Evidence of Ancient Global Cataclysm

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Re: Evidence of Ancient Global Cataclysm

Unread postby Lloyd » Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:04 am


Don't overlook these 2 posts on this thread from the last 2 days.
- http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=16025&start=810#p125394
- http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=16025&start=810#p125391

Spreading the Word on Catastrophism to Ancient Architects

I posted the following comment under the new Ancient Architects video about Giza at

At 9 minutes you said, "As the Edfu text points out, the mythical primeval ones of Egypt were responsible for building Egypt's first temple and enclosure on the banks of the lake containing the sacred island of creation. Was this actually a story of the creation of Giza?"

I believe the answer is No, the mythical ones were close-range planets in the northern sky, the lake was the sky which the ancients called the ocean or the great deep etc, and the benben was the appearance of the planets, of which only one was initially visible. Giza was apparently built in commemoration of the planets which were regarded as gods, which later moved away to distant locations.

I think you have stated in a video that you discount Velikovsky's works, but his colleagues later started a process they call comparative mythology, by which they compare ancient myths from around the world to look for common archetypes or motifs. They are independent of Velikovsky's ideas. Benben is one of the common archetypes they found. This link has brief quotes from catastrophist literature about "benben":
Other terms can be searched on this webpage to find quotes from the same literature on them as well.

I forget your name, but your videos on this channel are very impressive and persuasive regarding former advanced civilization, the Younger Dryas impact etc. I think you said you're a geologist and you work with Graham Hancock somewhat? Randall Carlson also works with Graham. Do you follow him? I think he does excellent work too and may be a geologist or historian. Randall has a video about the origin of Halloween at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RigbppaPmWk . He shows that it likely came from a nearly annual or biannual event when Earth entered the Taurid meteor stream, which apparently a few thousand years ago contained many large objects which one-by-one collided with Earth over time, causing frequent cataclysms. Those events appear to be the late stages of even greater cataclysms that occurred since the Younger Dryas impact/s, which seems likely to have been preceded by impacts that caused a Great Flood via megatsunamis.

See https://www.socalsem.edu/noahs-flood-the-key-to-correct-interpretation-of-earth-history/
and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd5-dHxOQhg
and http://NewGeology.us

It's fun to see so much progress being made by you folks. I try to help out a little and I want to promote improving science, which is still full of corruption, like society as a whole. I look forward to what you may find about the "Hall of Records" and everything else.

(I also posted a similar comment 2 days ago under this video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUjWLWoOH6M )
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Re: Evidence of Ancient Global Cataclysm

Unread postby Lloyd » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:03 pm


(Note: I expect to post the weekly list of new catastrophist article links tomorrow night, i.e. Saturday.)

Greenland Ice Cores Wrongly Dated

Many Geological Cycles and Datings Are Fairy Tales. The 26,000 year cycles and other cycles are largely illusions, based on faulty dating methods. C14 is better than other radiometric methods. It shows that diamonds, coal, dinosaur fossils etc are only thousands of years old, not millions. See for example: Noah's Flood and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (from Pangea to Today) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd5-dHxOQhg or Carbon-14-dated dinosaur bones are less than 40,000 years old http://newgeology.us/presentation48.html (and http://www.bearfabrique.org/Catastrophism/floods/ice.html )

Icecore and other related dating schemes: Part VI & VII
Present melting rates of Greenland icecaps indicate they would not have survived the hypsithermal
Greenland icecores less than 6000 years old, with or without Velikovsky and/or catastrophism

[This is the article by Charles Ginenthal. I didn't previously realize, as he states, that the hypsithermal, which Wikipedia says "was a warm period during roughly the interval 9,000 to 5,000 years BP" would have melted all of the top layers of the ice sheet, so there would be a gap in the ice record from 5,000BP to a long time before that. All that would remain is the very oldest ice, if any survived the melting, and any snowfall since 5,000BP to now.]

Another aspect of this evidence that must be pointed out: Ice does not melt from below unless volcanism is heating the rock in contact with the ice at the bottom of a glacier. Ice melts from the top or sides, downward and inward. There can be no doubt that much or all of the Greenland and Antarctica icecaps melted during this 3,000-to-5,000-year warm period. Of greatest significance is that the icecaps melted from the top downward. This simply means that the icecap melted and flowed away as water and that, during this entire period, no ice layers could have ever formed. Since more ice was being lost than was forming during this timeframe, no ice layers from before 8,000 to 3,000 years ago could have remained even if Velikovsky's theory is completely disregarded. The layers of ice that Ellenberger and Mewhinney are presenting as evidence against Velikovsky, based on their own gradualistic processes, could never have existed, yet this has not stopped them from arguing that the layers are there. Ellenberger and Mewhinney have dismissed this fundamental melting evidence!

