokmah, Binah and Daath a horizontal barrier known as the Veil. The Veil can be thought of as separating those planets (e.g. Saturn) visible to the naked eye from those beyond, i.e., Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. Thus between Saturn and Uranus is a chasm likened unto a Veil. Saturn becomes Geburah, where the connotation of “Severity/Strength” is a better description of Saturn than “Understanding”. Uranus, on the other hand, is “Understanding”, i.e. “I Know” (collective initiation), just as Neptune is “Wisdom”, i.e. “I resolve, redeem, and expiate”. Pluto is simply “Gnosis/Knowledge” (with Daath being hidden, esoteric or profound knowledge). An Abyss separates Kether from all the rest, as if it represented a tenth planet which has an abyss between it and the rest of the solar system. Like the Veil, the Abyss delineates a chasm in consciousness; the first between seen and unseen, and the second between known and unknown.

This variation in the traditional tree in order to account for the Abyss and Veil, also places Mars as Netzach (“Victory/Power”), Venus as Hod (“Beauty/ Glory”), and Mercury as Yesod (“Foundation” -- “Ye shall know the truth...”); all of which are more appropriate. Malkuth (“The Kingdom”) then combines the Earth-Moon system -- astronomically and esoterically, more likely the truth than the traditional, hand-me-down version.

The Cabalistic description provides for three pillars, ruled by the “mother letters”, Mem, Aleph, and Shin, and which represent “Severity, Mildness, and Mercy.” Severity is thus Uranus, Saturn, and Mars; Mercy is Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus, and Mildness is Pluto, Sun, Mercury, Moon, and Earth. These are almost ideal descriptions, astrologically. Also the Star of David is represented by a Daath-Venus-Mars triangle (pointing up), and the Mercury-Saturn-Jupiter triangle (pointing down), and surrounding the Sun (Tiphareth). The upper triangle of Kether, Binah, and Chokmah makes Pluto, as Daath -- the “rainbow bridge” between the outer and inner planets -- essential to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The Rabbinical assignment of knowledge to Daath/Pluto also makes perfect sense.

What is the Abyss or the Veil? Or maybe they come from Saturn; Saturn’s moon Iapetus for instance. The “doorway” is between Saturn and Jupiter? Is it the star Sirius? Or is it really Saturn? Or is it one of Saturn’s moons; Iapatus for instance, the “star of the 10th moon”.

Is there a hyperdimensional doorway located between Jupiter and Saturn? Or is it located in the Saturn system. Does Iapatus represent that portal?

Moon with a view
http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/luna/ ... etus01.htm

… the ship had long since passed the boundary set by outermost Phoebe, moving backward in a wildly eccentric orbit eight million miles from its primary. Ahead of it now lay Iapetus, Hyperion, Titan, Rhea, Dione, Tethys, Enceladus, Mimas, Janus – and the rings themselves. All the satellites showed a maze of surface detail … Titan alone – three thousand miles in diameter, and as large as Mercury – would occupy … months…

There was more; already he was certain that Iapetus was his goal.

… One hemisphere of the satellite, which, like its companions, turned the same face always toward Saturn, was extremely dark, and showed very little surface detail. In complete contrast, the other was dominated by a brilliant white oval, about four hundred miles long and two hundred wide. At the moment, only part of this striking formation was in daylight, but the reason for Iapetus’s extraordinary variations in brilliance was now quite obvious ….

Those words -- written over forty years ago by my long-time friend, Arthur C. Clarke -- describe the voyage of a lone, surviving astronaut – David Bowman – to the ringed wonder of the solar system, the planet Saturn, aboard a 21st Century spacecraft named “Discovery.”

What Bowman discovers in the Saturn system – on an enigmatic moon called “Iapetus” -- will forever change the Destiny of Humans ….

But, Arthur’s prophetic words could just as easily be describing the current, equally astonishing 21st Century revelations of an unmanned spacecraft called “Cassini,” exploring the latest baffling mysteries Saturn …. In particular -- NOT the much ballyhooed, though recently successful descent of Cassini’s Huygens probe to the surface of Titan … Saturn’s largest satellite

In 1965, when Arthur began collaborating with the brilliant film director, Stanley Kubrick, it was to bring their unique view of Mankind’s most enduring mystery – “Where do we really come from …?” – to the silver screen, in a way never seen before. They succeeded ... brilliantly.

The result was the immortal “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Simultaneously, Arthur (C. Clarke) penned the “Saturn approach” scene we began with (above), his own independent version of the same story -- a novel – which, to some at least, has made portions of Stanley’s very enigmatic “2001” perhaps a little more accessible.

In Kubrick’s extravaganza, the climax comes when David Bowman -- the lone surviving astronaut of the deep space expedition, sent by a future “NASA” in search of the Force which, “godlike,” has somehow repeatedly intervened in “the million plus year evolution of Mankind …” – finally encounters the “Monolith” … a black enigmatic “door,” in orbit around the giant planet Jupiter.

The Monolith turns out to be (among its other wonders) a “star gate” – a literal doorway (which, of course, is why Kubrick cinematically made it a door …) to other dimensions of space and time … and, ultimately, the mysterious “Progenitors” of the Human Race itself.

When Bowman eventually falls through it, he enters the Star Gate’s vast Hyperdimensional transport system, culminating in his own ambiguous meeting with “the Progenitors” (or, at least as much of them as they allow him to experience …), which results in his final “transformation” and return to Earth … the latest agent in Humanities continuing “managed evolution.”

In Arthur’s novel (removed from the pre-CGI, 1960’s limitations on film “special effects” that even Stanley Kubrick had to live with …), the Monolith is waiting much farther from the Sun … on one of Saturn’s distant moons.

Iapetus is the seventeenth of Saturn's thirty three currently known moons, and the third largest. It was named after a Titan -- the son of Uranus and the father of Prometheus and Atlas (the latter said to be the “fathers of Mankind”). Thus, in Greek myth, Iapetus was also an ancestor … a progenitor… of “Homo Sapiens Sapiens” ….

The current names of Saturn’s major moons, taken from a group of “superbeings” in Greek myth called “Titans,” were given them by Sir John Herschel, in 1847. Herschel’s nomenclature for Iapetus and the other six (then) known moons, was based on the logical association of Saturn (“Cronus” in Greek) with the Titans; Herschel, continuing the ritual, named the largest Saturnian moon “Titan” itself – in honor of the entire pantheon.

It would take Discovery fourteen days to make that climb, as she coasted once more, though in reverse order, across the paths of all the inner moons. One by one she would cut through the orbits of Janus, Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione, Rhea, Titan, Hyperion … worlds bearing the names of gods and goddesses who had vanished only yesterday, as time was counted here.

Then she would meet Iapetus, and must make her rendezvous ….

Passing as close at 40,000 miles, and with cameras orders of magnitude superior to Voyagers’, the results of the December 31, 2004 Cassini imaging did not disappoint: not only do the details surpass all prior expectations … they reveal even deeper mysteries surrounding this increasingly exotic moon.

The distant images immediately confirmed one curious impression left from the Voyager encounters of a quarter century before: in addition to its other unique characteristics, Iapetus does not seem to be a perfectly round moon!