In addition, since the hipsithermal melted many icecaps from top to bottom, then the ice core record would have a gigantic hiatus between the formation of more modern ice and ancient ice. While turning their assumptions to fact, ignoring this required hiatus, the ice core advocates claim that there is a full record of year-by-year ice layers going back to the ancient past. This is neither reasonable nor possible. The immense melting of the icecaps during the hipsithermal would have melted away untold thousands of years of ice, if not all of it.

The hipsithermal lasted about 5,500 years. If we employ a very conservative 1.5 meter loss of ice per year, we get 7,500 meters of ice lost in 5,000 years, or over 24,500 feet of ice lost. If we assume that the ablation of the icecap lasted for only 4,000 years, we still lose 6,000 meters or over 19,500 feet of ice. For 3,000 years, we lose 4,500 meters, almost 15,000 feet of ice. The 4 to 5 F rise clearly melted the ice even more than these figures suggest. Since the Greenland glacier presently averages a depth of about 5,000 feet, with a few high points at 10,000 feet, at one-third of our melting figures, the present icecap would either melt away completely or almost completely. We would get the same results with 0.5 meters per year of melt.74

What stopped this higher temperature from melting away nearly the entire icecap? Why did such a long period of greater heat not melt away several thousands of feet of ice?

See also:

The Lost Squadron

Re: What, if anything, do ice-core records tell us?
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Re: Evidence of Ancient Global Cataclysm

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:16 pm


[The 2 previous posts are from this week.]

Geologists reveal Great Britain was created by collision of 3 landmasses

Scientists find evidence for early planetary shake-up [actually recent]

Landslides, avalanches may be key to long-term comet activity

Barbarian DNA from European cemeteries reveals secrets of mysterious ancient society

Mythical City of Atlantis Allegedly Discovered in Sahara Desert [probably a crater]

101 evidences for a young age of the earth and the universe

Evidence Of 12,000 Year Old Cataclysm At Karnak in Egypt?

Present melting rates of Greenland icecaps indicate they would not have survived the hypsithermal

Greenland icecores less than 6000 years old, with or without Velikovsky and/or catastrophism

When Saturn Ruled the World | From Remembering the End of the World

Younger Dryas Impact #2 - Wilkes Land crater - Australasian Strewnfield

Saginaw Bay - Younger Dryas Impact Crater Location

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Primordial Mound of Egypt

The Location of the Egyptian Hall of Records Revealed [I'm skeptical]

Carolina Bays' Research - Historical Review (pt 1/3)

Carolina Bays' Research - Historical Review (pt 2/3)

Carolina Bays' Research - Historical Review (pt 3/3)

Randall Carlson - Gematria, The Hidden Mathematics of Scripture

"The Making of a Catastrophist" Intro Bio on Randall Carlson

Electric Comets and Plasma Serpents in the Lab

Jacob Gable's Channel: ElectroTerraVision

Saturn the flood & Origin of the oceans
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Re: Evidence of Ancient Global Cataclysm

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Sep 22, 2018 9:10 pm


(I think it may be worthwhile for me to put asterisks * in front of titles that I think may be especially important.)

*Ancients Saw Saturn Explosion That Formed a Ring Around Saturn
I was just reading The Ship of Heaven [Aeon Journal] and found these interesting quotes.
"Nut, as we have already observed, simply personified the Aten-band" [the snake-like circular enclosure around the sun god, Saturn].
"In the archaic creation legend, vast quantities of material erupted from the sun god as living 'Outflow', and it was from this ejecta that the band was constituted."
"... this fiery ejecta is recorded pictographically as an assembly of 'star'-images. (Hence the "stars" on the body of Nut.)"
Have you seen pictures of the ancient Egyptian goddess Nut naked with stars on her body? Apparently, those were meteors and asteroids produced from the nova eruption of Saturn. By reflecting sunlight at night or twilight they would look like stars.

Michigan Copper in the Mediterranean (Isle Royale and Keweenaw Peninsula, c. 2400BC-1200BC)

Kakadu National Park: The ‘Soul of Australia‘ has Some of the Oldest Rock Art in the World

Beyond Milankovitch [Cause of Ice Ages]

Myths of the Cherokee: The Deluge

Gobekli Tepe Archaeoastronomy and the Second Hill of Osiris
- https://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-places-asia/gobekli-tepe-archaeoastronomy-0010713
- https://galacticconnection.com/gobekli-tepe-archaeoastronomy-and-the-second-hill-of-osiris/

Sophisticated Astronomy at Chaco & Globally / Canyon Geology

Moral Collapse or Catastrophe? The Drowning of Atlantis

Supposedly 73,000-Year-Old Doodle May Be World’s Oldest Drawing

The Path to the Egyptian Underworld: The Wall of the Crow

*NEW THEORY: The Lost Island of Atlantis Revealed

*Younger Dryas Ejecta Curtain - Antonio Zamora

RA + ISIS = Younger Dryas Impact

Mother Goddess Spiral Petroglyph - Younger Dryas

Was there a BIGGER purpose for Egypt Pyramids? - Randall Carlson
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Re: Evidence of Ancient Global Cataclysm

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:28 am


Martian moon may have come from impact on Mars

Four extremely young asteroid families less than 7 million years old identified [probably only thousands of years old; see next article]

Martian meteorites are most likely a few thousand years old, at most

Aboriginal people lived in Australia’s desert interior 50,000 years ago

Archaeologists discover ‘massive’ ancient building in Egypt

Ice age discovery may reveal early migration route of first Americans

1000 Mile Long "Stone-age" Tunnel Beneath Europe?

Mystery History

Could a Comet Be the Cause of the Great Flood?

5 Things PROVE Asteroid Hit Earth & RESET Advanced Ancient Human Civilization 12980 Years Ago

The Lost Island of Atlantis Revealed Part 2 | Ancient Architects

Sophisticated Astronomy at Chaco & Globally / Canyon Geology w/ Randall Carlson

Atlantis Program Intro History & Geologic Rationale - Randall Carlson

Burckle Crater Impact and Mega-tsunami Cosmography - Randall Carlson

Micro-scale Flood Effects Mimic Macro Events - Randall Carlson

Catastrophes & Climate Variations Timeline: Is there a cycle? - Randall Carlson

How long it took to build Egypt Pyramids? - Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson's Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe
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Re: Evidence of Ancient Global Cataclysm

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:12 am


Newfound object in the far outer solar system was disturbed [like other bodies there] by a very large object [Saturn?]

Prehistoric art hints at lost Indian civilisation

Digitizing the vast 'dark data' in museum fossil collections

Humans delayed the onset of the Sahara desert by 500 years

Possible Evidence of World’s Oldest Fishing Nets Unearthed in Korea

Stone Engravings of Famous Warrior Pharaoh Found in Ancient Egyptian Temple

Lost Footage of Africa Found That Proves An Advanced Civilization Has Been Hidden for Centuries

Advanced Ancient Machining Tools in Egypt Way Before the Dynastic Egyptians
[At the 17 minute mark Foerster said a large cataclysmic plasma ball damaged Egyptian structures]

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries channel

Upheaval: How Old Is the Earth and Its Species?

Catastrophe Linked to Grail / Southwest US Flooding - Randall Carlson

The Music Encoded into the Great Pyramid of Egypt | Ancient Architects

10,000 Year Old Civilisation Discovered in India | Ancient Architects

Younger Dryas + 6,000ish BC Mega Tsunami - Persian Gulf

Proof Catastrophic Events 11,000-6,500 BC-Younger Dryas Impact-Noah's Solar Flare-Taurids Black Sea
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Re: Evidence of Ancient Global Cataclysm

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:26 am


Scientists puzzled as to why Earth's mantle convection has stalled

'Lost volcano world' teeming with life discovered thousands of meters below remote seas

Mt Etna at risk of 'catastrophic collapse'

The Evolution of Life on the Electric Earth
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J36826rl5eA
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut0KH3h7JVs&t=419s

The Problem with Ice Age Overkill

Oldest Hominid Bones Found In Poland Belonged To Neanderthal Child Whose Fingers Were Chewed By Giant Bird

Easter Island Heads May Have Been Markers for Drinking Water

Clues from a Somalian cavefish about modern mammals’ dark past [maybe related to Cardona's Age of Darkness]

This Ancient Stone Cutting Technology Evidence at Puma Punku is Unlike Anything Ever Seen

Ancient Machining at Petra: This is What Mainstream Science Doesn't Want You To See

Rare Ancient Megaliths of Peru Show They Somehow Shaped Stone in a Way We Cannot Match

Uncovering the impossible: 6 of the Heaviest Ancient Stones Ever Made

The Great Sphinx of Egypt: Guardian of a Lost Ancient Archive | Ancient Architects

The Inventory Stela, the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid | Ancient Architects

Easter Island Statues - Mystery Solved? | Ancient Architects

Catastrophe Linked to Grail; Southwest US Flooding / Randall Carlson

Ice Age Clues in Glacial Retreat - Catastrophic Model / Randall Carlson

Extinct Mega-Beasts of the Pleistocene / Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson - The Cosmic Origins of Halloween

Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis (YDIH) - Prospects for a physics-based model - Antonio Zamora

Proof a Solar Flare Ended Younger Dryas - Dead Sea - Lake Van Level Analysis

Younger Dryas Comparative Mythology - NASA GeoSpace1

Discovery Shuttle Museum Symbology - Younger Dryas Mythology
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