A comparison with a real sphere (below-right) reveals that, from this angle, Iapetus is visibly “squashed” -- by something like 50 miles out of its 900, or about 5%. For solid rocky bodies larger than a few hundred miles across, the relentless force of gravity always overcomes the innate tensile strength of such materials, and forces them to assume a spherical geometry. For solid icy bodies (those possessing less tensile strength), the limiting size before a sphere is formed is even smaller.

Earth’s Moon, for example, has an average density of “3.34” (3.34 times a similar-sized sphere composed of water) – revealing it to be composed primarily of much denser “silicates” … a rocky object. Thus, at 2160 miles across, despite the significant tensile strength of “rocks,” the Moon’s own gravity has crushed it down to almost a perfect sphere, as seen from Earth.

For Iapetus, Voyager’s measured density (via the techniques described above) is about 1.21 – clearly only slightly denser than an equal sized body made of water (there were obviously a few rocky “impurities” incorporated into Iapteus during in its formation, slightly increasing its average density …). Because this solid, mostly icy body measures almost 900 miles across, yet rotates only once every 79 days, any equatorial “centrifugal force” is clearly insignificant. Thus, this cannot be the source of Iapetus’ major “out of roundness.”

Coupled with the density observations of Voyager (and now Cassini), these simple calculations assure that Iapetus’ basic shape (not counting pieces blown off by external comet impacts …) should be essentially a perfect sphere. Several of Saturn’s significantly smaller moons -- like Mimas and Enceladus -- although also icy objects, are spheres.

Clearly, for some important reason Iapteus is not.

… for weeks, as it stared forever Sunward with its strange senses, the Star Gate had watched the approaching ship. Its makers had prepared it for many things, and this was one of them. It recognized what was climbing up toward it from the warm heart of the Solar System.

If it had been alive, it would have felt excitement, but such an emotion was wholly beyond its powers. Even if the ship had passed it by, it would not have known the slightest trace of disappointment. It had waited three million years; it was prepared to wait for eternity ….

There has hardly been an observer, viewing these astonishing new Cassini images of Saturn’s strangest moon, who has not also thought of Arthur Clarke … and “2001.”

But some, after seeing the staggering equatorial feature now girdling Iapetus, reached back even further into Arthur’s past, to recall an earlier, equally prescient short story, called eerily—
“The Wall of Darkness.”

… In a universe consisting of one star and one planet, here is a mysterious impenetrable wall surrounding the entire planet in the deep freezing southlands. Two men, one with money, the other with building skills, engage in a long-term program to scale the wall and find out what's on the other side. The answer turns out to be … rather upsetting

…In our opinion, Cassini’s discovery of “the Great Wall of Iapetus” now forces serious reconsideration of a range of staggering possibilities … that some will most certainly find … upsetting:

That, it could really be a “wall” … a vast, planet spanning, artificial construct!!

This is not the first time that startling new data has prompted scientific consideration of “intelligence” at Saturn.

In addition to Arthur’s well-known musings, the extreme albedo range displayed by Iapetus prompted a sober suggestion in the 1980’s, that “the brightness variations might be artificial.” Donald Goldsmith and Tobias Owen (the latter, the NASA discoverer of “the face on Mars!”) wrote of Iapetus in “The Search for Life in the Universe” (1980):

This unusual moon is the only object in the Solar System which we might seriously regard as an alien signpost - a natural object deliberately modified by an advanced civilization to attract our attention [emphasis added] ….

However, now that Cassini has revealed to us unquestionably the greatest linear feature in the solar system (below), such scientific speculations take on added urgency – if, for no other reason -- because—

There is no viable geological model to explain a sixty thousand-foot-high, sixty thousand-foot-wide, four million-foot-long “wall” … spanning an entire planetary hemisphere … let alone, located in the precise plane of its equator!

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Excerpts from the Chapter called “Flying Saucers from Planet Earth” from “They Cast No Shadows” by Brian Desborough

This sorry state of affairs is probably due to disinformation promulgated at the instigation of Illuminati “One World” controllers in order to conceal the reality of terrestrially constructed flying saucers to the general public. Presumably this is because the military-industrial complex has derived its global political clout through its control of energy sources, in addition to the accumulation of vast wealth derived from the sale of weaponry and fossil derived fuel to opposing factions during protracted and controlled major wars.

In America, UFO matters and promulgation of relevant disinformation are under the direction of the National Reconnaissance Office which has the authority to order retaliation against hostile UFO’s. A scalar beam weapon that was developed under Project Sealight and tested at the Port Hueneme Naval Facility in California, has now been installed on certain naval vessels for the purpose of destroying UFO’s deemed hostile

Major responsibility for the security of covert subterranean flying saucer bases in America is undertaken by the Defense Industrial Security Command (DISC) which has deleged lesser security tasks to the notorious privately owned Wakenhut Corporation.

During the 19th century, one of the most influential public figures in global politics was the previously mentioned Lord Bulwer Lytton.

Lytton was the principal overlord of the Illuminati global opium trade. The corrupt New England families who managed the American end of this global enterprise later became the American Estaglishment (e.g., the Cabots, Welds, Roosevelts, Spellamns, etc.) It was the vast profits generated by this still on going narco enterprise tht enabled the various secret societies spawned by Lord Lytton to finance the development of terrestrially constructed flyng saucers.

Today the United States branch of this illicit venture is composed of the military-industrial intelligence complex, and is known as the Black Rose Society; it was co-founded by George Bush, Sr, when he was director of the CIA.

In an attempt to inhibit technological advances (for a well informed populace is difficult to subjugate) the Illuminati established scientific institutions such as Britain’s Royal Society which was founded by the pederast Sir Francis Bacon for the purpose of suppressing advanced technology.

At the present time science students are taught that the positive proton charge at the nucleus of an atom is balanced exactly by the negatively charged electrons orbiting around the nucleus of the atom. This is a deliberate falsehood perpetrated in order to complicate the development of anti gravitic craft by privately-owned organizations. Hendrik Lorentz discovered that atoms possess a very slight net positive charge, which is responsible for the effect we perceive as gravity. Lorentz postulated that by increating the negative electron charge, the gravity of the atom’s nuclear positive mass would be cancelled. Lorentz also determined that he forces encountered by a body within an electromagnetic field (termed the Lorentz Force) is 2x 10-40th power greater than the gravitational interaction. Armed with this information, Lorentz’s friend Nikola Tesla published his Dynamic Theory of Gravity in 1897. Tesla later applied to the Swiss Patent Office for the patent coverage of an anti gravitic craft. This was during the era when one of the patent examiners was Albert Einstein.

Although the patent was rejected, Tesla purportedly went ahead and constructed a prototype anti gravitic craft. The machine was rectangular in shape and powered by one of his magnifying transmitters, which discharged powerful pulses of negatively charged high-voltage electricity from one end of the transmitting coil.

Another simple way to accomplish anti-gravitic propulsion is by means of tri-polar electromagnets which are energized by high amperage free-energy power units. While a regular dipole magnet (i.e. a bar magnet with a north pole at one end and a south pole at the other end) will try to reverse its direction when subjected to a magnetic field of similar polarity, a tripolar electromagnetic will maintain its orientation because it tends to behave in the manner of a unipolar magnet. Thus a flying saucer powdered by two tripolar magnets, one oriented horizontally and the other vertically will be propelled rapidly along the earth’s magnetic lines of force provided there is a disparity between the field strength of the inner and outer poles of the tripolar magnets.

The manservant previously loaned Tesla by Morgan was in reality an industrial spy who in collusion with one of Tesla’s staff, a German engineer Fritz Lowenstein, stole Tesla’s anti gravity secrets and assigned them to various Illuminati secret societies both in Britain and America.

(Tesla’s actual manservant?)


Tesla was such a meticulous researcher that he frequently modified and rewrote his daily research notes many times before he was satisfied with them. Being a frugal man, Tesla’s labortor janitor began taking Tesla’s discarded notes home with him for the purpose of using the unmarked rear face of each page as note paper. Upon being advised by a friend that any technical notes written by Tesla were far too precious to discard or scribble on, the janitor compiled the pates into a very large manual. The manual later came into possession of an electrical engineer who observed that some of the lab notes appertained to a free energy device. The device consisted of two sealed tubes filled with a multiplicity of chemical elements. When connected in series, the device generated electrical energy. After a period of experimentation, the electrical engineer succeeded in replicating Tesla’s device and subsequently licensed the system to NASA. One of the units currently is providing electrical power in the new Space Station.

It has long been rumored that certain of the secret societies created by Lytton protégés were developing anti gravitic craft, nuclear weapons and time travel devices as early as the late 19th century. This well may have been the case, for one of the masterminds behind Cecil Rhodes’ plan for the establishment of a totalitarian global government was the despicably evil writer H.G. Wells. Wells was also a member of London’s Coefficients Club which consisted of leading members of the British Aristocracy such as Lord Milner who provided much of the funding for the Russian Revolution, Lord Robert Cecil, whose Jesuit inlfuence family ahs controlled British Intelligence since the era of Queen Elizabeth 1st, and Beatrice Webb, founder of the Fabian Socialists and one of the principal architects of the Nazi Party. The major goal of this geopolitical fraternity was the creation of a fascist Anglo Saxon elite as a successor to the failing British Empire.

As stated in a previous chapter when Wells wrote The Island of Dr. Moreau, he was writing about a real-life person of that name who experimented with genetic engineering in the 19th century. In writing The Time Machine, Wells similarly may have based history upon such an existing device, for at a later date, his political co-conspirators Aleister Crowley and Ian Fleming were known to have visited Montaul, located at Long Island, New York where covert mind control, satanic rituals involving human sacrifice and an astral travel program known as Project Lazarus, were connected

Aldhous Huxley was a member of a fascist occult group active in the post WW.I era that was the counterpart of German’s Thule Society known as the Children of the Sun

The ambience of the Café Schopenhauer was as friendly and inviting as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee which pervaded the dining room that particular morning in Vienna, in 1917. Seated at one of the tables were a young woman and four men who were destined to change the course of history. The woman, Maria Ortish, had become a magnet to the four men because of her exceptional psychic abilities. The four men were geopolitician Karl Haushofer, who was the founder of the Vril Society, Baron Sebottendorf, the racist Grand Master of the Bavarian Chapters of the Germanen Orden and initiate of the Order of the Rose Garland.

The British, on the other hand, who covertly had been monitoring the German flying saucer program since 1941, knew precisely where to apprehend high technology saucer projects and key scientists, such as Dr. Ernst Westermann, who was an authority of the Feurball anti-gravitic craft and consequently acquired the bulk of the German scientific technology.

Shortly after the cessation of hostilities in Europe, British scientist and aviation spokesperson Sir Ben Lockspiser leaked word to the press that the British military c currently were testing a craft with a speed capability of 4,500 mph. This was a time when the world’s fastest jet aircraft could barely attain a speed of 600 mph. Not long after the curious announcement, UFO’s were sighted which were enveloped by a shimmering light; this is a characteristic of a porous-skinned craft. This phenomenon is crated by sunlight being reflected off the boundary layer of air, as it flows through the surface of the porous metal skin not by the effect of ionized air, which is a characteristic of many types of non porous skinned flying saucers.

One of the most vociferous proponents of the notion that there is no evidence supportive of the existence of flying saucers, was the late Carl Sagan. For positive evidence proving the existence of anti gravitic craft, the myopic Sagan had to look no further than the large pilotless discoidal craft that were developed and flown in England by Professor John Searle

Some writers have published technical papers which claim that the anti-gravitic propulsion unit which powers Searle’s craft consists of a segmented rotor containing embedded magnets. This is incorrect. In actuality, Searle’s propulsion unit consists of three stationary laminated annular rings around which a multiplicity of rollers travel.

The rollers and rings are composed of sintered rare earth metals, aluminum and nylon. The resultant composite units are imprinted with pulsed a.c. and d.c. current prior to use. In operation, the self-starting rollers collect and concentrate electrons from the cosmos as they roll around the stationary laminated rings. The amplified electrical charge is successively transferred to the outer rings, where it is collected as electricity by means of induction coils. Since the rollers are held in suspension between adjacent rings, there is oting in the device to cause wear. Unlike conventional electrical generators which create high temperatures and burn out when overloaded, the Searle device becomes very cold and behaves as a superconductor generating many megawatts of electrical power.

When sufficiently electrically loaded, the craft degravitates surrounding itself with a luminous halo of ionized air molecules. Professor Searle’s craft appears to function in accordance with Schappeler’s theory of “glowing magnetism.”

There is a very esoteric secret behind the Searle propulsion system: the units are only capable of tapping the limitless energy which pervades the cosmos if the blend of rare earth minerals contained in the rings and rollers are compounded in proportions determined by specific magic squares (numerical tables in which the rows of numbers total the same horizontally, vertically and diagonally). Magic squares appear to be a fundamental building block of the universe, together with the Fibonacci mathematical series.

The alien craft that crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, in 147, had symbiotic characteristics, i.e. its flight controls were actuated by the pilot’s thoughts. However, the pilot’s hands had to have been in contact with a control pad in order to fly the craft. In contract, a more advanced antigravitic craft was under construction in the igh desert of Southern California at the time of the Roswell incident. Designed by Otis Carr, who was a protégé of Nikola Tesla, the craft was truly symbiotic, for the craft went wherever the pilot wished it, without the necessity of touching a control pad as was the case with the Roswell alien craft. Needless to say this craft was immediately classified. In order to misdirect the attention of the UFO community, a cover story was disseminated which claimed that Otis Carr was a fraud—something which invariable occurs whenever someone invents a successful free energy device.

The planetary energy natural energy grid consists not only of straight ley lines, but also includes regional networks of aetheric energy which meander threadlike over the erth’s surface. These energy networks impart a major influence on the routings of underground streams and also on the geologic structure of an area. In addition, they influence weather patterns and the consciousness of all life forms in each respective region. Architects of ancient megalithic structures and Gothic Cathedrals knew how to harness this subtle energy in order to elevate human consciousness to a higher spiritual level.

To confound matters even further, some lecturers insist that all recovered crashed UFO’s must be of extraterrestrial origin because they are fabricated from metal of a non-crystalline nature, which is too hard to cut with normal cutting tools—a technology that they claim is not possessed by human metallurgists. For the record, the process known as splat cooling, in which molten metal is deposited upon a cryogenically cooled surface results in a non-crystalline product. Similarly, when the aluminum is compressed at temperatures approaching absolute zero, the metal attains a hardness exceeding that of a diamond. This latter process which was developed in Germany in the 1930.s has remained a closely guarded secret, in all probability because when liquid hydrogen is subjected to the same process, it results in a bomb possessing a detonating force comparable to that of a nuclear weapon—a technique known to Iraqi scientists.

As stated previously federal agencies have concealed the fact that terrestrially constructed flying saucers exist. A similar cover up surrounds the animal mutilations. If this evil act is the work of extraterrestrials, as many ufologists claim, why are so many of the carcasses found to be daubed with fluorescent paint, which is invisible in daylight? It is not more rational to surmise that the mutilations are associated with chemical warfare research?

Development of a new chemical warfare agent would necessitate the determination of its residual longevity in plant growth, and the effects of ingestion. Target cattle would be daubed with florescent dye prior to spraying the grazing area with a very diluted form of the chemical agent. After a suitable time period has elapsed, the target animal is identified at night by means of the fluorescent patch on its back, tranquilized, then hoisted aboard a so called silent helicopter of the type used by the National Security agency, or a man made ant-gravitic craft. A powerful light beam projected down the winch cable as the animal is hoisted aboard an unlit craft would create the illusion that the creature was being levitated by means of a tractor beam (the author has seen actual tractor beam equipment, a replica of a German design from the 1930’s).

Aboard the craft the animal would be drained of blood; then the organs removed by means of a portable laser scalpel of the type developed by the USAF Phillips Laboratory for use by Special Forces personnel. The output wavelength of this scalpel is variable, in order to provide different tissue interactions. It is used as a scalpel and also for blood coagulation and wound closing. The carcass can then be lowered into a different area of the pasture, thus leaving no footprints in the vicinity. Notably some of the first animal mutilations occurred near the chemical warfare lab near Dulce but not until after the development of the laser.


From the Chapter called "Yes, Virginia, there are extraterrestrials" from "They Cast No Shadows" by Brian Desborough

As a direct result of being recipients of such misleading information, a large segment of the UFO fraternity has adopted a false and rigid mindset, which maintains that all UFO contactee and abduction phenomena must be a form of extraterrestrial activity. To confound matters even further, some lecturers insist that all recovered crashed UFO’s must be of extraterrestrial origin, because they are fabricated from a metal of non-crystalline nature, which is too hard to cut with normal cutting tools—a technology that they claim is not possessed by human metallurgists. For the record, the process known as splat cooling, in which molten metal is deposited upon a cryogenically cooled surface, results in a non crystalline product. Similarily, when aluminum is compressed at temperatures approaching absolute zero, the metal attains a hard ness exceeding that of a dimamond. This latter process, which was developed in Germany in the 1930’s, has remained a closely guarded secret because when liquid hydrogen is subjected to the same process, it results in a bomb possessing a detonating force comparable to that of a nuclear weapon—a technology known to Iraqi scientists.

It appears that rock formations absorb gravity waves and broad band radio frequencies which appear to emanate from binary stars, or possibly quasars. Rocks selectively detect and convert some of these frequencies and transmit them in the form of electricity—a phenomenon that the energy cartel would prefer to remain unknown to the public.

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Even though some NASA photographs of the Lunar and Martian terrain exhibit evidence of artificial structures, it does not necessarily imply that they are the result of extraterrestrial activity, for they well could be the creation of an advanced terrestrial alien race (the Shemshu Horu?) There are many alleged eyewitnesses reports concerning encounters with alien races who reside within our planet’s subterranean regions. Giant humanoids purportedly were observed in the Hal Saflini catacombs in Malta during the 1930’s; the lower extremities of the catacombs were closed after a party of schoolchildren and their guide disappeared. More than thirty vast tunnel complexes and underground cities of great antiquity have been discovered near the Turkish town of Derinkuya.

A very ancient tunnel complex exists beneath Los Angeles; according to Hopi Indian legent, this habitat was occupied by a reptilian race some 5,000 years ago.

In 1933 G. Warren Shufelt, a Los Angeles mining engineer, apparently detected what he perceived to be a labyrinth of subterranean tunnels beneath Los Angeles, while prospecting for precious metals with a radio-detection unit.

Shufelt was informed by a Hopi Indian Chief that the tunnel system, which extends out under Santa Monica Bay, was constructed by a reptilian race, which previously had occupied an ancient city off the California coast. A cataclysmic earthquake submerged the city, but some survivors established an underground city beneath what is now Los Angeles, in order to escape a disastrous meteor shower about which they had been foretold. The reptilians eventually perished when toxic gas from the meteor shower entered the tunnel system, according a Hopi Chief. Activity involving the Office of Naval Intelligence—an agency long involved with Satanic rituals, occurred in the tunnel system during the 1950’s. Some very dark Masonic rituals are occasionally held in the tunnel system at the present time. Evidence of a possible submerged ancient city off the Los Angeles coast is in the form of an ancient submerged artificial structure, possibly a temple, which was discovered with the aid of an underwater televison camera during the past decade by marine geologists.

Flying saucers are occasionally sighted diving beneath the ocean off Seal Beach, which is situated in Southern California south of Los Angeles. During interviews conducted by the author, the former Illuminati Mother Goddess, Airzone Wilder, and a person with a high security clearance, both mentioned the existence of a large underground facility beneath the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Depot. According to the Mother Goddess, flying saucers enter the facility through a submerged tunnel which extends out for some distance under the ocean. Interestingly, the Mother Goddess has informed the author that she had been taken to the Seal Beach facility, where her trauma based mind control programming had been reinforced by a very sadistic high ranking naval officer, who took delight in dislocating her fingers. The author subsequently has learned from an informant associated with the Illuminati High Council of the United States that this officer, whom the Mother Goddess has named, does in fat still work at the Seal Beach Depot, and currently resides at Newport Beach. Not far from the naval facility is an aircraft manufacturing plant, where new flying saucers have been observed in high security areas.

Anthroposophist and Ordo Templi Orientis member, the late Rudolph Steiner, stated that “certain circles” desire to keep the public ignorant of the existence of subterranean races. Steiner’s claim is given credence by the fact that the Smithsonian Institution has never publicly revealed details of an archeological exploration that it conducted in 1909, of the subterranean city located adjacent to the Grand Canyon. Discovered by G.E. Kincaid, the city could accommodate 50,000 persons; mummified bodies found at the site were of Oriental or possibly Egyptian origin, according to the expeditions leader, Professor S. A. Jordan. The numerous recovered artifacts included copper implements as hard as steel. Had it not been for two articles which fortuitously appeared in a local newspaper appeared in a local newspaper at the time of Kincaid’s discovery, the public would still be aware of this momentous event.

A pilot who accompanied Admiral Byrd on one of his polar flights during the 1920’s claimed that Byrd’s aircraft landed near a terrestrially based flying saucer and that Byrd communicated with the occupants of the strange craft. Perhaps this is the reason why Byrd’s polar flights have been shrouded in mystery, for one of the most shadowy figures orchestrating the coverup of UFO reality has been Lloyd V. Berkner, who accompanied Byrd on his polar expeditions. Bernker was appointed to the super secret Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence (MAJIC) which is the real MJ-12 during the Eisenhower administration, and was a member of the Robertson Panel in 1953; the panel was formed for the purpose of debunking the existence of UFO’s and was funded by the CIA. It would appear that a major objective of the International Geophysical Year (1957-58) was to explore further the subterranean bases of terrestrial alien races and their UFO’s, particularly in the polar regions. Not surprisingly, the International geophysical Year was the brainchild of none other than Lloyd V. Berkner.

Sedona, Airzona, is blessed with not only magnificent natural beauty, but also with four very power aetheric energy vortices. Sadly the area is infested with many satanic cults, who use the aetheric energy of the vortices to enhance the effect of their rituals. Occupying part of Boynton Canyon, which is revered by the local Yapapai Indian tribal members for the power of its vortex, is the Enchantment Resort. There have been numerous claims of sightings of black helicopters, UFO’s and reptilians in the vicinity of the canyon in recent years, together with rumors of the existence of ancient subterranean tunnels beneath the expensive resort and the nearty Secret Mountain wilderness area.

Satanic rituals involving human sacrifice have been observed at other covert military facilities in the past, such as Area 51 and Montauk, both of which are associated with the MAJIC organization. In all probability Boynton Canyon’s powerful vortex and the possible existence of a portal into other astral realms were the reason why a federal organization should elect to acquire a commercial enterprise, such as the Enchantment Resort. Suspicions would have been aroused had the government barred the public from the resort; however, the ability to conduct nefarious covert deeds under the noses of unsuspecting resort guests provides a beautiful cover (the author is aware of two vacation related facilities in Southern California where Illuminati rituals occur). It accordingly makes one wonder what goes on beneath the Enchantment Resort.

If technologically advanced alien races have been co-existing with us for millenniums within the subterranean regions of our planet, this well may be the reason that Western governments, with media assistance, have made a concerted effort to generate a public mindset that if UFO”s exist at all they incorporate a technology so far beyond human capabilities that they must be of extraterrestrial origin. The global ruling elite purportedly intends to establish totalitarian rule over the American populace to be accomplished through the implementation of a National State of Emergency. In order to accomplish such a task, it is necessary to instill fear of a possible threat in the minds of the general public. This was succinctly stated by Dr. Henry Kissinger when he addressed a Bildeberg meeting at Evian-les-Bains, France in 1991:

“Today America would be outraged if United Nation troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing that every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willing relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by the World Government.”

Dr. Kissinger’s chilling words are reflected in the current genre of very dark movie and television plots revolving around invasion of our planet by malevolent extraterrestrials. Since the 1950’s, there has been a concerted effort by various federal agencies, to promulgate disinformation concerning the true nature of purpoted UFO contactee and abduction phenomena. This disinformation has been perpetrated not only to conceal the reality of terrestrial alien beings, especially reptilians, who apparently have co-existed with us for millennia, but also to obfuscate the fact that man made UFO’s were operational prior to W.W. II. Such disinformation also supports a major recommendation of the Iron Mountain Report. This report was written in 1963 by an allegedly federally commissioned think tank, that was assigned to propose a course of federal action in the event that global peace broke out.

The committee reported that a federal government would undoubtedly collapse in such a peaceful environment, unless the public was conditioned to fear a real or imaginary threat, which is why the Cold War myth was created, even though much of the Soviet military hardware was funded by the United States during this period, with money conduited through the United States Export/Import Bank. In additional to fabricating the Cold War hoax, the Iron Mountain committee also recommended that the public be instilled with the threat of a possible invasion by extraterrestrials. - “They Cast No Shadows” by Brian Desborough – pages 331-337

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Who are these subterranean races mentioned by Brian Desborough?


Can they be identified if we understand the myth of Hyperborea?

The Vril
http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/socio ... tury06.htm

They discussed that our solar year – according to the twelve revolutions of the moon – was divided into twelve months and thus the revolution of our sun around the great central sun (the BLACK SUN of ancient myths) was also divided into twelve parts. Together with the precession of the cone-shaped proper movement of the Earth due to the inclination of the axis, this determines the length of the world age.

Such a “cosmic month” is then 2,155 years, the “cosmic year” 25,860 years long. According to the Templars the next change is not just an ordinary change of the age, but also the end of a cosmic year and the start of an absolutely new one. By completing the 25,860 years the Earth is changing from the age with the weakest (Pisces) to the age with the strongest radiation (Aquarius). Indo-Aryan definition calls this the end of the Kali Yuga, the age of sin.

All age changes have led to political, religious, social and also geological upheavals of great impact. The time of change-over from the old to the new age is called in Mesopotamian teachings the three “double steps of Marduk”, of 168 years duration, at the mid-point of which the ILU ray, the Divine Ray, is expected to reach Earth.

The Templars did careful calculations and concluded that February 4, 1962 was the date the ray would reach Earth. This gave the mid-point of the 168 years change-over and the years 1934 and 1990 as other important dates.

A short history of “THULE”

“ULTIMA THULE” apparently was the capital city of the first continent peopled by Aryans. This was called HYPERBOREA and was older than Lemuria and Atlantis (continents with advanced cultures since submerged). The Scandinavians have a tale of “Ultima Thule”, the wonderful land in the high North, where the sun never sets and the ancestors of the Aryan race dwell.

Hyperborea was up in the North Sea and sank during an ice age. It is assumed that the Hyperboreans came from the solar system Alderbaran which is the main star in the constellation Taurus, and that they were about four meters tall, white, blond and blue-eyed.

They knew no war and were vegetarians. According to alleged Thule texts they were technically very advanced and flew “Vril-ya”, flying machines that today we call UFOs. These flying disks were capable of levitation, extreme speeds and the maneuvers known from today’s UFOs due to two counter-rotating magnetic fields and they used the so-called Vril power as energy potential or fuel (Vril = ether, Od, Prana, Chi, Ki, cosmic force, Orgon…, but also from the academic “vri-IL” = as the highest deity = God-like), i.e., they take the energy from the earth’s magnetic field (free energy) like the “tachyon converter” of Captain Hans Coler.

When HYPERBOREA began to sink the Hyperboreans are said to have burrowed with huge machines gigantic tunnels into the Earth’s crust and settled under the Himalayan region. The subterranean realm is called AGHARTA and its capital SHAMBALLAH. The Persians call this land “Aryana” the land of origin of the Aryans.

Here we should mention that Karl Haushofer claimed that Thule was actually called Atlantis and – contrary to all other researchers of Tibet and India – he said that the surviving Thule-Atlanteans were separated into two groups, a good one and an evil one. Those who called themselves after their oracle Agharta were the good and settled in the Himalayan region, the evil ones were the Shamballah who wanted to subjugate humanity and they went West.

He maintained that the fight between the people of Agharta and Shamballah had been going on for thousands of years and that in the Third Reich the Thule-Gesellschaft as Agharta’s representative continued it against the representatives of Shamballah, the Freemasons and the Zionists. This perhaps was his mission.

The head of this subterranean region he said was Rigden Iyepo, the king of the world, with his representative upon the Earth’s surface, the Dalai Lama. Haushofer was convinced that the land below the Himalayas was the birthplace of the Aryan race, which he claimed to have confirmed during his Tibet and India travels.

The symbol of Thule was the swastika counter clockwise. Tibetan lamas and the Dalai Lama personally testified that people from Agartha were still living today. The subterranean land that is anchored in almost all Eastern traditions has spread over the millennia under all of the Earth’s surface with huge centers under the Sahara desert, the Matto Grosso and the Santa Catarina mountains in Brazil, Yucatan in Mexico, Mount Shasta in California, England, Egypt, Czechoslovakia.

It seems that Hitler especially sought to discover the entrances to the subterranean world Agartha and to get in contact with the descendants of the Aryan “God people” from Alderbaran-Hyperborea. In the myths and traditions of the subterranean world it is often said that the world’s surface was yet to suffer a terrible world war (Third World War) which would though be ended by earthquakes, other natural disasters and a switching of the poles and the deaths therefrom of two thirds of humanity.

After this “last war” the several races of the inner earth would reunite with the survivors on the surface and that the thousand-year GOLDEN AGE (age of Aquarius) would be rung in. Hitler wanted to build an outer “Agartha” or “Aryana” with the Aryan master race, and Germany should be its home. During the existence of the “Third Reich” two large expeditions were sent by the SS to the Himalayas to find those entrances.

Further expeditions searched in the Andes, the Matto Grosso mountains in the North and the Santa Catarina mountains in the south of Brazil, in Czechoslovakia and parts of England.

Some authors claim that the Thule people believed that – quite independently of the subterranean tunnel and city system – the Earth was HOLLOW, with two great openings at the poles. Natural laws were quoted, “as above, so below”. Since blood, body or egg cells, a comet or an atom all have a nucleus and a hollow space surrounding it that is enclosed by a “corona radiata”, an envelope, and the actual “life” is taking place in the core, one has deduced that the Earth was built after the same principles.

Druses confirmed this, as they were hollow and the “life”, the mineral and crystals, were in the interior. Therefore the Earth also had to be hollow – apparently agreeing with the views of the Tibetan Lamas including the Dalai Lama – and had a nucleus, the Central Sun (also called the “Schwarze Sonne”, the Black Sun) that gave the interior an even climate and permanent sunlight, corresponding in the microcosm to the central sun of the galaxy in the macrocosm.

They maintain that the actual life in our planet takes place in the interior – the master race lives inside and the mutants on the surface – and that this was also the reason why we wouldn’t find any life upon other planets of our solar system, because their inhabitants live inside. The main entrances are at the North and South poles through which the central sun is shining and producing the aurora borealis. In the interior the land mass was exceeding the water mass.

The polar explorer Olaf Jansen and others said that the water in the interior was fresh, which could explain why the ice of the Arctic and Antarctic is made of freshwater, not salt water. It is interesting to note that this view of the make-up of the world is shared and supported by the polar explorers Cook, Peary, Amundsen, Nansen, and Kane and, last but not least, Admiral E. Byrd. All had the same, strange experiences contradicting existing scientific theory.

All confirmed that after 76 degreed latitude the winds became warmer, that birds flew north, that they found colored and gray snow which when thawed left colored pollen or volcanic ash. The question arises: where do flower pollen or volcanic ash near the North Pole come from, as not a single volcano is marked on any of the accessible maps? Further, some of the explorers found themselves in freshwater seas, and all say that at a time during their travels they had seen two suns. Mammoths were found whose flesh was still fresh and whose stomach contained fresh grass.

If you are further interested in the hollow Earth and the experience of the different explorers, some titles are listed under “Further Reading” at the back of this book. The “Hollow Earth” theory has so far remained just a theory to the public, although some authors and explorers claim to have visited there and even – like Admiral E. Byrd – tad taken numerous pictures. It cannot be denied that all the Arctic explorers had had extraordinary experiences that so far cannot be explained, which points to something strange happening there.

But the theory that the Earth had a molten core has equally remained just a theory. The fact remains though that the subterranean man-made tunnel and cave systems do exist. They can be found in almost any country of the world and by the largely still existing light source (a greenish glow that gets brighter the deeper one enters the tunnels), by the smooth walls and the unknown machinery that was found in the Boynton Canyon in Sedona, Arizona, are witness to a technically advanced culture that existed millions of years before. Relevant literature is listed at the back.

The myths of a “Hollow Earth” were enough for the Thule people to go out to start a serious study of the phenomenon. Therefore there was at least one expedition to the Antarctic during World War II. (Details follow).

To show that the story of the Aryan-Hyperboreans was not entirely invented I would like to mention two examples: When the Spaniards under Pizarro came to South America in 1532, the natives called them “ivicarochas” (white lords). According to their legends there was a master race of very tall white people who centuries before had descended in “flying disks” from heaven. They ha long ruled in some of the towns and when they disappeared had promised to return.

When the fair skinned Spaniards arrived, the natives thought them to be the iviracochas coming back and therefore in the beginning willingly gave them their gold. Similar occurrences took place when the first white travelers arrived in Tibet and other Himalayan regions. They were scrutinized in astonishment by the Tibetans and asked why they came from BELOW (the foot of the mountains) rather than from ABOVE as they usually did.

In December 1919 a small circle of persons from the Thule, the Vril and the DHvSS met in a specially rented forester’s lodge near Perchtesgaden (Germany). They were accompanied by the medium Maria Orsic and another medium only known as Sigrun. Maria had mediumistically received transmission in a secret Templar script – a language unknown to her – with the technical data for the construction of a flying machine. According to Vril documents these telepathic messages came from the solar system Aldebaran which is sixty-eight light-years away in the constellation Taurus.

I would like to present here a short summary of the messages the Vril medium had received over the years and which formed the basis for all further actions by the Vril-Gesellschaft:

“The solar system Aldebaran has a sun around which revolve two inhabited planets that form the empire SUMERAN. The population of the Aldebaran system is divided into the master race of “light God people” (Aryans) and several other human races that had developed by negative mutation from the “God people” because of climatic changes upon the planets.

”Around 500 million years ago the “light God people” started to colonize other earth-like planets, after the expansion of the sun Aldebaran and the resulting heat had made the original planets uninhabitable. It is said that in our system they first colonized the planet Mallona (also called Maldek, Marduk or – by the Russians – Phaeton) which existed in the area of today’s asteroid belt, then between Mars and Jupiter. Mars was next. The proof for a highly developed race on Mars is run by the well-known face on Mars and the pyramid city which has been photographed by the Mars probe Viking in 1976. It is assumed that the master race of Sumeran-Aldebaran then also came to Earth for a first visit, witnessed by the petrified impressions of a shoe found to be about 500 million years old, and squashed under the heel a trilobite, a little crayfish that lived then upon Earth and became extinct about 400 million years ago.”

“The Vril people thought that later, when Earth became slowly habitable, the race of the Aldebarans landed in Mesopotamia and formed the master caste of the SUMERIANS which were described as fair, white God people. The Vril telepaths also found that the Sumerian language was not only identical with that of the German and that the language frequently of German and Sumerian-Aldebaranian were almost identical.”

We cannot know whether these statements about Aldebaran were based on facts, but the construction plans and the technical details that the Vril telepaths received – wherever they came from – were so accurate that they led to the most fantastic idea men ever begot: the construction of a “Jenseitsflugmachine”, a “flying machine for the other side”!

The concept of an “alternative science” emerged (today one would say “alternative energy forms”). But they only started on the project three years later. During this early phase of “alternative science” or “alternative technology”

Dr. W.O. Schumann of the Technical University in Munich, both a Thule and a Vril member, held a speech, a section of which is reproduced here:

“In everything we recognize two principles that determine the events: light and darkness, good and evil, creation and destruction – as in electricity we know plus and minus. It is always: either – or.

“These two principles – the creative and the destructive – also determine our technical means…

“Everything destructive is of Satanic origin, everything creative is divine. Every technology based upon explosion or combustion has thus to be called Satanic. The coming new age will be an age of new, positive, divine technology!”

(from the German SS secret archives).

At the same time the scientist VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER was forced to work on a similar project. Johannes Kepler, whose ideas Schauberger followed, had knowledge of the secret teachings of Pythagoras that had been adopted and kept secret by the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR.

It was the knowledge of IMPLOSION (in this case the utilization of the potential of the inner worlds in the outer world). Hitler knew – as did the Thule and Vril people – that the divine principle was always constructive.

A technology, however, that is based on explosion and therefore is destructive runs against the divine principle. Thus they wanted to create a technology based on IMPLOSION. Schauberger’s theory of oscillation (principled of the overtone sequence, monochord) takes up the knowledge of Implosion. To put it simply: IMPLOSION instead of EXPLOSION! Following the energy paths of the monochord and the implosion technology one reaches the realm of antimatter and thus the cancellation of gravity.

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Who are these "protaganists"?


Is one race the Anunnaki?


Known as the “Shemsu Hor,” (meaning disciples of Horus) noted Egyptologists such as the late Schwaller de Lubicz (1891- 1951) found that pre-dynastic Egypt had no evolutionary development, but rather received its civilization intact from elsewhere. Ancient texts have revealed that these great civilizers were the Shemsu Hor, some of whose skeletons have been discovered at Saqquara, in Egypt. The Shemsu Hor were a fair haired, blue eyed race and taller than the indigenous Egyptians.

Is the other race the Reptilians?


For a number of years I served in a support function for high level survivors of Illuminati mind control and Satanic ritual abuse. Some of these unfortunate individuals had served in a dual capacity as highly trained powerful psychics who had the ability to invoke hideous entities from other astral realms at ritual gatherings and also acted as telepathic intermediaries between E.T.'s and scientists at various covert facilities such as Area 51 and China Lake Naval Weapons Depot. What I learned from these individuals is that the 13 ruling families of shape shifters receive their global planning strategies from a reptilian dragon like race who reside off planet.

Are the Anunnaki the people who worshiped the “pole star”? Does the “pole star” represent the location of the universal logarithmic scalar wave – the cosmic axis?


Only later did the Sun, as the centre of the revolving stellar system, replace the Pole Star as the supreme deity of the Pillar cult and lead to the elevation of the Sun God of the Indo-European peoples. It led to their greater intellectual development, to complex civilizations, to advanced arts and sciences and the transcendence of nature.

Will the divine ray of ILU (the universal logarithmic scalar wave) “reconnect” the Earth with its true magnetic north pole?

http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/socio ... tury06.htm

All age changes have led to political, religious, social and also geological upheavals of great impact. The time of change-over from the old to the new age is called in Mesopotamian teachings the three “double steps of Marduk”, of 168 years duration, at the mid-point of which the ILU ray, the Divine Ray, is expected to reach Earth.

Will the “divine ray” (the universal logarithmic scalar wave) enter through a portal between Jupiter and Saturn? Is Iapetus the portal?


There was more; already he was certain that Iapetus was his goal.

… One hemisphere of the satellite, which, like its companions, turned the same face always toward Saturn, was extremely dark, and showed very little surface detail. In complete contrast, the other was dominated by a brilliant white oval, about four hundred miles long and two hundred wide. At the moment, only part of this striking formation was in daylight, but the reason for Iapetus’s extraordinary variations in brilliance was now quite obvious ….

Those words -- written over forty years ago by my long-time friend, Arthur C. Clarke -- describe the voyage of a lone, surviving astronaut – David Bowman – to the ringed wonder of the solar system, the planet Saturn, aboard a 21st Century spacecraft named “Discovery.”

What Bowman discovers in the Saturn system – on an enigmatic moon called “Iapetus” -- will forever change the Destiny of Humans ….

Does the “divine ray” (the universal logarithmic scalar wave) emanate from the galactic anti-center? Will it pass through the Iapetus portal?

The galactic anti-center is located between Aldebaran and Betelgeuse.


This entry is primarily about Aldebaran, the brightest star in Taurus 'the Bull', a major1 constellation in the Northern Hemisphere. Aldebaran refers to the big bright star, but technically this is known as Aldebaran A because there is an Aldebaran B which is a much smaller and dimmer star.

The Egyptians worshipped the sun god Ra, who according to them sailed across the sky each day in a celestial boat. In the evening Ra was swallowed by the goddess Nut, passed through her body during the night and was then reborn at sunrise. Another important deity was Osiris, the god of life, fertility and the Akhet (Inundation: the flooding of the Nile upon which all life in Egypt depended), and they identified Osiris in the heavens with the star pattern we know as Orion, the constellation adjoining Taurus. On the ceiling of a tomb in Luxor (ancient Thebes), a representation of the god Osiris (Orion) is portrayed in stars, as well as other nearby stars. The stars are painted white, with two exceptions: Aldebaran and Betelgeuse are depicted in red ochre.

The galactic anti-center is located above Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation. Orion holds his club above the “head of the bull” and shoots his arrow into Aldebaran the “bullseye” in the Taurus constellation.

New Orion Theory- by Wayne Herschel
http://2012poleshift.wetpaint.com/page/ ... e+Herschel

It was this prime question that inspired Wayne Herschel to dig deeper. Given the huge distance between the Giza ‘belt’ pyramids and the closest pyramids neighbouring them (in the north Abu Rawash and in the south Zaweyet Al-Aryan), he could not help thinking that completely different stars were at play in this pyramid star map. What if two far more significant stars, namely Sirius and Aldebaran, were to fit here as the correct correlations for these two pyramids?

After all, the ancient Egyptians revered Sirius as very important and the name given to the star Aldebaran was “Ad-Dab-aram”, which means “follower of the Pleiades”. (This is because if one were to follow one’s line of sight from Orion’s belt through Aldebaran, one’s eye would follow directly to the Pleiades in the night sky). Quite uncannily, the name even sounded like the pronunciation of the ancient pyramid name “Zaweyet Al-

Hanab Ku is supposed to be the name for the Milky Way. (In this photo Saturn is west of Aldebaran and southeast of the Anti-center.)


The Earth and Sun are roughly two- thirds of the way from the center of our Galaxy to a vaguely defined edge. Towards the Galactic Center in Sagittarius, the Milky Way is thus broad and thick, while in the other direction, 180 degrees away, toward the Anticenter at the border between Taurus and Auriga (whose images are shown below), we look through a far-thinner blanket of stars, rendering the Milky Way faint and harder to distinguish. Pieces of Gemini, Orion, and Perseus appear around the fringes of the images.

The region around the often-neglected Anticenter (the white "X: in each of the images) is nevertheless rich in open clusters (purple circles with blue labels) and variable stars (yellow labels). In the image of Taurus, they outline a large blank area to the left of center, the Taurus-Auriga dark cloud, a complex of dusty molecule-filled star-forming clouds 460 light years away that block the light of the more-distant background. Two of the open clusters (the Hyades and Pleiades) are readily visible to the naked eye. In the Auriga image, the clusters and variables strongly track the faint Milky Way from upper left to lower right, the dark clouds now off to the right.

Hunab Ku-scientific proof of signals from the Galactic Core

Dr. Scott Hyman records energetic radio emmissions from the Galactic Center (Hunab Ku). Hunab Ku was, to the Mayas, the supreme God and ultimate Creator. It represented the gateway to other Galaxies beyond our Sun as well as all of the Consciousness that has ever existed in this Galaxy. Hunab Ku, according to the Mayas, is also the Consciousness which organized all matter, from a "whirling disk", into stars, planets and solar systems. Hunab Ku is the "Mother Womb" which is constantly giving birth to new stars and it gave birth to our own Sun and Planet Earth. They also believed that the "Creator" directs everything that happens in our Galaxy from its center through the emanation of periodic "Consciousness Energy" bursts. Today, modern astronomers have verified that at the center of our Galaxy is a "whirling disk" with a "Black Hole" at its center that is both swallowing and giving birth to stars. Could the strange rumblings observed by Dr. Scott Hyman and his associates earlier this year at the center of our Galaxy be connected with what the Mayas believed?

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LOL! ;) Has Clif found the "key" (the frequency) that makes them "shapeshift" from their human to their reptilian forms? Think what we humans could do with a "group chant". We could hold a big "coming out" party for "our leaders." :D

We could call it the "Monster Mash"

http://noolmusic.com/funnyordie/monster ... ickett.php

The Word

The 'word'....

It is out there, this word we all seek. We do not know its language, nor its etymology, but we know it exists. It can be found. We have records from ancient times whispering its existence in hidden codes, but no representation of the word itself, as must be the case, once one understands the nature of the word and its use.

That the word is a word so deliciously pleasing a tasty treat for radical linguists that poets could not express the elegance of universe so beautifully displayed.

Stated, it forms a sound, as do all spoken words, but the sound of this word is different. The sound of this word is not for conveying information as phonemes for your ears. The sound of this word is a tool in the specific frequencies and amplitude waves that it forms. This word as waveform tool is very powerful, perhaps the most powerful tool that exists to humans.

This word sound waveform tool, spoken by a human, in the presence of papa Bush, will transform him from a slowly aging degenerate ritual abuser in human guise, into his actual appearance generated by his personal energies within universe, which is a bipedal, reptilian looking creature. Say this word in the presence of Henry Kissinger and the shimmering glamour placed on the minds of humans within view of him is removed, and so is the human mask shielding him from the perception of his grotesque reptilian body and face. Though it may be the cold snake black eyes, more than the lizard lips crusted with human blood that will so repel real humans. Say this word of waveform disruption in the presence of the old woman claiming status as the queen of England and Slaver of the Planet Terra, and just watch what a 'lovable' scaly beast shall emerge. Attempt to speak this word to queenie’s husband and a 'royal' slave/stooge will try to kill you to protect the head lizard of the planet.

It is out there, this word we all seek. We do not know its language, nor its etymology, but we know it exists. It can be found. We have records from ancient times shouting its existence to those who can read the hidden codes, but no grapheme of the word itself, as must be the case, as the reptiles destroy any document or writing of the word lest it be let loose to reveal their true visage.

It is out there, this word we speak, waiting to be found. When it is rediscovered, what havoc will be unleashed on the 'heads' of men. The unawakened will absolutely freak to see their 'leaders' as they actually manifest.. But likely the middle class burghers will not be as fear freaked as the reptiles themselves, since light leads to questions which are outside of ritual and reptilian cleverness is limited to inwardly spiraling control structures. Oh, they know about frequencies, and words of power...and they also know that this word is not alone. There are other words, with different uses. And it is this knowledge that scares the little lizard pellets right out of their grasping lizard rectums. The knowledge of the word and its siblings twists their guts, and tightens the little knot of fear deep in their minds.

What scares them is that we are close to rediscovery. And they know it. Even worse is that every day brings new humans to the search. First there were only a few, now there are hundreds of thousands, and that is about to turn into millions. We are damn close, and the scaly power feeders know it deep in their brittle bones. The knowledge of the word, and its siblings twists their guts, and tightens the little knot of fear deep in their minds. And thus is revealed why so much of earth is covered with smelly lizard sh*t at the moment.

Be the first to find the word, cry freedom, and let loose the havoc of a clear perception of reality upon the heads of men. (And a few women, lots of them are deluded by veils of illusion as well).


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Thoth warns us about the Illuminati

http://www.bebo.com/BlogView.jsp?Member ... 7646260950

Ancient tablets, alleged to come from beneath a Mayan temple in Mexico, describe the reptilians and their ability to shape-shift. They are known as the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, who was a deity of the Egyptians. It is claimed that they date back 36,000 years and were written by Thoth, an "Atlantean Priest-King" who, it is said, founded a colony in Egypt. His tablets, the story goes, were taken to South America by Egyptian "pyramid priests" and eventually placed under a Mayan temple to the Sun God in the Yucatan, Mexico. The translator of these tablets, who calls himself "Doreal" (Maurice Doreal), claims to have recovered them and completed the translations in 1925. But only much later was he given "permission" for part of them to be published, he says.


"Speak I of ancient Atlantis, speak of the days of the Kingdom of Shadows, speak of
the coming of the children of shadows. Out of the great deep were they called by the
wisdom of earth-man, called for the purpose of gaining great power.

"Far in the past before Atlantis existed, men there were who delved into darkness,
using dark magic, calling up beings from the great deep below us. Forth came they
into this cycle, formless were they, of another vibration, existing unseen by the
children of earth-men. Only through blood could they form being, only through man
could they live in the world.

"In ages past were they conquered by the Masters, driven below to the place whence
they came. But some there were who remained, hidden in spaces and planes
unknown to man. Live they in Atlantis as shadows, but at times they appeared among
men. Aye, when the blood was offered, forth came they to dwell among men.

"In the form of man moved they amongst us, but only to sight, were they as are men.
Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted, but appearing to man as men among
men. Crept they into the councils, taking form that were like unto men. Slaying by
their arts the chiefs of the kingdoms, taking their form and ruling o'er man. Only by
magic could they be discovered, only by sound could their faces be seen. Sought they
from the kingdom of shadows, to destroy man and rule in his place.

"But, know ye, the Masters were mighty in magic, able to lift the veil from the face of
the serpent, able to send him back to his place. Came they to man and taught him
the secret, the Word that only a man can pronounce; swift then they lifted the veil
from the serpent and cast him forth from the place among men.

"Yet, beware, the serpent still liveth in a place that is open, at times, to the world.
Unseen they walk among thee in places where the rites have been said; again as
time passes onward, shall they take the semblance of men.

"Called, may they be, by the master who knows the white or the black, but only the
white master may control and bind them while in the flesh.

"Seek not the kingdom of shadows, for evil will surely appear, for only the master of
brightness shall conquer the shadow of fear.

"Know ye, O my brother, that fear is an obstacle great; be master of all in the
brightness, the shadow will soon disappear. Hear ye, and heed my wisdom, the voice
of LIGHT is clear, seek the valley of shadow and light only will appear."


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